Kelly - Smoking Hot Model

(by anonymous21, 16 June 2007)

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Kelly - Smoking Hot Model

Sandy was tall and thin and wore her beautiful long blond hair pulled back in
a pony tail.  Other then a few small wrinkles, she still had the same nearly
perfect complexion and large firm breasts which had won her several beauty
and talent pageants when she was younger.  Sandy's professional modeling days
were over, but she supported her 14 year old daughter Kelly's modeling,
nearly constantly.  Like her mother, Kelly participated in, and until
recently won, most of the many beauty and talent pageants she entered, which
was no surprise, as she, like her mother, was tall, thin and beautiful, with
disproportionally large breasts.  Kelly was also like her mother in one other
way, she began openly smoking on her 14th birthday, which she celebrated
nearly a month earlier.

Sandy was becoming concerned with Kelly's pageant results, since she had not
won a single pageant since beginning to smoke.  When Sandy participated in
pageants back in the 80's, smoking was much more accepted and in fact many of
the competitors smoked.  Sandy remembers the changing and make up rooms where
she and the other competitors prepared for competitions always had a blue
smoky haze in the air, as the nervous competitors tried to steady their
nerves before the competitions. Today the changing rooms have large "No
Smoking" signs posted and Kelly has been forced to go outside, often on or
around loading docks, to smoke her Virginia Slim Menthol 120's.  If the
inside smoking bans were not enough, Kelly's smoking, which is effecting no
one but her, has been seen by other competitors and their parents, and the
judges have been notified.  Although there are currently no specific rules
about competitors smoking, the rules committee will be meeting to consider
adding such a rule, to go into effect next season.  In the meantime it seems
ironic that Kelly's consistent first and second place finishes have been
replaced with nothing better then a fifth since she began smoking.

Kelly is a third generation smoker, following in the foot steps of her
mother, Sandy, and her grandmother, Linda, who just celebrated both her 62nd
birthday and the smoking of an estimated 1 million cigarettes, just last
week.  All three women took to smoking easily and naturally. Sandy and
Linda's desire and natural ability to smoke increasingly more seems to be
shared by young Kelly, who is able to easily smoke an entire pack in a day,
when she is not in school or competing.  Interestingly, while most smokers
feel they can quit at any time, most find they are not able to.  Kelly is
unique: during the week, she will typically smoke only a couple of cigarettes
in the morning before going to school but then will not smoke for nearly 6
hours until she gets home.  Several of her friends have noticed her apparent
lack of addiction and asked why she smokes, to which she replies as
effortlessly as she inhales, "I smoke because I enjoy smoking, not because I
need to smoke".

She is fairly popular in school, especially with the guys, who all seem to
find her slim and stacked body, blond hair and beautiful face hard to ignore.
The fact she smokes has turned a few guys away, but several other have openly
commented on how sexy she looks holding the long, thin VS120 between her
fingers.  Jealousy from many of the others girls has also limited her
popularity, but by far her biggest enemies are, surprisingly, other smokers,
followed by those the strong anti-smoking proponents.  She did not quite
understand why other smokers did not like her until one of them opened up and
shared how jealous they were of how well she smoked.  Unlike many of the
other teens that smoke, her inhales are truly inhales, drawing the creamy
smoke deep down into her lungs, not just into her mouth.  This allows Kelly
to produce multiple thick exhales that are much longer then the other kids'.
All her life Kelly has watched her mother, father, grandmother, aunts and
uncles all inhale without any apparent difficulty, so when she started
smoking, she inhaled almost immediately and had no negative reactions.  Until
her mom explained that most smokers take months to build up to long deep
inhales, it was hard for Kelly to understand why the other smokers could not
produce the same thick multiple exhales she always produced, and that was
where the jealously came from.

Kelly has found a balance that allows her to continue doing the two things
she enjoys the most, smoking and competing in beauty and talent pageants.
She competes nearly every weekend, but from the moment she arrives at the
competition until she leaves, she does not smoke at all.  As far as all the
other contestants and more importantly the judges know, she is not a smoker.
As a result, she has climbed back into the winner's circle at most of the
events she competes in.  Her participation has also caught the eye of many
talents scouts, which has resulted in her being offered many auditions for
commercials and be a product spokesmodel. While her nearly perfect complexion
has resulted in numerous audition offers from skin care product manufactures,
the largest percentage of offers come from companies looking to capture the
audience's attention with a shapely young women.

The increased demands being placed on Kelly's time and the requirement to
frequently audition on weekdays has most recently resulted in her having to
stop attending public school, and instead be home schooled and tutored.
While at home studying or just hanging out she smokes, however when at an
audition, she employs a somewhat modified version of the "No Smoking" policy
she adopted when competing.  Basically, upon arriving at an audition, she
will assess the environment and has become quite skilled at knowing when her
smoking would jeopardize her chances of getting a part, or if smoking would
have no impact.  If in doubt, she does not smoke. If she sees other actors
and actresses smoking or sees the client she is auditioning for smoking, she
usually will feel free to light up.  As a result of her mom telling her that
some people are excited by the site of a smoker, Kelly has also learned when
it is to her advantage to smoke and believes she had secured several jobs
because she smoked.

As Kelly's modeling career continued to grow, she soon found she was
receiving more offers for auditions and requests to appear at events then she
was able to support.  By her 18th birthday, she no longer had time to
participate in pageants and competitions, but word of mouth and referrals
fueled her growing popularity.  Having more opportunities than time, it was
no surprise that Kelly chose opportunities that allowed her to smoke before,
after, and (in some rare cases) during the shoot or event.  She became a
favorite at events that drew large crowds of men, such as hunting, car, and
motorcycle shows as well as sporting events, where she would work in the
merchandise trailers.  She really enjoyed these events, since the organizers
encouraged her to dress in clothes that emphasized her body.  She looked
great in whatever she wore, but tight jeans or spandex shorts along with a
snug tee-shirt or other "skimpy" top, embossed with the sponsor's logo, was
the norm.  She also was free to smoke and took full advantage of that

Being able to pick and choose her assignments, Kelly was now smoking nearly
all day, everyday.  As a result she was beginning to lose the ability she
once had to not smoke when it was not acceptable or allowable.  The first
time this presented a problem was when she was forced to fly to a distant
assignment. Since smoking was not allowed once she checked in, she found it
difficult and unenjoyable to fly.  As she had done before, she quickly found
a solution to the problem at hand.  Since she had more money then she knew
what do with, she purchased a 35 foot diesel mobile home and hired a driver
to drive her to her assignments.  This allowed her to smoke as much and as
often as she wanted. Ironically the driver found Kelly's smoking, which was
now nearly constant, very erotic. As you might expect, Kelly and her male
driver, Craig, became romantically interested in one another and were soon
married.  Almost immediately after being married, Kelly became pregnant.

Although her doctor urged her to quit or at the very least cut back, Kelly
continued to smoke through her entire pregnancy, just as her mom and her
Mom's mom both had done when they were pregnant.  Kelly arranged her busy
schedule so that she would not be working her final month of pregnancy, or
the first two months after the baby was due.  On August 2, Kelly worked her
last event and then she and Craig drove back to their new home, which was
nestled in the woods on a 50 acre plot of land at the base of a mountain.
After resting and enjoying the beautiful scenery around the new home for a
couple of days, Craig got to work preparing the baby's bedroom.  Kelly was
still feeling good and insisted on helping out as much as she could, however
she did enjoy napping in the afternoons.  After a couple of weeks, the
bedroom was painted, a nursery boarder was placed around to top of all the
walls, a new crib was assembled, and the changing table stocked with diapers,
baby wipes, lotions, ointments and powders.  A final trip to the doctor for a
check-up two weeks before the due date showed a healthy baby still growing
inside Kelly. The doctor was very upset, however, to hear and smell that
Kelly had not given up smoking. Kelly apologized and promised to not smoke
anymore, which seemed to make the doctor feel better and spared her from a
repeat lecture on the dangers of smoking while pregnant, which she had been
given during all her prior visits.  After a final check and measurement, the
doctor predicted the baby should be born right about on its due date and sent
Kelly and Craig on their way.  

No sooner had the car left the doctor's office parking lot when Kelly lit up
another cigarette.  Craig looked at her and reminded her of what she had told
the doctor.  She looked at Craig and laughed as she said, "He did not let me
finish my sentence".  Craig gave her a puzzled look so Kelly explained.  "I
was going to say I would not smoke anymore... after I got to the hospital".
Craig and Kelly both laughed, but little did they know going to the hospital
would happen sooner then thought.  That evening, as Kelly lay on the couch
and watched TV as she enjoyed a cigarette, she felt something strange, and
noticed a large amount of fluid leaking from her vaginal area. While she lay
there, Craig left a message on the doctor's voice mail and a short while
later, the doctor called back. Kelly explained what had happened and the
doctor told her to go to the hospital and he would meet her there.  Kelly was
quickly admitted and moved to the maternity ward.  At 1:37 am Kelly gave
birth to 6 pound, 12 oz. Tristan Rose Taylor.

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