Cassie Saving Mom

(by anonymous20, 13 March 2007)

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Cassie Saving Mom

Alone with my father, after dinner....

"Daddy please...let me just have one of your cigarettes... Mommy is not going
to know..."

"Honey, your mother is not completely wrong, you know smoking is an unhealthy
habit, and you have the chance of stopping right now....youīll thank her one

"Oh daddy! Just one, donīt be so cruel! I donīt deserve this, all my friends
are smoking behind their parents backs but I was honest, I told you I started
as soon as I came back from the school trip in Paris."

"And we appreciate your honesty, but dear, you know how your mother feels
about smoking lately...."

"Yeah, I know, and Iīd like her to get back to her old behaviour, she was so
much more relaxed and confident when she smoked."

"You know I agree with you and you know if it were up to me I would let you
smoke... I personally think at 15 youīre old enough to decide things like
that but..."


"She made me promise...."

I look at him with a tired expression .

"You donīt understand, do you?  Sheīs gonna get you to stop smoking too...."

My fatherīs eyes open, I can see the panic on his face; he is not a really
heavy smoker, just half pack a day, but I know he likes to do it...  Mommy
liked it too, maybe even more, until her new friends at the gym brainwashed
her and made her feel ashamed to be a smoker.

I tried smoking for the first time last month, just before leaving for Paris
and I immediately loved it; most of my friends struggled to learn how to
inhale, some even got sick but I was an absolute natural, and at the end of
the trip I smoked up to 5-6 Marlboro Lights every day. I didnīt think I could
get addicted so soon but I discovered the exact day I was back that I really
needed to smoke.  I immediately went to my parents and told them about it,
since they always told me I  could speak with them about everything.  My
mother got so upset she didnīt speak to me for an entire weekend, obviously
after absolutely forbidding me to smoke making very clear to me I would have
been grounded forever if she caught me doing it.

But tonight Mommy is at my granny's house and I really think I can convince
dad to let me smoke at least one.  I look desperately at my father...then I
sulk, knowing he canīt resist this much longer.

He looks at me and then sighs...

"You know what?  Iīm gonna let you smoke one with me...fuck it, this ainīt
gonna kill us!"

I smile, knowing Dad cannot deny me anything if I really want it.

I practically throw my hands on his pack of Marlboro Lights, he used to smoke
the reds but my mother made him switch to the lighter ones, the first step to
make him quit I guess.  I take a cig from the pack, feeling a little bit
emotional, since its the first time he sees me smoking.  Iīm gonna show him
how much I really like it and Iīll change how things are going in my family!

"Would you light my cigarette, daddy?"

I put the white filter deep inside my soft lips and look dreamingly at my
father, while he lights a match and gets it near the tip of my cigarette.  I
lean forward and put the end of the sweet cylinder right into the flame,
sucking on the filter, looking at the burning tip glowing and feeling the
smoke cloud filling my mouth.  I disengage my embrace with the flame and
remove the cigarette from my lips.  The creamy white ball of smoke dances for
a second in front of my nose, then I finally inhale the smoke in my lungs,
which is observed by my father, whoi is astonished by my snap inhale.  Oh
god, I almost forgot how good it feels! How can anything be so good and so
bad at the same time?  I tilt my head back and exhale a stream of smoke that
it seems to go on forever.  Sometimes I donīt exhale all the smoke
immediately, so that with my next few breaths, a little bit of smoke comes
out, mostly from my nose.  My dad lights a cigarette too, I've already
noticed how difficult it is not to smoke when someone else is smoking in
front of you. After a few days of not smoking at all, the kick of the
nicotine hits me and I a marvellous feeling of relaxation comes over me.  I
take another deep drag and look down at my beautiful breasts rising, smoke
filling my chest; closing my eyes I feel Iīm getting wet "down there", a
curious and most satisfying side effect I started to notice the first time I
managed to inhale this deeply.  In Paris sometimes I started touching myself
while I smoked, naked in front of the mirror or on the bed and I brought my
body to wonderfully intense orgasms.  Most of the times I tried to come when
I was finishing the cigarette and the smoke was stronger and then, as the
pleasure slowly faded I lighted another one, my whole body relaxing.  I take
a sweet deep drag, a quick moan escaping my mouth...  Is daddy aware this is
getting me sexually excited?

"Oh my goodness sweetie, I didnīt think you liked it so much already! These
past days must have been such a torture to you."

"I donīt simply like it, dad...I love it! Itīs so strange...because Iīm not
crazy about the taste, but..."

"You know, itīs not in the taste honey, this is something even some smokers
donīt get, itīs about the phisical sensation given by nicotine, itīs
something so much deeper than the taste."

Obviously I cannot tell my father smoking makes me come, that would be a
little too much information for a 15 years old to tell their parent, I

"Dad, you know we have to do something about mommy, right?"

"Iīm not sure...letīs think about it."

"In the meantime can I smoke when we are by ourselves?  Like when you take me
to school?"

"Ok dearie, only promise you wonīt tell mom..."

I crush the finished cigarette in the ashtray and let the smoke escape from
my nose very slowly, then I go to my room.  I lay down on the bed, realizing
Iīm still aroused.  I would like to have my personal ashtray and some
cigarettes with me, but I can masturbate without smoking almost as
powerfully.  My hands go down on me and my jeans are out of the way in a
second.  I feel the panties with my fingers, the wetness going through the
fabric.  Now my hand slips behind the virginal white cotton, entering the
wildness of my pubic hairs. I circle gently with the tip of my fingers the
vulva, all around the clit area, up and down on the inner labias, sensing the
creamy river of pleasure running down from my virgin pussy.  My waist moves
without control and I feel the climax starting from my spine and my genitalia
is now pulsing and contracting, and I cannot avoid moaning loudly.  God,
right now, after climax, Iīm just dying for a cigarette.  If itīs true there
are "special" times to smoke, the immediate time after an orgasm are the

I start thinking about my mother Frances, a smoker until 6 months ago; I can
hardly imagine what kind of psychological tricks her new "friends" used on
her to convince her smoking was perverse, and to finally quit.  She is 36
years old and is one of the sexier women in the neighborough, tall, slender,
with the right curves in all the right places, a beautiful elegant face with
her green eyes perfectly complementing her waves of auburn hair.  She was a
hell of a smoker, going through one pack of Marlboro Reds 100īs every day.
She was a deep inhaler and used to double pump very often and I was really
fascinated when she exhaled while speaking.  I also remember that when she
made a very hard drag, the smoke continued to pour out from her nose for many
exhales after the first one, surrounding her in a permanent cloud.  Her voice
was feminine but deep and husky, very sexy indeed.  To me smoking was an
important part of her personality, a way to say "fuck off" to all those
moralists who thought life is not about getting all the pleasure you can
while youīre alive.

The next morning, I kiss mommy after eating breakfast and wait for dad on the
porch.  He comes out of the garage in his BMW and I get in the car waving
goodbye to my mother, waving in turn from behind the window.  It was a 15-20
minutes ride to school, and as soon as we turned the corner I take the pack
of Marlboro Lights my dad left by the windscreen.

"Honey, have you really thought about this?  I mean, youīre gonna get
addicted soon - and you know itīs gonna be difficult for you to smoke with
our current situation..."

I light the cig and look at him, feeling the nicotine hit my bloodstream,
working me to satisfaction.

"Our situation is going to change, I wonīt let mom ruin her and our life!"

"Whatīs on your mind Cassie?"

"We have to get her smoking again, itīs our only chance," I say, smoke
exiting from my nostrils.

"I agree, but how the hell are we gonna convince her?"

"Using her pride and stubborness against her.... let me start a discussion
tonight.... and be brave, we must be together in this."

In the evening, after dinner...

"Mom, everything was absolutely delicious!"

"Thank you dear, would you like a cup of coffee with us tonight?"

"Can I?"

"Of course sweetie, one cup is not gonna ruin you..."

Mom gives a cup to me and one to dad, then she sits down. I look in the cup
thoughtfully and she asks, "Is everything ok Cassie? What are you thinking

Here is my chance...

"Iīm thinking about how good this dinner was and how good this coffee
smells.... and... Iīm also thinking that it would be so good to smoke a
cigarette right now..."

My father almost falls down from his chair and my mother Frances is at first
at a loss for words.  Then she looks at me with a very strange expression and
for a moment I can see a sparkle of understanding, but her words are not so
sweet, actually.

"Again with this! I thought I made myself clear enough last week!!"

"You sure made yourself clear speaking about health concerns, addiction, bla
bla, but still...."

"Werenīt those serious enough arguments, young lady? Did I lie to you?"

"No mom, you didnīt...but you didnīt tell me the complete truth either..."

"And what would that be, this so called TRUTH?"

"That smoking is so good! That makes you feel so good!"

I see on her face this hits big, although she tries to recover immediately.

"Oh, come on, smoking is not so great, youīre simply conditioned from
advertising, probably you want to be accepted by us as an adult..."

My father enter the discussion at the right time

"Oh Fran, come on, youīre not speaking with a seven years old girl, she
smoked enough to know the truth, she knows itīs good!"

"A good sensation, eh?  What side are you on? Are you telling me I should be
ok with my only young daughter taking up that dirty habit?"

"I simply ask you to relax, we are speking between adults here, look at
Cassie, sheīs not a child anymore!"

Mommy looks at me with a mixture of love and disappointment.  I start on her

"Didnīt you start smoking when you were 14? You told me so, some time ago.
What the hell did your friends do to make you change so much?"

"It wasnīt their decision... I was tired, didnīt like it anymore, and Iīm not
missing anything."

She was clearly losing her confidence.

"I see it in your eyes. mom - youīd still love it.  I know if youīd light one
cigarette right now you wouldnīt be able to hide your pleasure."

Out of the corner of my eye I see dad, he now understands my plan, he knows
Iīm getting my mother so frustrated and upset that she will smoke a cigarette
just to show us she doesnīt like it anymore.

"Uh huh,  and what is my prize if I smoke one in front of you without showing
any ecstatic expression?"

"If you do it I wonīt bring this up again..."

She seems confused for a moment.  Then she takes dadīs pack.

"Ok, you have a deal!"

She looks at the filters all there inside the pack, ready to be brought to
life with a simple motion of a lighter, then she take one out and puts it in
her mouth.  I take the lighter and flick it on, looking at her leaning
forward to accept the flame.  Then I switch it off.

"Youīre gonna have to smoke exactly like you used to do, mom... no tricks,

She takes the lighter from my fingers, sheīs really pissed off now and then
repeats that move she knows so well, lighting her cigarette.  She makes a
crucial mistake, double pumping immediately, her old habit taking over; her
system is obviously not used to a big dose of nicotine anymore and she closes
her eyes for a moment.  I know sheīs feeling the buzz, her head is probably
spinning a little bit.  Her eyes open and Iīm almost sure I hear a moan while
cascades of smoke flow from her nose.  Itīs so obvious sheīs in heaven that I
think she forgets the meaning of all this, she takes another tremendous puff
and suddenly I can see a tear forming in the corner of her eye while she
exhales a long stream from her beautiful lips.  Sheīs obviously in a lot of
stress and now Iīm really sorry...I didnīt mean to push things so far...

"Iīm sorry mom... I didnīt want you to feel bad..."

She carries on, smoking with her old style, telling me with a calm voice to
go in my room.

Iīm now in my room, asking myself if what I did was right or not.  In half an
hour I hear a knock on my door and mommy comes inside, sitting beside me on
the bed; I canīt help but notice she brings cigarettes with her, with an
ashtray and some matches.  She leaves everything on the nightstand, turns and
then hugs me, in that special way she has, making me feel so loved.

"I guess I need to thank you dear, for opening my eyes and help me overcome
that strange spell my so called friends put on me. I realize now how many
other friends I was losing lately with my behavior."

"Oh, mom, Iīm sorry I had to push you so much, and now I donīt know if I was
right, but I wanted my old mom my real mom back?"

"Sheīs definitely back honey.  You canīt imagine how many times every day in
the last 6 months I thought about smoking again."

I look in her eyes, and ask, "And now?"

"And now Iīm gonna enjoy one with my sweet daughter."

She smiles and takes the pack, then opens the top and takes two Marlboro
Lights out, handing one to me.

"Iīve never even seen you smoke, Cassie!"

I put the white filter between my lips, and mommy does the same, offering me
a light at the same time. I notice I donīt feel nervous at all now,
everything is very natural.  Iīm relaxed and confident, and when my first
exhale meets my motherīs, forming a big cloud in front of us, I feel our
special connection is back. 

We both smile as she asks, "Do you know any smoking tricks?"

"Tricks?" I ask, curious.

"Yeah, something like this," and then she drags and execute a perfect slow
snap inhale.

"Or this," and she does a french inhale, which goes on forever.

Iīm so fascinated by these and so many other tricks that I forget my
cigarette a little, thinking the snap is the only trick Iīve been able to
manage up to now.  I do one, mommy looking very interested, and itīs one of
the best I ever did.

"Here she is, my sweet baby smoker," she says, smiliing.

"Mom, does this means I can smoke from now on?"

"Yes, we decided you can do it, provided you follow these rules: weīll buy
you no more than three packs a week, and youīll have to say under this quota
until your 18th birthday, itīs almost 10 cigarettes a day and I guess itīs
enough to keep you happy."

I feel so happy that I throw my hands to the ceiling, and loudly shout

Mommy then gets up and puts out her spent cigarette in the ashtray. I get up

"Mommy...what about you? Will you start smoking again?"

She smiles.

"Iīm not completely sure. I need to think about it."

Iīm now alone in my room and smoke two more cigarettes before sleeping, one
of them accompained by... you know... a little bit of girly fun.

The next morning I wake up and go downstairs in the kitchen.  I notice the
smell of cigarette smoke in the air and my father is not there.  I see mom in
her sexy nightgown with a freshly lit Marlboro between her fingers.

"I guess it was not a difficult decision after all," I tell her, smiling.

"Not really.  Sit down, dear, have some coffee and a cigarette with me.
Letīs gossip a little bit."

And this is only the first of many happy chatting mornings with mommy.

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