Marreika, Part 1

(by anonymous14, 26 May 2003)

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      It was a rainy sunday night in Rio, and I was totally bored at home.
The good thing was that we were on our winter college vacation, which lasts a
whole month, so the next day there would be no obligations.
      So I went out to buy some food at a sandwich shop and when I was
heading back home, Alvaro, a friend of mine, called me and told me in an
"almost drunk" voice that he was at an awesome party that Thiago, another
friend, brought him into. It was like a small private rave to commemorate the
birthday of the sweedish consulīs son who was friends with Thiagoīs sister.
      I immediately checked the backseat of my car, because itīs like my
secondary wardrobe, actually itīs more like an emergency clothing supply
spot. And there was one of my favorite "nice party" shirts, perfect to go
with the jeans pants I was wearing. So I changed right away, stopped at a gas
station convenience store  to get a vodka soft drink and then began driving
to my final destination.
      The address given to me directed me to the Alto da Boa Vista which is a
very classy neighborhood on the mountains of Rio, and there was the house. It
was an incredible place with great "party food" and drinks and it really was
a private rave, with great electronic music. The atmosphere was estimulating,
there were only about thirty people, and most of them were very pretty and
      After a few drinks I was really desperate to hook up with a girl and
there was this cute blonde which until then didnīt get too close to me, but I
knew she was speaking a foreign language (other than portuguese, my first
language), which is a really huge plus to me as I have a great attraction to
foreign chicks. She was very charming and it was easy to approach her and
start a good conversation. We talked a lot, about many different subjects and
I got to know her better. Her name was Marreika and she was from a small town
in Germany, near Cologne, and happened to be visiting her sister that was
studying Social Sciences in Rio.
      We chated for about thirty minutes and we ended up kissing, and it was
great. Marreika was a really cute blonde, with blue eyes and an angelical
face, Iīd say she wasnīt perfectly fit, but I canīt describe her like chubby
or something close to that at all.
      After some twenty minutes of kissing and talking, I told her to wait a
little because I wanted to see where my friends were. They had desappeared
from my sight five minutes earlier so I could imagine what they were doing. I
looked around the exterior of the house and quickly found them, and as I
suspected, they were about to smoke a joint. I donīt smoke cigarettes at all,
I actually never tried them. I think they are a perfect item for a woman but
a complete misfit for a man. But even though I deslike the act of inhaling
smoke, a marijuana joint is usually welcome as it presents you with such
pleasant and limitless sensations.
      So I hit a few times the skunk joint and went back in the house to dive
into the arms of Marreika, and there she was... smoking a cigarette. I felt
so atttacted to her in that moment, I just wanted to have sex with her, lick
her, but mostly feel, her white smoke hitting my face. I sat beside her and
we began talking again, and in one moment, just after she took a drag, I
leaned forward as I wanted to kiss her, and said something to her looking
into her eyes. I donīt know why I did that, but I expected her to blow the
smoke in my face, what, as a matter of fact, didnīt happen, she directed her
smoke to my right side. So I thought I wasnīt gonna do that again because she
would probably think I was a weirdo... "Why would a guy approach me always
after I drag on my cigarette?"
      And this was it, I got her sisterīs phone number and told her I was
gonna call and take her to a special sightseeing tour on all the beautiful
beaches that most tourists donīt get to know. We said goodbye kissing
passionately and she gave me a good dick massage with her knee, which I
really appreciated and made me expect a lot more on our sightseeing.
      Next day I called her and we decided that we were gonna meet on Tuesday
for that special tour on Rioīs beaches, and thatīs what happened.
      I picked her up in Leblon, which is a very nice residential area and
started my tour in Barraīs beach, one of the biggest and the one that is the
encounter of the sea and the place I live in Rio. Along the drive on Barraīs
beach, Marreika asked me if it was ok for her to smoke, and I said yes. What
surprised me was that she lit her cigarette, blew a thick cloud of smoke on
my windshield and only after that, she opened her window a little. I wasnīt
very used to seeing that, as most people usually open the window first and
then light their cigarette.
      So we got to Recreio beach (where she extinguished her cigarette), then
to Macumba beach, and finnaly to "Prainha" as we call it. Prainha which means
little beach (itīs not that little at all) is the best surfing spot in Rio
and is kind of far from the most populated areas, and the cool thing is that
there are some parking spots with a great view of the beach and the
mountains, and there we stopped and began kissing and touching each other.
      In a few minutes, Marreika had my dick in her hands and masturbated me
like it was the most beautiful dick in the world, and she told me that I
deserved more than that. So she looked me in the eyes and there she went,
hungry for my penis, and started to lick its head. Man I was such a happy guy
in that moment, but she suddenly stopped, looked at me and said that she was
going to suck me until my dick wasnīt erect anymore, but first she wanted to
do something. And so I asked what was it, and she said "I īm going to smoke
you", and those words hit me so hard I couldnīt believe what was happening.
And I asked her what did she mean with that, and she said while picking her
Marlboro Lights pack in her purse, "Youīll see". My god, what was about to
happen to me!! I was completely dominated just because of her attitude.
      And then it started, she lit her cigarette, dragged deeply and blew a
thick white cloud of smoke that surrounded my face and made feel for the
first time what was like to breathe pure blown smoke, originated from a
beautiful girlīs mouth. It was like another dimension, my vision was
deturpated by this white haze and my eyes slightly burned, and my breathing
became inconsistant as at first it seemed impossible to directly fill my
lungs with that smoke. She had a great smile on her face and told me, "You
have no idea how you tempted me to blow smoke in your face at the party, that
time when you leaned close to me after I dragged on my cigarette, but I
didnīt want to cause a bad impression and I didnīt know how you would react,
so I didnīt do it".
      So she began to masturbate me slowly and I asked her why she was doing
that to me, why smoke me, and so she took another drag off her marlboro and
released the second and until now the biggest cloud of smoke in my face and
said, "Youīll see by the end of the cigarette how youīre gonna feel. Youīll
be kind of light-headed and dizzy, specially because itīs the first time
youīre being smoked, and I like to put you in that state of mind, itīs
perfect to dominate you completely and satisfy my sexual desires." That
explanation made me almost cum right there, it was amazingly arousing to hear
that from Marreika, especially because in that moment I was being held by a
thick cloud that surounded my head and made my breathing difficult. And she
complemented, "Youīre lucky because Iīll smoke only one cigarette. If I
wanted to, I could smoke as many cigarettes as I think is necessary to give
you the dizzyness I desire." And I said, "But canīt we open the windows a
little bit at least?" And she responded, "No, I like to leave them closed so
I can smoke you in a "sauna style", itīs more efficient.
      You guys have no idea how it already was with only two drags made by
her, the air was very heavy, specially around me and what scared me and kind
of excited me too, was that I knew the situation was gonna get difficult by
the end of her cigarette, and I was being slowly masturbated, thus my need
for oxygen was being increased.
      And so she took another drag and this time she leaned closer to me,
opened her mouth and blew four perfect rings in my face and then complemented
with a final heavy stream of smoke. I was surely getting dizzy, I could feel
it, it was like I was getting more and more under her control, and it was
very strange, it seemed that I could trust her, that I should let her do to
me whatever satisfied her.
      It intrigued me the fact that this "smoking session" seemed very common
to her, as she was experienced in doing it, and so I asked her if she had
done that a lot in Germany and if it was something that other girls do too.
She told me that she had already smoked four guys before me and one of them
became her boyfriend, so she smoked him a lot, and told me also that all her
smoking friends, of course only the girls, did that too, it was like a common
activity among them. So I asked her if this was common just among her friends
or it was like part of the youth culture in Germany, and she said that itīs
not like a german thing, but that there are probably a lot of girls in
Germany that do it, and that she has a friend from Nice, in France, that does
it too and told her that when she went to Sweeden she got to know some girls
that enjoyed smoking guys too.
      I was astonished, I wanted to travel to Europe right away and meet all
these smoking cuties, my god, how this was arousing. And after her fourth
drag, the fourth cloud hit my face and separated me from reality for a little
while. Marreika in that point was like an angel that could kill me if she
wanted to, I was completely in her hands, but I knew it was for a greater
cause, she was preparing me to be her meal in some minutes. When my vision
was a bit clearer I asked her how many cigarettes had she smoked in a row
while smoking a guy and she told me that her record was seven and that a
friend of her already smoked ten marlboro reds in a session with her
boyfriend and he fainted when she brought him to a climax with her hands
while blowing smoke in his face.
      Man, were these surprises never gonna end, I was so amazed by those
stories and even got kind of scared of  what Marreika could do to me with her
smoke. And then again I was stunned by a cloud of smoke and when I thought
that I was already being intoxicated to the maximum, another huge cloud hit
me. I was engulfed in a such a thick white fog that for the first time I
couldnīt see Marreika at all and the light-headedness she was talking about
was becoming really serious to the point that I didnīt know if I would last
until the end of the cigarette. But then I thought to myself that if her
friendīs boyfriend lasted ten cigarretes, I would be able to resist until
Marreika extinguished the number one.
      When the smoke began to clear up, Marreika told me that if I went to
Germany to visit her, her friends would surely want to do a group smoking
session, where of course, she would own my dick, and would smoke me up with
the help of the other girls, and I told her that I accepted the invitation,
but only if they didnīt smoke me till I faint, and she laughed and said, "You
never know! But I think they will be nice to you". So Marreika brought the
cigarette back to her lips and dragged deeply hollowing her cheecks, and then
another white blast of smoke hit me and contributed to intensify the already
unbearable toxicity of the air around me. So she said that she was looking
forward to sucking me but was enjoying the smoking session too much, that it
was really cool to do that to me because she could never imagine that she
would smoke up a brazilian guy in this trip.
       And I asked her how and when she started smoking and how did she and
her friends start smoking the guys. And she said, "I smoke since Iīm
seventeen (she was twenty and I was nineteen), and I started with my friends
at school, I actually was a late starter comparing to my friends, one of them
started with twelve and the others with fourteen and fifteen. And six months
after I started smoking these, I changed to the Reds and smoked them for
about six months, and then I went back to these, I find the Lights more
suitable for me, Iīm defnetely not a heavy smoker." And I said, "and these
smoking sessions, how they began?" She dragged her marlboro, blew a quick
cloud in my face and said, "The truth is that every smoking girl has already
thought about blowing smoke in a guyīs face, because when you learn how to
smoke, it excites you to have the power of directing this smoke that gave you
so much pleasure to wherever you want, and we know that itīs not pleasant for
another person to breathe it, so sometimes it feels like the best thing to do
to a guy, is blow the smoke right into his face and show him you are the one
who rule, that you can do whatever you want to him. Every girl likes to feel
this way, but most of them wonīt have the guts to blow smoke on the guys. The
ones, like myself, that really like to take control of the situation and
enjoy a cigarette are the ones that will probably end up smoking a guy."
      That was an important revelation for me, because even though Iīve never
heard of any girl here in Rio that has smoked a guy up, now I may know how to
make a dominating girl want to do it.
      Marreika prepared again another thick cloud that came and surrounded me
and at this point I couldnīt remeber how it was like to breathe clean, fresh
air.  I wasnīt just light-headed, my whole body seemed like jelly, with
exception of my penis, that was rock hard in the hand of Marreika as she kept
masturbating me slowly.
      When the smoke was clearing up, if I could say that, because now it
seemed that the thick smoke that surrounded my face wasnīt beign dissipated
in the atmosphere of the car anymore, it kind of stood there, and instead of
becoming clear, the only thing that really happened was that the swirly
movements of the smoke became slower and slower.
      So Marreika said that after she finishes smoking me up, and I get to
breathe fresh air, I will see how wonderful it is to fill my lungs with pure
air, free from carbon monoxide. I told her I was expecting it, but what I
really wanted to feel and knew would be wonderful was to have an orgasm with
her sucking me off, and she said, "It will be wonderful for us both". In that
moment I felt like I ran an a hundred meter dash, just because I talked, man
I was dizzy.
      The air in the car was white like Londonīs fog, and I got curious to
know how many cigarettes had Marreika already smoked "sauna style" and so I
asked her. She told me that once she smoked three cigarettes in her car in a
"sauna session" with her boyfriend, but she said her car is an SUV, so its
way bigger than mine (I have a Subaru Impreza SW) and that her boyfriend was
already used to her smoke so it wasnīt that much of a hard time for him. And
then she said laughing, "But it was good that we were in my car because he
didnīt have any conditions to drive.
	And there was Marreika again, taking the cigarette back to her
anxious lips and dragging forcefully, and this time she did an incredibly
long and beautiful french inhale and approached me to blow five dense smoke
rings in my face finishing up with a quick stream of smoke. Then Marreika
looked at my penis with that angelical face and said, "Now itīs your turn".
So she looked at me with a beautiful smile, kissed me, then brought the
cigarette to her lips, showing me the most intense drag Iīve ever seen. Then
she opened her mouth exposing an opaque ball of smoke, inhaled it, and blew a
gigantic intoxicating cloud of smoke at me, engulfing my head in an
apparently never-ending mass of swirling smoke. I couldnīt see anything, I
even closed my eyes for a moment, and right then I felt Marreikaīs warm mouth
sucking my cock. I came back to my senses but was still surrounded by this
thick fog that didnīt seem to dissipate, and my need for air was becoming
greater. Suddenly I felt that I was about to explode in Marraikaīs mouth and
my body began to tremble, I had to breathe deeply and so I did and felt like
my body didnīt existed, all my energy and sensibility were concentrated in my
dick. And I entered the most amazing orgasm Iīve ever had, I started spurting
cum into Marraikaīs hungry mouth like my dick was an automatic water pistol
firing inumerous jets of semen non-stop. She kept sucking me hard untill
there was nothing more to feed her and then, as she promised, kept sucking me
beautifully untill my penis got flacid. I was in heaven, it actually seemed
that I was up in the clouds due to the thick white haze that stood in the
air, and Marraika kissed me passionately and said, "Now we can open the
windows, enjoy!" And so we did, it felt like I was born again, breathing
fresh air after an amazing orgasm.
      After all this, we went to the beach, talked and walked a little bit,
and even after a long time I was still feeling a floting, relaxing sensation.
I had to take her home and she smoked a cigarette in the way back, but this
time with the windows opened.
      Next day we met again at her sisterīs apartment while she wasnīt there
and that cute german smoked me again and we had sex, but  Iīll write about
this experience some other time. Marraika went back to Germany on Thursday
but we are still close friends and write each other e-mails once in while.     

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