A Series Of Fortunate Events, Part 9

(by Kalithanatos, 10 February 2010)

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A Series of Fortunate Events
by Kalithanatos


Kat felt much more relaxed as she headed back to work with Anne. She had
dared to smoke one more cigarette (the rest of them smoked much more - Anne
double Anya and Kate's combined smoking to total ten in a one hour lunch
break!) and was already more confident handling a cigarette. Kate had very
kindly given Kat the rest of her packet of menthols to keep and smoke
`whenever the need grabbed her', and Kat had hidden these at the bottom of
her purse.

Not wanting to overdo it for the day or get addicted, Kat did not join Anne
in smoking on the afternoon break although she still accompanied her outside.
Anne, for her part, did not push it; she knew Kat was at a delicate stage
where she would either come on board willingly or would simply put it down to
a fad and stop. Either way was fine by Anne since she felt the friendship was
more important than making Kat do something against her will.

Kat was ultra-cautious that evening going home. She stopped off for breath
mints on the way and immediately went for a shower, even though her mother
was used to the smell of smoke on her from hanging around Anne all day.

In bed that night she considered what had transpired that day. She decided
she did not regret anything that had transpired (except maybe having to deal
with Mr. Iredale!) and that she was comfortable with her role as a social
smoker. She certainly did not have any urge to smoke at any point that
evening and felt she could come and go with cigarettes; the taste and
feelings they gave her were something she wouldn't mind experiencing every
now and then. She slept peacefully that night, looking forward to spending
some time with her Gran the following day.

In the morning, Kat woke nice and early. She noticed a faint, bitter,
unexpected taste in her mouth, but it went away when she brushed her teeth.
After some idle chit-chat with Rose, she jumped the bus to meet her Gran at
the nursing home. It was a beautiful day, and when she arrived she found
Grandma Lee already outside with her cigarettes in her lap. Kat knew what was
coming, but instead of dreading it she found herself actually looking forward
to it.

"Hi dear," her gran said. "It's such a nice day I thought I would come out
for a smoke, but my poor hands...," she said, looking down sadly at them, "I
don't suppose you would mind?"

"Ok, I will, but remember what I said last week...," Kat warned. She picked
up the green packet, reading the writing for the first time: "Marlboro
Menthol." So these were the menthol equivalent of what Anne smoked.
Interesting. She extracted a cigarette and placed it in her mouth, feeling
her gran's eyes bore into her. Knowing she was being watched, she tried to
light the cigarette without inhaling but before she could stop herself, she
impulsively opened her mouth and breathed in. The feelings she had
experienced yesterday immediately returned and it was with great reluctance
she handed the cigarette to her Gran (whose hands seemed suddenly to be
working fine).

Grandma Lee had not missed the inhale nor the smile of contentment on Kat's
face as she exhaled the smoke. Something had definitely changed. As was her
nature, Grandma Lee decided to simply call her granddaughter on it.

"You know, you can have one if you really want," she said.

"Gran," Kat said patiently, "you KNOW I don't smoke. Why do you keep pushing
me on this?" She felt bad lying to her older relation, but after all her Gran
only had to make one phone call and her mother would find out the truth.

"The reason I keep `pushing you', as you put it, is because I suspect
something different. Someone who has never smoked couldn't do what you just
did without coughing up a lung. You enjoyed that, didn't you?

Kat was now a little flustered. She knew she had been caught out, but was
still very wary of letting on too much in front of her Gran. Finally she just
said, "I don't smoke. Now will you just drop it, please, and we can have a
good day out?"

"Ok, I'll drop it," Grandma Lee said, but inside her head she added, "for

The two women had a nice lunch before heading to the cinema. The film choices
this week were not impressive - a few rom-coms and a sci-fi film that had had
terrible write-up's, so they decided to view one of the classics of the
modern age - Fight Club. They had both enjoyed this immensely when it first
came out and the cinema was showing it as part of a David Fincher
retrospective. Kat paid the usher and they went in.

As the film went on, Kat noticed something she hadn't thought about the first
time round, and for the second time in two weeks found herself getting turned
on in the cinema. Helena Bonham Carter had just jumped from obscurity to the
number one hottest female on the planet due to her skimpy clothes, foul mouth
and unbelievably sexy way she smoked. It was by far the most erotic thing Kat
had ever seen - the control of the smoke, the way she held the cigarette or
let it dangle from her lips, the way the smoke slowly, lazily drifted out of
her mouth and past her face - it almost made Kat come right there and then.
Halfway through the film Kat realised that she had to clean herself up or her
underwear was going to end up in a sticky mess. She excused herself and made
her way to the bathroom. Thankfully it was empty and, not wanting to miss the
opportunity, Kat slipped two fingers between her pussy lips and started to
masturbate. Her hand began to rhythmically move up and down, in and out until
finally they built up speed and she was coming, coming hard. She let out and
involuntary yelp and it was over, her hand covered in sticky fluid. When her
body finally stopped trembling, she cleaned herself up and washed her face
and hands. She returned to her seat moments later, flushed but content, and
watched the remainder of the movie.

Grandma Lee made no comment about Kat's trip to the bathroom on the way out
after the film finished, much to Kat's relief. Inevitably, however, she again
asked if Kat would mind lighting a cigarette for her. Kat thought about
reprimanding Grandma Lee again, but if truth be told, she was actually hoping
for this request; watching Helena Bonham Carter smoke had put her in the mood
to get a quick puff in before handing the cigarette over to her Gran.

She took the packet from her Gran's grasp, opened it, extracted a cigarette,
and put it between her lips. As she ignited the lighter and brought it
closer, she anticipated the smoke entering her lungs and this time made no
attempt to disguise her inhale. An intense feeling of well-being passed
throughout her body and as she turned to hand the cigarette over to her Gran,
she suddenly had the urge to have another drag. Quickly retracting her hand,
she again put the cigarette in her mouth and blatantly took a huge puff, much
to her Gran's astonishment.

She thought about her next move. It seemed the cat was already out the bag;
Grandma Lee had suspected Kat was smoking, and Kat had just confirmed it.
There was no going back now, she surmised - she might as well admit it.

"Gran," she began nervously, "would you mind if I kept this and lit you
another? I'm pretty sure you knew I have smoked before," she continued, her
speech picking up speed, "but probably not as much as you think I have. This
is probably only the fifth or sixth cigarette I've ever smoked, but so far I
have to admit I really enjoy it. But you can't tell mum, ok? Please? She'd
kill me if she knew I had smoked!" Kat was almost pleading at this point.

"Ok, ok, calm down," her Gran laughed, "I won't say a thing! Honestly, I
don't mind that you smoke; in fact, I was kind of hoping you would at some
point; I would appreciate the company of another smoker every now and then.
Now why don't you light me one and we can smoke together?"

Kat, whose eyes had blurred with tears of shame, suddenly brightened up. Her
Gran HOPED she would smoke? This was an unexpected development. She wiped the
tears from her eyes and said, "Oh Gran, you're the best! I love you so much!"
She then picked up the packet of cigarettes again and lit another, passing it
to her Gran with tenderness.

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