Jenny Mason 4: The Sleepover

(by, 07 June 2005)

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Jenny Mason 4:  The Sleepover
By: slimv

Author's Note:  This is the fourth installment in the Jenny Mason stories.
The first is "Jenny Mason: Just Like Mom".  The second is "Jenny Mason: Next
Morning.  The third is "Jenny Mason: Afternoon Delight".  The fourth is
"Jenny Mason: The Sleepover".  This is a 'G' rated story about a
seven-year-old girl named Jenny who starts smoking and is treated as an adult
by her family

Barbara Mason pulled up to the curb in front of the Coulter's home.  Jenny
sat beside her in the front seat with a duffle bag full of the clothes she
would need for the next day along with her toothbrush.  She was eager to play
with her friend Megan and had opened the door as soon as the car stopped.

"Have you got every thing you need honey?" asked Barbara.

"Yes Mommy.  I packed everything by myself."

"You're such a big girl."

Jenny giggled.

"How about your teeth brush.  Did you remember to pack it?"

"And my toothpaste too," nodded Jenny.  "I'll brush before I go to bed

"I'm sure you will," said Barbara.  "I don't see your purse.  Did you pack
your cigarettes in your duffle bag?  Jenny's eyes grew big and her lips
trembled as she realized she'd forgotten to bring them.  "I forgot them
Mommy.  Can we go back and get them?  Barbara gave her daughter a
disapproving look as she shook her head.  "Jenny!  How could you?  I
specifically reminded you before we left the house."

"I put them in my purse argued," Jenny.  "I just forgot to take it.  I left
it in the hallway.  Can we go back and get it Mommy?"

"No honey.  We're already here."

"But what am I going to do," asked Jenny?  "I need my cigarettes!"

"Well, I guess I can give you a couple packs of mine."

"No Mommy.  I don't like yours.  They're menthol."

"Okay then.  Maybe Megan's mommy or daddy can spare you a couple of their
packs.  I'll ask Anna.  Get your bag and lets go sweetie."

Jenny closed the car door and slung the duffle bag over her shoulder as she
followed her mommy up to the Coulter's house.  Megan answered the door before
they had a chance to knock.

"Hey Jenny," squealed Megan.  "Hi Mrs. Mason!"

Barbara greeted the young girl and looked up to see her parents, Anna and Don
standing behind her.

"Won't you come in and stay awhile," asked Anna?

"I'd love to," said Barbara, "but Paul and the boys are waiting for me to
make dinner.  However, if you don't mind, there is a favor I'd like to ask of
you, or rather Jenny would like to ask."

"What can I do for you Jenny," asked Anna with a comforting smile.

Jenny looked at up at the woman and her husband with pleading eyes.  "I left
my cigarettes at home."

"Oh!  You poor dear," exclaimed Anna.  "And you don't like your mommy's
menthols, do you?"

Jenny shook her head.

"Me neither," said Anna.  "They're too sweet.  You're welcome to share my
Marlboros tonight.  And Don smokes too.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing
with you."  She looked at her husband.  "You don't mind, do you Don?"

Don shrugged.  He was sure Anna was kidding when she told him Jenny had
started smoking.  But here she was, standing in his foyer beside her mother,
asking for cigarettes.  "No of course not, as long as it's okay with your

Barbara put her hands on Jenny shoulders.  "See sweetheart.  Every thing is
going to be alright."  She kissed her daughter on the cheek and told her to
have a good time with Megan and that she'd pick her up in the morning after

Jenny stood at the door and waved to her mommy as she walked back to her car.
She then turned to Megan's daddy and asked, "What kind of cigarettes do you
smoke Don?"

Don grinned.  None of Megan's friends, or his son's for that matter, had ever
addressed him by his first name.  "I smoke Pall Malls honey.  They're kind of
strong.  They don't have filters so you probably wouldn't like them."  What
was he saying?  Of course she wouldn't like them.  Jenny was Megan's age.
This whole smoking thing was probably some kind of farce.

"I've never smoked one of those before.  Can I try one?" Jenny asked shyly.

Don smirked.

"Go ahead honey.  Offer her a cigarette," said Anna.

"Okay," said Don, as he removed a pack of Pall Malls from his shirt pocket.
He had just shook one loose, when Dillon, his fourteen year old son walked

Normally Dillon would have walked by Jenny without saying a word.  He
considered his little sister and all her friends to be pains in the ass.  But
he froze in his tracks as he saw his father offer the little girl a

"Hey Mom.  Why's dad giving Jenny a cigarette?"

"She's a smoker," said Anna calmly.

Dillon laughed.  "Yeah, right!"

"Thank you Don," said Jenny as she took the cigarette from Megan's daddy.
"Can I have a light too?"

Don Coulter's penis stiffened as he removed a lighter from his pocket.  He
took a deep breath and steadied his nerves as he bent down to his knees and
ignited it.  "Sure sweetheart.  Of course you can."

Don's heart raced as Jenny steadied his hand in hers.  He watched in awe as
the tip of Jenny's cigarette absorbed his flame.  She had him going.  The
joke was on him and he knew it.  His wife had set him up.  Anna knew all
about his smoking fetish and this was her way of getting back at him, getting
poor little Jenny to pose as a smoker.  He wondered how she had talked
Barbara into playing along.

Dillon and Don both gasped as Jenny removed the cigarette from her lips and
inhaled a thick ball of creamy white smoke deep into her lungs.  Both guys
were in a state of shock, especially Don, who suddenly found his face
blanketed in a cloud of Jenny's smoke.

Jenny giggled.  "I'm sorry Don.  I blew smoke in your face."

"That's okay honey.  Anna does it to me all the time.  I'll live."  He
couldn't take his eyes off the little girl as she inhaled another lung
shattering drag from the unfiltered cigarette.  My God, he thought.  The kid
is smiling.  She's not even coughing.  She really is a smoker.

"Oh yummy," said Jenny as she exhaled another massive puff.  "These are
good."  And then she giggled as she put a finger in her mouth and picked off
a fleck of rogue tobacco.  "What's this?" she asked as she held her finger in
the air.

"It's tobacco honey," said Anna.  "It's because Don's cigarettes don't have

"Mom, did you see that," asked Dillon excitedly?  "Jenny's smoking dad's

"Yes Dillon.  I saw her.  I'm not blind."

"But she's just a kid," argued Dillon.

Anna was about to correct her son when her husband interrupted her.

Don's voice trembled as he put his hands on Dillon's shoulders.  "Jenny is
not a kid.  Have you ever seen a kid smoke like that?"

Dillon shook his head.  He couldn't look his father in the eye as the sight
of Jenny emptying her lungs into the foyer mesmerized him.

"Me neither," said Don.  "That's why you are to treat Jenny with the same
respect as you would treat any of your mother's and my friends who visit.
Have I made my self clear?"

Dillon nodded.  "Okay Dad."

"What about me," asked Megan?  "Jenny's my friend.  Do I have to treat her
like an adult too?"

Anna Coulter knelt down on the floor so that she was at eye level with her
daughter.  "I know Jenny is your friend sweetheart.  But she's an adult now
and you have to understand that.  It's okay for kids to be friends with
adults.  That's perfectly fine.  But you have to understand that just because
Jenny can do something, that doesn't mean you can do it too."

"Isn't she going to sleep in my room tonight," asked Megan?

"Of course she is honey," said Anna.  "We'll just put an ashtray in your room
so she'll be more comfortable."

"Okay Mommy," said Megan with a smile.  "Come on Jenny.  Lets go to my room."

Jenny stumbled but kept her balance as Megan grabbed her by the hand and
pulled her toward the stairs.  An ash fell from her cigarette and landed on
the parquet floor.

"I'm sorry," said Jenny.

"That's Okay," said Anna.  Dillon can clean it up.  Wait here a moment and
I'll get you an ashtray.  Don, why don't you give Jenny your pack of

Don handed his pack of Pall Malls and lighter over to Jenny without
hesitation as his wife retrieved a clean ashtray from the living room.

Megan took the ashtray from her mommy and scurried upstairs with Jenny in


"I love your room," said Jenny as she shook a cigarette loose from the pack
of Pall Malls and placed it between her lips.

Megan watched in awe as her seven-year-old friend lit the cigarette and began
smoking it just like a grown-up.  "Does it hurt," she asked?

"What?  This?" asked Jenny as she filled her lungs with unfiltered smoke and
unleashed it into the air between them.

"Yeah," said Megan.  "Isn't the smoke hot like fire?"

Jenny giggled as she ran the tip of her cigarette across the rim of the
ashtray and dumped an ash.  "No silly.  It feels warm and fluffy like a big
soft pillow."

"Can I try it?" asked Megan excitedly.

Jenny cocked the cigarette beside her cheek and raised her brow as she
considered her friend's request.  "I don't think so.  Smoking isn't for

Megan stomped her foot on the floor and pouted.  "I know that but you were
just a kid when you started.  I want to be grown up like you.  I'm so sick of
people treating me like a kid and telling me what to do.  You don't know what
its like."

"Yes I do," argued Jenny.  "Before I started smoking my brother John was
always bossing me around."

"That's what Dillon does to me!"

Jenny's heart went out to her friend.  She understood how bad it was to have
a big brother who was mean and bossy.  Her flat chest expanded against her
blouse as she inhaled another massive blast from the Pall Mall and exhaled.
"I don't know," she said.  "My mom says I have to be responsible now that I'm
adult.  I don't think adults are supposed to let little kids smoke.  You
could get addicted you know?"

Megan's smooth forehead wrinkled.  "Addicted?  What's that mean?"

"It means if you're addicted to something then you have to keep doing it
cause you can't quit.  That's why adults smoke.  We're addicted.  I couldn't
stop smoking even if I wanted to," said Jenny.  "Neither can your mommy and
daddy.  We have to do it all the time."

"What happens if you don't smoke?" asked Megan quizzically.

"I get sick when I don't smoke or if I don't smoke enough," said Jenny as she
stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray and lit another one.

"How about if I ask my mommy?  Will you teach me how to smoke if she says its

"I guess I could but I don't think you should ask.  My mommy says adults
don't ask anyone if they can smoke.  They just do it."

"Then how am I going to grow up if you won't help me and I can't ask my

"You just got to do it like I did.  Borrow your mommy's cigarettes and
practice smoking and then when you get real good at it you can surprise her
with it like I did.  And when she sees how good you are she'll know you're
grown-up like me."

"I guess I could do that," said Megan.  "But how do I use a lighter?  Can you
show me?"

Jenny smiled through her exhale.  "Of course I can."


Dillon was sprawled out on the couch with the phone to his ear listening to
his friend John gripe about his sister's smoking as Megan and Jenny flew down
the stairs and out the door.

"It can't be that bad," said Dillon.

"Bull shit," said John into the phone.  "Its that bad and worse.  My parents
make me treat her just like an adult.  I have to do everything she says or I
get in trouble."

"Well she does smoke, you know.  I guess your parents can't keep treating her
like a kid."

"That's easy for you to say," said John.  "Just wait until Megan starts
smoking and then tell me how you feel."

Dillon broke out laughing.  The idea of his little sister smoking a cigarette
was hysterical.  "That will never happen," he said.


"I'm going to break your record," Megan huffed as she galloped in place over
the rope.

Jenny giggled as she exhaled the rich unfiltered smoked from the Pall Mall.
"If you do, I'll just set another record!"

"99, 101, 102..." groaned Megan.  Her foot hit the rope at 107 jumps; three
better than Jenny's world record.  "I did it," she yelled victoriously!  "I
beat you!"

Jenny took a final deep drag from her Pall Mall before dropping it to
driveway and grinding it out beneath her Keds.  "Give me that rope," said
Jenny as smoke spewed from her nose.

Megan relinquished possession of the jump rope and stood back as Jenny put
her self to the task of setting a new world record.

"Seven, eight, nine, ten..."

Jenny showed no signs of slowing down.  Her feet were in perfect rhythm with
the swinging rope.

"34, 35, 36..." she groaned through her teeth.

Her gait began to slow.  Her feet skipped closer and closer to the rope.  She
was breathing hard.

"62, 63, 64..."

Her left toe hit the rope at 73.  She dropped it to the ground and stumbled
toward the car, using it for balance as she caught her breath.

"I beat you!  I won," shouted Megan.

Jenny wanted to say something smart about how she had stopped jumping on
purpose but clutched her chest and coughed instead.  She wheezed and stumbled
over to where she'd laid her cigarettes and lighter on the ground.

"Aren't you going to try it again," asked Megan?  She'd never known her
friend to give up so easily on any challenge.

"Maybe later," said Jenny.  "I need a cigarette right now."

Dillon, who had been watching the contest from the porch, walked down the
sidewalk toward the two girls as Jenny battled the summer breeze for control
over the lighter's flame.

"Need some help," he asked?

"I can't get it lit," complained Jenny as the Pall Mall bobbed up and down
between her lips.  "There's too much wind."

"Here.  Let me try," said Dillon as he took the lighter from her and shielded
the flame with his hand.

Jenny dipped the tip of her cigarette into the flame and pulled away after it
was lit.  "Thank you," she said.

Smoke from the little girl's lungs caught the breeze and slammed into his

Jenny giggled.  "I'm sorry," she said.  "I didn't mean to do that."

Dillon returned the lighter and adjusted his posture to hide his arousal.
"No problem," he said as he blushed and walked away.

"I think Dillon likes you," said Megan.

"Does not," said Jenny defensively.

Both girls broke into giggle fits.


Dillon lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.  It was late, but his sister and
Jenny were still up.  The sound of their laughter and the scent of Jenny's
cigarettes invaded and permeated his room.  Incredible, he thought as he
closed his eyes and stroked himself.  He'd give anything to be seven years
younger than he was right now.

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