Darcy's New Feelings, Part 1

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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                          Darcy's New Feelings 
                                  Part 1 
                            By Eleanora Fagin

It was 8:00a.m. saturday morning and Darcy had just woken up. She really liked
the weekends. It wasn't so much that there was no school. School was alright.
It wasn't so much that she got to sleep in. She usually woke up early any way.
What she really liked was the extra time she had to play with herself. Monday
through Friday she had to rub her pussy fast, cum, and then get up for school.
Today she had all the time in the world.

She was hornier than usual, which she thought strange, since she had gotten
layed the night before. And not by some inexperienced 8th grade classmate. No,
this had been a high school junior, with his own car, a great bod, and a lot
of experience. Having older, hot guys, ask her out was common. It wasn't that
she was a slut, though she did like to fuck.  No, she was just so gorgeous,
with her long wavy, blond hair, perfect complexion,long legs,and pert,not too
big breasts. She had a natural smile and a happy ,bright outlook that endeared
her to everyone she met.

Darcy had fucked six or so different guys in the last year, but the only time
she came was home alone in her bed every morning and just about every night.
She was starting to think there might be something wrong with her. Well, at
least she had herself to make her happy.

Her masturbation routine had changed as of late. The mechanics were still the
same, but the lust object was different. When she first started, she thought
mainly of rock stars and movie stars, or the better looking high school boys
in the neighborhood. But now that she was getting some of her fantasies, those
thoughts weren't there. What was there was strange to her. She couldn't stop
thinking about a girl she had seen a number of times at the mall. This girl
and her friends didn't go to her school, they must be from the other local
junior high. This hot chick was a redhead, with the requisite freckles. She
was about 5'1", a little shorter than Darcy. She was thin, and had medium size
tits with nipples that always seemed to show through her tops. But the thing
that really turned Darcy on was the girl's "don't give a fuck" attitude. She
walked around the mall, acted however she felt, and said whatever she wanted
without caring what others thought. Darcy herself, while not reserved, was
still a little self conscious. She wished she could be that free.

Darcy reached over and took a Virginia Slim 120 out of the pack on her
nightstand, and lit her first cigarette of the day. The first one was the best
not only because it tasted the best, but because it accompanied a good pussy
rubbing. And since this was saturday, it would be a two, or even three
cigarette jack-off.

As she began to gently rub her clit, she drew in heavily on the VS, inhaling
deeply into her lungs, savoring that first blast of nicotine.  She gently
exhaled, feeling the tingle on every inch of her throat and mouth. As she
rubbed and smoked, she thought about the redheaded girl.  She saw her face,
she saw the swagger in her walk, she heard her laugh.  She imagined her in a
bra and panties, she imagined her naked. She imagined her playing with
herself, rubbing her nipples, and fingering herself. Now Darcy was starting to
get hot. She started to rub her hole as well as her clit as she drew ever
deeper on her cigarette. She started humping motions, imagining the redhead
was on top of her, though she wasn't sure that was how two girls did it. She
felt the orgasm coming on. The little man in the boat was standing erect, and
the ocean was spraying him. Darcy quivered as she came through her whole
body, probably harder than she had ever come before. She put out her cigarette
and quickly lit another. Cumming again really quickly was the main thing on
her mind, as she imagined the redhead's tongue between her thighs.  She was
probably as wet as if there really was someone down there. That wonderful
feeling  unexpectedly shot through her again, less than a minute after the
first orgasm.

"Oh my fucking God, I can't believe I'm cumming again so soon, Oooooh shit
this is so fucking great, my pussy is so alive. I love my pussy and my pussy
loves me. How long can this go on? I'm gonna fuck myself til it I'm raw".

She didn't exactly do that, but when she got out of bed, she had smoked five
cigarettes and cum six times.

After showering and dressing, Darcy went downstairs to have breakfast.  Her
mother was sitting at the table reading the paper. Not being in an eating
mood, Darcy just ate a plain bagel, and drank a cup of coffee.

"How was your date last night, dear?", her mother asked politely.

Darcy didn't answer right away. First she lit a cigarette, then thought about
how much she would tell her mother about the date. Her mother was pretty cool.
She didn't mind her dating older boys and staying out kind of late. She had
let her smoke in the house for the last six months, though she threw a fit
when she first caught her, and gave her a lot of shit for a while. But she
didn't know how her mother would react to her screwing. She even worried that
she would hear her playing with herself.

Darcy decided to let sleeping dogs lie. "It was o.k. He's a pretty nice guy,
but I don't think I want to go out with him again".

"What are you planning on doing with yourself today?"

"The only thing I'm sure I want to do is go to the mall. There's something
there I really need".

Before her mother could ask her just what she needed, there was a knock at the

"C'mon in Crystal. I've been waiting for you". Crystal was Darcy's next door
neighbor and her best friend for as long as she could remember. She was a
little taller than Darcy, but had a very slim build. Her mother was
Vietnamese, having come to the states as a child after the fall of Saigon.
Crystals feature were mostly those of her caucasian father, with her jet
blackhair and exotic eyes being the only nods to her biraciality. The two
girls had gone through all their life experiences together. From first day of
school to little girl crushes to camp to first period to first cigarette, they
were like sisters. That was until sex. When Darcy started masturbating, she
couldn't wait to talk about it with Crystal, but to her surprise, Crystal
backed away, and the few other times she brought it up, the response was the
same, so that was that. She also tried to fix Crystal up a few times to double
date, but she seemed afraid to go out with the older guys. And while they were
still best friends, there was no way she was ready to hear about Darcy's new
fantasy girl.

"Have a cup of coffee, Crystal?"

"Sure, Mrs. Wallace".

As Darcy's mom poured, Crystal took a Kool 100 out of her pack,and lit it. She
really liked smoking. In fact it was probably the only "vice" she had, so it
probably had to make up for all the ones she passed on.  She inhaled deeply
and as she blew the smoke out of her nose, she inhaled again, this time
blowing out a half a dozen perfect smoke rings.  She was proud of how good her
smoke rings were. She had worked hard and long to be so accomplished.

"I'm glad you came early, I want to get to the mall right away", said Darcy,
not giving the reason for her anxiety.

It was a two mile walk to the mall, but it was a pleasant fall day and they
didn't mind the trek. On the way, Crystal asked why Darcy was in such a hurry.
Was there some new outfit she wanted? Darcy was evasive.  When they reached
the mall, they sat on a bench outside, having a last cigarette before

The two girls had a regular routine. They would visit certain stores in a
certain order. Today, however, Darcy kept on wandering, almost as if she
weren't paying correct attention to shopping. Crystal noticed her continuously
turning, as if she were looking for something. If she only new!

Finally Crytal suggested they go to the food court and relax. As they walked
in, Darcy's heart skipped a beat. There at the back of the Tacorama line was
"The Redhead". Darcy grabbed Crystal and ran to the line before anyone else
could separate them from the object of her lust.

"What are we doing here? You hate mexican food".

"Shit, Crystal, can't a girl change her preferences? I feel like a tostada".

Here she was, only a foot away. But how to start a conversation? Darcy usually
felt at ease with strangers and small talk was easy for her, but this was
different. Not only was her nervousness dulling her mind, but she had to be
sure that she didn't say any thing stupid. This was too important. She noticed
that the cashier was unusually incompetent, resulting in a slow moving line.
Not only would that give her more time to be close, it also would give her an
opening line.

Darcy breathed in, and asked "Does it seem to you this line is moving awfully
slowly?". She hoped she hadn't sounded stupid.

"You're fucking right it's slow. I'm getting pissed as shit standing here, so
I'm glad someone so nice is standing in back of me. I'm Gracie".

Darcy heaved a sigh of relief that doubled as a sigh of happiness. Not only
had she not come off as an idiot, but the readhead, er, Gracie seemed taken
with her. She and Crystal introduced themselves. The three girls exchanged
basic information. All three were thirteen, they were all in the 8th grade,
Gracie indeed went to the other junior high, and she lived about a mile beyond
the mall. The line still wasn't moving, and Gracie seemed a little irked.

"This is ridiculous. I'm gonna have a fucking smoke", she said, pulling a
Marlboro Light 100 from her pocket, and lighting it. While smoking was allowed
in the food court, Darcy was sure it wasn't in the line, but so eager she was
to bond with her new friend that she lit up too.

"Hey, what are you guys doing. You can't smoke here",Crystal cried, mostly out
of embarrassment. They were breaking the rules and might be stared at.

Gracie looked at Darcy and smirked, "Is your friend a fucking woos or what?",
taking a big hit off her cigarette.

"Yes I guess she is a fucking woos, but she's a nice fucking woos", replied
Darcy, taking a nice drag herself.

They finally got through the line and sat down at a bench in the corner.
Crystal sat on one side of the table and Darcy the other. Gracie, who had
explained that her usual gang of mall friends had various other plans this
day, leaving to her being alone, was glad to have someone to eat with, and sat
down next to Darcy. As a matter of fact she sat down exactly next to Darcy, so
close their legs were touching each other.

Darcy tensed up for a moment. Now she was embarrassed, as well as nervous. How
would it look to everyone in the food court, these two young girls sitting so
close to each other. Then she realized this was what was so exciting about
Gracie, her utter disregard to what others thought of her. And the utter balls
of the girl, to be so forward as to sit up against a near stranger. Well at
least this was an indication that Gracie might act in real life as she had in
her fantasies.

The girls ate their meals, talking about music, school, movies, a lot of the
usual girl stuff. When the subject of romance came up, Gracie talked first.
"Boys are alright, but what I really like is sucking pussy. That and getting
eaten myself".

Crystal almost choked on her burrito. She couldn't believe what she was
hearing, and even though it excited her a little bit, she would never admit
it. She looked across the table at Darcy, expecting the same look of outrage
she had.

Darcy was between a rock and a hard place. She didn't want Crystal to know she
was thrilled by the talk, but she didn't want Gracie to think she wasn't. So
she kept her mouth shut and tried for an expression that could be read both

As the girls had after meal cigarettes, Gracie, who had been rubbing Darcy's
leg the whole time they had been sitting there, asked her new pals if they
would like to come over to her house. Darcy said that they'd love to, much to
Crystsal's surprise. The leg rubbing had been out of her sight. Crystal got up
to go to the restroom, asking Darcy to go along. When they got in, she said to
her best friend,"I can't believe you want to go to her house. For God's sake,
she's a lez".

"Shit, Crystal, don't be such a tightass. It'll be fun".

"Well, go by yourself, if you want, I sure as shit am not".

Darcy was kind of glad she was going alone. She would not have to try to act
two ways. She could hang loose and go with whatever happened. She was excited
about her new adventure.

Darcy and Gracie said goodbye to Crystal and headed to Gracies house.  Darcy
asked Gracie about her family. She had a mother, and a sister in 5th grade.
Her parents had split up when they were little and her father had given up
custody. Her mother wasn't a very good authority figure. Oh, she tried, but
she was kind of weak and easily intimidated, and Gracie found out early on
that she could pretty much boss her mother around.

Darcy couldn't help but notice that almost every other word out of Gracie's
mouth was a swear word. Darcy was a moderate curser herself.  She didn't talk
that way for effect, it was natural, but this girl was another animal

This did not bother her in the least. In fact it gave her a rush, the
naughtiness of it. Darcy decided that she was not nearly naughty enough
herself,and that Gracie was just the person to give her naughty lessons.

They reached the house and entered. Gracie announced their arrival."Hey, ma
I'm fucking home, and I got someone sweet for you to meet". Her mother came
out of the laundry room and was introduced. Gracie put her arm around Darcy's
shoulder and said, "Mom, this is Darcy, don't you think she's gorgeous? I hope
she likes me as much as I like her". Mom smiled nervously.

Darcy didn't feel put on the spot at all. She looked Gracie straight in the
eyes and simply said, "I do".

"I'm glad you said that. Sit down on the couch and I'll get us a couple of
fucking beers".

"Shit", thought Darcy, "We're gonna drink in her house with her mother here.
She really must run things".

Gracie returned in a minute with a couple of bottles of Michelob and sat down
next to Darcy and lifted Darcy's legs over hers. As they drank their beers,
Gracie started to talk romantically. "You know Darcy, I've noticed you at the
mall before and you've always turned me on. I've wanted to fuck you from the
first time I saw you, but I didn't know if you liked screwing girls".

Darcy was totally honest with her. "I didn't until I saw you. In fact, I've
been fantasizing about you when I play with myself".

Gracie was blown away by what she heard. To show her appreciation, she started
rubbing Darcy's tits, first over her clothes,then, after she lifted off her
shirt and undid her bra, right on the bare flesh. Darcy had to laugh at how
quickly her bra had come off, as opposed to how the boys had fumbled around.
Furthermore, Gracies technique on her tits was quite unlike the boys, who,
squeezed and sucked and bit all wrong, thinking they were getting her off when
they were just getting her frustrated. Gracie knew just how to finger the
tits, how to flick her tongue on the nipple, just how hard to suck.  It was
hard for her to imagine getting this hot just from upper body contact.

"Uh, Gracie , I think I'm gonna cum. Shit, you're good".

"If you're gonna cum, hold on a sec and I'll really make you fucking cum".

In about three seconds, Gracie removed Darcy's jeans and undies and started in
on her cunt. It was obvious that she was no beginner. Darcy's cigarettes had
fallen out of her pants on the couch. She put one between her lips and asked,
"Do you mind if I smoke while you eat?" Gracie nodded her ok, her head buried
in her lovers muff.

Darcy could feel the tongue fluttering her clit at what seemed like
hummingbird speed. Nothing she or any boy had done down there before could
compare in any way to what was happening now. As Darcy drew on her cigarette,
it seemed the smoke was going beyond her lungs down to her snatch, and
exploding there. She thought her morning orgasm was big.  This was humongous.
As she shivered, she began to moan, quietly at first, then louder. Gracie,
obviously aware what was going on, sucked even more intently, wanting the
experience to be unforgettable for Darcy. There was no chance it wouldn't be.

"This is the best I've ever felt in my entire, fucking, life.  Absolutely,
fucking ever".

"I could tell you were getting off real good. Your cunt is unbelievably wet
and your clit was actually vibrating. Light me a cigarette, will ya".

Just that moment, Gracies mother walked by, frowning and clearing her throat.
"Fuck, Darcy, if she bothers you, we can go up to my room".  Darcy nodded yes,
Gracie got a couple of more beers out of the refrigerator and they headed up
the stairs.

To Be Continued

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