Katie's Smoking Epiphany, Part 1

(by Dromedary Joe, 09 May 2008)

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Katie's Smoking Epiphany (Part 1)
by Dromedary Joe

Loosely based on a true story...

Katie looked at her watch. It was 11 PM on her high school graduation night.
She had graduated with honors and was now sitting down enjoying the party at
her house with her boyfriend Mike and her friends Rosa, Karen, Amy, April,
Carla, and their boyfriends. In a couple of hours her friends would leave and
her boyfriend Mike would be spending the night. They would have a
post-graduation love-making session. The next morning they would then head to
Mike's parents beach house for a week. Both her mom and his parents said it
was a good idea for them to spend a little bit of time staying in the same
house for a bit since they were going away to college and would be living
together. Who knows what the future would hold... maybe marriage? She was
starting to get a little bit horny thinking about having sex later on, but
was still enjoying the party. What an unlikely scene this would have been at
the beginning of the year- all her friends sitting around partying, talking
about sex and getting drunk in a smoky room...

Katie picked up a pack of Marlboro 100's. She quickly pulled one out and put
it in her mouth. She grabbed her trademark pink bic lighter, flicked it,
sucked on it, and held the smoke in her mouth for a split second then slowly
exhaled. Amy's boyfriend had just said something funny and everyone laughed.
Katie chuckled and blew out the last whiff of smoke as she handed the
cigarette to Mike. She waited a few seconds and then picked up her pack of
Newport 100's. She lit one up for herself and took a big drag.

"I don't think Jesus likes it when you smoke," said Carla sarcastically.

Katie didn't say anything, but just cocked her eyebrow in a "watch this"
gesture. She took her Newport and double pumped it. Without exhaling, she
grabbed Mike's Marlboro and took a couple drags off of it. She held the smoke
in for a long moment, thinking about exhaling it, then looked at Carla's More
Menthol 120 smoldering in the ashtray. Shrugging her shoulders a little, she
grabbed it and took a big hit off of it. One hit off that was all she could
handle, and she quickly exhaled a giant plume of smoke towards the ceiling.
It was already pretty smoky- everyone there smoked and there had been at
least 4-5 cigarettes lit at any given time since they had got back to her
mom's house at 9 PM. 

"That was for Jesus," said Katie with a sly smile, and everyone started
laughing and cheering. She looked down at her hand and noticed the two gold
rings around the cigarette filter between her fingers. She had given her
boyfriend the wrong cigarette. But she didn't mind. She knew she could only
handle a few drags after that quintuple pump she took. Her boyfriend didn't
mind an occasional Newport, but he said that menthols made his throat sore if
he smoked too much. Besides, he was a Marlboro man, and he knew she loved her
Newports. Plus, she had a major nicotine head rush and was feeling a bit
dizzy. Usually, she only got those during her first morning cigarette or her
first after school cig. But getting as intense of a rush as she was getting
at that moment brought back memories of the beginning of the school year. How
things had changed, she thought to herself. 

Her boyfriend gave her Newport back and he took his Marlboro and she smiled
at him as she took a drag off her cigarette. The beginning of the school
year, she thought to herself... She had prayed that this would be the best
school year ever. Little did she know how her prayer would be answered...

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