Conditioned Response

(by anonymous, 02 July 2000)

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Conditioned Response

I was eagerly awaiting my date with Sandy, after all, she was the cutest girl
in school.  She was a year older than me, at 16, but she didn't seem to mind
being asked out by and underclassmen.   I was unsure if she said yes out of
kindness, or the fact that our mothers worked together.  But none of that
worried me as I walked to her front door.

Her mother greeted me and invited me in. She asked me to sit down and wait
for Sandy. She offered me something to drink, and to my astonishment, a
cigarette.  I said no thank you to both, and she replied with "oh you don't
smoke yet?"  Sure my mom had offered me several opportunities to smoke, but I
had never taken her up on it.  I felt really uncomfortable after the
exchange, and was eager for Sandy to arrive. 

Our evening had been planned to go to dinner, and then rent a movie.  I did
feel rather awkward having a girl drive me on our first date. Sandy's mom did
turn out to be a lifesaver there.  She had ordered in pizza, although I was
upset at not being able to make it a real date.  During dinner I was able to
relax around the both of them.  Sandy and her mom were very down to earth,
and that helped me loosen up.  

After dinner we settled on the couch to watch a couple of movies, once again
picked by her mom.  Although I felt relaxed, I didn't feel I had any control
of the date at all. As we sat down Sandy's mom extracted a cigarette from the
box on the table, and offered one to her daughter.  Traveling in somewhat
different circles in school, I was unaware that Sandy smoked.  My reaction to
this was very concealed, or at least I hoped so.  But regardless, she was
still the sexiest girl I knew.  

Part was through the movie; Sandy offered me a drag of her cigarette.  At
first I refused, but she insisted I try it.  Why blow the first date, I
thought, and Sandy held the cigarette to my lips.  I took a shallow puff, and
to my surprise, she gave me a smile and a kiss on the cheek.  About an hour
later she once again offered it to my lips, and I took another puff.  This
was again followed by a kiss on the cheek.  The routine was repeated a couple
more times that night.

The next date was the same program, movies at her house.  I was looking
forward to the show of affection, however shallow, that followed each drag.
Shortly into the movie Sandy got up to use the restroom, and asked me to hold
her cigarette.  When she returned, she had a newly lit cigarette.  I reminded
her of the one that I was holding, and she said I could smoke it.  She sat
down and snuggled next to me, and each puff I took was followed by some show
of affection, this began to greatly arouse me.  When I leaned forward to
extinguish my cigarette, she had moved slightly away. Later she offered me my
own cigarette, I accepted, and once again found her by my side.  

Our date routine pretty much followed that pattern over the next few weeks.
One moment that did stand out, was when she encouraged me to inhale.  I
coughed violently, but was rewarded with my first kiss on the lips, along
with that beautiful smile.  With the encouragement of a real kiss, I began to
always inhale. Sandy and her mother introduced me to a myriad of brands,
lengths, and flavors.  Sometimes we went out, and I was assured if I had a
cigarette in one hand, her hand would be in the other, while strolling
through the park.  I really didn't take notice that the only time my hand was
in hers was when I had a cigarette in the other.  

At the time, I began to wonder if she was just a tease.  We held hands,
gently kissed (no tongue), and spent a lot of time together.  But we never
seemed to get past the 6th grade type romance.  She was always kind, caring,
and compassionate, but never sexual.  Maybe it was just my teen hormones, but
I did feel a little "blue balled" sometimes.  Although I didn't notice it, I
was smoking constantly around her to get the little sexuality I did.  But as
with a first love, I had no intention of leaving her.

One day I didn't see her at school, but she said to come over anyway. My urge
to smoke now was great, and I was looking forward to a smoke with her.  I got
to her house, and had the surprise of my life.  I entered the living room to
find her bare-chested on the sofa.  Before me lay the most beautiful vision I
had ever seen.  She motioned me over, pulled me forward, and gave me my first
French kiss.  My body was awash with passion and pure lust.  She began to rub
the crotch of my pants, but for some reason my member didn't respond.  This
had me very worried.

While we were kissing I instinctively opened the cigarette box on the side
table, and found it empty. Sandy said that they were out of cigarettes, and
her mother was out to get some.  She then stood me up and let me to the
middle of the floor.  I reached for a box on the side table, again with no
luck.  I quickly found my pants undone, and down to my ankles.  Sandy took my
manhood into her hands, and began to kiss it, still with no response from
down below.  I wanted to kick myself, I had waited for this moment for over a
month, and nothing was responding.  Before now I seemed to be aroused nearly
every moment around her.  

Sandy then undid the top few buttons of her pants, but still I couldn't get
it up.  I really needed a smoke to relax, but there were none.  She reached
over to a nearby table and opened a drawer.  Reaching in, she extracted the
longest cigarette I had ever seen (I later found they were called 164's).  My
eyes were fixated on the long brown cigarette, as she rubbed it between her
breasts.  Then came a question I wasn't ready for.  "Do you want me or the
cigarette?"  I was dumbfounded with the question. 

 My answer just popped out.  "Why can't I have both?"  Sandy responded with
the most loving and seductive smile I had ever seen, and placed the cigarette
between her lips.  I reached for the nearest lighter, and gave her a
gentlemanly light.  The smoke came from her mouth and entered her nostrils,
followed by another drag.  She then placed her lips to mine, and exhaled her
love into me.  Suddenly I felt myself greatly aroused.  She handed me the
cigarette and proceeded to kiss my member once again.  We spent what seemed
like and eternity making love on the floor, never a moment without a
cigarette during the passion.

We both lay spent on the floor, enjoying a cigarette, when her mother walked
in.  I was too tired to jump up and cover myself.  "I see he made the right
choice" she commented while walking by.  Sandy leaned toward me and gave me a
smoky kiss, and then whispering softly to me "you bet he did". Never a moment
of true love existed between us without a cigarette after that. 

Three years later Sandy and I are still together.  We show our love for each
other by giving each what they need, smoke.  We buy each other gifts that
will remind us of our love several times a day, ashtrays, lighters, and
cases.  Our addiction is to ensure that each other is happy, smoke and love
are one in the same.  Pleasure itself is addicting, and we treasure that
together every day.

In my youth, I didn't notice her goal to get me to smoke.  But I realize now
that it was because she truly cared for me.  To this day I watch anti-smoking
ads touting impotence and smoking, and just laugh, if they only new that
quite the opposite was true.  But, to this I owe the love of Sandy and my
conditioned response.  

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