A Series Of Fortunate Events, Part 11

(by Kalithanatos, 10 February 2010)

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A Series of Fortunate Events
by Kalithanatos


Kat wanted to go home in the taxi that night with her mum to explain, but
Rose insisted that Kat stay out and enjoy herself, saying there would be
enough time for that in the morning. Kat had already arranged to stay and had
brought her overnight bag. She had also agreed to take her Gran out on Sunday
instead of Saturday that week since she did not know when she would be
returning home.

Kat did not dare smoke in front of her mum that evening since she was still
way too embarrassed by her admission to feel comfortable, and Rose never
mentioned it either. However, as soon as the taxi containing her mother
pulled away from the house, she turned to Kate and said, almost pleadingly,
"Could I please have one of your menthols? I need something to calm me down!"
Of course, Kate was only too eager to help out her new friend, and as Kat lit
up and felt the wave of nicotine flood through her system, she immediately
started to calm down. Anne watched amazed as Kat smoked her cigarette in
record time, sometimes double- or triple-pumping to get the full effect of
the smoke into her lungs. Disappointed that the cigarette was finished just
as she was starting to feel better, Kat was grateful to Anne when her friend
reached into her sister's cigarette packet and handed a fresh one over. This
time, the cigarette fulfilled its role perfectly, and at last Kat returned to

"I can't believe that just happened," she said to everyone, "did I just tell
my mum I smoked?"

"You sure did," laughed Beth, "but remember - she smoked too!"

"Yeah, I know! How weird was that? I did not expect that at all, and she was
so candid about it, too!" Kat said.

"Your mum is SO cool," Ellie said. "She genuinely never once said anything
negative about you starting to smoke. I think you're going to be ok."

"I hope so," Kat replied, "I'm dreading going home tomorrow."

"Don't worry about it," Anne comforted, still standing beside Kat. She then
leaned toward her friend and whispered, "We may have something later to take
your mind off of things, if you're interested?"

Kat looked questioningly at Anne, but her friend moved away quickly and would
not be drawn into a reply.

An hour and a half later everyone started to filter out and eventually Kat,
Anne and Gio were alone in the house. Kat had only smoked one more cigarette
before Anne's friends and family all left in their taxis since she still
believed she could keep a lid on her slowly developing habit, and although
she envied everyone's freedom to light up she did not feel an overpowering
need to do so herself.

After the three of them had used the bathroom to clean up, Kat grabbed her
overnight bag from the downstairs cupboard and made her way upstairs, where
Anne was waiting for her.

"Which one is my room?" Kat asked her friend.

"Actually, that all depends," Anne responded, mysteriously. "Now, I don't
want to alarm you or anything," Anne continued, "but Gio and I have a
proposition for you, and we both will totally understand if you don't want to
go through with it, no hard feelings."

Kat was now thoroughly bemused.

"That door," Anne said, pointing to the door on her right, "is your room.
We've made a bed up for you and it looks very comfortable, although no one
has yet slept on it. This door," Anne continued, pointing to the door on her
right, "is our room. Gio's in there just now and I don't think we'll be doing
much sleeping tonight!"

Kat still did not understand what was going on, but Anne was about to make it
clear for her.

"Gio and I would very much like it if, after tonight, your bed still remained
unslept in. Ever since I told him that you thought I was quite sexy, coupled
with the fact that you have started smoking, Gio and I have discussed the
possibility of somehow including you into our bedroom, should you also wish
it. Well, tonight seems the ideal opportunity. What do you say?"

Kat was completely dumbfounded by this. Although Kat believed herself to be
bisexual, she was still a virgin on both fronts and had never even kissed
someone before. Now here she was, being invited to a threesome with her best
friend! She thought long and hard about her next move, Anne looking on
expectantly but not saying anything. It would be easy to say no and walk away
from this, but Kat was starting to feel there was something missing in her
life. She was eighteen going on nineteen and to have never experienced any
sort of sexual activity with another person was starting to seem ridiculous.
Kat made up her mind.

"Let me go into my room..." she began. Anne looked a little crestfallen,
"...and put away my stuff. I'll join you in a few moments, if that is ok with
you?" Anne suddenly beamed, looking delighted. 

"I'll tell Gio!" she said, excitedly. "See you in a mo!"

The two girls separated and five minutes later, there was a knock on Anne and
Gio's bedroom door. "Come in!" Anne shouted, and with her heart beating
furiously, Kat entered. She was wearing her little nightdress and looked
nervously at the two lovers.

"Do I look ok?" she asked.

"You look great!" Anne said. Both she and Gio were naked.

"What now?" Kat asked.

"Well, before anything happens, we want to make sure you are totally
comfortable," Anne said, approaching Kat. "First of all, if there is anything
you are not willing to do, simply say `buttons'. If you want to stop
completely and leave, the word is `doll'. Got that?" Kat nodded yes. "Apart
from that," Anne continued, "the only other rule we have decided on is that
Gio and you shouldn't kiss. I know it might seem strange considering
everything else that might happen, but we both decided that that should stay
between us. However," she continued, moving around behind Kat, "that doesn't
mean WE can't!"

With that, Anne started kissing Kat's neck softly. Kat closed her eyes,
starting to become aroused. Anne hooked her thumbs around the two straps of
Kat's nightdress and moved them past her shoulders, at the same time turning
Kat around to face her. The nightdress silently fell to the floor and
suddenly the two women were kissing, at first using only their mouths but
eventually their tongues were interlocking, slowly to begin with but picking
up speed and intensity as the kiss continued. Kat could detect the odour of
Anne's many cigarettes in her mouth and found she enjoyed the bitter taste.

Gio, meanwhile, sat on the bed slowly massaging his cock and waiting for his
opportunity to become part of the action. The two ladies were by now fondling
each other's breasts and moaning slightly with pleasure. Anne was first to
break away, spying Gio out of the corner of her eye.

"I think it's about time Gio had some action, don't you?" Anne asked Kat.
Anne could see her friend's uneasiness at this suggestion, and decided to
ease Kat in a little more. 

"Do you know what makes Gio harder than anything else?" Anne asked. Kat shook
her head. "I'll tell you - watching a beautiful young girl smoke, especially
if they are new to the habit. Isn't that right, Gio?" Gio nodded. "I asked
Beth if she minded leaving me some of her menthols for you. Kat, why don't
you smoke a cigarette while I suck Gio off?" Gio's erection suddenly seemed
to swell at this, something the two girls noticed.

"Ok," said Kat, "I can do that. Do you mind if I have one of yours?"

"Be my guest!" Anne replied.

Yet again, Kat noticed that Gio's hard-on seemed to grow even more. A wicked
thought entered her head. She picked up the menthols from where Anne had left
them, placed one between her lips and then walked over to where Gio was
sitting. "Would you mind lighting me up?" she asked him, handing over the

Both Anne and Gio seemed delighted with this; it seemed Kat was getting

Gio lit the cigarette and Kat moved to the chair in the corner of the room
while Anne got on her knees in front of her lover. Gio then stood as Anne
began to give him a blow-job like he had never had before. While Anne's head
bobbed back and forth, Gio watched Kat suck large amounts of smoke into her
lungs and exhale in as many styles as she had learned, trying all the while
to look as sexy as possible. After a few minutes, Kat had finished her
cigarette and, not knowing what to do next, decided to light another. Just
then, Anne turned to her and said, "You know, Kat, I haven't had a cigarette
for fifteen minutes. Would you like to swap places with me?"

At first Kat did not understand, and then it dawned on her. It was now or
never! She made up her mind. The time was now. Walking over to where Anne was
kneeling, Kat handed her friend the freshly lit cigarette and knelt down in
front of Gio. His throbbing member stared back at her. She tentatively raised
her right hand and wrapped it around Gio's cock, feeling its warmth. She
started moving her hand back and forth, building some momentum and also her
own confidence, then she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let Gio's
penis slide in. At first she was all teeth and gums, but Gio helped by
changing the angle slightly and putting his hand on the back of Kat's head to
steady her rhythm. Pretty soon she had it, and Kat started to suck him off

Anne could see that Gio was about to blow his load and quickly moved over to
kneel beside her friend, at the same time taking a huge mouthful of smoke.
Anne then grabbed one of Kat's hands, which stopped her friend sucking. Anne
moved both her and her friend's fingers over Gio's shaft and started to
furiously wank him off. Simultaneously, she used her other hand to turn Kat's
head towards her own and kissed her full on the lips, forcing the smoke down
Kat's throat. Kat held the smoke for a second and at the exact moment she
exhaled, Gio came. Anne knew this was about to happen and moved both her and
Kat's face out of the way so the cum shot all over their both their sets of
tits, leaving a warm, sticky mess.

Instead of cleaning up, Anne leaned forward again and started licking the cum
from the end of his cock. Kat looked at her friend for guidance, which Anne
gave with a small glance, then also started to lick Gio's dick, tasting the
salty taste of ejaculate for the first time. As she did this, Anne started
sucking and licking Kat's tits, and before long Kat returned the favour. They
kissed and sucked for a few minutes before Anne's hand started moving further
and further south. Kat could sense what was going on but did not stop her
friend's motion. Eventually she could feel Anne's fingers on her pussy lips,
probing for a way in. Kat's juices were by now flowing heavily and it was
without much effort that one of Anne's digits slipped inside her. This was
followed promptly by another, then another, and then the three fingers were
working as a unit, moving in and out, in and out, until Kat could take no
more and came herself.

As her body lay pulsing on the floor, Anne reached over and grabbed her
cigarettes. She lit up for herself and passed a lit one to Kat, breaking the
silence by saying, "I told you, the best cigarette is after sex!"

Kat took the cigarette and inhaled. More than at any other time, she truly
enjoyed the feeling of smoke in her lungs. She was now taking larger
quantities of smoke than at any previous time and was holding the smoke for
longer, enjoying watching it drift past her face as she exhaled.

They both smoked in silence while Gio recovered on the bed, watching the show
the two ladies were putting on. As Anne finished, she immediately lit another
and offered one to her friend.

"Not yet," Kat said, sitting up and moving her head between Anne's legs.
"First, I'm going to return the favour I owe you." She parted Anne's legs
even wider, then moved her head towards her friend's cunt. Using her fingers,
she separated Anne's pussy lips and then moved her tongue towards the
clitoris. She began licking and sucking as Gio watched on, getting hard again
at the sight before him. Anne began gasping in pleasure, especially when Kat
started to use her teeth to lightly nip the clit. It didn't take long for
Anne to cum as Kat's inexperienced yet adaptive technique brought her to
climax mere moments later, just as she finished her cigarette.

Both women lay in heaps on the floor, but the fun was not over yet. Gio had
watched his dreams come true before his eyes; his beautiful partner and a
young, hot, sexy girl getting it on in front of him and sucking his cock, not
to mention smoking! But there was one thing left to do, in his mind - he
wanted to fuck.

He reached into the bedside cabinet and brought out a packet of condoms. He
opened one up and put it on, then said to Anne, "Wanna fuck?"

Anne, who was still exhausted, said, "Not yet, honey. I don't think I could!"
She then looked into Kat's eyes. "Anything goes," she said, reminding Kat of
what she had said earlier. Kat instantly knew what her friend meant. She took
a moment to steady herself, then stood up and said to Gio, "It looks like
it's just you and me. Ok by you?"

"Ok by me!" Gio responded, and those were the last words Kat heard as a

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