Katie's Smoking Epiphany, Part 5

(by Dromedary Joe, 09 May 2008)

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Katie's Smoking Epiphany (Part 5)
by Dromedary Joe

Loosely based on a true story...

Had she really just done that? Katie asked herself. It wasn't really
premeditated, although she had thought to herself a few times during the day
that she could "go" for a cigarette. But if going into the Haitian Station to
buy cigarettes was planned, it was subconsciously. She had just gone in to
buy a Dr. Pepper. It was a moot point - she held a pack of Marlboro 100's in
her hand. Would she smoke the whole pack? Her mother was going to a party
tonight, so she would have a chance to smoke a lot, but probably not the
entire pack. She took the entire pack of cigarettes and examined it for a few
seconds. This was the "old school" Marlboro 100's pack with the gold and
white colors and Katie watched as it sort of glimmered as she turned the pack
around in her hand. She was ready.

She looked around the Haitian Station parking lot to see if there was anyone
else nearby. There wasn't anybody, which was strange for a Friday. Soon she
knew people from her school, some of whom she'd lectured about drinking and
smoking, would be pulling in to buy their Friday night party alcohol. She
quickly packed her cigarettes. Her cigarettes, that sounded so strange, even
thinking it. She had seen her mom and Rosa pack cigarettes before, still she
wondered if she was doing it right. When she thought they were packed enough,
she grabbed the string and pulled like she had seen others do before, opened
the flip top box and pulled the foil out. She sniffed the open pack for a
moment. They smelled good. Maybe she could just smoke one or two and then
throw the rest away.

She had forgotten to buy a lighter in her nervousness. She decided to use the
car lighter. She put the cigarette in her mouth and  pushed the lighter in
and waited what seemed like an eternity for it to pop out. She put it to her
cigarette and watched as the glow from the car lighter ignited her cigarette.
She inhaled a giant puff as if she had been wanting it all day, held it in,
and exhaled. That was good, she said out loud to no one in particular. The
previous day, she had told herself that while she liked the way smoking felt,
she still thought it tasted kind of nasty. But today as she smoked the first
cigarette from her first pack, she realized she was more than getting used to
the taste. She was starting to like it. She extinguished the butt about a
block from her house and took a quick self-examination before she went
inside. She smelled like smoke, but her mom wouldn't notice - she'd have
probably smoked about a pack and a half by that time of day, not that her mom
would mind her smoking. Katie's mom had once said if she ever started smoking
she wouldn't be mad, as long as she was honest with her about it. Katie had
laughed when her mom said that. It didn't seem likely at the time that she
would ever smoke. But Katie wondered as she went in the house, should she
tell her? I haven't really started smoking, she said to herself, I'm only
experimenting with it. But if I should become more of a regular smoker
then...  I'll have to tell her.

They ate dinner and her mom left for the party. Katie knew her mom wouldn't
be home until after midnight. She got her cigarettes from her purse. Katie
had a pink lighter that she used to light scented candles. With the unlit cig
dangling from her lips Katie went to her bedroom to get her pink lighter. She
sat on the couch, pulled the ash tray closer and waited a few moments before
lighting up. She remembered the night before when she had thought about
watching herself smoke and went to the mirror. She decided to experiment. She
took big drags, she took little drags. She held it in a long time and she
breathed it out right away.  She exhaled slowly and exhaled quickly and she
exhaled clouds and thin cones. The whole time, she watched herself smoke as
if she was outside herself, gauging whether "that" girl was a new smoker or
an experienced one. She tried holding the cigarette in her hand with
different poses and tried dangling from her mouth in different ways. After
practicing different styles of smoking she settled on one she liked. She
would take a quick but powerful drags, do a sort of snap inhale, and then
exhale a huge cloud of smoke. She looked like she'd been doing this a while.
She didn't look like she had smoked her first cigarette two days earlier. 

She sat down to watch a movie and when it was over, noticed the ash tray had
four cigarettes in it. She had put the cigarette she had smoked by the mirror
out in another ashtray, and realized she had smoked six that day. She had
smoked nine and a half cigarettes already in three days. While she knew her
mom routinely smoked about two packs a day and Rosa smoked at least a pack a
day, she had already smoked a half pack in three days. She still felt she
didn't want to be a smoker, she could smoke on occasion at parties or when
she was out with Rosa, but she felt it would be cool at least once to smoke a
pack in one day.

She hadn't eaten much for dinner and decided to get a pizza delivered. The
same guy would always deliver pizza when they ordered, and it wasn't someone
she knew other than when he delivered pizza. She decided to smoke a cigarette
in front of him to see his reaction. About thirty minutes later, she heard
the doorbell ring. Quickly she grabbed a Marlboro 100 out of her pack, lit it
up, and headed for the door. She opened it up with one hand, with the
cigarette in the other hand and-

It wasn't their regular pizza delivery man. It was Mike, the boy she had had
a crush on for a couple of years. And here she was smoking a cigarette.

"Hey, Kate. I didn't know you lived here. Nice house," Mike said with the
voice that melted Katie's heart when she heard it.

Katie's heart was racing as she simply said, "Hey, Mike."

There was a long pause as Katie was sure he wanted to bring up her smoking,
but didn't. She was always very shy in front of Mike and he was one of the
few people she knew at school who she probably hadn't preached to. She wasn't
sure how religious he was, but he had a reputation for being pretty clean
cut, which was probably one of the reasons Katie was attracted to him. But
even though she had never preached to him, she was sure that seeing her
smoking was probably a big shock to him. She had the biggest
"anti-reputation" at school, and she had heard she had "won" an informal poll
among the guys: "Girl you're least likely to ever score with."

"Come on in, Mike. Just set it on the kitchen table." She had thought about
making him wait outside while she went and got the money and somehow put the
cigarette down hoping he hadn't noticed the Marlboro 100 in her hand. But she
knew the damage was done. She went into the kitchen to get the money out of
her purse. Damn, she thought. No ash tray, so she ended up having to dangle
it in her mouth as she got the money out of her purse. She gave him a nice
tip and waited for a second.

"Hey, Katie, you're the last stop on this pizza run, mind if I hang out here
for a minute ?"

"Sure, have a seat," Katie said as she took the cigarette dangling from her
lips. She hadn't had a drag but really needed one right then.

They sat on the coach, and Katie finally took a drag off of her cigarette.
She exhaled away from Mike. She wasn't sure what he thought of her smoking,
but figured he didn't look favorably on it.

They talked for a minute about how school was going, but she could tell he
was distracted by her cigarette. He was staring at it.

"I'm sorry, is the smoke bothering you?" Katie asked meekly. This was more
than she expected when she had answered the door and she was actually
surprised she was handling it as well as she was. 

"No, actually I smoke. Or I've been trying to quit, at least. I haven't had
one all day. Think I could get a drag off of yours?" he asked sheepishly. He
smoked and he wanted to have a drag off her cigarette. If she was nervous
before, this really made her nervous. 

She could feel her hand touch his and her heart skipped a beat as her fingers
touched his as she put the cigarette between his fingers.

He took a big drag and then handed it back to her.

"Ahh, I feel soooo much better," he said.

She smiled as she took a drag. I'm sharing mouth cooties with Mike! she
thought to herself. Wait until Karen finds out. Then she remembered that she
couldn't let Karen know. How could she explain that she was sharing a
cigarette with someone? 

"Mind if I have another hit?" asked Mike.

"No, go right ahead," she said and handed him the cigarette. 

They each took another drag off the cigarette before she took a final drag
and crushed it out in the ash tray. They talked for a few more minutes and
Mike said he had to go back to work.

Feeling a little bit bold, Katie asked, "Wanna share another cigarette?"

"Sure, love to," said Mike. Katie lit another one, this time feeling more
comfortable sharing a smoke with the boy she had a major crush on. She took a
drag and handed it to Mike. He took a drag and then touched her hand to his
like they had when they were handing it back and forth. Except he didn't hand
it back, he sort of touched her hand, keeping it in contact with hers. It
wasn't exactly holding hands, but it was definitely some contact -  more
contact than Katie was used to. It was making her excited, even horny. She
slowly moved her hand to get the cigarette from his fingers, took a drag off
of it, moving her hand back into contact with his. He started caressing her
palm with his thumb playfully and she giggled a little. Even though it wasn't
much contact at all, it did seem a little bit flirtatious, and Katie was kind
of sad when the cigarette was gone and Mike said he had to go back to work.
They both got up and she walked him to the door. He gave her a big hug, and
said, "Bye."

Right before he left he added, "Hey, don't tell anyone I smoke - not many
people know I do."

"Hey, don't tell anybody I smoke, either. I have a reputation to live up to!"
she said.

About 5 minutes after Mike left, Katie couldn't help but lighting up again.
Soon her Mom would be home and she would have to spray air freshener and
empty the ash trays - her Mom smoked white filtered Marlboro Light 100's and
would notice the cork filtered Marlboro 100's in the ashtrays, or maybe not.
Her Mom would probably be at least a little drunk when she got home. 

That night, after her Mom had come home, Katie was still restless and having
trouble sleeping. She was thinking of the school year so far and Mike and
starting smoking. Did she have a chance with him? Maybe she would get another
opportunity to share a cigarette with him sometime. Her mind was wandering
and she daydreamed of being in bed naked with Mike after they had had sex. In
her daydream she lit up a Marlboro 100 and asked Mike if he wanted to share
one as they laid in bed naked. But instead of exhaling the smoke into the
air, they'd exhale it into each others mouth, giving smoky kisses to each
other. Katie was starting to get horny. Really horny, hornier than she had
ever been in her life. Katie had never masturbated before since she had
considered it sinful, but she found herself stroking her clitoris. It felt
good, really good. Before long, she was working her middle finger into her
vagina. It wasn't long before she started moaning really loud and then let
out a final long moan as she squirted all over her middle finger. It's a good
thing her Mom was passed out drunk, otherwise she would have surely heard

Katie needed a cigarette. She knew her Mom was passed out and so she decided
it was safe to smoke a cigarette in her room. She turned on the light, locked
the door, got out her pink lighter and pack of Marlboro 100's and headed for
the mirror. She sat down in the chair with the unlit cigarette in her mouth
and lit it. She blew the smoke out and was surprised she was able to smoke as
hard as she was breathing. She put the cigarette back in her mouth and opened
up her pack. Eight more left. She might have to buy more tomorrow. She
thought about whether or not she was a smoker. Maybe she was just
experimenting, maybe in a week or so, the novelty would wear off and she
would stop smoking. But maybe she was fooling herself. She enjoyed smoking
and she knew she would only continue to enjoy it more, not less. She took the
cigarette out of her mouth and noticed for the first time that the filter was
wet at about the same spot as the rings on the filter. She looked at her
middle finger, which was still wet. She didn't have anything to wipe it off
with, so she put it in her mouth to clean it off. She giggled and thought
about how naughty she was. She was getting horny again and she worked her
middle finger into her panties and started playing with herself again. This
time, she pretended her finger was Mike's penis and she worked it into her
vagina harder and harder with her cigarette dangling from her mouth. From
time to time she'd take a drag, but leave it in her mouth and blow the smoke
out with the cigarette still hanging there. She felt it coming again and she
took one last drag and started exhaling as she climaxed. She could feel the
liquid squirting out of her pussy and it was more than the first time, her
panties were becoming saturated and some was dripping on the carpet. 

She paused for a few seconds sitting in her chair as she threw the now short
butt in a near empty can of Dr. Pepper since she had no ash tray in her room.
Her finger was really wet now and she once again put it in her mouth and
thought, I bet Mike has something bigger than this. Smiling and cocking an
eyebrow she lit up another cigarette. She was a bad girl now she thought to
herself as she got into bed and finally went to sleep...

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