Lisa's Smoking Adventure

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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                   Lisa's Smoking Adventure
  Lisa woke up early one morning to sounds of her Mom and someone talking in
the living room.

She wandered into the hallway by the living room and saw her Mom and a lady
sitting on the sofa, and the lady had her arm around Lisa's mother.  That is
strange, Lisa thought, she had never seen two women sitting so close.  The
lady lit up a long white cigarette and offered one to Lisa's Mom.  To Lisa's
surprise her Mom took the cigarette and accepted a light, to the best of her
knowledge her Mom did not smoke.  But her Mom took a long drag and exhaled
and seemed to enjoy it.  Then the lady leaned over and kissed her mother full
on the lips.  Lisa watched as they were in a lip lock that seemed to last
forever.  Wow, was her mother a lesbian?  And a smoker too?  She was puzzled
and excited all at the same time.  Lisa was 11 and thought that they looked
so sexy.  She wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl and smoke a

  The next day Lisa's Mom was out of the house, she walked into the kitchen
and spied a carton of Virginia Slims 120's on the table.  She decided to try
a cigarette, so she took a pack and some matches and went to her room.  She
opened the pack, and held the cigarette in her fingers, she loved the way it
looked so sexy in her small fingers.  She struck a match and lit the
cigarette, the smoke tasted wonderful, she could not wait to tell her friend
Sue that she smoked.  So Lisa called Sue on the phone. "Hello, Sue." 

  "Yes Lisa."
  "Guess what I am doing?"
  "What is that?"
  "I am smoking a cigarette."  There was silence, Lisa's friend Sue was ten
years old and had not expected that comment.

  "No way! You smoke?  What is wrong with you, that is bad"
  "I love it, you want to come over and smoke with me?"
  "I can't come over right now I am meeting Karen at the park."  Karen was
another 10 year old friend.  With that they said good bye and Lisa hung up.
 She took a drag from her cigarette and thought to herself, maybe I can meet
them at the park and show them that I really can smoke.

  Lisa walked through the park and spotted Sue and Karen sitting on a bench.
 She joined them and said hi to both of them.  Lisa reached into her pocket
and retrieved her Virginia Slims and some matches, and lit one up.  

"God, that feels good!"  The two other girls just stared at her.            

"What is wrong, haven't you ever seen a girl smoke?"  

  "Not you or any of my friends," said Sue.

  "I think it is sexy," Karen said, "Can I have a cigarette?, I have always
wanted to smoke."  Lisa handed Karen the pack and Karen fished out a long
cigarette and got a light from Lisa.  "Wow, I am smoking a cigarette, I love

  "How does your Mom feel about your smoking?" Sue said.
  "Where do you think I got the cigarettes?  My Mom smokes so she should not
mind if I smoke."

  "That is good Lisa, because there she is walking toward us."  Lisa looked
up and sure enough her Mom was walking right toward them, maybe her Mom would
comment on how sexy she looked smoking.  She took a long drag of her
cigarette and waived.  

  "Just what do you think you are doing young lady?" Lisa's Mom said sternly.
  Lisa smiled and said, "Smoking a cigarette with my friends, I got them from

  "Yes I did start smoking, my new friend Sara offered me one and I like it,
but I am old enough to smoke and you are not."

  "You mean your new girlfriend, I saw you two kissing."  Lisa's mother just
stared for a second as Lisa's two friends looked on in disbelief.  

Karen, who still had her cigarette in her hand looked up and innocently
asked, "Are you a lesbian, Mrs Johnson?"  Lisa's Mom just couldn't take it
any longer her daughter had embarrassed her.  She grabbed Lisa's arm and
said, "That is it young lady."  Lisa started crying and pleading because she
know what was coming. 

  "No, Mommy, wait till we get home, please." Lisa cried.
  "You should have thought of that before you embarrassed me girl."  Lisa's
Mom sat down on the bench and pulled Lisa over her lap.  She raised her hand
and spanked Lisa hard, and kept spanking her.  All Lisa could do was kick her
legs and cry and say she was sorry.  A crowd was gathering, a lot of them
were Lisa's classmates, and they were all laughing.  "Now who is
embarrassed?" Lisa's Mom said as she continued to spank Lisa.

  "I am sorry, please stop, you are hurting me."  Lisa blubbered between sobs
and her kicking.  The spanking finally ended and Lisa's Mom let her up and
told her to go home and think of what she had done.  Lisa got up, still
crying, and ran out of the park, and all the way home, crying all the way.
Mrs Johnson stood up and glared at the other two girls and walked away.  When
she was gone Sue said to Karen, I guess she didn't want her to smoke.  They
both laughed but then Sue noticed that during the spanking Lisa's cigarettes
and matches had fallen out of her pocket.  Sue picked them up.

 "Are you going to throw them away, Sue?"  Karen asked?
  "I think I want to smoke one now, I want to smoke with you."  Sue got two
cigarettes out handed one to Karen and lit a match.  She lit her own and then
Karen's cigarette.

  "What changed your mind, Sue?"
  "You and Lisa looked so sexy smoking, it made me hot.  And while Lisa got
spanked, it excited me so much."

  "The spanking?"
  "Yeah, the spanking, the smoking, the talk of lesbians."
  "I have always had crushes on both you and Lisa."  Sue puffed on her
cigarette just the way she had seen Lisa do it so sexually. 

  "You, uh, like me?  In a girlfriend, uh, sort of way?"
  "Yes, Karen, I always have."
  "That is funny, I have always liked you."  Karen puffed nervously on her
Virginia Slim.  Sue took Karen's hand and moved it up to her lips, and kissed
it softly, Then Karen moved close to Sue and put her arms around her
girlfriend and kissed her deep on the lips.  It was the first kiss for both
of them and they enjoyed it.

To be continued...

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