Jean Teaches Cathy

(by Baka Yaro, 11 September 2004)

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Hello, I'm Cathy.  I'm 26 now and I smoke.  My best friend Jean taught me
how to smoke when I was 9.  We have been best friends all my life.  We grew
up together and I couldn't imagine having a better friend than Jean.  This
is our story.

From as far back as I can remember Jean was there.  I had grown up with my
grand mother because she had lots of money and could raise me "right".
Jean was older than me but I didn't know how old she was. She was, like, my
life instructor.  She taught me how to tie my shoes, ride a bike, use a
computer, and, most importantly, smoke.  Jean told me, when I was 7, that her
mother let her start smoking when she was 9.  I was so excited to hear this
and I could hardly wait till I got to be that old.  She did it so well, and
she smoked a lot too.  They came in a red package that said Marlboro 100 on
the label.  They had a brown filter and she always said she couldn't wait
till I was 9 so I could smoke with her.  

Up until that point I had always had a birthday party that started at around
12 noon and ended the next morning after a sleepover with all my little
friends.  This birthday turned out to be a little different.  My grandmother
had left in the morning to go out of state for the weekend and said that Jean
could stay with me to keep me safe.  It was just about 12 when I heard
someone knocking at the door.  It's Jean, and I was so excited to see her
since I was a little scared being in the house alone all morning.  She is
standing there with a birthday bag that had bows ties on it and colored paper
sticking out of it.  I opened the doors and she came in and we went to the
living room.  Before I go on I have to say that since I had been best friends
with Jean all my life we had a special bond and I knew I could trust her no
matter what.  Anyhow, we both go sit on the couch and she places the bag on
the floor. She tells me that this birthday is going to be very special and
that she was the only one who was going to be there.  It didn't make me sad,
knowing that none of my other friends would be there, because I knew that
Jean was going to teach me to smoke.  She wishes me a happy birthday and
pulls out the first present.  It's a carton of Marlboro 100s, just like she
smokes.  Jean tells me that she's going to teach me the same way her mother
taught her.  She takes a pack out and opens it up.  I was thinking she'd
give me the first one but she keeps it and lights it herself.  She takes the
biggest hit she could and leans over close to my face.  She gently puts her
hand under my chin to bring me closer.  I opened my mouth because I knew what
was coming.  As I'm gently breathing in, she's blowing the smoke right into
my mouth!  I had inhaled until my lungs were full of her smoke.  Somehow the
taste was familiar.  Oh this felt so good.  I had been holding my breath
forever and finally pulled away so I could exhale.  There was actual smoke
coming out of my mouth!  It tasted so good, and it felt so good.  She looked
into my eyes and I asked if she could do that again.  Jean said she could and
we did.  This time she took a huge hit but didn't inhale it.  Our lips met
again and I sucked in her uninhaled smoke.  It was a lot stronger this time,
and a lot better.  I thought I was going to explode.  I had never felt this
good in my life.  She kept taking monster hits and blowing them in my mouth.
Finally that cigarette was finished and she gets another carton out of the
bag.  This one is green and it says Newport 100 on it.  She tells me to get
one out and put it in her mouth while I figure out how to light it and she
repeats the process we had gone through before.  This time, after the first
hit, she does a french inhale.  I tell her how cool that looks.  Jean says
she'll teach me how to do it.  When she blows the smoke in my mouth I notice
it tastes different.  I loved the taste from the first one but I love this
one too.  She hands it to me and tells me to suck hard on it.  I suck as hard
as I can and get as much smoke in my mouth as I can take.  She tells me to
take the cigarette out and keep my mouth closed.  Then she says to start
breathing in through my nose and slowly open my mouth.   As I'm breathing in
my nose, I open my mouth and I can see the smoke going in my nose!  I inhale
till I can't anymore and hold the smoke in my lungs until Jean tells me to
blow it out about 30 seconds later.  It felt strange having smoke go up my
nose but I loved it!  Nothing could possible feel as good as this, I thought,
but I was wrong.  Every time my cigarette was about done she'd take it from
my mouth and put a freshly lit one in.  She was alternating between the
regular and the menthol.  After the seventh straight cigarette she thought
that might be enough for now.  I felt really drained after that and so
relaxed.  Jean said I did very well for a 9 year old and that she was so glad
to be able to teach me.  She said that every hit I took was a french inhale
and that I looked so good doing it.  She told me that I should keep my tongue
in the back of my mouth, and when I start to inhale I should move my tongue
forward so the smoke will come farther out before it goes up my nose.  She
lit up a Newport and showed me how.  It looked very nice.  I reached for
another one but she grabbed them and took one out for me.  She grabbed the
Marlboros too and got one of them out.  Jean lit them both and put them in my
mouth.  I was smoking two at the same time.  Having one regular and one
menthol made for a delicious flavor.  Two at once is very strong but I liked
it.  Jean said to take as big a hit as I could, then try to french it without
taking them out of my mouth.  They were in the middle of my lips so I took a
huge hit and then opened the corners of my mouth while inhaling in my nose.
I could see the smoke going right into my nose.  She told me to keep doing
this because I looked so good doing it.  I loved Jean so I kept smoking for
her pleasure.  It made me so happy to make her happy.  I love Jean so much!

After we had finished Jean showed me that there was a video camera set up on
the entertainment center.  I didn't even know it was there!  It had been
recording the whole time.  She told me that she had set it up so my grandma
could see it.  I was very scared at that point and asked her why she would do
that.  It seems that grandma had asked Jean to video everything.  Jean told
her that grandma has been going into Cathy's room every night since she
turned six years old and "teaching" her to smoke.  Cathy had always been a
sound sleeper so there wasn't a chance of her waking up during these
lessons.  At first she would just blow smoke into her mouth when she was
inhaling, using a straw.  It was only a few hits per night but it soon grew
to be much more.  After two weeks she would blow a whole cigarette's worth
of smoke into Cathy's mouth.  She had gotten used to this quickly and had
actually started sealing her lips around the straw and breathing in, in
anticipation of the smoke when each night's lesson began.  At the end of two
weeks grandma decided to see if Cathy would be able to take her own hit.  She
went into her room with a freshly lit Marlboro.  She sat down gently beside
Cathy on the bed and put the cigarette between her lips.  Just as she
thought, Cathy sealed her tiny lips around the cigarette and started
inhaling.  She sucked as long as she could, inhaling the smoke directly into
her lungs.  Cathy exhaled slowly and shallowly, like she was just breathing
regular air.  After a few seconds her lips would part and she'd "want"
another hit.  The first night of smoking like this got her nine good hits.
After a few weeks of one per night she got bumped up to two a night.  It had
been a few months of this when grandma decided to see how many in a row Cathy
could smoke.  One after another they came.  Grandma would hold it to Cathy's
lips and Cathy would suck.  She never coughed or anything.  She was meant to
smoke.  Grandma stopped at eight straight cigarettes because she was getting
tired and needed to sleep. She decided that three direct inhale cigarettes in
a row per night would be good for her six year old granddaughter.  She even
tried cigars every now and then.  Cathy would inhale it deeply into her
lungs, and exhale normally like she was just breathing.   She got one cigar
treat per month, and always smoke it nearly all the way down.  Cathy hadn't
liked to spend the night at anyone's house because she never slept well and
didn't know why.  She always smoked at the same time every night, so she
never had any cravings during the day.   This went on almost every single
night from the moment she turned six up until today.  Grandma had told Jean
that since it was Cathy's ninth birthday that she wanted Jean to teach her
some things.  Grandma wanted to smoke with Cathy during the day while they
were home together.  

After Jean told her this she understood why the taste of smoke had been so
familiar.  She had smoked cigarettes and the monthly cigar almost every
single night from her sixth birthday till now and didn't even know it.  She
felt so good about herself, being able to smoke like a grownup.  To show this
she grabbed one of each cigarette, lit them both, and direct inhaled them
both down.  The smoke felt so good in her lungs.  Cathy was so happy that
Jean had taught her how to do the french inhale.  This was the best birthday
anyone could ever have.  Jean bent over and gave Cathy a kiss on the head and
told her she was so proud of her.  Cathy looked Jean right in the eyes and
told her "Thank you mommy".

Cathy thought of her ninth birthday a lot these days.  In just two weeks her
twin girls would be turning nine.  What a story they'll be able to tell
their daughters.

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