Jenny Mason: The Next Morning

(by, 11 May 2005)

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   Jenny Mason: The Next Morning 
   By: slimv 
   April 2005 

   Author's Note: This is the second installment in the Jenny Mason stories.
The first is "Jenny Mason: Just Like Mom". This is a 'G' rated story about a
seven-year-old girl named Jenny who starts smoking and is treated as an adult
by her family 

   Little Jenny rubbed the sleep from her eyes and slowly sat up in bed, 
stretching as she took a deep breath of morning air. The sudden expansion 
of her lungs caused her to cough and she covered her mouth as her mommy had 
taught her. Mommy, she thought. My cough sounds just like Mommy's. 

   Her face lit up when she saw the pack of Virginia Slims and lighter 
sitting beside the ashtray on her nightstand. She wanted one and better 
yet, she could have one! The tickle beneath her skin amused her as she 
reached for the only thing that would scratch her itch after eight hours of 
nicotine-deprived sleep. 

   She felt happy and proud as she lit her first cigarette of the day in 
the comfort of her own bedroom. These are my cigarettes, she thought 
proudly as she exhaled a large breath of smoke and placed the pack back on 
the nightstand. She shivered with delight as the nicotine jump-started her 
memory of the day before. 

   Her feet touched down on the carpet and carried her to the mirror where 
she admired her cigarette induced adult reflection. People were always 
saying how much she looked like her mommy. They shared the same long blonde 
hair, which Jenny brushed as the smoke from her cigarette drifted toward 
her eyes, making them smart and water. 

   Even though she was an adult, the cigarette looked big and out of place 
as it dangled from her pouting lips. Perhaps it was her age. After all, she 
was only seven. 

   The youngest adult in the world, thought Jenny as her seasoned lungs 
expelled a thick cloud. 

   She laid down the brush and held the cigarette to her cheek, turning to 
admire her profile in the mirror. Unlike her mother, she had no breasts to 
speak of, but they would surly sprout now that she was smoking. There was 
also the considerable difference in height between her and Mommy. Her mommy 
was tall like most grown-up women, but Jenny was short. Sometimes she had 
to climb into the refrigerator just to get the catsup off the top shelf. 

   Barbara Mason stood quietly and unseen by her daughter's open door and 
looked inside. She smiled and shook her head as she watched her daughter's 

   "Good morning Jenny," said Barbara cheerfully. 

   Jenny spun toward the sound of her mother's voice as smoke spewed from 
her mouth and nose. 

   "Hi Mommy! I was looking at myself smoke in the mirror so I could see 
what I look like." 

   "I see," said Barbara. "And what did you think when you saw your self?" 

   "Oh Mommy! It's so neat. Look at this," she said as she double pumped 
her Virginia Slim. "Look Mommy. I'm talking and the smoke is coming out of 
my mouth at the same time." 

   "You're right," said Barbara. "It is." 

   "Oh Mommy! I'm so happy. I feel so grown up and good when I smoke. I 
can't wait to show every one. What do you think they'll say when they see 

   "That's a good question sweetie. People are going to say a lot of things 
when they see you. Some will be nice but other's won't." 

   "'Why wouldn't they be nice," asked Jenny? 

   "I know this is going to sound strange, but there are some people in the 
world who don't believe anyone should be allowed to smoke." 

   Jenny giggled. "I know Mommy. They're so silly. They're just mad cause 
they don't know to do it right." 

   Barbara nodded knowingly. "I guess you could say that. Any way, don't 
let those people make you feel bad your self. If they say something mean to 
you, just smile real pretty like you're doing now and show them how much 
you love smoking and being a big girl. 

   "Okay Mommy. I will." 

   "Speaking of people," said Barbara. "How would you like to have lunch 
with my friends and I at the mall today?" 

   "Can I smoke in front of them?" 

   "Of course you can sweetie. Why do you even ask? How many times do I 
have to tell you that you can do any thing you want now that you're an 

   "I'm sorry Mommy. I forget sometimes." 

   Barbara hugged her daughter and told her it was okay and not to worry 
about it. "Let's go downstairs and have a cup of coffee." 


   "Jenny carefully picked up the steaming mug of coffee and blew on it. 
"Where are the boys," she asked? 

   "They'll be back in a minute. I sent them to the store with your daddy 
so they could watch him buy our cigarettes. I thought it would give your 
daddy a chance to answer any questions they might have." 

   "Are they mad at me cause I'm an adult now?" asked Jenny as she lit a 
cigarette and laid her pack on the table in front of her. 

   Barbara grinned as she exhaled. "John more than Billy," she said. 
"Little Billy really looks up to you now that you're a smoker like me. He 
was asking me this morning if he should start calling you Mom. I told him 
that would be a little confusing, and suggested he called you ma'am when he 
talks to you." 

   "What about John," asked Jenny? "Does he have to call me ma'am too?" 

   "Of course he does, but you're going to have your hands full with that 
one I'm afraid. John isn't taking this as well as your daddy and I hoped he 
would. I expect he'll try to challenge your authority from time to time. 
You'll have to be firm with him so he'll understand you're an adult and 
he's just a kid." 

   Jenny squirmed in her seat as she delighted with the idea of correcting 
her older brother. "What about Daddy? Is he okay with me being an adult? I 
still feel funny about telling him what to do." 

   Barbara laughed as she crushed out her cigarette and lit another one. 
"Don't worry about your daddy. We talked about it last night and he's just 
thrilled about having another adult woman in the house." 

   "You mean he really wants me to tell him what to do from now on?" 

   "Of course he does sweetie. I know it's going to take some getting used 
to, but he'll be a much better daddy if you're tough with him. Just watch 
me and do like I do. You'll do great honey. I'm sure of it." 


   "What sweetie?" 

   "I've been thinking about how smoking is supposed to be bad for us and 

   "It is Honey. It's bad for everyone, especially kids. That's why we have 
to do our best to make sure your brothers don't start." 

   "I know that," said Jenny. "Its just that I love it so much and it makes 
me feel so good. Should I pretend I don't like it, so John and Billy won't 
want to do it?" 

   Barbara flashed her daughter a big grin. "That's so good Jenny, but no. 
I realize you're a smoker now but there are still some things you need to 
know about being an adult. Have you ever heard the word 'hypocrite'?" 

   Jenny shook her head because she couldn't say she had. 

   "A hypocrite," explained Barbara, "is an adult who says one thing but 
does another. It's like when you were a kid and I told you how bad smoking 
was and how you should never do it, but it was okay for me to do it." 

   "Oh," said Jenny as she considered her mother's confusing explanation 
while enjoying another lungful of smoke. "So you're saying its okay for 
them to see me enjoy smoking, but I just have to tell them I don't?" 

   "Kind of," said Barbara. "Just mix it up a little. Some times you should 
tell them how you wished you never started. Other times you might want to 
say how good a cigarette tastes after you eat dinner. That way you'll keep 
them confused. The important thing to remember is that you're an adult now 
and can do as you please. Do you remember how I'm always saying things like 
'Do as I say and not as I do'? 

   "Yeah," said Jenny. "You're always saying that." 

   "Well there you go then. If it works for me, it will work for you." 


   "So the ones with the green strips are for Mommy and the ones with the 
brown are for Jenny?" 

   "That's right Billy," said Paul Mason as he handed the cashier three 
twenty-dollar bills. 

   "Wow," said Billy as he watched his dad fork over the money. "It costs a 
lot to be an adult doesn't it?" 

   "It sure does Billy, but it's a lot cheaper when we buy them by the 
carton instead of the pack." Paul looked down at his oldest son who had 
been wearing a scowl all morning. "What's wrong John?" 

   "You have to ask," said John indignantly? "Every thing is wrong! My 
little sister is smoking and instead of punishing her like you'd punish me, 
you're buying her cigarettes and treating her like she's some kind of queen 
of the world." 

   Paul took his change from the cashier and led his boys from the store. 
"You better not let Jenny hear you talking like that. She might not be so 

   "So you're telling me that we have to do every thing she tells us to do 
from now, just because she smokes? Is that it?" 

   "No John, that's not it. I'm saying we have to do every thing she says 
because she's an adult now. I love you son, but you need to work on your 

   John didn't say a word the rest of the way home. As they pulled up the 
driveway, Billy asked his father if he could be the one to give their mommy 
and Jenny the cigarettes. 

   "Maybe next time Billy. But I think it would be best for today if we let 
your brother do it." He offered his oldest son the paper bag along with a 
perplexed look. "This is your chance to score some points with Jenny," he 


   "Well look what the cat dragged home," said Barbara as she put out her 
cigarette. "Did you boys have a nice trip with your father." 

   "We bought cigarettes for you and Jenny!" shouted Billy as he ran up and 
gave his sister a bear hug. 

   Once Jenny recovered from the love attack, she returned her little 
brother's hug and kissed him gently on his cheek. "Careful," she said. "I 
almost burned you with my cigarette." 

   Little Billy inhaled the scent of his sister's breath as she spoke. It 
smelled like heaven to him, and he hugged her even harder. 

   "These are for you," said John as he dropped the bag of cigarettes on 
the table and turned to walk away. "I'm going to Frank's house Mom. "We're 
going to watch some TV. I might eat dinner at his house. I'm not sure. I'll 
call later when I decide." 

   Paul Mason winced as he saw his wife sic their daughter on their oldest 
son with a wink of her eye. 

   "Not so fast John," said Jenny as she removed a Virginia Slim from her 
pack and placed it between her lips. 

   "What now" asked John? "Can't you see I'm busy?" 

   Jenny calmly held out her hand. "Light me," she said. 

   John locked eyes with his sister. "You're the adult. Light your own 
fucking cigarette." 

   Jenny raised an eyebrow in response, a lesson she had learned from her 
mother. "What did you say? Did I just hear you say the 'F' word? Did you 
tell me to light my own fucking cigarette? Is that what you said, John 
David Mason?" 

   "Light her cigarette John. Just do it," urged Paul Mason. 

   John stood his ground, a defiant look in his eye. 

   "Here honey, let me get that for you," offered Paul as he fished a 
lighter from his pocket. 

   Jenny accepted the light from her father and thanked him by blanketing 
his face with her lung exhaust. She double pumped her cigarette and glared 
at John as smoke rolled from her nostrils giving her the appearance of a 
very young dragon. This is what her mommy had warned her about. She said 
John would defy her. She said John would challenge her authority. And Mommy 
was watching, wasn't she? Everyone was watching to see what she would do. 

   "You're not going to Frank's," said Jenny calmly. As she spoke, smoke 
sputtered from her lips. 

   John stood his ground, but the momentum had changed. Although he 
wouldn't admit it, the sight of his seven-year-old sister smoking like a 
woman intimidated him. He looked down at his feet, hoping his mother or 
father would come to his rescue. They could convince Jenny to let him off 
with a warning. No, he thought as he ground his teeth and clenched his 
fists. What was he thinking about? She's only seven years old for crying 
out loud. I'm 15. She can't tell me what to do, he thought. 

   "Look at me when I talk to you," said Jenny firmly. 

   John lifted his eyes as her smoky exhale crept closer. "Yes Ma'am," he 

   Jenny took a deep breath and composed her self. She didn't want to seem 
angry or out of control. Her mommy never looked mad when she was punishing 
the boys so neither would she. 

   "Take your belt off and give it to me," she said as the thick smoke 
rolled off her tongue. 

   Little Billy thought he saw tear drops beginning to surface in the 
corners of his big brother's eyes as he unbuckled his belt and drew it 
through the loops of his jeans. 

   "Turn around and bend down," said Jenny as she took the belt from her 

   John whimpered softly as he followed his little sister's instructions. 
Paul shook his head and little Billy frowned. They both knew John had 
brought this on him self. 

   Jenny tapped the ash off her cigarette and placed it between her lips as 
she got up from her chair and stood behind her brother. Her eyes burned and 
watered from the smoke as it drifted in her eyes. But she kept it there, 
because that's how mommy did it when she belted the boys. 

   Barbara Mason smiled proudly at her daughter as she pulled the menthol 
smoke from her Virginia Slim deep into her lungs. 

   Jenny slung the belt high above her shoulders and brought it down with 
all the might she could muster. 

   Paul and Little Billy winced as the sound of leather smacking denim 
pierced the smoke filled kitchen. The crack of leather was followed by the 
sound of John's anguished scream. Their eyes followed Jenny's hand as she 
swung the belt again and again, always with the same result- pain. 

   Once, twice, thrice, an ash fell from her cigarette to the kitchen 

   "Clean it up!" she screamed at him. 

   John dropped to his knees in tears and began to scoop up the ash from 
his sister's cigarette with his hand. 

   "Use you mouth," screamed Jenny. "Lick it up." 

   He looked up at her. His face was contorted with pain and humiliation. 
"Yes Ma'am, he stuttered. 

   The family watched as John cleaned the linoleum with his tongue. 

   "Get up," said Jenny. 

   John pulled him self from the floor as Jenny infused her lungs with 
another massive dose of smoky nicotine. She removed the cigarette from her 
lips and put her hands on her hips. She looked ten feet tall in John's 

   "Are you Okay," asked Jenny sweetly. 

   John cringed. Whatever she was up to, he wanted no part of it. 

   "I'm sorry I had to punish you," said Jenny as the smoke followed her 
speech, "but you were a bad boy, and I don't want you to be bad. I did that 
for your own good. You understand don't you?" 

   "Yes Ma'am. I'm sorry," said John. 

   "That's better. Now give Jenny a hug and she'll make it all better." 

   John bent down and wrapped his arms around his little sister, being 
careful not to burn him self on her cigarette. With his eyes closed, he 
swore she smelled just like their mother. 

   "I'm sorry Jenny. I'll try to be a good boy from now on." 

   "I know you will," said Jenny as she dried her big brother's tears with 
her fingers and kissed him gently on the cheeks. 

   -To be continued- 

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