Mrs. Bergeron

(by anonymous, 07 December 2001)

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Mrs. Bergeron

William had an obsession with watching his French tutor, Mrs. Bergeron smoke
cigarettes. He couldn't help but almost stare at her nearly every time she
lit up one of her long white Virginia Slims Luxury light 120's. William had
never given smoking much thought but way Mrs. Bergeron smoked a cigarette
was the sexiest thing in the world. She was one of those women that didn't
look like a smoker either. She had a look of wholesomeness about her. She
always seemed very prim and proper. She was 27, 10 years older than William,
but she looked like she was only 20. She had a stunning dark complexion with
dark burgundy hair, brown eyes, perfectly shaped lips and a tall slender
frame. She used to be a professional ballet dancer but she gave it all up to
teach after she got divorced. She also tutored advanced French for a little
extra spending money. She moved to one of the wealthiest areas of Maine
where people with noses were willing to pay for quality instruction and set
up her own dance studio. She was born in France but she moved to New York
when she was 15 after winning a scholarship to study with a prominent ballet
company. How ever, she never managed to loose her thick French accent. She
married when she was 20 but it ended in a divorce 5 years later when she
found out her husband had cheated on her. After dancing for two more years,
she wanted to get away from the city and settle into a small quaint New
England town that reminded her of the French countryside.

One night William was getting ready to start a report for school when he
realized that he needed a notebook that he left at Mrs. Bergeron's house
earlier that day. He went to call her but quickly remembered that her number
was inside that notebook. Her number was also unlisted so he had no other
choice but to walk over to her house on the chance she was home.

When Mrs. Bergeron answered the door, she was wearing a pair of white silk
pajamas and had her hair up with ponytails on each side of her head. William
thought she looked quite adorable this way and was hoping she would smoke at
least one cigarette while he was there. She greeted him and apologized for
the way she looked in the same sentence explaining that she didn't expect
any company. William assured her of her looks by telling her that she looked
as lovely as always.

"Awe, thank you William. So what brings you over this late."

"I needed my notebook for a report and your phone number is in that note
book so I really couldn't call before I came over. I hope you don't mind me
stopping in unexpectedly." Mrs. Bergeron couldn't help but laugh.

"Its okay, you poor thing. Well would you like to come in and keep me
company for a little while before you go? I was just doing my nails any
way," she said as she held up her long, perfectly manicured, fingernails
with silver nail polish. "You could even have a glass of wine with me but
just one ok? I'm not getting you drunk so don't even think about it."

William laughed and accepted her offer. She had never acted this formal with
him. She led him into the Living room where he had a seat in the chair and
she went into the kitchen to pour them each a glass of her finest merlot.
When she returned, she had a freshly lit Virginia Slims 120 dangling from
between her lips while she used both of her hands to carry the two glasses
and her cigarettes.

"Here you go sweetie," she said handing William a glass.

"Why thank you Mrs. Bergeron."

"You're welcome William but you don't have to keep calling me Mrs. Bergeron.
You can call me Sabrina. Would you like a cigarette too Hun? They're those
girly ones but they taste pretty good"

"Thank you but I don't smoke Mrs. Bergeron... er, Sabrina"

She smiled. "Really? It's just that you always seem to watch me whenever I
am smoking so I thought that maybe you were having cravings but didn't want
to say anything. That is unless my smoking bothers you but I asked you if
you minded if I smoked at our sessions and you said you didn't."

"No I don't smoke. It's just that, well... its kind of embarrassing
actually." William hedged.

"Oh, what is it William? You can tell me anything sweetie."

"Well, I think you look very pretty when you are smoking and you also look
like you enjoy it so much. I've always wondered what it would be like to try
one with you." William said trying to push the conversation a little

"Awe, you are so sweet! Don't be embarrassed. Well, I've got just the way to
teach you if you still want to try it. Come, sit right here next to me Hun."
Sabrina beamed.

As he sat down, she noticed a bulge starting to grow in Williams pants.
Seeing this, she decided to have a little fun. "OK William, this is the way
I'm going to teach you how to smoke. I'm going to take a drag on my
cigarette and blow it directly into your mouth and you breath it all in.
That way the smoke isn't so strong and you have time to get used to it."

Smiling back at her he accepted her offer. He turned his head with his face
facing hers. She smiled back and began a slow long drag all while looking
deep into Williams's eyes. He almost melted. He could feel himself getting
harder and harder as he watched. She took as much smoke as she could fit
into her lungs and moved her lips about an inch from Williams's lips and
exhaled. William breathed all of Sabrina's creamy white smoke deep into his
lungs and exhaled.

"That wasn't so bad was it dear?"

"Wasn't bad at all, but I don't think I have the hang of it yet", William
winked. "Can we try it a couple more times?"

"Sure we can, sweetie." Sabrina said as she brought the cigarette back up to
her lips. As she started to exhale, William moved his face even closer and
the two of them brushed lips. William felt himself crossing the line but
didn't care. He kissed Mrs. Bergeron full on the lips! Then William stopped
himself when he actually realized what it was he was doing. Sabrina just
looked into his eyes as she took another puff, pulled him back, and started
giving him a very smoky French kiss. Each time William looked at the half
smoked Virginia Slims burning between her sexy silver fingertips, he
couldn't help but kiss her even harder. She in turn moved her other hand up
Williams pants and stated rubbing his very hard penis. When Sabrina stopped
to put out her cigarette she said

"How would you like to see my bedroom? I think you will find it quite

"Ok," William said a little out of breath.

Sabrina laughed as she grabbed William by the hand and led him into the
bedroom where she pushed him down onto the bed. Then she pulled her pajama
bottoms down and laid down next to him.

"William..." she said in her sexiest voice "How would you like to fuck me
while I smoke another cigarette just for you."

"Would you let your cigarette dangle from your lips and exhale through your
nose?" William said nervously. "It really turns me on to watch you".

"Mmmm so you like it when I hold my cigarette in my mouth. I'll do what ever
you want me too you naughty boy." she purred.

With that she removed her top exposing her round firm breasts and mounted
him. She placed a long white Virginia Slims 120 between her pursed lips and
started to rock her hips back and forth as she touched her breasts and lit
up. She double and triple pumped her cigarette letting the smoke jet out of
her nose just like William liked.

"Fuck me harder William!" She begged as she removed the VS120 from her lips.
William grabbed her slender hips and began pushing and pulling as hard as he
could. Sabina's repeated high-pitched "yes" and "Oh William" just encouraged
him more. Just as William was about to cum, she stopped him and said

"I want you to taste my wet pussy. I want you to lick it until I cum."

William smiled and flipped her over on to her back. He started off by
licking and biting her very hard nipples then he moved his face down to her
soft wet vagina while she lit another cigarette and blew her smoke all over
his face. William started of by licking gently as she moaned softly. Then as
he gradually increased the speed of his licks, she started to moan louder
and louder. Finally he gently bit down on her clit and Sabrina began to
shake violently and wail until she let her juices fall over his face. After
she caught her breath, she decided to try something else involving smoking.

"Put that big hard cock in my mouth so I can give you your first smoky blow
job" she demanded. William didn't argue as Sabrina alternated taking drags
on her cigarette and wrapping her throat around William's shaft. Just as
William was about to cum again, she stopped him and told him to put it deep
inside her." William did exactly what he was told. Sabrina lit another
cigarette and just as William started to climax, she took a huge drag and
filled Williams lungs full of smoke as he had the best orgasm of his life.

When it was all over he held her while she smoked one more cigarette.

"Well William, you're quite the lover." She cooed.

"Thank you, and you are too." William responded.

"So my smoking turns you on that much?"

"Well, yes and the fact that you are a very beautiful woman; both mentally
and physically. You just look so hot when you smoke those sexy long white

"Well, Maybe I won't quit like I was planning too." Sabrina giggled as she
got up. "Would you like a ride home Hun? Its awful late."

"Sure if it's not a problem"

"I'd love too", Sabrina said, as they got dressed.

As they were driving Sabrina said

"I have to stop at the store to get more cigarettes, do you want anything?"

"Sure. Could I have a bottle of water please?"

When she got back into the car he asked her how much the water was.

"Well, how about if we can increase our study times. I can make you a master
of the French language if you'd let me... Oh and one more thing, I want you
just one more time tonight."

"I have no other choice but to accept your offer, thoughI should probably
call home and let someone know I'm learning all about the French ballet and
I won't be home for a while."

Sabrina laughed and kissed William as she handed him her cell phone. After
William was through she drove them to a small motel on the outskirts of town
and told William wait in the car while she checked in. She told him that she
would call him on her cell phone with the room information once she got in
the motel room. William agreed and was finally rewarded when Sabrina called
and told him to meet her in room 104. When he got there she greeted him with
a freshly lit VS120 hanging from the center of her lips. She took two
consecutive drags and kissed William hello. Next she really surprised him by
confessing that she wanted him to tell her what a bad girl she was for
smoking. William's eyes got wide and he asked her what she meant.

"Well I started smoking when I was 13. I would sneak my mother's cigarettes
when she wasn't looking. I don't know why but I always felt turned on when I
snuck a cigarette and smoked it. It could have been that I was getting away
with such a naughty thing. Believe it or not, it was probably the only
naughty thing that I ever did. I really was the perfect little angel so I
guess smoking was my only way of rebelling. Whenever I was able to sneak a
whole pack, I would just sit there for hours and watch myself smoke in the
mirror. I used to get so turned on watching myself and thinking about what I
was doing. I mean here I was, this pretty 13 year old girl smoking my
mothers long white cigarettes that were meant for a grown up to smoke, not a
perfect little angel. I was so bad. I felt so sophisticated and sexy. That's
when I started touching my self. From then on I always seemed to be smoking
or thinking about smoking while I masturbated. It feels sooo good to play
with myself while I smoke one of my delicious Virginia Slims. As I got older
I would always put on quite a show when I was out in public because the
people really seemed to notice me whenever I lit up. That's why I switched
to the 120's. I just love the attention. And now here you are naughty boy
wanting me to smoke for you while you fuck my brains out."

She also said that always wanted to smoke during sex but her ex husband
wouldn't let her. William pulled up her skirt and pushed her on the bed. She
lit up a cigarette and William told her what a naughty girl she was and how
she would need to be punished. He spread her legs moved right in. He used
control this time to see how many cigarettes she could chain-smoke as he ate
away. As soon as she lit up her fourth he ate her to a massive orgasm. Then
she mounted him, lit another cigarette and gave him the ride of his life.
And this was just the beginning...

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