City Stories

(by gojoeking, 27 January 2010)

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City Stories (Number 1)
by gojoeking

The lights of the city slowly lost their intensity as the embers of the early
April dawn gave the distant horizon a soft orange glow. The stars that could
just barely be seen an hour or so ago were disappearing one by one as life
below recovered slowly from its Thursday night revelling. Cars and buses
could be seen, but not heard, on the streets below.

From the 18th floor hotel room window Daniella Ushtrenko could observe the
mist on the outskirts of the metropolis that hung close to the ground, giving
the buildings there an illusion of floating on clouds. Further away an
aeroplane sprang from the mire, clawing its way to somewhere warm and
romantic, she fancied.

Though the outside temperature was chilly; Daniella had gotten cold while the
hotel had been evacuated about an hour and a half ago following some crank’s
practical joke; she now felt comfortable in her satin chemise, standing close
to the window and peering at the sights below. It had been a long night, she
had not slept, she never did, how could she? He had called at midnight to
tell her his flight from Paris was running late and that he’d be with her by
five. She looked at her watch again; still only half past four. 

She was excited and looking to kill some time. She turned to the nightstand,
picked up the packet of Marlboro 100s cigarettes and took one out. She placed
it between her lips and looked around for the lighter; she found it on the
bed next to the silver metal attaché case. She paused, the long cigarette
still between her lips, the lighter in her left hand, and her right hand on
the case. 

This was no different than  the last three times, she told herself. No
difference at all. What she passed didn’t matter: data, documents, or (in
this case) the chip itself. She had felt guilty at first, but not so much the
second time and hardly at all the third time. Now there was no guilt at all.
He would reward her both financially and, as he did the last time
(hopefully), sexually. 

She felt butterflies in her tummy as she thought of that last time; he had
spent all night and all day with her. She turned her gaze back to the window
looking somewhere beyond it as she clicked the lighter and raised it to the
tip of the cigarette; she drew heavily and as she felt the strong sensuous
smoke hit her lungs she discarded the lighter onto the bed. She thought now
she had a bit of money it was important to enjoy the best of things and these
cigarettes were fucking great.

She switched from the bed to the easy chair by the window, blowing the creamy
white stream towards the city as she sat and immediately took another hit
from the filter cigarette. She slid her left hand into her panties and found
the warm moist spot that was yearning for his arrival. She raised her feet
and placed them on the window sill, her knees slightly bent.

She exhaled as she continued to gently stroke herself, how could she wait any
longer. She looked at the cigarette and then at the no smoking card on the
dresser, paying it no mind. Nobody at the hotel reception had complained to
her when she booked in this time and she had used the same name as last time.

He enjoyed her smoking while he had taken her on the bed, over the bed, on
the floor, on the dresser and she had even smoked while she had satisfied him
with her mouth. She was really turned on now as all the details came back to
her. She extended the cigarette away from the rest of her hand and ran her
hand over her scalp and through her shoulder length dark hair. Daniella
extended the middle finger of her other hand and bit her lip as she inserted
the finger into her pussy, it was a poor substitute but would have to do
until the main course got here.

She took another drag from the disappearing cigarette and held the smoke in
as she took another, and another, holding them all in for a second or two
before tipping her head back and blowing the thick stream towards the
ceiling. The cigarette was nearly gone; she withdrew her finger and put it to
her mouth tasting herself before taking a last draw and crushing out the
cigarette in a saucer that was substituting for her ashtray. She exhaled
through her nose and mouth simultaneously. There was a small tap at the door.

He was here, the butterflies were back. She tried to compose herself and in a
vain attempt to look unready she pulled on a pair of jeans and a white
t-shirt as she walked slowly towards the door. She checked the spy-hole - it
was him.  She checked her watch, it was nearly quarter to.  He was early but
she didn’t care. She shook her hair and checked the mirror; hot she thought;
and she was, she smiled at her image and winked as the tendrils of smoke from
her last cigarette wisped from her nose.  

She put on her game face and opened the door. Her man checked the corridor
left and right and accepted her welcome into the room. He noticed the smoky
aura and knew she’d been up all night waiting. He placed his black attaché
case on the dresser.

“Well,” he motioned towards her case, “have you managed to secure what I
asked?” “I have.” She turned her back on him, smiling to herself, as they
played the business part of their game. She walked towards the night stand,
reaching for the red and white packet again. “And are you in a position to
honour our arrangement?” she lilted in her soft Ukranian accent. She picked
up the lighter from the bed and lit her cigarette before facing him and
blowing the smoke over his right shoulder.  “I am.” Again he motioned towards
the case, “Let me see it.”

She placed the orange filter into her mouth and sat on the bed to enter the
security code into the case’s lock, opened it, and turned the case around on
the bed so he could verify the chip. He removed the device and held it to a
scanner that beeped immediately. She drew on the cigarette and stood to face
the window, watching as the smoke billowed away over the glass. Meanwhile he
had taken a magnifying glass from his pocket and was verifying the number on
the top of the chip.

“It checks out,” he said, with his Texan accent.

“Would it do anything else?” she mockingly scorned. She turned to face him
and took a couple of steps toward him, taking her spare hand and scrunching
up the bottom corner of her t-shirt and revealing her left shoulder.

“Now, where’s my money?” she teased.

“In the case as usual.”

She walked around him and over to the dresser again, placing the cigarette in
her lips to free her hands to open the case. 

“It’s locked!”

“There’s a lot of money in there,” he protested as his hands reached around
her. Placing his hands on hers he rolled the tumblers to the correct code and
clicked the locks open. They paused. Her cigarette still in her mouth, she
took a drag and exhaled through her nose as he kissed her gently on her
exposed shoulder. She left the case un-opened and moved her hands behind her
bottom, palms outward and cupping his already rigid manhood. She took another
drag and removed the cigarette, turned to face him, and he kissed her solidly
on the lips, their tongues caressing each other as he sucked the smoke gently
from her lungs.

He broke away from her kiss and exhaled her smoke towards her and she inhaled
it again. He took the cigarette as her eager hands undid his belt and pulled
down his zipper. She sat on the dresser and he took a drag from her cigarette
before placing it to her lips and letting her take another. Their exhales met
in the space between them.  

Her right hand reached inside his shorts and grabbed his dick.

“D’you cover your tracks like I told you?” He asked.

Business, now! “Mhuh” she mumbled as she bit her top lip impatiently. She
took her hand away and lifted her t-shirt and her chemise off to expose the
fantastically pert pair of tits that were heaving ever so slightly. She took
the cigarette from him and his hands went straight for her jeans button,
pulling gently to undo it and the zip in one pull. His hand went straight in.
She dragged sharply as she felt him touch her and squirmed a little on the
dresser, pushing her pussy towards his hand. He responded and popped his
fingers inside her. She took another drag and dropped the spent cigarette
into the coffee cup on the dresser.

With her hands now free she flopped out his cock and started to run her hands
up and down it, he leaned in closer to rub her gently; they kissed again,
this time more passionately. Daniella stood up and walked him backwards
towards the bed, when he felt the bed on the back of his knees he lowered
himself onto it. With him now sitting she knelt between his legs and kissed
him again, still massaging his dick. She pushed him back and laid him down as
she leant forward and kissed his tip and ran her tongue up and down his

He reached back and could just manage to get the packet of cigarettes from
the nightstand. He removed two and pulled the lighter from under his back.
She was keen tonight, she’d not even taken off his suit jacket this time;
just as well, he thought. He lit both cigarettes and removed them with his
left hand; his right hand grasped her hair and guided her head onto him. He
felt the warming sensation as his knob ran along her tongue and felt the
pressure on his tip as she took him all the way. He pulled her head off him
long enough for her to see the cigarette he offered her and for her to double
pump a load of smoke that she blew onto his cock before going back down.

She was excited and hungry for him as she took all of him into her throat. He
lifted his ass to push himself deeper as he forced her head harder onto him.
She gagged slightly and little spurts of smoke escaped her nostrils as she
panted through her nose. He eased the pressure on the back of her head and
she took control once more, moving her lips up and down him. He propped
himself up on his elbows and she rolled her eyes up to meet his gaze. He
smiled as she continued to work him and maintained eye contact. Her left hand
grasped the base of his cock and she slowly kissed the end. With pre-cum
joining her lips to his knob she triple pumped her cigarette and inhaled
deeply. She shivered a little as the smoke engorged her lungs and the effects
kicked in. She held the smoke in as she removed her jeans and repositioned
her self astride him and bent to kiss him. As their tongues fought a
passionate battle she gently breathed out through her mouth and he drew in
her smoke; it still felt strong although it had been inside her for several
seconds now.

Daniella first eased her panties to one side and then guided him into her.
She drew some of her smoke back before breaking the kiss and lowering her
backside right down onto his bollocks. They both exhaled, she smiled at him
again, a small intense smile with full eye contact as she found a gentle
rhythm and maintained it. She took a last drag from her cigarette and felt
the heat through the filter on her lips before discarding it in the saucer.
She exhaled towards him and noticed that his was barely half smoked. She
guided his hand towards her face and leaned in to receive more oral pleasure
dragging deeply again and again. Although she was a closet smoker at work,
there was nothing better than almost a nicotine overdose while fucking your
brains out, she thought.

He sensed she enjoyed the smoking and screwing thing so held his hand close
to her face as she continued to grind out. Soon that cigarette too was spent
and placed next to the still smouldering butt of the one before. He placed
his hands on her hips and eased her off. A look of temporary confusion washed
over her face.

“The dresser,” he whispered. She responded with a smile, picked up her
cigarettes and lighter and held his hand as he stood. Daniella turned
straight away and placed her hands on the glass topped dresser. Pushing her
stomach downwards and opening her legs she presented herself to him. 

He still had his ankles bound together by his trousers and underwear and
although it was restrictive he dismissed the notion of removing them
altogether. It wouldn’t be much longer now, he thought to himself.

He kneeled down and kissed her butt cheeks, his hands holding the top of her
thighs. Her body was amazing, tight and sweet smelling. He altered his angle
of attack and found her lips, moist and waiting. She pushed carefully on the
glass top and forced her bottom onto his face. In the dresser mirror she
could see herself and his chin between her legs. She tensed as he found her
and again…again…she whimpered like a puppy, her eyes closing as she felt
herself start to cum. Daniella reached for another Marlboro 100 - she had to
have smoke while she came. She lit up, quickly stealing the smoke from

“I want you inside me when I cum,” she said hurriedly, the smoke pouring from
her mouth and nose as said so. He stood and rammed his still hard cock inside
her; she was forced forward at first but fought back, opposing his every

She fixed her eyes on him in the mirror. She flicked the ash from her
cigarette and took another drag as he diverted his glance to the side of her.
He still pounded her from the rear as she exhaled; his eyes now back with
her. She felt the heat and pressure building inside her. She took another
triple hit from her cigarette, the intensity grew within. She heard the
attaché case click open, and turned expecting to see her ill gotten wealth
before her, but only saw an empty case. She was again confused. Where was the
money? But that question would wait a few seconds, she was nearly there. She
exhaled and fixed her glare on him in the mirror as she drew deeply again and
again on her Marlboro…this was it…the tremors started in her groin and her
legs… she forced herself hard onto him. She closed her eyes as her madness
and her pleasure exploded. 

“Aaaaah,” she breathed out her smoke as she felt him burst inside her. She
kept matching his swing as she enjoyed her orgasm continuing. She felt a
small circle of coldness just below her hairline at the back of her head but
carried on pushing against him. She opened her eyes and met his gaze once
more in the mirror.

He razed an eyebrow as he continued to drill her then there was a loud “phut”
sound followed by a crack of the mirror. Daniella’s eyes were still open and
smoke still poured from her mouth as he lowered her lifeless body onto the
dresser. There was blood on the broken mirror and he could see the exit wound
just above her right eye. It was starting to bleed. The low velocity .22
round had done virtually no damage to her face at all. 

He repositioned her on the bed, took her still burning cigarette and propped
it in her lips. He tidied himself up, removed the chip and the attaché case,
recovered his spent round casing, and took out a small palm-top PC. He deftly
accessed the hotel’s security server and immediately set about disabling the
fire-management protocols. He had practised this routine several times in the
last few days with only one mishap and that was just before game-time. He had
put that down to pre-op sods laws. This time the subterfuge worked as
planned. The alarms and automatic sprinklers were disabled on cue with no
internal system alarms activated. 

He took a half pint bottle of vodka from his jacket pocket and poured some
over the subject and the sheets around her face before rolling her head to
one side. The spirit caught straight away and the flames engulfed her body.
He felt no remorse for what he had done. It was his job to prevent his
Russian employers from losing valuable assets that were stolen from them by
greedy employees. This trash had been a good fuck and would ensure the
payments were met on his new apartment, but that was all.

He checked the spy glass on the door, it was all clear he picked up his
things and checked again before leaving the room. He closed the door without
a glance back at his work and walked calmly down the corridor. It was still
quite early, things were on schedule, few people were about and it would be
at least 30 minutes before the fire would be discovered. By then it would be
too late and the hotel would be entirely lost shortly afterwards, leaving no
trace of the previous hour’s events.

He pressed the button for the elevator and it arrived almost immediatel.

He entered and the doors shut.

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