Lady Nicole

(by anonymous20, 13 May 2007)

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Lady Nicole
Part 1

The big room was mostly dark, except for the suffused light coming from few
candlesticks. Lady Nicole, seated on the couch had a glass of wine in one
hand and a freshly lighted cigarette between the fingers as dressed in black,
with a classy sexy outfit, arrogant and completely in control of the
situation. She was consuming her usual meal, feeding on my fears and worries,
tasting the strong sensation of power over me. She was 42, her beauty and
glamour intact, her personality stronger than ever. I was 16 back then, my
fresh and perfect body a magnet for her vices and fantasies, my apparent
pureness something to cancel with her particular treatments.

How did I get into this?

Looking at myself in one of the many mirrors around the room I almost
couldnīt recognize myself... my freshly cut short black hairs, the heavy
make-up, the slutty red dress leaving nothing to imagination...she did want
me like that... I felt so naughty that for a moment I forgot I didnīt
accomplished either of the two tasks my mistress ordered me to do the week

"Come forward, you bitch!"

I moved towards her, observing my mistress slowly bringing her cigarette to
her lips and dragging hard, closing her eyes, savouring the moment and
following that with a surprisingly perfect snap inhale. With just a brief
look I saw the red and white pack of Marlboro 100īs on the table before
her. She looked at me with a devious smile.

"Now tell me, you dirty young whore...were you able to completely fulfill my

The smoke came out from her nose and mouth, following her words. I turned my
head to the floor, embarassed and worried.

"Answer me!"

"Lady Nicole, Iīm so sorry...I...I didnīt succeed in one of the two..."

"Thatīs unacceptable!!"

"I know Lady...but I had other matters with my parents and I didnīt find the
courage to confess to them I want to be a smoker..."

"Do you think you can avoid my punishment with your pathetic excuses?! So you
didnīt succeed in finally declaring yourself a smoker in front of
everyone...thatīs really disappointing...I guess you donīt like smoking too
much after all...maybe you could stay here all evening without a cigarette,

"I have no valid excuses, Lady. Punish me as you please."

"Of course Iīll punish you! I donīt need your suggestion!"

She dragged on the Marlboro hard, inhaling deeply and keeping the smoke
inside for some seconds before releasing an endless stream of smoke from her
nose. God, I was dying for a cigarette myself...right there...right
then....that strange taste...the smoke sucked into my young clean lungs...the
sensation...that sensation... I was trying to understand whether she was
serious with her intention to deny my cigarettes all night, then I realized
her second request for me this week was had to produce a perfect creamy big
snap inhale, copying her tecnique, so at least she would have given me a least one...I really needed it! During the past week as always I
had really to struggle to be able to smoke even a little bit, having to steal
cigarettes from my mother and hiding wherever I felt safe, the park or the
garage. I tried snap inhales almost with every drag and I felt I did quite
well but I didnīt have the chance to smoke in front of a mirror, therefore it
was difficult to say if my snaps were really good enough. Of course the
standard Lady Nicole had set with her example was hard to attain. She ordered
me to get down on my knees and crawl like a dog to her, while she lit another
cigarette. I drew next to her.

"Now Iīm going to let you have a drag, just to let you show me your snap
inhale...savour it, useless pussy, since I donīt know if youīll get any more
chances to smoke tonight...You better show me you fulfilled at least one of
my requests!"

She held the cigarette in her fingers, making me drag from it in that
position. When I practised my smoking the last few days I was moslty seated,
relaxed, keeping the cigarette in my fingers; now I was unconfortable,
nervous and Lady Nicole wasnīt going to let me have the cigarette by myself.
In few words...well, I messed up, and my snap was quite awful; worse, I
guess, than most of the ones I performed in my solitary smoking moments. At
least the sweet smoke entering my chest left its nicotine in my lungs, making
me quiver with pleasure. She looked at me, furious as I had never seen her,
taking my face with her hand.

"Youīre in trouble, dirty slut! Thatīs zero out of you need a
lesson! Go to your place!"

My place was a training bench where normally I had to lay on my stomach,
waiting for my dose of spanking.

"Donīt think youīll get out of this situation with a mere spanking tonight
girl! You need a harder lesson this time...a much harder one!"

I positioned myself on the bench and tried to have a brief look behind me,
seeing her surrounded by a cloud of smoke.

"Donīt you dare look!"

I turned my head and felt her hand lifting my dress and lowering my slip; a
constant state of arousal embraced me, while I waited for the punishment. She
spanked me four or five times, lighter than in the past. I was surprised,
since she seemed really mad before. Then she got in front of me and I got a
shock... she had a strap-on attached to her waist, a black thin latex cock
she was keeping in one hand.

"Now tell me... are you still a virgin?"

I nodded.

"So much the worse for you! I guess I would have to get it somewhere else

Oh my! Was she serious? Wasnīt this getting a little bit too weird? I asked
myself these questions but I was getting so wet and excited from the whole
situation I decided to stay there and see what was coming. Lady Nicole handed
me her cigarettes and the ashtray.

"Come on, arenīt you dying for one? Train with a Marlboro while I fuck your
tight ass...youīll need the distraction.

I had to decide what to do...Theoretically I could simply get up, change my
clothes, wash my face and go home, but her will was so strong and the whole
situation was so nasty...finally I decided to live this experience to the
fullest. My mistress moved behind me, moving my waist higher so that my
beautiful ass was higher. My body trembled with pleasure when I felt some
sort of fluid between my butt cheeks; then Lady Nicole started rubbing the
head of the small dildo around my secret hole. I got a cigarette out of the
pack and I lit it, inhaling deeply and letting it dangling between my lips,
smoke escaping from my nose.

"Relax, whore! Iīm gonna get it inside..."

I felt the pressure of the dildo against my anus; letting out a deep moan of
pain. I felt it sliding slowly inside, stretching the small hole. I dragged
hard on the Marlboro, feeling my mouth filling with sweet smoke; I took out
the cigarette and I closed my lips, exhaling from my nose. The thick smoke in
my body spread its pleasure into my mind, battling against the pain coming
from my ass. Then, after two or three minutes something so good and so not
expected happened, the pain slowly subsided and I started to feel pleasure,
not only from the cigarette but also from my ass. I couldnīt believe it, the
mistress was now slowly moving the dildo in my anus, helped by the big amount
of lubricant and also by the fact I was now relaxed and open. The pleasure
was all around my lower parts, my pussy was dripping and I was rubbing my
clit against the bench, with a slow almost imperceptible movement. Lady
Nicole realized I was moaning and clearly now enjoying the treatment and
started insulting me.

"Look at this slut! You love having your ass drilled, huh? Youīre just a
cheap whore!"

I chained into a second cigarette and double dragged on it, inhaling the
biggest amount of smoke I ever inhaled; my body responded, starting on its
way to a marvellous climax. Lady Nicole understood and started pumping hard;
I took another big drag and kept the smoke inside as much as I could, while
my pussy initiated the most mind numbling orgasm I ever experienced. The
climax lasted for an incredible time, prolonged by the dildo pushes and by my
crazy drags on the Marlboro 100. Finally I crushed the cigarette in the
ashtray and the mistress extracted the dildo from my hole, leaving me
exhausted, dripping from my pussy onto the bench.

"I canīt believe how slutty you are! You came like a whore...that was not a
punishment for you, right? get up and go away! Youīll receive email
instructions tomorrow"

I slowly turned and stood up, feeling now a light pain in my ass...without
saying a word I left.....  

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