Katie's Smoking Epiphany, Part 2

(by Dromedary Joe, 09 May 2008)

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Katie's Smoking Epiphany (Part 2)
by Dromedary Joe

Loosely based on a true story...

Katie brushed her hair in front of the mirror. It was the first day of her
senior year, which she hoped would be a great. But she was a bit nervous.
Katie was a pretty girl with light brown hair, a slim build, and blue-green
eyes. She didn't have a boyfriend - she had never had a boyfriend. Some guys
had shown some interest, perhaps, but she was perhaps too serious for most
boys. Katie only cared about doing well in school- she was a straight A
student. Plus, she was very religious. That was probably what turned a lot of
guys away. Her mom said she was too preachy, but Katie found an inner peace
in her religion. She went to church three or four times a week and between
that and homework didn't have much time for a social scene. She only had one
really close friend and that was her best friend. Karen. She also had "the
twins", fraternal twins Amy and April, but they were just freshmen who looked
up to her as a mentor or big sister more than as a friend. So she hoped to
make some new friends this year. She finished putting on her makeup and went
downstairs to eat breakfast. Maybe Mike will notice me this year, she thought
with a smile. Mike was the cute guy she had had a crush on since her
sophomore year. 

She went downstairs and smelled the coffee brewing and the cigarette smoke.
Her mom was already up. 

"Good morning, Kate," said her Mom as she crushed out another cigarette. Her
mom was petite and beautiful, especially considering she was in her late

"Morning, Mom," said Katie as she grabbed the box of cereal and milk. Her Mom
sat down and picked up the pack of Marlboro Light 100's. She lit it up and
blew the smoke away from the table - away from Katie, since she didn't want
another lecture on smoking.

Katie thought about giving her one, but thought better of it. It's the first
day of school - no need to get myself in a bad mood, Katie thought to
herself. Besides, she had thought a little bit about her mom's smoking
lately. She was trying to put herself in her mom's shoes. When her father had
died in an accident when she was twelve, Katie had become more religious. Her
mom had started smoking again when it happened. So, Katie turned to God and
her Mom had turned to smoking and partying. Katie's parents had been
religious until the accident, but the accident made her turn more religious.
Her mother had turned away from religion - although careful not to mock
religion when Katie was around.

Katie got up to go to school, gave her mom a hug, and headed for her car. Her
car. Her mom had bought her a car for her senior year, and she was proud of
her new set of wheels. She would be picking up her best friend Karen on the
way to school. Karen was a pretty athletic blond who made good grades at
school, but not as good as Katie. She was taking it easy this year, unlike
Katie who was taking mostly honors classes. But Karen was as religious as
Katie was and so they had that in common. Karen had more classic model good
looks, which Katie did envy a little bit. It seemed Karen had always had a
boyfriend, never very seriously, but she was always dating someone. She did
set up Katie on some double dates, but nothing ever clicked with any one of
the guys she went out with.

As they got out of the car and headed for class, they both said it was shame
they'd only be in one class together.  The day went by pretty quickly and
when the day was over, she headed for her car.

"Hey," said a voice behind her. It was Rosa, a girl she had a few classes
with. Okay, she had noticed that Rosa was in all of her classes, but she had
never thought of Rosa as someone who could be her friend. 

"Hey, how's it going, Rosa," Katie responded. 

She looked at Rosa for a minute. Rosa was a Latina girl who was just a little
bit overweight, but had a beautiful face. She was smart - she had to smart to
be in all those honors classes, but she had a reputation as a "bad girl."
Katie didn't really listen to gossip or rumors, but she had heard some
things. Even so, Katie wanted to make new friends, and who knows, perhaps she
could get Rosa interested in going to church like Katie and Karen did.

"Did you notice that we're in every class together?" Rosa asked.

"Yeah, it's kinda cool. Maybe we can hang out sometime."

"That would be so cool," said Rosa.

Katie paused for a minute thinking of things to say. "Would you like a ride

"Why not!" said Rosa and with that, they headed to Katie's car.

Rosa gave her directions to where she lived and after about a few blocks, she
pulled something out of her purse. It was a pack of cigarettes, a gold pack
similar to the ones her mom smoked except they didn't say `lights' on them
(this was back when Marlboro 100's full flavor came in a gold pack).

"You mind if I smoke?" Rosa asked meekly. 

Katie thought for a second. She didn't want to get preachy to who could be a
new friend right away, so she simply said, "No, go right ahead," somewhat
forced. No need to give her the lecture right away. I'll wait until we're
better friends.

"Want one?" asked Rosa as she exhaled smoke after she lit one up.

"No, thanks. I don't smoke," replied Katie. "Never have, never will," she

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