My Dinner Date

(by anonymous, 02 September 2008)

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My Dinner Date (a true story)

This is a true story based on my experience last night.  A little about me
first.  I am a mid-30s female living in a large midwestern city. 

It is Saturday night and I am going out on a blind date.  It was a set up by a
mutual friend.  We meet outside an Italian restaurant.  The first thing I
notice is that he is nicely dressed with gorgeous blue eyes.  We exchange a
short friendly hug when we first meet and I think I notice the faintest smell
of tobacco smoke on him.  This excites me a little since I'm a former smoker,
one who has gone for 18 months without a single puff.  The story of quitting is
maybe one for another time.

As is common these days, the restaurant is completely smoke free.  We are
seated and start off with a cocktail, followed by appetizers and a bottle of
red wine.  The conversation is moving well and as I have more drinks, the
thought off a cigarette keeps creeping into my head.  I have no direct
comfirmation that he is a smoker but cannot stop wondering if it was indeed
cigarette smoke I smelled on him.

I am enjoying being with him.  He is cute and smart but is he a smoker!  I keep
waiting, thinking that as he drinks the desire to smoke will overcome him.
Finally, I cannot take it any more.  So, I decide to try to broach the topic.
But how?  Finally, I just blurt it out.

"Do you smoke?".  Then the moment of silence.  Finally, a reply

"Yes, sometimes I do, what about you?"  I tell him I quit but could really go
for one now.  Then, finallly!

"Shall we step outside?"  We tell the waitress we are going out for a smoke and
will be right back.  The anticipation for me is great, my first smoke in such a
long time.  I am hoping he does not smoke Ultra Lights (aka air).  From his
pocket, he removes a pack of Marlboro Reds in the box.  Oh, this was my brand.
He hands one to me and offers a light.  As the cigarette dangles from my mouth,
I accept his light, cupping my hands around the end of the cigarette due to a
light wind.  I suck and bam it hits me, complete satisfaction.  My response is
simply, "Oh, that feels so good!"

He lights one for himself and we talk and smoke.  After throwing our butts in
the nearby ashtray and starting to walk in I calmly ask, "How about one more?"  

"Sure but I thought you quit," he replies.  I tease him about being a bad
influence as we enjoy our second smoke - my second cigarette in 18 months. 

After dinner, we decide to move to the bar area of the restaurant for a few
more drinks after stepping out for a smoke. 

By 10 pm, we have had three drinks and stepped outside three more times for
smokes.  Oh, how good it felt to be smoking.  He walked me home, having a smoke
along the way.  We embraced with an innocent good night kiss and off he went.
As I was sitting inside, all I could think about was how I wanted another
cigarette.  Just like that I was hooked all over again. 

Finally, I could not stand it any more and I left in search of a 24 hour
convenience store.  I stepped to the counter and asked, "A pack of Marlboro
Red, box please. Oh, and a ligher too please."  $7.50 later I am walking
outside with the pack and lighter in my hand.  I ripped open the box of reds
and as fast as I can, I put one in my mouth and light up.  Yes, I was back. 

My name is Melissa and I am a smoker!

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