Jenny Mason 1: Just Like Mom

(by, 21 April 2005)

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Jenny Mason 1:  Just Like Mom
By:  slimv
April, 2005

Authors Note:  The Jenny Mason stories are rated "G".  Very young girl starts
smoking and is treated by her family as an adult.  Hopefully this will be the
first of many Jenny Mason stories with each written as a stand alone story.

Jenny's small heart pounded against her chest as she searched through the
pine straw for her bag of buried treasure.  Two days earlier, she had stolen
a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from her mommy.  She had put them in a zip
lock bag and buried them in the woods behind her house. She'd never smoked
before, but she had practiced using her mommy's lighter and had gotten very
good at it.  She almost never burned her fingers now that she could do it
with one hand.

She giggled in anticipation as she raked away the pine straw with her hand,
uncovering the plastic bag.  She sat down behind a wide tree and unsealed it.
Fear and guilt gripped her as she pulled the plastic string from the pretty
green and white pack of Virginia Slims.  She put the torn pieces back in the
bag and struggled to pull the first cigarette from the pack.  It looked
indescribably seductive as she rolled it between her fingers.

The cigarette loomed large in contrast to her small hand.  It would fit much
better in her mommy's hand, but then again, her mommy was an adult.  But in a
way, she was too.  After all, wasn't her mommy always telling her and her
brothers that smoking is an adult habit?  The thought made her smile.

She placed the cigarette between her lips and prepared to become an adult as
she lit the end with the lighter just as she had seen her mommy do.  Her eyes
grew big and her heart fluttered as she saw a trail of smoke curl from the
end of the cigarette.  Her mouth overflowed with a warm sweet flavor that
tasted almost minty. Wow, she thought as she blew out a small puff of smoke.
She was pleased but somewhat disappointed. She wasn't doing it right.  She
could tell.  The puff she blew out was thin and wispy.  Her mommy's smoke was
longer and thicker. But then again, mommy breathed in her smoke first.
That's it, she thought.

Jenny tried again.  She clamped down on the filter and sucked hard.  Once
again, she tasted the flavor of menthol on her tongue.  Nice, she thought as
she removed the cigarette and breathed in some air.

A pain such as she had never known ripped through her chest.  She felt as if
she was on fire.  Her lungs rebelled.  She coughed.  Tears rolled from her
eyes.  She thumped her chest with her balled up little fist and coughed again
as nausea over came her.  How could her mommy do this, she wondered?  How can
she possibly like this?  Smoking wasn't anything like she had imagined. 

As the pain in her chest subsided, she considered giving up her quest to
become an adult.  Maybe she was too young to smoke.  But what if she had done
it wrong?  This was her big chance.  Was she really going to waste it?  Her
first experience had been miserable, but her mother always said, "Nothing
worth having comes easy."  

Jenny closed her eyes and pictured her mommy's face enjoying one of her many
cigarettes.  Mommy must have felt the same way when she started, she thought.
And Mommy didn't quit.  She took a deep breath and bolstered her courage.
She was more determined than ever to become a smoker like her mommy.

Jenny sucked on the filter and breathed in the smoke.  Once again she felt as
if her chest was on fire but she fought the urge to cough.  She opened her
eyes in time to see herself exhale.  Wow!  Just like Mommy's, she thought.
Suddenly she felt much braver.  She did it again.  The smoke still felt harsh
as it swirled inside her small pink lungs, but it didn't hurt nearly as bad.
She felt as though she was getting the hang of it.

She did it again and again.  Each time hurt less than the time before.  Every
exhale became  thicker and longer, so much like her mommy's.  She was doing
it right and she knew it.  She giggled.  I'm really smoking, she thought to
her self.  I'm smoking like Mommy!  I'm smoking like a grown-up!

Several minutes later, Jenny noticed her cigarette had burned down toward her
fingers and was getting harder to smoke. That must mean I've used it all up,
she thought.  She pointed the hot part of the cigarette toward the ground and
stabbed it out the way she'd seen her mommy do when she used an ashtray.

A wave of light headedness took her by surprise as she tried to stand.  She
stumbled a little but caught her balance and sat back down.  The wooziness
didn't hurt.  It kind of felt nice.  She wanted more of it so she lit another

Even though the pain associated with smoking had diminished, Jenny couldn't
say with any degree of honesty that she liked the way cigarettes tasted.  But
one thing was certain, she loved the grown-up feeling that came with seeing
the cigarette in her hand and the smoke as it poured from her mouth.  She
promised her self that she would do this again and again until she got
addicted to smoking just like her mommy.  And then she would tell her!  Mommy
will be so pleased, she thought.


That night after dinner, Jenny helped her brother's clean up the kitchen
while her mommy lit a cigarette and smoked it at the table.  As Jenny dried
off the dishes, she couldn't help but think how pretty her mommy looked
holding her cigarette with the smoke billowing from her mouth and nose.  A
feeling of pride swelled inside her as she remembered smoking in the woods.
Some day, when she got addicted enough, she would sit at the table and smoke
cigarettes with her mommy while her brothers cleaned up the kitchen.

Later that night, as she lay in bed, she wondered how many cigarettes she
would need to smoke before she was as addicted to smoking as her mommy.  Her
mathematics were simple.  Her mommy smoked three packs of cigarettes a day,
so that should do it!

She'd smoked two cigarettes today and she knew there were 20 in a pack.  It
was a little overwhelming.  She'd have to smoke a lot more than two
cigarettes a day if she was going to get addicted any time soon.  If she got
addicted, her mommy would have to let her smoke.  And then she'd be an adult!

She thought about her Daddy.  What would he think when he saw her smoking
like Mommy?  Her daddy was a truck driver and wasn't home very often.  He was
a big man, much bigger than most of the other daddies in her neighborhood.
She once over heard her mommy telling another mommy about her daddy.  Mommy
said that daddy had something called a fetish and that he was submissive. The
other mommy laughed and said how lucky she was to have a husband who knew his

Jenny loved her daddy but she knew her mommy was the boss of the family.  She
remembered when she had snuck down stairs and peeked in their bed room after
they thought she had gone to sleep.  She saw her mommy trying to teach her
daddy how to smoke but he couldn't do it.  He kept coughing and said it made
him sick.  Her mommy laughed at him.  Whenever Daddy came home, Mommy made
him light her cigarettes for her.  Jenny giggled as she thought of making her
daddy light her cigarettes when she was grown-up.  And that was the thought
she fell asleep with.


Jenny found her mommy cooking breakfast in the kitchen.  She was standing
over the stove flipping bacon.  A long white Virginia Slim dangled from her
lips.  It occurred to her that Mommy could do any thing with a cigarette.
Jenny was so proud of her.  She also realized that once she started smoking
as much as her mommy and became an adult, she would be expected to do a lot
of things her mommy did, things like cooking and cleaning and taking care of
her brothers and father.

"Can I help you Mommy?" asked Jenny as she tugged on her mother's apron.

Barbara Mason smiled through her exhale.  "Well aren't you Mommy's big girl!
Of course you can sweetie," she said as she dished some bacon and eggs onto
some plates.  "You can take these to your brothers and come back for yours."

"Okay," said Jenny with an adoring smile, as she took the plates from the
counter and delivered them to the table.

Jenny was eating breakfast with her brothers when her mommy joined them at
the table with a cup of coffee and a lit cigarette.  Jenny's mommy rarely ate
food for breakfast, saying she owed her good figure to coffee and cigarettes.
Some day that would be Jenny's breakfast as well.

"Mommy, what does coffee taste like," asked Jenny?

"It's gross," grumbled John, her older brother.  He was 15.

Billy, her younger brother giggled in response.  He was 5 and idolized his
big brother.

Barbara Mason exhaled a lungful of smoke and smiled at her children.  "Coffee
is an acquired taste," she said to John.  "You might like it when you're a

"Yeah, right" scoffed John.

Billy, who was easily amused, roared at his big brother's response.

"Would you like a sip sweetie," asked Barbara as she offered her mug to

"Yes Mommy, please."

"Be careful and blow on it like this," she said as she blew across the mug.

Whether she meant to or not, Barbara exhaled a long plume of smoke over the
coffee mug and handed it to her seven year old daughter.

Jenny beamed as she took the mug.  She blew on the coffee like her mommy did
and even imagined smoke coming from her mouth.   She lifted the mug to her
lips and took a small sip.  It was hot like cocoa but very bitter.  She
didn't like it, but pretended she did.

"Yummy" crooned Jenny.  "This is so good," she lied.  "Can I have my own cup
of coffee?"

"Of course you can sweetie," said Barbara as she got up from the table and
retrieved a mug of coffee for her daughter.

"Geeze," snarled John.  "You actually like that stuff?"

"Mommy said you'd like it too when you're a grown-up," offered Jenny.


Jenny struggled through school.  The subjects weren't difficult but she had
better things to do, like practice her smoking in the woods.  Thank goodness
summer was almost here.  She knew she would have a lot more time to smoke
when she didn't have to go to school.

As soon as she got off the bus, she walked Billy inside the house and told
her mommy that she was going out to play.  Her mommy told her to have fun and
Jenny assured her she would.

She smoked five cigarettes that day!  She promised her self she'd smoke at
least two more than she did the day before.  And who knew how much she would
smoke on Saturday and Sunday?

Jenny kept to her schedule.  She got faster and faster at smoking because she
couldn't spend too much time in the woods without her mommy wondering where
she was and what she was up to.  Besides that, she liked helping her mommy do
things around the house like cooking and cleaning.  She considered it
practice for when she became an adult.

Jenny was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day by the time summer started.
This was good.  But it was also bad.  Her mommy was starting to complain
about her cigarettes missing.  She even accused her big brother of taking
them.  John denied it of course, but that didn't stop their mommy from
lecturing them all about how smoking was an adult habit and they were never
to take her cigarettes.  It was her daddy who finally got her to think that
she was just smoking more and not to worry about it.  After that, Jenny
became more careful about taking cigarettes from her mother's carton.  

Most of Jenny's friends had mommies that smoked so Jenny found her self
picking up loose packs here and there when she visited her friend's homes.
Some of her friends mommies smoked Virginia Slims, just like hers.  But some
of them smoked different kinds with names like More and Marlboro and Salem.
They were all pretty good, but she found that that she definitely disliked
the ones with the word "Light" on packs.  The ones that said "Ultra Light"
were the worst.  Jenny took them, but she only smoked them as a last resort.
A lot of the cigarettes tasted really different from her mommies too.  She
soon discovered that cigarettes with green on their pack tasted minty like
Mommy's, while red and brown colors meant regular.  Both were good but she
liked the regular kind best.

The other bad thing about smoking so much was that it made her smell like her
mommy.  She adored the smoky smell, but she knew she wasn't ready to tell her
parents yet.  To cover it up, she washed her hands and brushed her teeth
often.  Sometimes she took two showers in the same day.  Her mommy and daddy
thought it was weird but decided their young daughter had a thing about
staying clean.

Jenny reached her goal of smoking three packs in one day half way through
summer.  She was on top of the world and so proud of her self.  Soon she
would tell her mommy and daddy.  They would be so happy to have another adult
in the house.  And after that she could show off in front of her brothers and

She decided to tell her mommy all about her smoking that night.  Daddy was
home too, so it was the perfect time!  All Jenny knew was that the sooner she
told them the better.  She loved making surprises for her parents, but this
one was so hard to keep.  Jenny didn't know why, but she wanted to smoke all
of the time.  She felt so grouchy and she'd get the worst head aches when she
wasn't out in the woods smoking.  She wondered if this was what it felt like
to be addicted.

Jenny's parents had noticed the change in their daughter as well and were
worried.  It wasn't normal for a seven year old girl to be getting so many
aches and pains.  Her mother had even taken her to see a doctor who told her
mom that it was probably an addiction to caffeine.  Jenny didn't know what
caffeine was but he mother was giving her a lot more coffee after that.  But
she still continued to get the headaches, and even worse, her skin felt itchy
as if it were creepy-crawly.  She didn't feel like that when she was smoking
in the woods.


That night after dinner, Jenny helped her brothers and daddy with the dishes
while her mommy smoked at the table.  Maybe she'd join her mommy at the
kitchen table tomorrow night.  That would be cool, she thought.

She started feeling sick as she was drying the last dish.  She reached up and
rubbed her forehead.

"Another head ache sweetie?" asked her mommy, as she leaned forward and
allowed Daddy to light her second after dinner cigarette.

"Yeah Mommy.  It really hurts.  I hate it.  I wish it would go away."

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry.  I'll get you some Tylenol after I finish my

"Okay, but it won't work," complained Jenny.  "It never works."

Her daddy grunted and said something about Mommy feeling the same way that
time two years ago, when Jenny was 5.  That was the time Mommy tried to quit
smoking.  Jenny hated that time.  Her mommy had gotten so mean and sick.  She
got mad at anyone for the smallest thing.  But she got better after she
started smoking again.

Her mommy scowled.  "Don't say such a thing Paul!  That's awful!"

"I'm just saying her symptoms sound a lot like yours.  It's probably nothing.
Forget I said it."

Barbara put her cigarette out and stood up, saying she was going to fold
clothes in the bedroom. 

"Oh Mommy!  Can I help?" asked Jenny.

"Sure sweetie," said Barbara as she picked her cigarettes off the table.

"Okay.  I'll be right there.  Don't start without me.  I gotta get my purse.
I'll be there in a minute.  I got a surprise for you!"

"Oh goody," said Barbara as Jenny rushed past her.  "I love your surprises."

 Jenny's new smoker lungs betrayed her and she had to grab the banister about
 halfway up the stairs.  Wow, I'm tired, she thought as she opened up her
 purse and looked inside.  She beamed with pride as she saw the pack of
 Virginia Slims and the lighter inside her pink plastic purse, just where she
 had left them.  These were the brown and white kind.  They were just like
 her mommy's except they were regular.  She grimaced and hoped her mommy's
 feelings wouldn't be hurt because she liked this kind of Virginia Slims

Jenny found her mommy sitting on a chair by the bed folding clothes. She
already had a cigarette burning in the ashtray beside her.

"Mommy! You started before I got here."

"Its Okay sweetie.  We have lots of clothes to fold.  What's the big deal?"

"I have a surprise for you and I wanted you to wait so I could show you,"
whined Jenny.

"Well you can show me now.  What do you want to surprise me with sweetie?"

Jenny took a deep breath and balanced her anticipation.  This was the moment
she had been waiting for.  She smiled at her mommy as she opened her pink
plastic purse and removed the pack of Virginia Slims.

"Look Mommy!  I smoke too.  Just like you."

"Where did you get those?" asked Barbara with a distressed look pasted across
her face.

"Lindsey's mommy smokes them."

"Did Lindsey's mommy give those to you," asked Barbara?

"Oh no," said Jenny.  "I kind of took them when she wasn't looking."

"Jenny no!" Stealing is bad.  And besides that, you have no business playing
with cigarettes.  You better give those to me and I'll give them back to
Lindsey's mommy.  You can apologize to her later for stealing them."

"Okay mommy, but I'll have to smoke yours instead."

"Are you asking me for a cigarette honey?"

"Yes Mommy.  That's the surprise.  I'm a smoker like you now.  I've been
practicing for a long time.  I didn't want to tell you until I got addicted!
I can smoke as much as you can and I even breath it in, just like you do."

Barbara gasped.  "Honey.  Please tell Mommy you're joking.  You really
weren't smoking were you sweetie?  I mean, I know you might have been
pretending to smoke, but you really didn't light one did you?"

"Watch this Mommy," said Jenny excitedly as she removed a Virginia Slim from
Lindsey's mommy's pack and lit it up with the lighter from her purse.

Barbara's jaw dropped as she watched her daughter inhale a mouthful of smoke
and filter it through her lungs effortlessly.

"Don't I look pretty Mommy?  I smoke just like you.  Watch this.  I can even
make the smoke come out my nose!"

Barbara shook her head as twin streams of smoke jettisoned from her seven
year old daughter's nostrils.

"Look Mommy!  Smoke rings!" shouted Jenny, as she popped her jaw.

The stunned mother counted five smoke rings that wandered through the air
between them.

"Oh my God Jenny.  You're really smoking, aren't you."

"Yes Mommy.  I am!  Isn't it great?"

"Jenny, I want you to be very truthful with Mommy.  I need to know how many
cigarettes you've smoked."

"I don't know, but I smoke a lot."

"Think hard Jenny.  How many cigarettes have you smoked?"

Jenny put out the cigarette and lit another.  She inhaled deeply and then
scratched her head.  "I'm not sure.  How many cigarettes are in a pack?"

"Twenty," said her mommy.  "There are 20 cigarettes in a pack."

"Okay," said Jenny.  "Then how many cigarettes are in three packs?"

"Sixty," said Barbara."

"Then that's how many cigarettes I smoke," said Jenny who was very pleased
with her self for having answered her mommy's question.

"Oh dear," said Barbara.  "What's the most amount of cigarettes you've ever
smoked in one day?"

"I just told you Mommy.  Three packs.  Sixty cigarettes.  That's how much I
smoke every day.  Just like you!"

Jenny thought her mother would be happy and would at least laugh but she was

"What's wrong Mommy?  Why are you crying?"

"Oh honey," said Barbara as she reached out and hugged her daughter.  "My
poor sweet baby!  Why did you wait until now to tell me?  I could have helped
you stop if you had told me sooner."

"Because Mommy.  I wanted to get addicted before I surprised you.  Did it
work?  Are you surprised?"

"Yes dear, I'm afraid I am.  So tell me sweetie.  How's your headache?  Do
you still have it?"

Jenny cocked her head and realized it didn't hurt any more.  "No Mommy.  It
doesn't hurt any more and my skin doesn't feel all creepy-crawly either.  I
feel great!"

"Oh dear.  I was afraid of that," said Barbara as she reached for her pack of

"Wait Mommy.  Do you want to try mine...I mean Lindsey's mom's?" asked Jenny
as she held out the pack of Virginia Slims regulars.

"No thanks honey.  Mommy only smokes menthols.  Those are regulars.  Is that
the kind you like?"

"Oh yes Mommy.  I love them sooo much.  I like yours too, but I like these

"Okay sweetie," she said as she watched her daughter crush out the cigarette
and light a third from the pack.  "Do Mommy a favor sweetie.  I want you to
sit here and finish your cigarette while I talk to Daddy.  Just stay in the
room until I come back.  Okay?"

"Okay Mommy.  I'll do that.  I'll even fold the clothes."

"Thank you sweetheart.  Your Mommy's big girl," she said as kissed Jenny on
the head and closed the door on her way out.


Paul was in the den watching TV with the boys when Barbara summoned him to
the kitchen.

"What's the problem," asked Paul?  "Is something wrong with Jenny?"

"You might say that," said Barbara as she exhaled a puff of smoke nervously.
"We'll talk about it later.  But first you need to take the boys to spend the
night at your mother's.  I don't want them to know just yet."

"Is it really that bad," asked Paul?

"Well kind of," said Barbara.  "I can tell you but I can't discuss it with
you until the boys are out of the house.  Can you do that?"

Paul shook his head yes.

"Okay then.  Jenny is smoking.  I thinks she's addicted to cigarettes.  She
told me she's been smoking three packs a day."

"You're kidding right?" 

"Paul, I saw her with my own eyes and I talked to her.  She inhales.  Our
daughter is a smoker and we have to deal with this.  We'll talk about it when
you get back from taking the boys to your mother's."

"Okay," said Paul.  "It won't be take long.  I'll get the boy's packed."

"Don't bother.  Just take them," said Barbara.  "Your mother has plenty of
clothes for them at her house.  Oh, and Paul honey.  Can you stop by the
store and get a carton of cigarettes?"

"I just bought you a carton today honey.  I put them in the cupboard.  Didn't
you see them?"

"They're for Jenny.  Not me.  Get Virginia Slims, but not the menthols.  She
smokes the white ones with brown trim.  Just ask for Virginia Slims regulars,
but make sure you get the full flavor kind and not the lights."


"Mommy, I'm out of cigarettes," whined Jenny as she crumpled the empty pack
in her small hand.

"It's Okay sweetie.  You can smoke mommy's until Daddy gets back with yours.
He'll be home any minute now."

"Thanks," said Jenny as she accepted a cigarette and a light from her mommy.

Barbara took the empty pack from her daughter's hand and placed it on her bed
side table.  If what her daughter said was true, Jenny had already smoked
four packs of cigarettes today.  Even if she hadn't, she had seen her seven
year old daughter consume an entire pack before her eyes.  In her heart,
Barbara knew it was true.


"I'm home," shouted Paul as he walked through the door with a brown paper bag
in his hand.

"Daddy, Daddy!" screamed Jenny joyously as she grabbed a hold of his leg.
"Did you get me my cigarettes?"

"I sure did honey," he said as his little girl pulled the bag from his hand
and ran off with them.

"Look Mommy!  Daddy brought my cigarettes, just like you said he would."

"Yes sweetie, I know," she said as she sat down on the couch as her daughter
ripped into the carton and opened a pack.

Jenny looked up to see her daddy sitting beside her mommy, lighting her
cigarette.  She pulled her self up from the floor and rushed to the couch
with her cigarette dangling between her lips.

"Oh Daddy, will you light my cigarette like you did for Mommy?"

Paul stared at his daughter with a dumb expression.  He was speechless.  He
didn't know what to do.  A part of him thought this was some kind of prank
his wife was playing on him.  He felt a nudge on his shoulder.

"Don't be rude," said Barbara.  "Light your daughter's cigarette."

Paul dug the lighter from his pocket and held the flame in front of Jenny who
took his hand and cupped the flame, just as she'd seen her mommy do.  When
the cigarette was lit, she released his hand and inhaled deeply, blowing her
exhale softly into his face.

"Thank you Daddy."

"You're welcome Kitten."


"What Kitten?"

"Do you want to try my cigarette?  You might like it cause its different than

"No Kitten.  Daddy doesn't smoke cigarettes."

"How come Daddy?  Aren't you old enough?"

"I don't know kitten.  I just can't.  It makes me cough."

"Watch me Daddy.  It's easy," said Jenny cheerfully as she devoured the
Virginia Slim between her fingers.

"Did you see how deeply she inhales," asked Paul?

Barbara nodded.  "That's what I was trying to tell you in the kitchen.  It's
like I said.  She's a addicted.  That's her fifth pack of cigarettes today.
I don't know what we're going to do."

"If she's anything like you..." began Paul.

"She is," interrupted Barbara.  "She's exactly like me."


They talked about it in bed after kissing their daughter goodnight.

"What are we going to do about Jenny?" asked Paul as he lit Barbara's
cigarette.  "Don't you think she's too young to smoke?"

"Addiction knows no age limits," said Barbara through her exhale.  "You saw
her tonight.  I wish she never started but we can't expect her to quit now.
She needs to smoke as much as I do.  It would be pointless, cruel, and even
dangerous to encourage her to quit. You remember what I went through when I
tried.  It's physically impossible, and my quitting was hell on you.  I felt
as bad for you and the kids as I did for myself."

"There now Barbara.  Don't go getting upset.  It's not your fault Jenny
started smoking."

"But this is my fault Paul.  She never would have tried it if I had quit two
years ago."

"We've talked about this before.  It's not your fault you can't quit.  It's
every thing those companies put in the cigarettes that keep you hooked.
Please don't blame your self.  Besides you know what your smoking means to
our marriage."

"It will change every thing if we give her permission," said Barbara.  "You
know how weak and submissive you get around women that smoke."

"I don't see how we have another choice.  Besides, its not like she's a
woman.  She's only seven."

"Don't kid your self Paul.  I saw you tonight.  She had you tied around her
little finger, and she knows it.."

"You're right," he said.  "Things are going to change."

"She's still your daughter and she loves you," said Barbara trying her best
to console him.  "I'll talk to her about your fetish tomorrow and I'll
explain every thing.  I'm sure she won't embarrass you in front of the boys."

Paul hung his head.  "What will the boys think when they see her bossing me
around?  But more importantly, what are we going to tell them about Jenny.
When they see her smoking, they're going to want to smoke too.  We can't let
that happen."

"I know," said Barbara.

"What did you tell them before this," asked Paul.

"I told them that smoking is an adult habit and that only grown-ups smoke."

"Then we have to tell them Jenny is an adult now.  We have to make it clear
that smokers are adults and non-smokers aren't," said Paul sternly.  "That
would explain every thing.  It would explain why Jenny can smoke and they
can't, and it would explain why she has so much control over me.  Think about
it Barbara.  It sounds like a stretch but it really isn't.  The boys know I
worship you and they see you flaunt your smoking over me every day.  You wave
that cigarette around like a royal scepter.  It's a symbol of your authority
over me and the kids.  They respect you because you smoke and when they see
us respecting Jenny for the same reason, they'll respect her too.

"Paul, do you hear what you're saying?  If we decide to do this we'll have to
do it all the way- 24/7.  Jenny will be the adult and you'll be the kid.
You'll have to answer to her."

"I'll wind up answering to her anyway.  You said it your self, now that she
smokes, she has me tied around her little finger.  I'd rather explain it to
the boys this way than tell them I have a fetish."

"I hear what you're saying and it makes sense honey but it doesn't have to be
so severe.  We can tell the boys that Jenny is an adult now and that its
right for her to smoke, but you could start smoking too.  If you did, the
boys would see you as an adult."

"It won't work Barbara.   You remember what happened the last time I tried to
start smoking.  I couldn't do it then and I can' t do it now.  Even if I did,
I still wouldn't be able to stand up to you or Jenny.  Don't you see?  It's
really better for me this way.  I know you don't understand it.  You think
its humiliating and it is, but I need for women who smoke to humiliate me."

"I know you do and I blame your mother for it.  What she did to you was
cruel.  She had no right to treat you that way."

"But she did," said Paul.  "The damage is done and we can't undo it.  And its
not as bad as you think.  I love taking orders from you when you smoke.  And
I'm going to love taking orders from Jenny too.  I know you don't want to
hear this but tonight when I lit your cigarette and then I lit
Jenny's...well, it was like a dream come true.  I'm looking forward to buying
her cigarettes and lighting them for her.  I can't wait to clean out her
ashtray tomorrow.  And this way Jenny can humiliate me in front of the boys
without them knowing about my fetish.  It's the best thing for everybody."


Jenny was tearing into her second pack of cigarettes when Barbara told her
they needed to talk.

"Your daddy went to grandma's to pick up your brothers.  And when he gets
back we'll all sit down and have a big talk about the way things will be from
now on.  Do you understand what I'm talking about."

"I think so," said Jenny.  "Are you and Daddy going to tell John and Billy
that I smoke?"

"Yes we are honey.  But before we talk to your brothers, I need to have a
talk with you.  It's important that you understand what you've done and what
we're going to do about it."

Jenny's eyes widened as she took a deep drag from her cigarette.  Her mother
was being serious.

"Jenny, sweetheart, you put your father and I in a very awkward position when
you started smoking.  You knew we didn't want you to smoke but you did it
anyway.  I made it very clear to you and your brothers that smoking is an
adult habit and I didn't want you or your brothers to do it."

"I'm sorry Mommy.  It's just that I thought that if I smoked like you I'd be
a grown-up and it would make you and Daddy happy.  Do you want me to quit

"I wish you could quit Jenny, but you can't.  You're addicted now, just like
I am.  You'll never be able to quit and neither will I.  We'll both have to
smoke every day for the rest of our lives.  Did you know that when you
started sweetheart?"

Jenny nodded sheepishly.  "Kind of, that's why I wanted to get real good at
it before I told you.  I heard you talk about being addicted before and I
wanted to get addicted too."

"You've wanted to be a smoker for a very long time, haven't you Jenny?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Did you know smoking is bad for your health and that it could make you sick
one day when you're older?"

"They talked about it in school, and I've seen commercials on TV and you're
always telling us about it."

"But you did it anyway?"

"I want to be a grown-up Mommy.  I want to be a smoker like you."

Barbara smiled lovingly at her daughter.  "You are honey.  You're just like
me now.  Does that make you happy?"

"Yes Mommy.  What about you?  Are you still mad at me?"

Barbara hugged her daughter.  "Oh no sweetheart.  I was never mad at you.  I
was shocked when you told me, but I saw right away that you were already
addicted and I knew there was nothing I could say or do to change it.  I was
just worried you'd feel bad about your decision to start smoking."

"I'm happy Mommy.  I'm glad I got addicted."

"I know you are sweetie.  And I'm proud of you."

"You're proud of me because I got addicted," asked Jenny?

"It's not that," said Barbara.  "I'm proud of you for the way you decided to
start smoking.  It was a big decision to make at such a young age.  You
thought about it and you planned it out.  You made your decision based on
everything you knew and then you followed your heart."

"Did I make the right decision?"

"You made the right decision for you and that's what's important.  You did
better than most grown-ups could have done.  Do you know the difference
between an adult and a grown-up?

"They're the same thing, aren't they?"

"Not at all," said Barbara.  "Being a grown-up means you've lived long enough
to get older.  Being an adult means your wise enough to make good decisions
for your self and others.  You're an adult now Jenny."

	Jenny beamed with pride.  "So I'm an adult like you and Daddy?"

	"You're an adult like me.  Your father is a grown-up, but he's not an
	adult.  From now on you'll be making decisions for your self but
	you'll also be making decisions for your daddy and your brothers,
	just like I do."

	"Wow," said Jenny.  "What will I have to do now that I'm an adult?"

	"You'll just have to smoke a lot and tell your brothers and father
	what to do and punish them if they're bad.  Now that you're an adult,
	you can give your brothers permission to smoke."

	"But Mommy, Billy and John are just kids!  Only adults should smoke!"

	"You're exactly right.  But you're only seven and John is 15.
	Shouldn't he be able to smoke if you smoke.  After all, he is older
	than you."

	"But I'm an adult and he's not.  He's just older and that's not the
	same thing as being an adult.  And smoking is bad for his health.
	And kids shouldn't play with lighters because they might burn things.
	He doesn't know what I knew when I started.  I don't want him to get
	addicted like me.  We can't let the boys smoke!"

	"Very good Jenny.  You're going to be a great adult..  And you're
	right.  We can't let the boys smoke.  That's why you and I are going
	to need to keep up with our cigarettes and not leave them laying
	around for your brothers to get curious about.  Do you think you're
	adult enough to keep up with your cigarettes and not leave them
	laying around."

"Oh yes Mommy.  I'll keep them in my purse.  Boys don't like purses."

"Very good sweetie.  I told your father to put a lock on the cupboard where
we'll keep our cartons.  And only you and I will have the keys."

"Just you and me Mommy?"

"That's right sweetie.  Do you think you're adult enough to keep an important
key like that and not lose it?"

"Oh yes Mommy.  You can trust me."

"I know I can sweetheart.  I'm so proud of you."

Jenny beamed with pride as she lit another cigarette.  Everything she'd
always wanted was coming true.  "Mommy, am I really an adult like you?"

"You are if you smoke!"

Jenny giggled.

Barbara lit a cigarette and held it in front of her daughter.  "Look at this
honey and tell me what you see."

"I see a cigarette," said Jenny.

"Its more than a cigarette Jenny.  It's a symbol of your authority.  By
smoking in front of your father and your brothers you're showing them that
you're an adult and they're not.  The more they see you smoke, the more
they'll respect your authority over them."

"Does being an adult mean I can stay up as late I want to from now on."

"It most certainly does.  Billy will go to bed at eight and John will go to
bed at nine, but you can stay up and smoke and watch TV with me and Daddy for
as long as you like."

"That's great Mommy.  Does it mean I'll be able to tell Billy and John what
to do?"

"That's what adults do Jenny.  They make the rules for little kids to follow.
From now on your brothers and your father will have to do everything you tell
them to do or you can punish them."

"Daddy too," asked Jenny?

"Yes sweetie.  Your daddy isn't an adult.  He's just a grown-up and he's
going to look up to you because you're an adult.  He's going to want to
please you and make you happy.  He's going to need you to tell him what to
do.  Haven't you ever noticed how your daddy lights my cigarettes and does
any thing I tell him?"

"Well yeah, but I just thought he did those things because he loves you."

"He does love me, but because I'm a woman and I smoke, he has to do
everything I tell him.  You see honey.  I'm his boss.  And now that you're a
smoker like me, you'll be his boss too.  Do you understand what I'm telling

"I guess so," said Jenny, but it still seems so weird with him being so much
older and being my daddy and all."

"I know dear, but you'll get used to it, and when you do you'll love bossing
around your daddy as much as I do.  From now on you will call your father by
his first name like I do.  Do you understand?"

Jenny shook her head as she took a deep drag from her cigarette.

"The same goes for me.  Now that you're an adult you can call me by my first


"Yes dear."

"Wow!" said Jenny.  "This is so cool Mommy...I mean Barbara.  I can't wait
until Billy and John get here so I can show them how good I smoke!  Can I
smoke in front of my friends too?"

"Of course you can sweetie.  Adults don't need permission to smoke.  They
smoke wherever and whenever they want to.  I'll call your friend's mommies
tomorrow and let them know you'll be smoking from now on.  You're going to be
very popular once everyone learns you're a smoker.  Everyone will look up to
you and want to be your friend"

"Should I blow smoke in their faces the way you do with Daddy... Uh, I mean

"Oh no honey.  Don't do that, unless its a boy."

Jenny gave her mommy a puzzled look.  "So boys like it when girls blow smoke
in their faces."

Barbara nodded.  "If you don't believe me, you can try it with your brothers
when they get home.  Boys like girls that smoke."

"Is that because girls that smoke are prettier than girls that don't."

"Barbara smiled and nodded.  "Yes, but I think you already knew that, didn't

"I guess so," giggled Jenny.  "I just wanted to make sure."


Little Billy was  excited and awed by the things his parents said about
Jenny.  Part of him didn't believe it but then again, he'd never known his
parents to lie about any thing.  They said she was a smoker now, just like
Mommy!  He looked wide eyed at his sister sitting beside his mother.  She
looked the same as she did the night before, but he had to admit there was
something  different about her.

The boys and their father sat around the kitchen table listening to Barbara
talk about Jenny.  Billy watched as his mother lit a cigarette and exhaled
across the table.  Jenny wasn't holding a cigarette, but there was a pack of
Virginia Slims and a lighter on the table in front of her.  Billy noticed the
side of Jenny's pack was brown while his Mommy's was green.  Other than that,
they were the same.  As a matter of fact, Jenny's cigarettes were just like
the ones Lindsey Miller's mom smoked. 

John shook his head in disbelief.  Surely his parents were joking.  They
couldn't be serious.  There was no way in the world his little sister was
smoking cigarettes.  Four packs a day!  Did they think he was stupid?  That's
more than mom smokes, he thought.

This is just so crazy, thought John.  It isn't possible.  Jenny can't smoke.
He'd never tried it but he knew some kids who had.  They all said it was
gross and it hurt.  They swore they'd never do it again and John believed
them.  After all, those boys were tough- a lot tougher than him.  If those
guys can't hack smoking, neither can Jenny!  He didn't believe Jenny was
grown up enough to smoke a cigarette.  If she was then so was he.  There was
no way his little sister was tougher than him.

"Prove it," said John.  "I don't believe you smoke," he said to Jenny.

Barbara Mason nodded at Jenny who picked up her pack of Virginia Slims and
placed a slender white cigarette between her lips.

"Cool," said Billy.

"Light it," challenged John.  He knew she was bluffing.  There was no way
she'd use the lighter.  She'd burn her fingers if she did.  He'd tried to use
a lighter once and had burned himself pretty good.  Lighters were dangerous.
Kids had no business playing with fire.

Jenny confidently raised the lighter and expertly struck the wheel with her

Both boys gasped as Jenny brought the flame to her cigarette.

John almost fell out of his chair as Jenny stared him down and parted her
lips, exposing a massive ball of puffy white smoke that quickly disappeared
down her throat.

Jenny purred pure pleasure as she exhaled a perfect cone shaped cloud that
moved purposely across the table.

John glared and waited for the cough that didn't come.

"That's so cool!" shouted Billy.  "Does that mean Jenny is a grown-up like
you Mommy?"

"That's exactly what it means," said Barbara to her youngest son.  "Jenny is
an adult now."

"Wow!" said Billy.  "This is so cool."

Jenny exhaled a thick plume of smoke toward her little brother and smiled
warmly at him.  She was giddy with excitement and pride.  This was by far the
best day of her life.  She looked down at the cigarette as it smoldered
between her fingers.  It made her feel so important and powerful.  She took a
deep drag and sneered at John as she exhaled.

"Can you blow smoke out your nose like Mommy," asked Billy?

Jenny answered her little brother's question by lifting the cigarette to her
lips and filling her young lungs with enough smoke to choke even the most
veteran of smokers.  She smiled coyly at Billy and then at John as smoke
billowed through her nostrils for what seemed like an eternity.

Billy and John both gasped.  Billy because he was so utterly pleased, John
because he was freaked out.

"What about smoke rings," asked Billy?  "Adults can make smoke rings!  Can
you do it too Jenny?"

"Of course I can silly," said Jenny as she sent a parade of smoke rings
toward both of her brothers.

Billy poked his finger through one of the rings.  "That's so neat!  Hey
Mommy, can you and Jenny blow smoke rings at the same time.  I want to see
what it looks like."

"Okay sweetie," said Barbara as she gave Jenny a nod.

As the boys watched, both "women" inhaled massive volumes of smoke into their
lungs and popped their jaws simultaneously.  Smoke rings exploded from their
"O" shaped mouths, much to Billy's amusement.

Barbara's face took on a somber look as the last smoke ring dissolved above
the table.  "Okay kids.  We've had our fun and the show is over.  I need to
make certain that everyone here understands what is expected of them."

Barbara paused to crush out her cigarette and took another from her pack.
Jenny followed her lead in a gesture they had rehearsed earlier in the day.

Without speaking, Barbara held the cigarette to her lips and nodded to her

Paul took his cue and reached over the table and submissively lit his wife's
cigarette.  She responded by blowing thick cloud of smoke in his face
followed by the words, "thanks Paul".

Jenny was next.  She placed the cigarette between her lips and gave her daddy
a stern nod.

As he had done for his wife, he did for his daughter with the same
submissiveness he had shown Barbara.

Jenny took her daddy's hand in hers and cupped the flame.  Once her cigarette
was lit she released his hand and took a monstrous drag from her cigarette,
inhaling and then emptying the contents of her lungs into her daddy's face.

Jenny capped the symbolic gesture by calling her daddy by his first name as
her mother had done.  "Thanks Paul."

"It was my pleasure Jenny."

The boys were stunned.  Not only had their father just cowed down to their
sister and lit her cigarette, but they had just heard her call him by his
first name and get away with it!

"From now on," said Barbara as smoke rolled off her lips, "there are two
adults in this house and they both smoke!  You boys and your father will
treat Jenny with the same respect that you treat me.  You will do what she
says without questioning her because she's an adult and you're not. If she
thinks you're misbehaving she will punish you. Have I made myself perfectly

"Yes Mommy," said Billy.

"Yes dear," said Paul.

But John said nothing.

"John, I didn't hear you.  Do you have a problem with this."

"Get a grip mom.  We're talking about Jenny.  She's seven years old.  I'm 15
and dad is dad.  You can't really expect us to treat her like an adult just
because she smokes.  What's the big deal?  If she can smoke anyone can."

"Oh," said Barbara wisely and with a touch of sadism.  "So you think you're
grown up enough to smoke like Jenny?  Is that what you're telling me?"

"Well yeah, I guess so.  How hard can it be if a seven year old can do it?"

"Very well then, we'll just see about that.  Jenny, would you be so kind as
to give each of  your brothers a cigarette."

"Wow!" said Billy.  "You mean we're really going to get a chance to smoke
just like you and Jenny?"

"Absolutely," said Barbara.  "Go ahead and take the cigarette from your
sister and put it in your mouth.  You too John."

Jenny grinned mischievously as she gave her brothers each a cigarette from
her pack.  Billy excitedly took his and jammed it between his lips with so
much gusto that he nearly broke it.  John took his cigarette with confidence.
If she could do it then so could he.  After all, they were just girl
cigarettes.  And he was a boy.  How bad could they be?

"Okay boys, its important that after we light your cigarettes that you inhale
the smoke like this.  She illustrated her instructions by taking a massive
amount of smoke into her mouth and allowing it to slide down her throat.
Then she exhaled casually and told Jenny to show them as well.

"Do you think you can do it like Jenny," asked Barbara.

Both boys said they could.

Paul watched from a safe distance as his wife prepared to light his youngest
son's cigarette and Jenny sparked up her brother.

Both women ignited their lighters at the same time and touched them to the
ends of the boy's cigarettes.

Paul watched as the expressions on his son's faces changed from excitement to
pure horror.

Both boys dropped their cigarettes and began coughing their lungs up as the
women laughed hysterically.  John clutched his chest and fell off his chair.
Defeat and shame were scrawled across his face as he pulled himself up.
Through his tears he could see his little sister smiling maliciously as she
effortlessly devoured and exhaled another lungful of smoke.

Paul retrieved the smoldering cigarettes from the table and put them out in
the ashtray before they could leave a burn on the wood.

"Are you satisfied?" asked Barbara.  "Or would you like to try again?

"No mommy!" cried Billy.  "I don't ever want to smoke again." 

"That's mommy's good boy," said Barbara as she wiped the tears from her
youngest son's eyes.  "And how about you John?  Would you like to try another

"No Mom.  I'm sorry.  I'll never smoke again.  I promise."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," said Barbara as smoke flowed from her

John sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Barbara's expression softened.  She felt terrible for doing this to her boys
but John had forced her to make her point.  She got out of her chair and put
her arms around both of her boys and hugged them tight.

She turned her attention to John, as she knew how confused he must feel.
"I'm sorry you had to experience this, but I didn't think you'd understand
unless you tried it for your self.  I know how difficult this must be for
you.  You're 15 and Jenny is 7.  You're used to thinking of her as your
little sister.  But things have changed."

Barbara raked her fingers through John's hair as she spoke to him. "You
understand that smoking is an adult habit, don't you honey?"

John nodded.

"And Jenny smokes, doesn't she?"

John nodded again.

"So what does that mean honey?  Let me hear you say it."

"It means," said John, "that Jenny is an adult now and I need to treat her
like a grown-up."

"That's right sweetheart.  Mommy is so proud of you for understanding."  She
then turned and faced both her sons.  "Jenny is going to be my assistant now.
So any thing you need from me, Jenny should be able to do too.  She will have
a lot of freedom to do as she pleases, but that freedom comes with the
responsibility of helping me raise the two of you and taking care of your
father and this house.  You boys need to remember that Jenny loves you and
wants what's best for you.  You may not like her decisions from time to time
but you are bound to obey them.  Is that clear?"

"Yes Mom," said Billy and John in unison.

"Good," said Barbara.  "I'm glad that's understood.  Okay then.  It's getting
late and its time for Billy to go to bed.  Jenny, why don't you put your
little brother to bed."

Jenny cheerfully stood up from the table and grabbed her cigarettes and
lighter.  "Come on Billy, I'll read you a bed time story."

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