Jenny Mason 6: Baby Sitting

(by, 08 December 2005)

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   Jenny Mason 6: Babysitting 
   By: slimv 
   August 2005 

   Author's Note: This is the 6th installment in the Jenny Mason stories.
   The first is "Jenny Mason: Just Like Mom". The second is "Jenny Mason:
   Next Morning. The third is Jenny Mason: Afternoon Delight. The fourth is
   Jenny Mason: The Sleepover. The fifth is "Woman's Work". The 6th is
   Babysitting. This is a 'G' rated story about a seven-year-old girl named
   Jenny who starts smoking and is treated as an adult by her family 

   Five-year-old Ryan Blatzo's pride was still stinging from his failure to 
light Jenny's cigarette earlier that afternoon. The failed attempt had cost
him five dollars. He steamed as he remembered how Tommy Jorgeson had taken
Jenny's lighter out of his hand and shoved him out of the way. What a sucky
day he thought, and it was about to get worse. His mom was on the phone,
arranging for a babysitter. She and his dad were going out to dinner. 

   "Emily isn't available," said his mother as she hung up the phone. She 
asked Ryan if he knew of any older girl in the neighborhood that could
baby-sit him, someone she hadn't thought of. 

   It came to Ryan in a flash. "Jenny Mason!" he shouted. "Jenny can 
baby-sit me." 

   "Billy's sister," asked Wanda Blatzo? 

   "Yeah," said Ryan. "She's an adult now." 

   News had traveled fast around the neighborhood. Like everyone else, she 
had heard of the eight-year old girl's ascension to adulthood. "Does she 
really smoke," asked Wanda? 

   "All the time," said Ryan. "She even smokes more than you do. I saw her 
do it today." 

   Wanda put a finger to her head and scratched at her temple. She really 
did want to go out with her husband. And she couldn't leave Ryan alone. She 
had always thought of Jenny Mason as a nice and polite girl. She lit a 
cigarette and considered the idea of an eight-year-old girl babysitting her 

   If Jenny were truly smoking as everyone said, it would be impossible to 
think of her as a mere little girl. After all, smoking is an adult habit, 
she thought. It takes a great deal of responsibility to handle fire safely. 

   She picked up the phone and dialed Barbara Mason. 


   Paul Mason dutifully screened the call and handed the phone to his wife. 
"It's Wanda Bltazo, Ryan's mom." 

   Barbara held the phone to her ear and said yes and no every so often as 
she listened to Wanda Blatzo's babysitting dilemma. 

   "Yes," said Barbara. "That's true. Jenny is smoking. Paul and I gave her 
permission five days ago. We didn't have a choice. The poor little angel 
was too addicted." 

   Barbara lit a cigarette as she listened to Mrs. Blatzo's response. 

   "Yes it is an adult habit," said Barbara. "She's not a little girl 
anymore-That's exactly how Paul and I feel. She's very responsible-Money? 
Jenny doesn't really have much use for money. Paul buys her cigarettes-Four 
packs a day-It's incredibly expensive!" 

   Barbara smiled into the phone as she watched Jenny help Billy with his 
shoes. "I think she'd be thrilled to baby-sit Ryan for a carton of 
cigarettes- Virginia Slims regular, the full flavor kind-I'm sure she'll be 
happy to do it. I'll send her over at seven." 


   Sam Blatzo thought his wife had lost her mind when she told him about 
asking Jenny Mason to baby-sit for Ryan. 

   "She's only eight years old," he complained. 

   "Age is just a number," said Wanda as she lit a cigarette. 

   "Really Daddy," argued Ryan. "Jenny's all grown up now. She smokes like 

   "Is that so," asked Sam Blatzo? 

   "Barbara says she smokes four packs a day," said Wanda. 

   "I'm sorry," said Sam. "But I just don't believe it. I tried your 
cigarettes back when we were dating and they were awful! I didn't 
understand how you could do it. And if smoking makes me that sick-well, I 
just don't see how Jenny Mason can do it." 

   "See for your self. I think that's her ringing the doorbell. Why don't 
you let her in?" 

   Sam marched to the front door and opened it to find petite little Jenny 
standing on the porch with her purse slung over her shoulder. 

   "Hi Sam," she said. "My mommy says your taking Wanda out to dinner." 

   Sam was taken aback. He wasn't used to people under five feet of height 
addressing him by his first name. 

   "As a matter of fact I am," said Sam. "My wife says you're going to 
baby-sit Ryan. Are you sure you're up to it," he asked? 

   Jenny giggled and walked past him into the foyer. 

   Sam caught a whiff of her smoker's aroma as the breeze from her moving 
body assaulted his nose. 

   "Hi Jenny," said Wanda. "Thanks for doing this on such short notice. I 
hope my husband isn't giving you a hard time." She wrinkled her nose and 
squinted at Sam. 

   "That's okay," said Jenny. "My mom said there'd be some grown-ups that 
would still think I was a little kid, but I'm not." 

   Sam put his hands on his hips. "This is getting a little silly," he 
said. "I better call the restaurant and cancel our reservations." 

   An indignant look spread across Jenny's sweet face. "Look Sam. You don't 
have to let me baby-sit Ryan, but you do have to pay me. I was watching 
Cartoon Network and I had to leave before I saw what happened to the mouse. 
The cat was chasing him around the house with a fly swatter!" 

   "The mouse will live," said Sam. "He always lives. And the cat always 
gets hit on the head. Believe me kid, you didn't miss any thing." 

   Jenny was somewhat relieved to hear the mouse would be okay, but she was 
still miffed at the tall man standing in front of her with his arms crossed 
over his chest. She didn't like being belittled just because she was 
little. Her face flushed with anger as she dug into her purse for the only 
thing that would calm her nerves. 

   "Those are real, aren't they?" asked Sam with genuine interest. 

   "What do you mean by that," asked Jenny? 

   "I mean they're not candy," said Sam. "When I was a kid my mom would buy 
me candy cigarettes so I could pretend I was smoking with her. I heard you 
smoked but I thought it was some kind of joke." 

   On a normal day, under normal circumstances, with people who hadn't 
pissed her off, Jenny might have softened to the man's interest. But she 
was still angry with Ryan's dad and her anger caused her to fumble with the 

   Sam couldn't help but be aroused by the sight of the small child with 
the large cigarette between her lips. His son Ryan couldn't help but notice 
either. He'd been watching the conversation between Jenny and his father 
from the kitchen with his mother, hoping his father would relent, and leave 
him alone with the girl. 

   Ryan rushed to her side, wanting to be her hero, Jenny's knight in 
shining armor. He'd get her cigarette lit this time. He'd make up for his 
failure earlier in the day. 

   "Let me help," pleaded Ryan as he offered to take the lighter from her. 

   "Stand back son," said Sam sternly as he took the lighter from the young 
girl's hand. "You're too young to be playing with matches and lighters." 

   Wanda felt a slight pang of jealousy as she watched her husband light 
the young girl's cigarette. 

   "Can I get you anything else," asked Sam? "A glass of Diet Coke 

   "Just an ashtray," said Jenny as she exhaled carelessly, blanketing the 
father and son in a cloud of her second hand smoke. 

   Sam marveled at the calm reaction on Jenny's face as the girl's lip 
pummeled the filter of her long cigarette. He was impressed to say the 

   "I think we better be going now Sam," said Wanda as she took her 
husband's elbow and led him toward the door. "Help your self to whatever is 
in the fridge Jenny. I left the number for the restaurant near the phone. 
We'll be back around ten." 


   Ryan and Jenny were sitting on the couch watching TV when the doorbell 

   "I'll get it," said Ryan as he sprung from the couch. 

   "Okay," said Jenny, as she put out her cigarette in the overflowing 
ashtray without taking her eyes from the cartoon. 

   Ryan pulled open the door to see Tommy Jorgenson standing on the porch. 
His heart dropped like a rock. 

   "Who is it?" called Jenny from the living room. 

   Ryan didn't answer her as Tommy stepped inside. 

   "What are you doing here," asked Ryan? "You gotta go away. My parents 
aren't here." 

   "I know," said Tommy, as he continued past the boy. "I came over to see 

   "Tommy! Is that you?" called Jenny from the living room. 

   "I heard you were babysitting and thought you might want a little 
company," said Tommy as he strolled confidently into the living room. 

   Jenny giggled. "Okay, but I got to put Ryan to bed first." 

   "No fair," shouted Ryan! "It's only 8:00. I'm not going to bed. And you 
gotta go Tommy, or I'll tell my parents," he said as he stared down the 
bigger boy. 

   "If you tell your parents I was here, I'll kick your ass the next time I 
see you," said Tommy with an even pitch. 

   Ryan looked at Jenny, hoping she'd side with him but she didn't. 

   "Come on Ryan," she said as she got off the couch. "Lets go up stairs 
and I'll help you pick out your pajamas." 

   Ryan hung his head in disappointment, realizing he'd been beat again by 
Tommy. And then a thought occurred to him. "Okay, but my mom usually reads 
me a bed time story. Can you do that too?" 

   "Of course I can," said Jenny as she grabbed her cigarettes and lighter 
from the coffee table. "Is it okay if I smoke in your room?" 

   "Sure," beamed Tommy. "My mom always smokes when she reads to me. I'll 
get one of her ashtrays from the kitchen." 

   Jenny told Tommy to wait for her on the couch and then she followed Ryan 
upstairs to his room. 


   "Don't look," said Ryan as he pulled the belt from his jeans and dropped 
it to the floor. 

   Jenny giggled as she exhaled. "Why? Do you think you have something 
different than my brothers?" 

   "Turn around Jenny, please," whined Ryan. 

   "Okay," said Jenny as she rolled her eyes and turned her back to him. 
She grinned as she noticed Ryan's reflection in the mirror as he stood in 
his underwear, slipping his arms through the Batman pajama top shirt. 

   "You can turn around now," said Ryan as he climbed between the sheets on 
his bed. 

   Jenny picked up a book called "Bedtime Stories" from the nightstand and 
sat down on the bed beside him. Though he was covered, she could still see 
the outline of his pee-pee poking out. "You like me, don't you?" asked 
Jenny as she pointed at his groin. 

   "What do you mean?" asked Ryan nervously. 

   "My mom says when a boy likes a girl, his pee-pee gets big and hard. She 
says its like when a dog wags its tail. You like me, don't you?" 

   Ryan blushed and tried to hide his stiffness from Jenny with his hands. 
"I don't know why it happens, but my mom gets mad when it does. Don't tell 
her about this Jenny, please." 

   "Does it hurt?" 

   "No. Nothing like that. It feels kind of good, actually. But my mom 
would be really mad if you told her." 

   "That's okay. I won't tell. Can I see it? I've never seen one when it's 
all swelled up." 

   Ryan shrugged. He was surprised that Jenny wasn't angry about it like 
his mom always was. "Yeah, I guess so," he said as he pulled down the 

   Jenny's eyebrow raised in curiosity as she stared down at the finger 
looking like thing that must have been about three inches long or so. "It's 
cute," she said as raised her cigarette to her lips. "Can I touch it?" 

   Ryan nodded. 

   Jenny reached with her hand that was holding the cigarette. It was soft, 
like velvet. "Does it hurt when I touch it?" Just then, a hot ash from her 
cigarette fell and landed. 

   Ryan winced and grabbed at his penis. The pain was intense and his eyes 
immediately filled with tears. 

   "Oh my god," shouted Jenny as she moved the cigarette to her lips to 
free her hands. "Let me see. Oh Ryan! I'm so sorry," she said as she moved 
the crying boy's hands out of the way to get better look at the damage. She 
was surprised to see how small it had gotten. This troubled her greatly, 
not wanting to be held responsible by Ryan's parents for whatever damage 
she had inflicted on their son. Thinking fast, she bent over his lap and 
kissed it, like her mother had done to her knee the last time she had 
fallen on the driveway while doing tricks on her skates. The boy 
immediately stopped crying. "Does it feel better now," she asked? 

   Ryan nodded and wiped his eyes. 

   "Lets not tell your parents about this," said Jenny. 

   Ryan agreed that it was probably for the best to keep the accident to 

   Relieved that he was alright and that she would probably not get in 
trouble, Jenny put her cigarette out in the ashtray that Ryan had brought 
up for her and lit another as she leaned back against the headboard of the 
boy's bed and began reading from the book. 

   Ryan quickly grew stiff again as he laid his head on Jenny's shoulders 
so he could look up and see the smoke pour from her lips as she read the 
words from the book. He didn't hear a word she said as he stared up at her 
pretty face and watched her work the cigarette. Sometimes the smoke would 
flow from her nostrils. At other times the smoke would pop from her lips, 
punctuating the vowels of the words she spoke. 

   The smoke from her exhales looked so thick and white against the 
backdrop of his lamp. The forbidden cigarette mesmerized him as it 
smoldered so dangerously between her small fingers. He was tempted to reach 
out and touch it but changed his mind as he remembered the searing pain in 
his penis. His mother had always told him that only adults should touch 
cigarettes and now he knew why. 

   He watched, as Jenny's grown up lungs expanded and pushed against the 
frame of her childish chest. They must be so strong and powerful he thought 
as imagined them processing the smoke with his imaginary x-ray vision. She 
smoked three more cigarettes before getting to a stopping place. 

   "The end for now," she said as she mumbled past her cigarette while 
closing the covers of the book and laying it beside the ashtray. 

   She got up off the bed and leaned over Ryan to kiss him goodnight. She 
didn't notice the boy inhaling the scent of her smoky breath. "Sleep 
tight," she said as she picked up her cigarettes and turned off the lamp. 


   Ryan waited until he heard the sounds of Jenny's feet hitting the 
landing of the first floor before he sat up in bed and turned on his light. 
The first thing he did was look at the ashtray on his nightstand. It held 
the remains of four Virginia Slim cigarettes smoked by the one and only 
Jenny Mason. He wondered how much his friends would pay for them, but greed 
got the better of him. They're mine, he thought to him self as picked the 
longest butt from the ashtray and placed it between his lips. 

   His penis expanded to its maximum three inches as he lay back against 
his pillow with Jenny's butt clamped tightly between his teeth. As he 
pulled and stroked his penis, he thought of how his lips were touching the 
same cigarette that had been between Jenny's lips. He became one with her 
as he climaxed in his hand. 

   To be continued 

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