Looking for Ms. Good Dangle, Part 1

(by anonymous7, 05 August 2002)

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Looking for Ms. Good Dangle - Part 1

   I am a 24-year-old man looking for Ms. Good Dangle - a little like the
movie, "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" but with a different twist.  I cruise bars
in search of my perfect woman.  Luckily, I have been blessed with a handsome
face, a tall, muscular body and the gift of gab that makes it pretty easy to
pick up any girl I want.  I am very particular though.  My perfect woman will
be beautiful in face and body, have a great personality and be adventurous in
bed.  She must also be a heavy smoker.  

   There are more specific qualifications regarding smoking.  My perfect woman
must smoke at least two packs a day.  They should not be light cigarettes
either.  She must love to smoke and need to smoke.  She must enjoy smoking
hands-free and have a particular dangling style.  I love the look of a young
woman with a cigarette hanging loosely from the corner of her mouth.  I love
to watch the action of her lips as they close around the cigarette, her cheeks
hollow with a slow deep drag, then her lips part as she inhales through her
lips or, better yet, a French inhale through her nose as the cigarette returns
to its low-hanging position to wait a few seconds for the exhale.  I
particularly like to watch the ash grow longer and longer and finally break
off and fall from her dangling cigarette.  I like to see her smoke long
cigarettes, at least 100 mm, but I especially like it when the cigarette is
smoked right down to the filter while it is still in her mouth.  Of course, if
she happens to be on top of me in bed while she smokes like this, all the
better.  I love to French kiss and the smell of a heavy smoker's breath and
the taste of her mouth with fresh smoke on her tongue are great turn-ons for
me.  My perfect woman must confident and committed with her dangling smoking
style and never be self conscious about the way she tastes or smells.   
   When you pick up a girl in a public place, you can't always tell what kind
of smoker she will be behind closed doors.  They often have a different
smoking style in public and private places.  You can usually get a good idea
if she has potential by the way she lights a cigarette.  If she hangs it from
the corner of her mouth and leaves it there for a while before lighting it,
she has potential.  If she leaves it in her mouth while she exhales or puts
her cigarettes and lighter back in her purse, she has definite potential.  I
don't waste my time with women who hold the cigarette to their lips with one
hand while they light it with the other hand.  They seem to be afraid to ever
have an unattended cigarette between their lips.  No dangling potential.  Also
on my list of women that I'm not interested in are the ones who clamp the
cigarette in the center of their mouths with their lips turned in like a
twelve-year old.  When I do pick up a woman and we are at my place or hers, I
don't ask any of them to conform to my particular smoking desires but I
sometimes try to influence them by dangling my own cigarettes or giving her
smoky kisses.  Often times it works and the woman will feel more comfortable
dangling her own cigarette or exchanging smoke with me.  
   Occasionally, I do find a natural dangler and I will turn on all my charm
to have an extended relationship with her.  This is the story of a few of
   One night I went to a dance club and was checking out the scene from the
bar.  The place was full of gorgeous young women, mostly college students.
The dance floor was full but I spotted a beautiful young blond dancing with a
cigarette dangling from her mouth.  I immediately got onto the dance floor to
get a closer look.  She was dancing with two girlfriends so I started to dance
near them while trying to make eye contact with her.  She seemed unimpressed
and turned her attention back to her girlfriends.  They soon left the dance
floor and sat in the back corner.  I waited for another chance to approach
her.  Finally, her friends went to the ladies room and I walked up behind her.
I saw a pack of Newport 100's in front of her and a very full ashtray.  She
put a fresh cigarette in her mouth and I reached around her with my lighter.
She ignored my offer without looking back at me and used her own lighter.  I
introduced myself, speaking into her ear because the music was so loud.  She
looked around at me and warmed up a little.  After a while she told me her
name was Lauren.  She had to practically shout it in my ear and when she did I
caught a whiff of her heavy smoker's breath.  I knew I had to have her and
really turned it on.  As soon as her friends came back a few minutes later,
she announced we were leaving.  I hadn't even asked yet but we both knew we
were going to end up in bed together.  She put her cigarette between her lips
and gathered up her stuff.  She took a last drag and stubbed out her cigarette
in the full ashtray, knocking a couple old butts out onto the table.  We
headed to my car and went to my apartment.
   On the way back, she lit a cigarette and swore, saying she was almost out
of cigarettes.  She asked me to get her some more.  I went into a gas station
and bought her two packs of her Newport 100's.  When I got back to the car,
she was lighting another cigarette from the butt of the first.  She hadn't
opened the window even though it was warm outside and the car was full of
smoke.  I handed her the cigarettes and she seemed a little disappointed that
I only bought two packs.  
   She had many of the attributes of my perfect woman.  She was about a foot
shorter than me and had very nice delicate facial features that were
complimented by her short blond hair.  She said she was a sixth-year senior.
Her parents were pretty well off and put up with her partying and taking light
workloads at school.  Her voice was deep and husky and didn't match her small
   As soon as we got inside my apartment, she turned her face up to mine and
kissed me.  I probed inside her mouth and took in her tastes and odors.  I had
a feeling this was going to be a special girl by the ashtray quality of her
mouth.  I offered her a drink and she accepted.  When I returned from the
kitchen, she was unbuttoning her blouse with a freshly lit cigarette hanging
from the corner of her mouth.  She looked incredibly sexy and I got hard in a
flash.  I was standing in front of her with a drink in each hand and a bulge
in my pants.  She started to rub my chest and then my crotch.  I gave her one
glass and we started to undress each other with our one free hand.  I wanted
to see how long she would keep the cigarette between her lips and if she
seemed comfortable dangling her cigarette as we undressed each other.  I told
her how beautiful and sexy she looked to let her know that I approved of her
style.  I was fascinated by the way her lips looked close up with the
cigarette moving up and down as she inhaled and exhaled or talked to me.  
   We finally had to set our drinks down to get any more clothing off and I
couldn't resist taking the cigarette stub from her lips to probe her mouth
with my tongue.  The cigarette was stuck to her lower lip and it stretched out
about a half inch as I pried it from her lip.  A long ash fell to the floor.
She smelled and tasted delicious as I kissed her deeply.  It took all my
willpower to keep from blowing my load right there.  I held the cigarette back
to her lips and she sucked on it long and hard.  She was probably expecting me
to pull the cigarette from her mouth again so she could inhale but I left it
in the corner of her mouth. As I reached for her almost empty pack of
cigarettes she did a perfect dangling French inhale.  She finished her exhale
and started to draw again on the cigarette.  This time I did take the
cigarette from her lips and replaced it with a fresh one.  I lit it with the
butt of her first cigarette.  With her cigarette bouncing in the side of her
mouth and smoke pouring from her nose and lips, she thanked me and said she
was always chain-smoked when she was in a sexy mood.
   She was incredible in bed.  She started by giving me a smoky blow job
which, unfortunately, didn't last very long because I couldn't hold it.
Then I went down on her for about fifteen minutes.  During that time she was
rarely without a cigarette in her mouth.  She played with the rings in her
pierced nipples while I was busy between her legs.  When I was ready to go
again, she climbed on top of me with a fresh cigarette dangling from her lips.
She puffed away in time with her pelvic thrusts, long and slow at first then
with increasing frequency.  A long ash broke free and fell on my chest as she
came with a loud moan.  I kept going for a couple more minutes until we both
came again.  
   We collapsed on the pillows and I reached over for her pack of smokes.  I
hadn't had one since we entered the apartment.  She took the cigarette from
me and put it between her lips.  I lit her up and she took a deep drag and
clamped her lips on mine for her exhale.  We smoked the entire cigarette that
   I was in heaven.  I had found the perfect woman.  Unfortunately, she had
other ideas.  She said she knew from the first time she saw me staring at her
on the dance floor that I was one of those smoke fetish perverts.  She said
she once had a boyfriend like me and he was only interested in watching her
smoke and she didn't want to go through that again.  Over my objections, she
got out of bed, got dressed and left.  I went back to the club many times
looking for her but I never saw again.  Fortunately, there were lots of other
girls there.
   Late on a slow Wednesday night as I was about to leave, a tall brunette sat
down at the bar.  She pulled a pack of VS 120's out of her purse and ordered
a drink.  She pulled a cigarette from the pack, hung it from the corner of her
lips and started fumbling in her purse for a lighter.  The bartender set her
martini down and gave her a light.  Now she was fumbling in her purse for some
money when I walked over and offered to pay for the drink.  She pulled the
cigarette from her lips and thanked me.  We started talking and I found out
that she was a cocktail waitress at another bar several miles away.  She said
she had come with a girlfriend but she had disappeared with a guy and left her
stranded without a ride.  I thought she was pretty mad because every other
word out of her mouth was a fuck phrase.  I found out later that it was her
normal vocabulary.  
   She was very pretty but she had a hard look to her face and a bitchy
personality.  I was horny and it was getting late so I decided to make a play
for her.  After talking through two drinks and four cigarettes, she finally
decided her girlfriend wasn't coming back for her and she accepted my offer
to drive her home.  She had a roommate who was also a cocktail waitress but
she said she wouldn't be home for at least an hour.
   Even though we both had a lot to drink already, the first thing she did was
to pick up a bottle of vodka, unscrew the top and take several long gulps.
She offered me the bottle but I declined, not wanting to decrease my sexual
performance.  She took her bottle and her purse and led me to her bedroom.
She took another long drink of vodka and set the bottle on her nightstand.  I
was encouraged to see a large ashtray filled with cigarette butts next to the
bottle.  She either didn't like to clean her ashtray regularly or she smoked
very heavily in bed.  She dug out her pack of VS 120's and hung one from the
corner of her lips.  She was cursing about never being able to find her
lighter in her purse and finally went over to the nightstand and pulled open
the drawer saying she always kept one in there.  I saw several dildos in the
drawer when she was looking for her lighter.  Finally she found the lighter
and lit her cigarette.  We undressed but before we started any real activity,
she picked up her bottle and staggered into the bathroom to pee.
   When she came out of the bathroom, the cigarette between her lips was
nearly finished and the bottle was down another two inches.  I had to help her
walk to the bed because she was so drunk.  I propped her head up on several
pillows and pulled the cigarette butt from her lips.  I lit another one of
hers and fitted it between her lips.  I tried to get her to give up her bottle
but she wanted to keep it.  I started kissing her breasts and moved slowly
down between her legs.  As I licked her clit I looked up at her lying back on
the pillows, dangling her cigarette with her eyes closed.  I kept eating her
out for about five minutes without getting much reaction out of her.  Finally
I realized that she had passed out on me. 
   I got dressed but I didn't want to leave while her cigarette was still
smoldering between her widely-parted lips.  A few long ashes had broken off
and were lying on her upper chest but there was still a little tobacco left
before reaching the filter.  I tried to extinguish the remaining butt by
jacking off on her face but my cum shots missed the cigarette and covered her
lips and nose.  By then, her cigarette had burned itself out anyway.  I left
without getting her phone number.  I didn't want to get into any relationship
with a drunk.

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