Marreika, Part 2

(by anonymous14, 26 May 2003)

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Marreika - Part 2

So Marreika called me on wednesday around 1 pm and when I answered the 
phone and heard her voice, it seemed that I could smell her smoke 
surrounding me again. She told me to come by, and that her sister had gone 
to the beach with some friends and would arrive late. So I dressed up, got 
into my car, and drove to Leblon while thinking of what Marreika had 
prepared for me. I couldnīt stop thinking about the blowjob she had given 
me the day before and was kind of anxious to know if she was gonna smoke me 
up again or not. 

I arrived at her sisterīs place at 1:45pm and was welcomed by her with a 
great kiss, that was followed by her grabbing my hand and leading me to 
what seemed to be her sisterīs room. She asked me if I wanted something to 
drink or eat and I said that a glass of water would be good, but I wasnīt 
hungry at all. In that moment I wasnīt thirsty either but it came to me 
that if she intended to smoke me up a glass of water nearby would be handy. 

So she came back into the room with the glass of water, sat beside me on 
the bed, turned the TV on and switched to MTV, saying that she thought the 
Brazilian music television was really fun even though she didnīt understand 
much, and I told her that it was one of my favorite channels. Then I sipped 
the water just not to be so clear to her about my strategy and placed the 
glass nearby. Marreika looked at me and said that she had a lot of fun the 
day before and that she wanted to enjoy my presence as much as she could. I 
think that was the message, I was about to be smoked and probably not just 
a little as she was throwing this words of enjoying me, etc... 

And indeed she opened a drawer, picked up a pack of Marlboro Lights and 
said, "Now youīll be completely mine again". So she kissed me, extracted a 
cigarette from the pack and lit it up. I was laid with my head supported by 
a few pillows and had the back and the side wall just a few inches from me 
and a shelf about 60 centimeters (about 28 inches I think) above my head, 
so I realized that this place was gonna work like a smoke chamber, the 
smoke would dissipate very slowly, specially because their was no 
consistant air flow, as the the window was slightly open but the door was 

And so it came, a beautiful mass of smoke hit my face, stung my eyes and 
once again I was in another dimension. Smoke was all I could breath, and I 
knew it was a difficult task to do it. So Marreika released my member, that 
was already very hard and began masturbating me gently, just like she did 
in my car. I think that was her strategy to give me pleasure while making 
me last a long time to receive her smoke. And she said, "Today it will be 
way easier for you even though Iīm not gonna smoke only one cigarette. I 
think I was a little harsh on you yesterday submitting you to a sauna 
session at your first time, but I couldnīt hold myself, I was totally in 
the mood." And I smiled and said, "At one point I thought I wasnīt gonna 
survive (*she giggled*), but it was worth the experience, I had never had 
such an intense orgasm, and breathing fresh air after it was amazing, and 
not to say that I was totally relaxed for the rest of the day." So Marreika 
smiled and brought the cigarette back to her lips dragging heavily on it. 
Then she released another thick white cloud of smoke right into my face. 
Man was it amazing to have that girl taking control over me, even though 
the smoke was so dense and debilitating. And what added to her power even 
more was that the lighting in the room really enhanced the whiteness of the 
smoke, I could only see her face about 5 seconds after the smoke started 
coming out of her mouth. 

So she told me that she was really happy because she had not smoked a guy 
up in three months and never thought it was gonna happen here. And I asked 
her again how did she and her friends start smoking guys back in Germany, 
because the last time I questioned her about this she gave a more 
psycological answer. And she said, "Ok, Iīll try to explain as youīre so 
curious about it. Kerstin, this friend of mine that I told you about, the 
one that smoked ten marlboro reds in a row, remember? She smokes since she 
is twelve years old and had always adored it, she actually began smoking 
the reds that she stole from her mother in that time and sticked to them 
till now a days. She has always been a very "I donīt care what you think" 
kind of girl and when she got a boyfriend, around her fourteens, she 
usually blew smoke in his face for nothing". And Marreika said giggling, 
"Just like this", and dragged on her cigarette, performed a nice french 
inhale and blew a dense cloud of smoke in my face. And she continued, 
"Whenever he did or said something she disliked, or even when he said 
something she really liked, she would blow a full cloud of smoke in his 
face, and me and the other friends who in that time didnīt smoke, all 
laughed a lot, cause this way she was kind of mean to him but he didnīt 
complain at all beacuse he was totally into her. That control she had over 
him really impressed us. And then, when we were fifteen, Karina, who is 
really beautiful, she is brunnete with blue eyes, very outgoing and I can 
say she is a pretty good actress too, started smoking and sometimes at 
parties, when she was talking closely to a very interested guy she would 
always "accidently" blow smoke in his face just to check his reaction."

So Marreika brought the marlboro back to her lips dragged deeply and blew the
intoxicating smoke into my face like it was the most normal thing in the
world, and making me realize how dizzy I already was. And so she kept telling
me, "Sometimes the guy complained to her and so she said it was an accident,
other times the guy didnīt say anything and acted like nothing happened and so
she kept blowing every other cloud "accidently" at him. And there were the
ones that smiled as soon as they were hit by the smoke, and she asked them if
they liked that and they always said they did, and so from then on she blew
every drag at the guy. It was fun to watch Karina do that, but we acted like
we werenīt noticing of course. And she did that on every party, and because of
Kerstinīs example, she was really getting into this. One day, Karina came to
us and told that the night before, she went home with a guy that she knew that
liked to have smoke blown in his face, when her parents were out, and ended up
masturbating him while blowing smoke into his face, and said that the guy
became a baby in her hands. She even told him that from then on, whenever she
wanted to, he would have to come by to have smoke blown in his face, and he
said Ok!" And Marreika said, "Iīm gonna give you a double shot because Iīm
talking too much and smoking less", and so she dragged on her cigarette and
blew a thick cloud in my face and when I was begining to be able to see her
all I could really see was another mass of dense smoke arriving and creating
an almost opaque fog around my face. I had to move my head a little so I could
reach the glass of water and I drink half of it.

And so, as I struggled to find some air, Marreika continued, "Then, in this
same coversation, Kerstin told us all for the first time that she had been
blowing smoke in her boyfriendīs face while riding him for some time and that
he also enjoyed being dominated this way. We all giggled and in that time I
was a non-smoking virgin and as you would expect, all those stories kind of
shocked me and I thought those girls were getting crazy, even though I had a
growing desire to dominate the boys too. So one time we made a party at
Karinaīs house and she took the guy she was dating to her room after they had
a few beers, and as she told us later, even though this guy had complained
about her smoking many times and even asked her to quit, after she began
masturbating him, she lit her Marlboro Lights 100 and started to deliberately
blow smoke into his face. She said that after the first cloud hit him, he even
asked her to please stop, but she didnīt listen to him and kept blowing while
gradually accelerating her hand. He remained quiet for the rest of the
cigarette and she became very aroused with the situation and said she never
thought she could dominate that guy, specially with her smoke. And the lucky
guy ended up receiving Karinaīs first blowjob."

So Marreika dragged on her cigarette again, leaned closer to me and blew a few
rings in my face before blasting me with smoke. Then she said, "And thatīs how
it started, the girls realized that even the toughest guy could be dominated
with smoke when sex was somehow involved. After this, Anika who is another
friend of ours, became a smoker and followed the steps of Kerstin and Karina.
Kerstin broke up with her boyfriend a few months later and Karina dated that
guy untill she was seventeen, and thatīs when I couldnīt resist the temptation
of trying a cigarette anymore and began smoking. But the first time I smoked a
guy was actually in France, when I went there to visit Danielle, a friend of
mine that studied in my school the year before.  I was at a party talking to a
guy just like we were when we met, and Danielle told me secretely that he
liked me, and for my surprise, she said that he liked to have smoke blown in
his face. So I asked her how did she know that, and she said that all the
girls frequently blow smoke at him and he just smiles and also told me that
sheīd had sex with his older brother who was nineteen in that time and blew a
whole cigarette on him while on she was on top!" Marreika laughed and told me
that it was unbelievable to hear that. Her french friend was actually doing
the same stuff her friends have been doing back in Germany! 

So she brought the cigarette back to her lips and dragged deeply to once 
again show me a beautiful french inhale. And then she released a swirling 
mass of smoke into my face, completely intoxicating my senses, while 
slightly accelerating her hand, making me feel as dizzy as in the sauna 
session I was treated the day before. And Marreika kept telling me, "After 
we kissed for some time, he invited me to go a room and I followed him. 
Even though I really wanted to smoke that guy, I was a little bit nervous 
cause I was still a virgin and didnīt want to have sex and I was afraid 
that he would force me into it. But than I remembered my friendīs 
experiences and realized that if I smoked him up he would be in my hands 
and not the opposite situation. So we made out a little and I grabbed his 
penis like I was already used to and began masturbating him. Then I 
proceeded to light up a cigarette looking him straight into the eyes. He 
was staring at me like he was hypnotized, it was already cool to see that 
reaction. And then I touched the flame on the cigaretteīs tip and drew 
heavily like I had never done as he kept looking at me with his eyes wide 
open. And so I blew such a big cloud of smoke in his face, that in that 
time, was probably the largest of my life. And there he was, mesmerized, 
already completey dominated after only one blow, and after I smoked the 
whole cigarette I was so horny that, just like friend Karina, I gave him 
the first blowjob of my life and ended up passionatly swallowing his milk, 
just like I did to you." And she said while bringing the cigarette to her 
lips, "That was a crazy experience", and dragged heavily on the cigarette 
before blowing another big cloud of white smoke at me. 

To be continued... 

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