A Series Of Fortunate Events, Part 13

(by Kalithanatos, 10 February 2010)

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A Series of Fortunate Events
by Kalithanatos


Nothing more was mentioned of Kat's smoking that night and she decided to go
to bed early to catch up on some sleep. The last few days felt like she was
on a roller-coaster, with the party, the admission, losing her virginity, her
mum buying her an ashtray and finally with Kat purchasing her own cigarettes.
She slept well that night and looked forward to spending time with her Gran
the following day.

Unlike Saturday, Kat was up and about early on Sunday morning. As she dressed
to go out, she looked at the carton of cigarettes on her bedside table, still
unopened. She debated taking a packet out before finally deciding against it.
She had promised herself she would only smoke on her terms, not because she
needed to.

She jumped on a bus to the nursing home and met her Gran at the front door
again. There was no pretence this time from Grandma Lee; she straight-out
asked if Kat would like one of her cigarettes. Kat declined, telling her Gran
that she decided she wasn't going to smoke that day. Grandma Lee nodded, a
little sad that her granddaughter chose not to join her, and lit her own
cigarette as Kat wheeled her towards the bus stop.

Since Kat felt so comfortable telling her Gran everything, she had no problem
recounting the events of the last week. She thought about leaving out the
part about losing her virginity, but at the last minute included it, feeling
it was nothing to be ashamed of. Grandma Lee was not fazed by this
revelation, but was fairly stunned Kat had told Rose she had been smoking -
Kat had seemed so scared last week of her mother finding out! She supposed
Kat's hand had been forced a little under the circumstances, but still! Kat
also mentioned Rose's ritual of smoking on her wedding anniversary, something
Grandma Lee had suspected for a number of years, but never proven. Of course,
this did not bother her since she was a lifelong smoker herself - her
daughter was old enough to smoke if she wanted to, and she actually found the
whole thing quite sweet.

They had a nice lunch together before heading off to the cinema; yet again,
there were no good new releases, and they decided on an old horror film that
was being shown as part of the same series of classics as `Fight Club'.

`The Hunger' was a film from the eighties, starring Catherine Deneuve, David
Bowie,and Susan Sarandon, about vampires living in modern day America. Kat
could remember watching it on video years ago and responding for the first
time to a girl-on-girl sex scene between the two female stars, but did not
remember much more. They paid their admission and went in. 

The film began with Catherine Deneuve lighting up three cigarettes in the
first five minutes. "Holy shit!" thought Kat, "That woman is the sexiest
person alive!" Starting to think that all the films this cinema showed were
designed to turn Kat on with sexy ladies smoking, Kat began to get
uncomfortably wet in her seat once again. Things were only exacerbated midway
through when the two female leads had an amazing naked lesbian scene full of
tenderness and love, followed immediately by Susan Sarandon lighting a
cigarette in a restaurant.

By now, Kat was visibly squirming in her seat, something that did not go
unnoticed by Grandma Lee. "What's wrong, dear?" she asked. "You've been
fidgeting in your seat all through the film."

Embarrassed to admit what she was feeling and not wanting to chance her luck
masturbating in the toilet three weeks in a row, she went for the next best
option. "I guess all these people smoking in the movie is making me want to
have a cigarette," she said.

"Well, I understand that feeling!" her grandma said, winking at her. "Do you
want to go outside and have one with me?" she asked.

Kat stalled for a second. She had not planned on smoking today and had
deliberately not brought her cigarettes so that she could avoid the
temptation, but the truth was that she DID want to smoke. In fact, the more
she thought about it, the more she realised that she would love to have a
cigarette right now, promise or no promise.

"Ok," she decided, standing up, "let's go!" Grandma Lee laughed at this,
believing (correctly, as it turned out) that Kat was having her first
nicotine fit. As they exited the building, Grandma Lee had already pulled out
two cigarettes from her packet and as they stopped at their alcove she handed
one to Kat. Kat lit up, pulling the smoke into her lungs and not even
bothering to blow it out before inhaling again. The old feelings of
well-being returned and she was suddenly grateful her Gran had suggested
this. They both finished their cigarettes simultaneously and Grandma Lee
could see the satisfaction on Kat's face. Not wanting to deny her, Grandma
Lee said, "Another?" to Kat before her granddaughter could wheel her back
inside. Kat did not need to be asked twice; she accepted the cigarette
without a second thought and enjoyed this one as much as the first.

Eventually they went back inside, satiated. They caught the last half hour or
so of the film and were able to pick up the story, although the ending was
not as good as the beginning. As they left the cinema, Kat again declined her
grandma's offer of a cigarette; although she did not feel guilty about
smoking two in a row, she was still telling herself she was in control of the
habit and would not smoke just because it was available.

She left for home later and ate a nice supper with her mother. The subject of
smoking was not brought up at any point and, although the temptation was
there in the form of an unopened carton of cigarettes in her room that she
had permission to smoke, Kat did not partake again that night. Instead, she
masturbated to the thought of Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon's naked
bodies making love, only this time she imagined herself joining in and after
she came she slept a long, peaceful sleep.

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