Kelli Ann Takes A Hike

(by Major Turnon, 04 October 2008)

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Kelli Ann Takes a Hike 

The following episode happened a while ago and therefore I'm not able to 
remember everything with one hundred percent accuracy. Instead, I have 
tried my best to reconstruct the content from memory and then filled in the 
blanks in the best possible way. I may, however, have exaggerated some of 
the details to make the story more enjoyable... 

We locked the door to our house and headed for Kelli Ann's red Jeep 
Cherokee. She had inherited it from an old great uncle, who died without 
issue about a year earlier. Nobody else wanted it because of the stick 
shift. My wife, who had never owned her own car before had struggled a lot 
with the clutch pedal before she finally got the hang of it, but she had 
mastered the technique expertly and the Jeep had become her dearest 

While we walked towards the car, I had a great opportunity to contemplate 
my better half. Since she started smoking, I felt that she somehow had 
become more conscious of her own sexuality. The innocent look she had when 
I met her had gradually faded until it was completely gone. In its place 
had emerged a stylish, sensual young woman, who wanted to emphasize her 
beauty and liked it to be appreciated by other people. 

As usual she wore an awesome outfit and that afternoon it was all black. An 
elegant, open, three quarter length leather jacket revealed a short, low 
cut, snugly fitting satin dress over a pair of long and extremely high 
heeled leather boots. 

The smell of her sweet perfume mingled with the fragrance from her recent 
bath and smoke from her freshly lit cigarette. A small purse hung from one 
shoulder, while she carried a large bag with the other hand. 

Kelli Ann, who formerly had avoided make up and jewelry whenever she could, 
now made sure that she was always well equipped with accessories. In 
addition to her wedding band, she had a diamond ring on her right hand and 
a pair of sexy gold hoops in her ears. A simple silver charm jangled around 
her slim left wrist, while an elegant sapphire bracelet decorated its right 
counterpart. She had adorned her eyes with a dark shadow and an even darker 
liner, and finished it all off by giving her sultry, bow shaped lips a hot, 
red gloss. 

She unlocked the doors and we entered the Jeep. Kelli Ann drew deeply on 
the cigarette and rummaged around in the purse for her sunglasses. She 
finally found them and slipped them on, while the smoke came out of her 
nose and mouth in a steady stream. 

It was just after 5 pm on a sunny but cool Friday in early October. We had 
looked forward to this trip for many weeks. In my opinion, the most 
pleasant time of the year to go hiking is the fall when the ground is dry, 
and orange, crimson, yellow and brown leaves are still attached to the 
trees. It almost seems as if the hills are covered by a multi-colored 
blanket. The sky is clear, and the air is crisp and scented with flavors. 

Kelli Ann started the engine, put the vehicle in gear, and we had begun one 
of our legendary weekend adventures, where the purpose of the trip is as 
much the freedom of the road as the destination itself. Over the years we 
have made several dozens of them, but if we disregard the fact that I enjoy 
my wife's sexy smoking a helluva lot, this is one of very few that has been 
really interesting when seen through the eyes of a smoking fetisher... 

As soon as we reached the first stop sign, Kelli Ann took one last check at 
her beautifully made up face in the rear view while stealing another 
elegant puff from the cigarette. She blew her mirror image a smoky kiss 
before she pushed down on the accelerator again and turned up the radio. 

Kelli Ann seemed to be hit by a wave of intense pleasure. She dragged 
eagerly on her rapidly dwindling cigarette and a "Fuck, this feels so 
good!" escaped from her mouth along with a faint curl of smoke. She took 
another smooth draw and held it in for a long time before she sensually 
exhaled through the nose. She turned her head to smile at me while she 
extinguished the cigarette and she paid so little attention to the road 
that I was sure she would miss an exit. 

But once again I had underestimated her driving skills. While the Jeep slid 
comfortably through the curve, I could see that the urge for another 
cigarette was strong as she removed a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol Light 
120s and a lighter from her purse, which she had balanced on top of the 
small center console. With a deft maneuver she put one of the long 
cigarettes in her mouth and lit up. Two separate streams of smoke became 
visible below her nostrils. When she rolled down the side window a couple 
of inches, they merged into one and were sucked out through the opening. 

The traffic was pretty busy and I kept stealing glances at Kelli Ann as she 
drove. Between drags her right hand would rest comfortably on the stick 
handle, so tantalizingly near my left thigh that I could feel the heat from 
the cigarette each time she changed gears. It took every ounce of energy I 
could muster not to groan out loud. 

Kelli Ann just sat in her driver's seat, pretending to be totally unaware 
of the tremendous effect her sexy smoking had on my undercarriage, but her 
snug smile revealed that she knew perfectly well what was going on down 
there. Every now and then she would glance at me over the top of her shades 
with those incredible blue eyes of hers and I would lose myself completely 
in the loving stare. 

As usual she drove way above the speed limit. The powerful engine purred 
gently as the Jeep devoured one mile after another. Kelli Ann had found a 
station that played old acoustic guitar tracks and every time she shifted 
gears, she unconsciously wiggled her hips slightly, so that the dress slid 
yet a little higher up her thighs. 

Even though four wheel drives aren't primarily built for high velocity, 
Kelli Ann is a superb driver who particularly enjoys releasing the Jeep's 
horse power on narrow, winding, two lane country roads with her blonde hair 
flying freely in the wind from the open window while drawing steadily on a 

She was doing fifty around a sharp bend when she decided to change gears by 
pushing down a stilettoed boot, some how operating the clutch. She had 
locked the almost spent cigarette firmly between her fingers and focused 
all her attention on me; she didn't even glance ahead as we roared onward! 

She finally turned her head away from me and casually exhaled a plume of 
thick smoke through the window before throwing the butt the same way. The 
remaining smoke in the Jeep was quickly dissipated by the breeze. 

A little later my wife left another white cigarette hanging between her red 
lips while she fidgeted with the lighter to get it lit. She took a long 
drag, inhaled deeply and let the smoke out slowly before she started to 
play with the radio and flipped through the stations, unable to find 
anything suitable. Finally she heard one of her favorite songs, closed the 
window, and began to sing along. I sat in silence; listening in awe to her 
beautiful voice, while the air in front of me soon became filled with smoke 
from her halfway forgotten cigarette. 

I turned my head towards her again and watched as she finally lifted it to 
her mouth for another hungry drag; holding the smoke in her chest for an 
eternity and a half. Then she exhaled, slowly and sensually. The radio 
played another great song, so she turned the volume a notch higher and sang 
at the top of her smoke filled lungs. 

When the tune ended, I suggested that it was time for something to eat. 
Kelli Ann tipped her head back and released another one of her long, 
luxurious exhales. "You're always hungry, Vince," she teased as she pulled 
off the highway. For the first time I noticed that her voice had started to 
lose its clear smoothness and instead gained the slightest trace of a sexy 
huskiness from all the cigarettes. This turned me on even more. 

Much to Kelli Ann's dismay we only found a fast food joint, so she smoked 
her way through my meal at a table overlooking the ocean. The late autumn 
sun cast increasingly longer shadows over everything until it disappeared 
under the horizon. My wife hadn't done her nails before we left so as she 
waited for me she painted them bright red. When she had finished she 
retrieved what was left of the cigarette from the ash tray, flicked the ash 
off the end, and took a long, slow drag. 

We returned to the car and continued our epic journey, Kelli Ann pushed the 
sun glasses up into her hair and the scenery became more interesting since 
the harvest moon was already high in the clear sky and lighting the fields 
with its mystic, silvery beams. 

We were so lost in conversation that neither one of us noticed that the 
tank was almost empty. Finally Kelli Ann stubbed out her cigarette and 
stared at me. "We need to find a gas station quickly, Vince," she said and 
grabbed another one of her Virginia Slims. God, she looked so fucking 
gorgeous in her black leather jacket with that unlit cigarette in her mouth 
as she reached for the lighter! 

Luckily a sign indicated that there was a gas station at the next exit and 
we soon stopped by a pump. Kelli Ann shut off the engine and after 
squeezing the butt into the over filled ash tray, she grabbed her purse, 
opened the door and climbed out of the vehicle. When she had topped off the 
tank, she walked into the small office to pay. 

Back in the Jeep Kelli Ann started the engine and pulled out her pack of 
cigarettes, lit one, and took a deep drag as the car accelerated down the 
ramp towards the highway. She rolled down the driver's window but the wind 
blew a strand of hair into her face, so she impatiently brushed it aside 
before closing the window again. Instead, she sexily exhaled stream after 
stream of bluish smoke directly at the windshield while the business end of 
the cigarette snaked tiny, almost invisible wisps up into the murky 
twilight. Before she finished it, she lit a second one off of it. 

After a long climb we finally arrived at the Park Hotel. I followed her 
eyes as they darted from side to side; looking for an empty parking place. 
Kelli Ann's lips cracked in a wide grin as she noted a vacant space just in 
front of the reception. "I'll park here," she said happily. She stood on 
the brake pedal and the sturdy SUV bounced violently to a grinding halt. 
She quickly unbuckled, slung the purse over her shoulder and we exited the 
Jeep with our bags. 

The ice cold mountain air immediately hit us. Kelli Ann shivered 
uncontrollably in her bare thighs as she tried desperately to increase the 
pace of her already hasty steps. When we approached the entrance, a young 
man on his way out politely held the door open. A clattering "thank you" 
escaped through my wife's grinding teeth along with smoke from her final 
exhale before she threw away the remains of the cigarette and we entered 
the building. 

As soon as we had checked in and freshened up a little we decided that it 
was time for dinner in the hotel's informal but appealing restaurant. An 
attractive waitress in her mid twenties with a scant, seductive, light gray 
western style uniform and her brown hair elegantly curled up into a spiral 
led us to a small table in a secluded part of the smoking section. There 
was a candle on the table next to a large ash tray and a beautiful vase 
with a spray of flowers. 

I enjoy any kind of food as long as I can look at my beautiful Lady Kel 
while eating it, but I have to say that this meal tasted particularly 
excellent. Most of it was spent in silence while we just ate, drank and 
savored each other's company. 

The need for another cigarette soon started to prey on my young wife's mind 
and even before she had finished the dessert, her fingers automatically 
began to search for the pack in her purse. She took one out and lit up. 
Kelli Ann dragged slowly and then quickly snap inhaled. The picture of her 
hair flowing in thick, golden waves down her back while the smoke was 
streaming slowly and deliberately from her lips has burned itself into my 
memory forever. 

She swallowed the next puff before politely exhaling a thick stream off to 
one side, away from me. Then she looked directly into my eyes, inhaled 
again and produced a series of seven perfect smoke rings (oh, yes, I 
counted them!) with her head upturned. Her legs were still crossed as she 
smiled proudly, and sent the rest of her exhale into the air in a wide and 
effortless flow. 

When Kelli Ann had finished her cigarette, she quickly lit another before 
she excused herself and went downstairs for a visit to the little girls' 
room. While the scent of her mentholated exhale still lingered in the air, 
my eyes followed her until her head disappeared at the bottom of the steps. 

Then my attention was drawn to our young waitress, who was about to exit 
the restaurant for a break. Her face was perfectly made up and her big, 
braless tits were supported only by a thin top that was totally unable to 
conceal her pointed nipples. While walking towards a door marked "employees 
only", she extracted a box of Virginia Slims Ultra Lights and a lighter 
from a pocket in her uniform, put a white cigarette between her lips and 
clicked the lighter. She sucked eagerly and inhaled the smoke deep into her 
lungs. I could see that the exhale flowed enticingly through her pursed 
lips before the door closed behind her. 

While I had focused on the hot waitress, many people had started to fill 
the room and now they began to occupy some of the nearby tables. I have to 
admit that never before, and never since, have I ever seen so many 
elegantly dressed and sexy young smokers puff away at the same time. The 
best of it all was that from deep in the shadows of my alcove I could scan 
the room without risking being noticed. 

One of them fumbled fruitlessly to open her green box of Salems. She wore 
glasses with heavy frames, but the cherry colored lipstick made her look 
cute nonetheless. Suddenly an avalanche of mentholated smokes fell out of 
the pack and almost buried her lighter. There was a moment of silence 
before Salem recovered from the shock and picked up a cigarette. Her lips 
closed gently around the white filter while she dug out the lighter and 
ignited it. Through the thick lenses Salem gazed into the flame with 
enormously magnified eyes as she tilted her head sideways and let the tip 
of the cigarette touch the flame. Salem inhaled the smoke greedily before 
returning the lighter to the table. 

Next to her another girl fished a pack of unfiltered Pall Mall Kings and a 
matchbook out of her purse. She placed a cigarette in her mouth and struck 
a match. Pall Mall took a short puff and inhaled, then smiled contentedly 
as the strong smoke from the full flavored cigarette escaped from her 
nostrils on the next exhale. 

One chick in a white mini skirt leaned against the bar and she looked 
particularly awesome, almost like a sex diva. The color of her eyes was a 
strange shade of blue that reminded me of the ocean on a hot summer day. 
Her ears held long pieces of turquoise jewelry and from the left profile I 
could admire her slightly upturned nose and the smoothness of her skin 
around the matching necklace. She pulled a cigarette case from her purse, 
thumbed the catch to unlatch it and popped it open with a casual flick 
that, despite her young age, indicated that she had done the same movement 
thousands of times before. With two polished finger nails she elegantly 
extracted a Winston 100 and returned the case to its hiding place with 
another fluent, one handed move. Her tongue, moist and pink, slipped out 
briefly and caressed her sensuous lips as she wet them, and then she 
finally inserted the cigarette between them. Her fingers gradually slid 
away from it, until it was held in place only by the gentle pressure of her 
lips. It bobbed slightly as she adjusted the position to guide it closer to 
her lighter. Winston cupped the other hand to shield the flame against the 
strong draft from the doorway, which also threatened to ruffle her 
carefully arranged hairdo. I saw her cheeks begin to hollow as she drew on 
the cigarette and impatiently pulled the flame into its tip. A moment later 
it was lit and she inhaled smoke from the first of many long puffs. 
Winston's inhale was deep and she held the smoke in for several 
seconds. Yes, my initial impression had turned out to be correct: Although 
still in her early twenties, Winston was clearly not a novice smoker; she 
must have developed her sexy habit for quite a long time and by now she was 
definitely under Queen Nicotina's powerful spell. She didn't even have to 
look down at the ash tray while she manicured the tip of her cigarette. She 
took another long drag and as she left the bar with her drink to sit down 
beside her friends, Winston released several cute, little puffs of smoke in 
her wake. How the hell had she learned to do it so sexily? 

To my left, three other young smokers had lit up cigarettes, too. One of 
them exhaled in a strange way; the smoke just seemed to be crawling out of 
her lungs on its own all the time, even when she was ready to take her next 

By the looks if it, one of her table mates must have been too young to buy 
alcoholic beverages. She drank a dark liquid that most likely was Diet Coke 
and she didn't inhale from the cigarette she had bummed off her friend. She 
just let it smolder limply in her hand, while taking an occasional shallow 
puff and immediately blowing out the smoke ungracefully. 

This undainty girl didn't interest me much, so instead I began to take a 
better look at the third one, who seemed to be a little older than the 
others. Her large, unsupported breasts were so big and firm that they 
attracted all the men's attention. Her skin was well tanned, while her 
long, silky, jet black hair was parted low on one side and held in place by 
a pink mother of pearl clip. 

After pouring herself a glass of wine from a bottle on the table and 
finishing her cigarette, she selected a slim cigar from the humidor the 
waitress brought her. 

Cigar lit up with a match, but she had barely managed to finish the first 
drag when her cell phone suddenly rang. "Hello," she said breathlessly 
through a cloud of thick smoke. "Yes, I'm here right now!" Her voice was so 
slurred that I'm sure that she must have had more than just a couple of 
drinks before she arrived at the restaurant. Cigar hung up the phone and 
took a deep drag before starting to freshen up her lips with a gloss that 
brought out the pink, and made them appear even bigger and more inviting. 

A lanky man with a long, black beard and dark eyes passed by and he 
couldn't help but look at Cigar's long legs before his piercing stare began 
a slow crawl up her eye catching body. A languid puff of her smoke circled 
his tall frame and I could hear an irritated cough as the dense exhale 
engulfed him. Cigar snickered and I loved watching the way the thick cloud 
billowed from her young and seductive lips in near infinite streams as she 
continued laughing. Then she sexily wrapped them around the tip of the 
cigar again, heaved in the strong smoke, inhaled it as if it were cigarette 
smoke and then sent it in a powerful jet after the hastily departing 
Blackbeard with another loud giggle as she tossed her hair and tucked a 
loose strand behind her ear. Cigar's boyfriend soon showed up and sat down 
beside her. 

I continued to follow her every smoking move until someone asked in a loud 
voice: "Care to dance?" The words were uttered towards a twenty-something 
woman with long, thick braids who, after having lit a Capri, slowly tilted 
her head up to look into the eyes of a young man in a business suit who was 
hovering over her with a nervous smile on his pale lips. I noticed that 
Capri appeared to be a bit more sophisticated than the other girls, with 
strawberry highlights in her golden blonde hair. Her honey colored skin was 
soft, yet firm. A small, heart shaped birth mark on the right side of her 
neck made her look even sexier. 

Capri sighed audibly as she demonstratively blew a rejecting cloud of smoke 
all over the man's hopeful face. After having shattered his dreams in this 
brutal fashion, she stood up and headed for the bar. Capri took a five 
second drag, French inhaled and puffed out an enormous cloud of smoke. She 
immediately inhaled again and produced an incredibly thick smoke ring 
before continuing her exhale. She actually managed to snake a wisp of smoke 
through the circle while walking! Capri approached the bar and a tall glass 
of an orange mix, which could very well have been a Singapore Sling, was 
placed in front of her. She grabbed it with the same hand that held the all 
white cigarette and walked back to her favorite corner. 

Capri was slim, with nice breasts and a beautiful face. She was about 5'5, 
quite petite and I'm sure that she couldn't have been more than 22 years 
old. She kept the cigarette in her left hand between drags and she French 
inhaled frequently. She then took a very long puff and exhaled a tight 
plume in an immaculately straight line from her small, glossy lips. 

Just then she noticed a blonde man's gaze and her attention was quickly 
drawn away from the burning tip of her cigarette. Without taking her eyes 
from him for even a second, she dropped the long cigarette into the ash 
tray before it was even half smoked. Capri smiled at the man when she 
realized that he was still staring at her while she fished out another 
cigarette. Click! A small flame danced on top of her lighter and it was 

She lifted the drink to her mouth and took a large swallow, then stood up 
and left the table with her purse and cigarette. Through the open door I 
could see that she stopped in front of a mirror in the corridor, freshened 
up her make up and sprinkled a dash of perfume behind her right ear before 
taking a quick drag. 

When Capri returned, she approached the blonde man with an alluring smile, 
reached out for her glass, took another generous sip and nodded in 
direction of the couch; asking for him to sit down next to her. Suitor's 
eyes brightened expectantly as he accepted her offer and shifted over to 
her side of the table. 

He sat down very close to her while slurping slowly at his drink. Capri 
quickly emptied her glass in one long gulp and spilled a few drops on her 
shiny pink metallic polyester dress, then stood up and walked over to the 
bar for a refill. She returned to the table and continued her strange habit 
of lighting yet another cigarette while its predecessor was still burning. 
Suitor smiled at her while he watched the plume of silvery smoke curl from 
her mouth, then gazed at it as it slowly floated upwards. 

When they finally went to dance, Suitor got up first and reached down to 
help Capri to her feet. While she selected a new cigarette and lit it 
hastily from the old one, Suitor put his hand around her waist to steady 

Capri blew the smoke out of her nose while they danced slowly alone in the 
middle of the room and the amplified voice sang a sad ballad about lonely 

The song ended and they left the empty dance floor hand in hand. I could 
hear laughter as they grabbed their things and moved to a table in the far 
corner of the restaurant, where it was so dark that I just barely could see 
that they talked while Capri continued her hot smoking. 

A tall and slender girl with full breasts and blonde hair hanging loosely 
around her shoulders staggered slightly and almost lost her balance when 
she swayed past me with her drink. I couldn't help but shift my glance over 
to her, because although quite drunk, her irresistible smile was so fucking 
gorgeous; sensual and almost intimidating at the same time. I could see a 
black bra through her transparent silver V neck blouse, while the white 
skirt emphasized her prominent hips and buttocks. She supported her weight 
on the cigarette machine, inserted some coins and pulled the lever. A pack 
of Marlboro Reds dropped into the tray. She picked it up and sat down next 
to Pall Mall and Salem. Marlboro was about to open her pack when Pall Mall 
offered her one of hers and lit it for her. Marlboro inhaled the 
unfamiliarly strong smoke far too deep and coughed terribly. Everybody 
laughed, even Marlboro. When they finished their drinks and left the 
restaurant with their arms slung carelessly around each other, smoking, 
singing an old lullaby off key and giggling, all three of them were visibly 

Kelli Ann returned and apologized that she had kept me waiting for so long, 
but there were many people downstairs wanting to use the toilets. A few 
minutes later I could see it for myself, when I queued up for the men's 
room. The line outside the ladies' private quarters consisted of not less 
than five sexy smokers. And as if that wasn't enough; to my right, a dark 
skinned gal with a great body and long, light brown hair exited the holy of 
holies with a cigarette already lit in her hand. She brought it up to her 
mouth for a deep drag and I could clearly smell the burning tobacco through 
her perfume for the short moment her hazel eyes met my grey. Then she had 
walked past me. 

At the beginning of the queue a short blonde was talking to a much taller 
brunette and she punctuated each word with smoke from her exhale. When the 
other girl turned around and revealed her attractive face, I saw that her 
pouty, oriental lips held a slim, brown cigarette (most likely a More). The 
smoke swirled hypnotizingly between her extended puffs. She took another 
long, erotic drag, inhaled and closed her eyes as she let the smoke slither 
out slowly through her gorgeous, slightly parted lips, while the cigarette 
still sat delicately upon them. Except for the hopelessly 80s hair style, 
More is truly one of the most glamorous and exotic smokers I have ever 

The brunette bombshell went inside to do her things behind closed doors and 
I kept looking at Blondie as she continued her seductive smoking. She took 
a huge drag and before entering the toilet when it was her turn, she left 
the less than half smoked cigarette burning on top of a soda can that 
someone had placed near the rest room door. She stopped close to me with 
one hand on the knob, pursed her lips teasingly and blew the remaining 
smoke directly up into my face, extremely slowly, all the while staring me 
straight in the eye. She was so sassy that the words "aspiring hooker" 
automatically formed in my brain. 

This couldn't go unnoticed. 

"OK, my little minx, it's show time!" I said and grabbed Blondie's wrist to 
stop her from slipping through the door. Then I picked up the abandoned 
cigarette and pressed it firmly back between her full lips. With a soft 
"Keep on smoking, honey," whispered directly into her left ear I gave her 
foxy little butt a gentle push and she moaned loudly as her legs inside the 
form fitting pants carried her into the adjoining room with a few awkward, 
unbalanced steps. The other guys waiting in line must have looked 
disdainfully at me, but I was only concerned about Blondie's reaction, so I 
didn't even bother to look at them. The girl didn't disappoint me. While 
most others in her (shiny black) shoes probably would have been pissed like 
hell, Blondie just turned her head towards me, while a naughty smile curled 
around the cigarette. The long ashes fell quietly to the floor and deeply 
inhaled smoke started to stream from her nose. Before the door closed, I 
managed to see her take another huge drag and as she exhaled again, Blondie 
looked at me with badly concealed lust in her glazed, tipsy and slightly 
blood shot eyes. I remember that her pupils were huge and the irises had 
exactly the same grey color as the smoke from her cigarette. Then the door 
to the men's room opened, a man came out and it was my turn to enter. 

I came back to the alcove just in time to witness Kelli Ann take one last 
drag and blow smoke out of her nose, before smashing out the butt in the 
ash tray. She immediately reached down for another cigarette, placed it in 
her mouth and lit up. She took a long, satisfying drag, filled her lungs 
with nicotine and then exhaled the smoke through her nose again. After 
blowing her long bangs away from her face with a powerful jet of smoke, she 
glanced at her watch. 

"Do you want to leave already?" I asked, a little bit disappointed. 

"Yes, Vince, I think that it's time to go to bed now," she nodded and drew 
deeply on her cigarette again. I could hear a soft "pop" as she removed it 
from her lips. She smiled at me and fluttered her eye lids sexily a couple 
of times while she puffed out a tremendous amount of smoke through relaxed 
lips, then picked up her purse from the table and took another generous 
drag on the way over to the elevator. We went to our room and promptly fell 

The next morning we got up very early, fueled up with a healthy breakfast 
and walked into the basin to do some exploring over by the spring, which is 
located in the flatter area of the park. I noticed that Kelli Ann's hair 
was loosely tied back into a braid and in the rush to get out of the hotel 
she hadn't paid much attention to how she was dressed. She just wore the 
same dark red hooded sweater, black yoga pants and white track shoes she 
had put on when she got up. But she laughed and told me that for once she 
didn't mind looking like a slob. 

As we started walking, she lit up another cigarette among the trees, took a 
long, hard drag and sucked the smoke deep into her chest before she blew 
out a thick, grey trail. God, how I loved to see her smoke, even in those 
baggy clothes and without any make up. I recall thinking that it must be 
good for her lungs to inhale some fresh air in between all that nicotine. 
She took one final drag before tossing the cigarette onto the slick grass; 
still wet from the morning dew. 

After lunch we felt that we were ready to embark on the main attraction: 
the wild and infamous boot trail. This particular hike is one of my 
favorites and for a long time I had wanted to share the experience with 
Kelli Ann, who hadn't tried the route yet. She stared up towards the 
towering mountains in silence; making the last drag of her cigarette extra 

Despite her smoking, she still works out almost every day and to be honest, 
I am a little overweight and not so very fit anymore, so I had to struggle 
quite a bit not to let her notice that I actually had a hard time keeping 
up with her pace. Therefore, I was more than happy when she suggested that 
we made a quick rest half way up the slopes, just before the track passed 
below some huge, threatening and overhanging rocky outcroppings. 

We had barely begun the next leg of the trek when I suddenly told Kelli Ann 
to stop. I saw some branches move and I thought that maybe a bear or a wolf 
could be too close for comfort, but instead two squirrels jumped out of the 
bushes and came to within a few feet from us. They probably were so tame 
because they used to receive yummies from the tourists all the time. Kelli 
Ann took a long, loving drag on her cigarette and a circle of smoke spun 
around her head before she bent down to have a closer look at them. She 
breathed in again and a quarter inch of ash measured the intensity of her 
craving. Several of the pictures I took show Kelli Ann and the small, furry 
friends enveloped in a thick cloud of smoke. 

After another hour of steep incline we finally reached the lookout point 
and took some more photos. From up here one can almost see the entire park 
and the view is breath taking, to say the least, with spectacular cliffs 
and water falls in all directions. Plus, we were lucky to be there on a 
clear and perfect day! Far away in the distance we could even spot a 
stretch of coast line and the sun lit ocean. In the midst of all that 
beauty Kelli Ann took a deep drag, sat down next to where a thundering 
cascade dropped over the edge of a sheer rock face and waved her cigarette 
to nobody in particular. With her legs dangling over the several hundred 
feet abyss she continued to gaze towards the horizon. Then she turned her 
head my way and through a haze of smoke she thanked me for bringing her 

The return leg of the walk was also very nice, except for the fact that the 
trail had become a bit more crowded than we had expected. Almost at the 
very end we met two other young couples on their way up who stopped and 
asked us if the trip was worthwhile. We strongly recommended the hike and 
talked with them for some minutes. It turned out that while Fran was a 
model, her husband Brian made a living as a used cars salesman. They held 
hands all the time. Rose was pregnant and she had moved in with her 
musician boyfriend Ben only a few months ago. 

Fran started to fumble for her cigarettes, but changed her mind when she 
was offered one of Kelli Ann's. While my wife quickly filled her lungs with 
smoke and hastily blew it out in a long cone, Fran smoked more lazily; 
taking slow, luxurious drags and savoring the mentholated flavor intensely. 

She waved her hand in a futile attempt to fan the smoke away from Rose's 
face, but the petite geology student sniffed in the odor with obvious 
pleasure and followed the other girls' smoking with exaggerated interest. 
She told us that she had finally managed to quit recently, but she would 
most definitely start again as soon as the baby was born. 

I looked at the smoke rising up from the cigarette held in Kelli Ann's 
slender fingers. Between some casual drags she toyed sexily with it. While 
looking at me with a wicked grin, she let the smoke drift slowly skyward 
from her lips. 

Fran sucked so hard on her cigarette that I could see the tip glow 
brightly, even in the sunny daylight. She played with the smoke in her 
mouth, then tilted her head to the side and exhaled through the corner of 
her lips in an attempt to let the smoke escape far away from her friend. 

When the girls had finished their cigarettes, we said goodbye and returned 
to the hotel. We arrived at around 6:30 pm, just in time to witness the 
spectacular sunset from a bench on the back porch. Kelli Ann took a final 
drag and threw the cigarette over the railing, where its cinders glowed 
like fire flies all the way down to the bottom of the deep ravine. Smoke 
spiraled from her mouth when she exhaled and it drifted up towards the 
orange sky in a frothy plume. We continued to watch the incredible scenery 
for a while longer. 

After a shower and some rest we teamed up with our recent acquaintances 
around a large table to enjoy a wonderful dinner and some wine, before 
ordering coffee and liqueur in the almost empty restaurant. 

Inevitably Rose cast envious looks at the other girls as soon as they lit 
their first cigarettes. She was desperate for a fix and to battle the 
strong urge to join them she chewed Nicorette gum non-stop. She really 
impressed me when it turned out that she actually was strong willed enough 
to hold her ground. 

I noticed that the tough, little fighter had high cheek bones, pink lips 
and short, silky smooth hair with side swept, asymmetrically cut bangs. It 
was so light blonde that it almost looked white in the dim light. Although 
her pregnancy didn't show yet, she wore a round necked dress over boring, 
but comfortable brown lace up shoes and she had put on too much eye shadow 
for my taste. I can almost swear that her eyes had been green earlier, but 
now they were clearly blue, so either she was wearing tinted contacts or 
she is one of very few people whose capillaries of the irises give their 
color a different appearance depending on the amount of blood that flows 
through them. Due to this strange condition it seems as if the eyes change 
color when affected by light or moods. 

I told Ben that he should be proud of his fiancée's steadfastness. He 
looked at me with his brown eyes and nodded. He had bushy brows and dark, 
shaggy hair. It was fairly long, but still much shorter than mine. He had 
kept the tan boots from the hike, but changed into a khaki hooded top and 

My gaze shifted to the heavier built Brian, who had blue eyes, short, dirty 
blonde, curly hair and thin lips. Under the unflattering, bulky, white suit 
I could see a white polo shirt and he wore ditto colored shoes. 

I finally had a closer look at Fran, whose long legs, slender body, 
striking, oval face, stunning green eyes and full, sensual lips really 
should be more than enough attractive attributes to ensure her a great 
career in the modeling business, but in addition she also had a secret 
weapon: her medium length, chestnut hair! The last time I saw her, it had 
been braided anonymously into two pig tails, but now it hung down freely in 
a cute bob. Wow! She looked so much hotter with that hair style, almost 
like a different person; dressed in a dark green sweater, tight beige pants 
and gorgeous, black suede, peep toe and kitten heeled stilettos. 

"Normally, I don't wear anything on my lips, since I'm allergic to most 
products...," I heard her say to Kelli Ann in her sultry, southern smoker's 
voice, "...but tonight I thought that maybe some ruby gloss would look 
classy and appropriate." 

Almost as if she was illustrating her last statement, she opened a pack of 
Lucky Strikes and gently balanced one in her beautiful mouth. Her lips 
formed red curves above and below the filter before her tongue slowly moved 
it sideways to an off center position. Once again I couldn't avoid thinking 
how much sexier an already attractive woman looks as soon as a she gets a 
cigarette in her mouth... 

Brian clicked his wife's lighter and brought it up to her eagerly waiting 
cigarette. Fran took a huge initial drag, inhaled and let the smoke slowly 
slide out of her mouth. As usual she kept her exhale as far away from Rose 
as possible. 

Kelli Ann knew very well the impact Fran's hot smoking style would have on 
me, so she felt compelled to follow suit. She kept the next puff deep down 
in the lower regions of her lungs until she finally was forced to release 
the smoke and she chose to do it in a long, razor sharp stream. I was not 
the only man staring at her when she closed her eyes, took another draw and 
breathed in deeply. Each time she inhaled, her full breasts rose, and they 
only receded to their former position when the smoke started to swirl 
around her face and created a halo that levitated upwards. Her hip touched 
mine and some seconds later I could feel a shoeless, stockinged foot brush 
sensually against my calf. 

I moved so close to her that even through the predominant smell of tobacco 
and her alluring perfume; I could clearly feel the odor of strong alcohol 
on her breath. She was dressed in a red silk gown and high heeled sandals. 
Her hair was styled in a Spanish updo, which revealed that a pair of long, 
dangly, dazzling sapphire drop earrings performed a sparkling dance on her 
smooth, bronze skin whenever she laughed or moved her head. The unicorn 
pendant on her silver necklace had already started to play peekaboo from 
inside her voluptuous, V shaped cleavage. One hand had a firm grip around 
her drink, while the other held the cigarette loosely between the tips of 
two fingers. 

It didn't take long, however, until she had lifted it up to her mouth and 
drawn hungrily on it again. This time she purposely exhaled the cloud 
directly in my face and everybody laughed, except Rose, who demonstratively 
sulked while pouring more milk into her coffee. "I'm not allowed to drink 
alcohol and now I can't even smoke, either!" she mumbled bitterly. "Fuck, 
Ben, I'm dying for a smoke! I really am! I need a cigarette! Please go and 
buy me a pack of Winstons!" 

"You know very well that you can't smoke while you're pregnant, sweetie," 
her fiancé said quietly, "but I knew that this moment would arrive, so I'm 
prepared!" He extracted a pack of nicotine patches from his pocket and 
grabbed her arm. Rose leaned heavily on him and sobbed gently while he 
attached a patch. 

"I think that it's time for us to call it a day," said Ben and helped his 
pregnant girlfriend to her feet. The rest of us agreed, and in the elevator 
we all hugged and wished each other good night. 

I was already lying in bed when my wife returned from the bathroom to put 
on a private strip show for me. While she undressed, the cigarette dangled 
as she dragged, inhaled and let the smoke escape in a series of very sexy 
nostril exhales. This aroused me tremendously, and I felt my cock harden 
when she took an enormous drag and finally brought the lipstick stained 
filter away from her mouth. A huge, creamy ball appeared instantly before 
she suddenly snapped it back into her lungs. She held the smoke deep inside 
for as long as it took her to unhook her bra and throw it away. Kelli Ann 
then released a thick stream before she slid down beside me, took off her 
panties, blew more smoke my way and spread her legs wide open in an 
inviting gesture... 

On Sunday morning we woke up late, relaxed a bit and enjoyed a room service 
brunch around 11ish. Then we packed our things and paid the bill. The 
receptionist told us that the other couples had checked out and left many 
hours ago. As we pulled out of the canyon, Kelli Ann looked lovingly at me 
and reached down with slow casualness to pick up the almost empty soft 
pack. Her blonde mane was restrained by an elastic band and her skin was 
radiant. Just before the dark shades slid down from her hair and blocked 
her blue eyes from my view, I noticed that her make up let them stand out 
in a perfect way. She wore blood red pants that puckered around her private 
parts and showed the contour of her camel toe, while her white shirt was so 
tight that it was about to burst open at the top. The two garments were 
held in place by a cowboy style belt with a Batman buckle. 

She pressed in the car lighter before she elegantly shook out a cigarette 
and placed it between her lips. As soon as the lighter popped out, she 
moved the glowing end to her cigarette. She curled up a smile around it 
before she inhaled. 

As always, the Jeep obeyed the command of Kelli Ann's high heeled right 
foot's strong, even pressure on the accelerator. It responded by keeping 
our speed well above the limit. When my wife had finished her cigarette, 
she crushed it out and flipped the visor down to keep the sun away just as 
we reached the highway. 

About an hour later we made a stop at a gas station. After filling up the 
Jeep, Kelli Ann picked up her purse and we began walking towards the 
entrance. We pushed open the heavy door and were met by a rush of stale, 
climate controlled air. Kelli Ann gave the attendant a quick smile and took 
a carton of cigarettes from a display next to the counter. While her card 
was being approved, she glanced over her shoulder at a small group of men 
in blue overalls, black leather boots, differently colored flannel shirts 
and faded caps, whose conversation had stopped abruptly with slack jaws the 
very moment she stepped inside. Obviously these woman-deprived, veteran 
lumberjacks were working even on a Sunday and having their lunch break at 
the gas station, the only civilized spot for miles around. Kelli Ann smiled 
politely at them and as she bent over to sign the receipt, she purposely 
made sure that her cute little ass wiggled just enough to keep the old dogs 
from closing their mouths again... 

Back in the Jeep, Kelli Ann opened the carton, put one pack in her purse 
and stacked the rest neatly inside the console. She gunned the engine, but 
as we were about to leave the parking area, her eyes seemed to be fixed on 
the old timers, who now had exited the building and were headed for a 
shabby, double cabin pickup truck, presumably to continue their work 
somewhere deep in the wilderness. They all smoked, but one of them 
performed a strange ritual that had caught my wife's observant eye. Before 
lighting his cigarette, he had broken off the filter. 

"Wow! That looks so cool! I want to try it, too!" she exclaimed as she 
copied the lumberjack's trick. She put the undamaged end between her lips. 
"Thank you, Vince," she said as I clicked the lighter. Then she pulled 
greedily. Without the filter's resistance, she rapidly sucked more than a 
quarter inch off of the cigarette and then inhaled deeply. Too deeply! A 
series of heavy coughs shook her well-filled and athletic body when much 
stronger and harsher smoke than she was used to tried to enter her lungs in 
huge amounts. But it suddenly came curling back out of her nostrils in 
thick, mostly uninhaled bursts and the gray haze in the Jeep became even 
denser than before, while the vehicle swerved and jerked. I grabbed the 
steering wheel just in time and we barely missed a light pole before Kelli 
Ann started to regain her posture. She had tears in her eyes, but nothing 
could stop her from trying it again and the tip brightened as she took 
another drag. She was, however, much more careful this time. 

"It gives you an extra kick, but I think that I will go back to smoking my 
cigarettes in a normal way," she finally gasped as she snubbed out her 
first and only attempt to smoke a non filtered version of a Virginia Slim. 
She tossed her golden locks back over her shoulder just as we reentered the 
highway and the sun disappeared in the horizon. 

"It looks much better, too. With a long, white, filtered cigarette in your 
hand, a picture of you could easily be a Virginia Slims ad in a woman's 

"Do you really think so?" she asked and arched one eye brow, like she 
didn't quite believe me. 

"That filterless stunt of yours could have got us killed, Kel," I 

"Yeah, I know, but I just had to taste the difference. It looked so awesome 
when that lumberjack did it!" she admitted, laughing as she started to 
prepare her next cigarette and she gave me a heart stopping smile before 
she puffed it to life. It looked so perfectly natural in her hand, held 
carefully between two fingers. I never grow tired of watching the lipstick 
on her filter and the way she props it up while bending her wrist. 

She followed my stare and glanced down at her cigarette, too, before she 
took another hungry drag, inhaled with a deep breath and looked at me for a 
long time over the top of her shades. Then she exhaled slowly and her eyes 
slid back to the road ahead. 

We eventually pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. Just before 
entering the place, my wife sucked the last out of her cigarette and 
dropped it to the ground. I heard a sizzling sound when it hit a puddle. 

It was dim inside and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust properly. 
An unusually tall and skinny waitress walked over to seat us and give us 
the menus. She wasn't really that old, but with her narrow face, long neck, 
short, unkempt hair and beady eyes set close together under heavy brows, 
she actually looked like a ferret. Even her musky smell reminded me of a 
rodent. What a contrast to her attractive colleagues at the hotel. 

"Marinated king prawns with chili sauce...and a beer," I said and looked at 
Kelli Ann. 

"Mixed green salad, lemon peel dressing and ice tea." The ugly waitress 
nodded and walked off. I glanced over at Kelli Ann as she let her breath 
out in a long sigh and reached for a cigarette. We didn't even bother to 
ask if we had been seated in the smoking section. 

We were back on the road again just in time to witness the glow from the 
sun starting to fade and stars soon began to surface, one by one, until I 
could see hundreds of brilliant points on the Milky Way's celestial canopy 

Kelli Ann tapped ash, brought the cigarette back to her lips and snapped 
the smoke open mouthed into her lungs. A thick cloud was followed by a 
sultry French inhale. Although I tried desperately, this time I couldn't 
prevent my cock from twitching in my pants. 

I knew that it was too dark for Kelli Ann to see the movement, but somehow 
she still must have felt it, because her hand found exactly the right spot 
and my dick quickly grew bigger under the gentle strokes from her slender 
fingers. She looked at me again and said playfully: "I have a certain 
feeling that I'm really getting you aroused!" 

She continued to French inhale and exhale in a diversity of sexy ways. The 
tip flared brightly and lit her eyes every time she took a drag. "Please 
let me know if I'm making you uncomfortable, Vince," she said jokingly as 
she finished her cigarette. "Why don't you unzip your pants and let the 
bird out of the cage?" She didn't wait for my answer, but literally took 
the matter in her own hand. My almost completely erect manhood sprang free 
from its confines and it soon swelled to its maximum extent under her 
expert caresses. But just as I was about to explode, she let go of my 
shaft, lit another cigarette and toyed with it. I sat flabbergasted in my 
seat and could hardly believe my eyes. Where on earth had this hot, smoking 
seductress with such a nifty sex drive come from? 

"Doesn't it turn you on when you see smoke flow softly from my sexy lips, 
Vince?" she teased and winked at me while blowing smoke rings. But before I 
could collect my brain to stammer anything, she had already pulled over, 
stopped the engine, unbuckled her seat belt, taken another huge puff and 
started to give my laden prick a smoky make over. Holy Moses; that was it! 
Hot sperm shot up the length of my pecker and erupted wildly inside her 
mouth as Kelli Ann chuckled, but continued her deep throat blow job! She 
moaned softly as cum began to leak out through the corner of her lips along 
with some smoke. Finally, she lifted her head from my crotch and my balls 
emptied the rest of their load all over her face! I opened the glove 
compartment and grabbed some paper tissue, but she stopped me and indicated 
that she wanted to lick the sperm off my glans first. When I finally was 
allowed to wipe her face clean, she clasped the smoldering cigarette 
restlessly between her fingers while waiting for an opportunity to take the 
next drag. 

"Now it's your turn, Vince!" She didn't have to say that twice. Almost 
before she had finished her sentence, I had released Batman and his cowboy 
band, and sent them on a forceful flight to the rear of the Jeep, 
unbuttoned her pants and buried my lips deep in the heart of her misty rain 
forest. She moaned again when I started to suck her swollen clit while 
squeezing my hands under the tight shirt to grope her fabulous tits. She 
was already so aroused that it only took a few seconds before her body 
spasmed in the first of many orgasmic contractions. Throughout the entire 
ordeal I could feel and hear that she was smoking furiously. I found it 
increasingly hard to breathe through my partially blocked nose, but I 
ardently continued my night shift at the entrance to her dripping, steaming 
hot love tunnel until she finally went limp. My eyes were stinging, my ears 
were ringing and I swear that I could hear angels singing as I gasped for 
air and looked up just as she exhaled a monster plume, which added 
considerably to the already pretty dense smoke in the Jeep. I was shocked 
to find out how thick it really was when I opened the door to let in some 
fresh air and the smoke was drawn out of the car like a torrent of water in 
a raging mountain stream. 

I was in charge of the radio for the rest of the trip, which was rather 
uneventful. We only stopped once, to have a quick snack. Kelli Ann was so 
relaxed that she obeyed the speed limit for a change. After a while we fell 
silent and I may even have dozed off a little, while she let the Jeep bring 
us safely back home. Most of the time I rested my eye on her hand, where 
one cigarette after another lazily burned itself to ashes between the index 
and middle fingers. But the twinkle in her eye, lit by the faint glow each 
time she lifted the hand up to her sensual lips and took a long, satisfying 
drag, inhaled and slowly exhaled the smoke, told me that she was enjoying 
the trip just as much as I was... 

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