Jenny Mason 5: Woman's Work

(by, 30 August 2005)

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Jenny Mason 5: Woman's Work
By:  slimv
August 2005

Author's Note:  This is the fifth installment in the Jenny Mason stories.
The first is "Jenny Mason: Just Like Mom".  The second is "Jenny Mason:
Next Morning".  The third is "Jenny Mason: Afternoon Delight".  The fourth is
"Jenny Mason: The Sleepover".  The fifth is "Jenny Mason: Woman's Work".
This is a 'G' rated story about a seven-year-old girl named Jenny who starts
smoking and is treated as an adult by her family

Five-year-old Billy sat on the living room floor playing with his GI Joes as
his big sister ironed their family's clothes.  It was a job he was used to
seeing their mother do.  But things had changed a lot since Jenny started
smoking and became an adult.  He was so proud of her for growing up so fast.
It was hard to believe she was only two years older than him.  He used to
think that only older people could be adults but now he knew better.  But he
also knew his sister was special.

With a burning cigarette clutched between her lips, Jenny raised her left
foot off the step stool and scratched at it while wiping the sweat from her
brow.  Her feet were tired from standing on the step stool, but without it
she'd never be able to reach above the ironing board.

Her cigarette had burned close to the filter.  She finished it with a final
puff and crushed it out in the overflowing ashtray that sat on the ironing
board beside her dwindling pack of Virginia Slims and immediately lit another

Billy watched as his sister ran the iron over their father's pants while
puffing furiously at the cigarette between her lips.  The only time she
touched it was to tap an ash into the ashtray. 

She coughed and cleared her throat.

Billy looked up from his Joes.  "Are you okay," he asked?

Jenny smiled down at him from her step stool as she rubbed her small flat
chest.  "Sure, it happens all the time now," she said in a voice that had
grown deeper and raspier from a summer of chain of smoking.

"You sound just like Mommy when you cough."

Jenny giggled and took a deep puff from her cigarette.  "I know.  Daddy says
the same thing."

"You even smell like her," said Billy.

"Uh-huh," she said as she exhaled through her nose.  "Daddy says that

"I think it's so cool that you don't have to listen to him any more,"
said Billy, as a mischievous grin formed at the corners of his lips.  "He
even has to do what you say now, doesn't he?"

Jenny mashed the steam button and the iron hissed.  Steam flew into the air
and mixed with her smoke.  Billy could barely make out the angles of her face
through the haze.

"Of course he does," said Jenny.  "I'm an adult now.  You know that."

"Yeah, I know but I think it's so cool.  I wish I could tell him what to
do.  Some day, when I'm older, I'm going to smoke just like you and mommy,
and then I'll be an adult too."

Jenny was flattered by her little brother's words, but as an adult they also
bothered her.  What would Mommy do, she wondered as she stood the iron
upright on the board and grabbed her cigarettes and lighter before climbing
down from the step stool.

"I think we better have a talk about this Billy," she said as she helped
him up with her hand and led him to the couch.

Barbara Mason smiled proudly as she listened unobserved from the kitchen.
Things were truly working out for the best.  Though it pained her to see her
seven-year-old daughter smoking, she knew it couldn't be helped.  The damage
was done and it could never be undone.  The best she could hope for was to
contain the problem to her daughter.  It would break her heart if her sons
were to follow in hers and Jenny's footsteps.

It had taken some convincing, but Billy had fallen in line as Paul said he
would.  Billy completely accepted Jenny as an adult smoker.  She had become a
second mother to him.  Barbara had complete faith in Jenny's ability to
handle the sticky situation with her youngest son.

Jenny put out her cigarette in the ashtray and told Billy to pick up her pack
of cigarettes from the coffee table and hand them to her.

"Wow!  You really mean it," he asked?  He knew his mother's and sister's
cigarettes were strictly off limits to him, his brother and even his father.
To touch them without permission was the quickest way he knew of to get a
bruised bottom.

Jenny smiled lovingly at her younger brother and nodded.  "It's okay.  You
won't get in trouble.  I asked you to.  It's all right when an adult asks
you to get their cigarettes for them."

Billy reached for the pack and handed it to his sister.

"Thank you," she said as pulled a long white cigarette from the pack and
held it beside her cheek the way she'd learned from watching their mother.
"You know sweetie, smoking is very bad for children.  You know that don't

"Yeah," said Billy.  "We learned that in Kindergarten last year.  My
teacher said that only adults should smoke, and she should know because
she's an adult too.  I saw her purse one time and there were cigarettes in

"Your teacher is right," said Jenny as she lit the tip of her cigarette and
brought it to life.

"I know its bad," whined Billy.  "But I want to be an adult too so I can
tell Daddy and John what to do and stay up late like you do."

Jenny sighed and took another puff.  She understood how he felt and she
sympathized with him.  "Well, its not like Mommy didn't you give and Billy
a chance to be adults.  Remember when she let you try my cigarette?"

Billy looked away in shame.  "I couldn't do it.  It was too hard.  It made
my chest feel like it was on fire."

"What's wrong," asked Jenny?  "Are you crying sweetie?"

Billy sniffed and nodded.

"Come here sweetie.  Let me give you a hug."  Jenny reached over her little
brother's shoulders, being careful not to burn him with her cigarette, and
pulled him tight.

Billy felt his cheeks mash up against his sister's chest.  He thought how
nice and good she smelled, as she rocked him back and forth.  Just like
Mommy, he thought.  He raised his head and caught a burst of his sister's
sweet exhale.  It made him giggle.  "Do it again," he pleaded.

Jenny laughed.  "Oh, okay you little monster."

"Billy couldn't take his eyes off his sister's face as she pulled the
cigarette away, parted her lips and allowed a creamy white ball of smoke to
slide down her throat.  He studied her expression as she inhaled.  Her eyes
lit up and her cheeks flushed.  Her mouth perked at the corners.  She looked
happy, as if she were tasting something wonderful like candy or ice cream.

Jenny smiled and blew smoke into her little brother's waiting face.  He
grinned.  "You like it when I do that, don't you?"

Billy blushed.  "How can you tell," he asked?  "Is it cause you're an
adult and you know things like that?"

Jenny took another drag from her cigarette and exhaled into his face.  "No.
Not really.  I saw your pee-pee get hard in your pants.  I notice that
happens to a lot of boys when I blow smoke at them.  Does it hurt?"

"Naw, nothing like that," said Billy.  "It feels kind of good, really.
But Daddy says we're supposed to keep it hidden."

"Whatever," said Jenny.  "But I'm glad I don't have one."  She took
another puff and exhaled toward the ceiling.

"Is smoking bad for adults too, or is it just bad for kids," asked Billy?

"That's why I wanted to talk to you.  Smoking is worse for kids, but its
bad for adults too.  And that's why me and Mommy never want you and John to
smoke.  Besides, why would you even want to?  It's such a nasty habit."

"I don't know.  It's just that you and Mommy look like you like it so
much.  And you're always doing it.  You like it don't you?  It makes you
feel good?"

Jenny smiled warmly and exhaled carelessly as her little brother lapped up
her second hand smoke.  "I do like to smoke," she confided.  "But that
doesn't mean its good for me."

"I knew it," said Billy.  "That's what John said too.  Its not fair that
you get to smoke and feel so good and do all the things that you do, and we
can't.  And all this time, you and mom were saying its something you have to
do, like you can't help it."

"I wasn't lying and neither was mommy," said Jenny.  "Me and Mommy have
to smoke.  We couldn't quit if we tried.  Look at this," she said as she
put out her cigarette and lit another one.  "Do you think I want to smoke
this cigarette," she asked?

Billy watched her chest expand to receive the smoke.  "I don't know.

Jenny exhaled.  "It's not like that.  I don't want to smoke at all, but I
can't help it, cause my body needs the nicotine and it needs it all the
time.  It feels great and I love it.  That's why I look so happy when I'm
smoking, but I'm always smoking, aren't I?"

"Yeah," said Billy.  "I never see you without a cigarette any more.
Mom's the same way.  You guys do everything while you smoke, like when you
were doing the ironing.  You had to smoke, didn't you?"

Jenny nodded slyly as she held the smoldering cigarette up for him to study.
"It's like Mommy said.  She and I are slaves to cigarettes.  We gotta be
smoking all the time or else we won't feel good.  Think about it Billy.  How
would you like it if you and Ryan were playing baseball?  Say you hit the
ball and ran to first place.  If you smoked liked me and mommy, you might not
be able to run to second base cause you might need a cigarette.  Wouldn't
that be awful?  You wouldn't be able to go anywhere without your cigarettes.
Remember when I spent the night at Megans?  I forgot my cigarettes and had to
smoke her Daddy's.  It was a good thing her mommy and daddy are adults cause
I would have gone crazy if I didn't get to smoke."

"Gee," said Billy.  "I never thought about it that way.  I'm sorry you
have to smoke so much Jenny.  I never thought about having to do things when
you were an adult.  I thought you could just do anything or not do anything."

"It's kind of like that," said Jenny.  "Except you always have to smoke.
You don't get a choice when it comes to that.  But that's okay, cause
that's the thing you know.  It makes me an adult."

"And you're pretty too," offered Billy sympathetically.

"What do you mean by that," asked Jenny as she took a deep drag from her
Virginia Slim.

"You look so cool and beautiful when you smoke Jenny.  Everyone says so."


"Yeah, no kidding.  My friends all asked if they could come over and watch
you.  "They even said they'd pay you two dollars."

Jenny took a deep drag and thought about the things her brother was saying.

"Two dollars all together or two dollars from each kid that comes over?"

"Two bucks each," said Billy.

"Okay, you go get them and I'll let them watch."

Billy shrieked with joy as he jumped from the couch.  "Wow Jenny!  You're
the best sister in the whole world!"

Barbara Mason was proud of her daughter for how she handled the sticky
subject of why it was okay for her to smoke with her little brother.  She was
also impressed at her daughter's ability to turn a buck.


"I don't get it Mom," said John as he watched the small crowd of five and
six year old boys lined up to give Billy their allowance and tooth fairy
money.  "Why are those kids paying to see Jenny smoke?"

Barbara was confused by her oldest son's question.  "Because they're boys
honey.  And Jenny is a girl, a very pretty girl," she added.  "And in case
you haven't noticed, she's smoking."

John shook his head.  "I still don't get it.  I mean I know she's an adult
now.  But I don't get why all the guys are going ape-shit over her.  It's
not just Billy's friends.  It's mine too."

Barbara stared in disbelief at her son.  "John, you don't like girls, do

John's heart raced.  "No Mom.  It's not like that."


"Fourteen dollars," said Billy as he handed the wad of money to his sister.

Jenny folded the bills and placed them on the coffee table beside the
overflowing ashtray.

"Did you smoke all those today," asked a boy named Josh, who was pointing
at the ashtray.

Jenny giggled.  "No silly.  That's just from this afternoon," she said as
she withdrew a cigarette from her pack of Virginia Slims.

The boys all gasped in amazement.  One said that his mom smoked two packs a
day.  He wanted to know if Jenny smoked that much.

Jenny smiled at the boy sweetly and told him that she smoked four packs a
day.  The boys responded with a roar of approval.  She then added that for
five dollars, she would let one of the lucky boys light her cigarette, that
was of course, if they thought they were mature enough to light an adult
woman's cigarette.

Ryan jumped quickly on the offer as he pulled five crumpled bills from his
pocket and laid them on the table.

"Are you sure you can do it without burning your self," Jenny asked with
mock concern.

"Sure," said Ryan.  "I play with my mother's lighter all the time when
she aint looking."

"Well, Okay then," said Jenny as she handed the boy her lighter.  "But be

Jenny smiled when she saw Ryan shifting uncomfortably in his Wrangler jeans
as he fumbled with the lighter.  His pee-pee is getting hard, she thought.

Ryan flicked at the lighter's wheel with his thumb but nothing happened.  He
tried five more times with the same results as his little friends cheered him
on.  He laid the lighter back on the table, defeated and red faced.

Jenny was about to auction off his turn to the highest bidder when the
doorbell rang.  She told her little brother to get it.

"It's Tommy," called Billy from the foyer.  "He wants to know if you can

"In a minute," called Jenny from the couch.  "Tell him to come in and

Tommy Jerguson strolled in and stood beside Billy's friends.  He was eight
years old and a head taller than Billy and most of his friends.

"Hi Tommy," chirped Jenny from the couch, still holding her unlit

"Hey ya Jenny.  How ya doing?" he asked as coolly as an 8 year old could.
He had heard the rumors about her smoking and had come by to check it out
himself.  "Whacha doing with your mother's cigarettes," he asked?

"Those aren't moms," said Billy.  "Those are Jenny's.  She's an adult

"Really," asked Tommy?  "How long you been smoking?"

"Since before summer," said Jenny, as she eyed the older boy's crotch.
"But I just told my parents about five days ago."

"And they're cool with it," asked Tommy?

"Of course they are," she said smugly.  "They know I'm an adult now."

"Then how come you're just holding it and you're not smoking it," he
asked coyly.

"Cause none of these boys are big enough to give me a light," said Jenny
with mock sadness.  She looked desperately at the long white cigarette as she
rolled it between her fingers.  She pouted and looked at Tommy.  "Do you
think you could light it for me?"

Tommy grunted and picked up the lighter from the table.

"Hey aren't you going to make him pay too," asked Ryan.

Tommy bumped the boy on the shoulder and moved him out of the way.  He sat
down on the couch beside Jenny and expertly ignited the lighter on his first

Jenny smiled, licked her lips and placed the white filter between her teeth.
Tommy held the flame steady, but that didn't stop her from taking his hand
in hers as she dipped the cigarette to his flame.

Tommy felt his heart race as she removed the cigarette and opened her mouth
to inhale.  He shuddered violently as her smoke hit his face.  The other boys
reacted similarly.

"Ummm," moaned Jenny as she took another deep puff.  "I know smoking is
bad for me, but its so good I can't help my self.  I hope it doesn't bother
you that I started.  I really can't help it.  I'm addicted now."

Tommy's chest tightened as he struggled to maintain his composure.  "It's
okay," he said.  "I don't mind.  I know how it is.  My mom is an adult

Tommy and the other boys were mesmerized by the sight of the seven-year-old
adult girl smoking her cigarette with such poise and sophistication.  As she
smoked, they talked about what they would do next.  Tommy suggested they play
hide and go seek and Billy would start the game by looking for them.
Everyone agreed so Billy started counting to a hundred after Jenny put her
cigarette out.

Billy was counting fast.  He was past fifty by the time Jenny and Tommy
reached the door to her bedroom.

"You wanna hide in my closet," she asked?

Tommy nodded as he looked at the pretty young girl with the pack of Virginia
Slims in her hand.  "Yeah, he never finds us there."  He followed her
inside and the closed the door behind them.

It was dark.  He couldn't see her as they settled down upon the old pillows
and clothes, but he could smell her.  He closed his eyes and inhaled her
scent.  His penis stiffened as her hand found his in the darkness.


"What Jenny?"

"I think I need a cigarette.  Do you think it would be okay if I smoked in

Tommy's penis struggled against his jeans.  The thought of her smoking was
just irresistible.

"I don't know.  Do you have an ashtray?"


"That's okay.  You can drop the ashes in my hand."


"Sure.  I'm tough.  I can handle it."

Jenny giggled as she removed a cigarette from he pack of Virginia Slims in
the darkness.

Light flooded the dark closet as Jenny lit her cigarette.  Tommy felt him
self getting dizzy as his face took a direct hit from her exhale.

"I'm sorry," she giggled.  I blew my smoke in your face."

"Yeah," said Tommy, trying not to show his excitement.  "Jenny?"

"Uh huh," she said as she pulled on the filter.

The burning cigarette illuminated her face and Tommy thought she was the most
beautiful woman in the entire world.

"I think you're pretty when you smoke," he said.  "Do you like it?"

Jenny giggled as she exhaled.  "Yeah, I do, but I know it makes me smell
funny.  Do I smell funny to you Tommy?  Everyone in my family says I do."

Tommy stuck his nose in her hair and sniffed.  "You smell different," said
Tommy.  "But in a good way.  You smell like a grown-up woman."

Jenny giggled.  It seemed that everyone was saying that.

"What's it taste like," asked Tommy.

"Its hard to say," answered Jenny as she exhaled.  "I'd let you try it
but you're kind of young to smoke."

"I'm older than you," retorted Tommy.

"But I'm an adult and you're not."

"Yeah, I guess your right," said Tommy.  "But I still want to know what it
tastes like."

"I know," said Jenny excitedly.  "You could taste what its like if you put
your tongue in my mouth.  Unless you think its gross," she added.

"You mean like kiss you," asked Tommy?

"If you want to," said Jenny.  "I need to tap my ash."

Tommy opened his small hand and Jenny found it with the light of her
smoldering cigarette.

"Are you sure I can use your hand as an ashtray," asked Jenny?  "I don't
want to hurt you."

"Its okay," said Tommy bravely.  "Do it.  I want you to."

He felt the heat from her cigarette as she moved it over his hand.  He could
see her finger tap the white cigarette above the filter.  He felt the ash,
hot at first, as it fell to his palm.  He winced.

"Did it hurt?"

"Not bad," said Tommy.  "I'm okay."

"Do you still want to see what cigarettes taste like," asked Jenny?

Tommy nodded as he saw Jenny's face inch closer to his in the light of her
burning cigarette.

Her lips touched his.  It felt nice.  Wow, he thought.  I'm kissing a girl.
And she smokes!  And then he felt and tasted her tongue as it pushed past his
lips and searched out his tongue.

He shuddered and felt wetness in his jeans.  Oh god, what did I do, wondered
Tommy as he kissed her back.  She tasted funny in a good way.  It was like
nothing he had ever tasted in his life.  Kissing her made his tongue burn.
Wow, thought Tommy as he devoured Jenny's smoky mouth.  This must be what my
mom tastes like to my dad when they kiss.  Wow, thought Tommy.  I'm kissing
a grown-up.

Jenny's head was swimming when she finished the kiss and pulled away to take
a well-needed drag from her cigarette.  "What did you think?" she asked

"You taste so good," said Tommy.  "Its weird but its like you taste

Jenny giggled and tapped an ash into Tommy's waiting hand.  "Can we do it
again," he pleaded?

To be continued

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