Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

(by komrad, 08 September 2003)

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This story is dedicated to the author known as "CallieKoe" whose stories I
have enjoyed reading more than anyone else's (with the possible exception of
the story "Kim and Mark" from 1995 which I have long suspected is his
(her?) work, too.  I absolutely love the idea of a mature woman starting to
smoke because of her love for her husband/boyfriend who has an intense
smoking fetish.  And like him, I don't relate to the `girl starts smoking
in three pages for no real reason' theme although I'm probably in the
minority!  Callie seems not to be accepting emails from me (anyone?) as I
have tried to get him to write a follow-on story to "She Loves Me/She Loves
Me Not."  Callie, I hope you read this and that it measures up to your
standards.  Thanks for your previous contributions and please let us hear
from you again. Komrad

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Callie lay there basking in the pleasant afterglow of making love with Dave
but also haunted by the suspicion that something just wasn't quite right.
She attempted to shake off the thought as she slid closer to her husband and
enjoy her favorite part of sex; the snuggling and closeness that made her
feel loved and secure.  Sure, Callie liked sex itself. Her regular, multiple
orgasms were a testament to that fact.  But like a lot of women, most women,
Callie reasoned to herself, she liked to both hold and be held by that
certain, special someone.  As she reached her around him, Dave stretched and
swung his legs over the side of the bed leaving her hand to fall against the
small of his back.

"Honey, where are you going? Is something wrong?" Callie asked trying to
downplay the sense of dread she felt as she posed the question.  "Uh, no,
hon, nothing's wrong.  I just don't feel like laying in bed any longer.
That's all.  You don't mind do you?" he asked without looking at her.  He
was well aware of how much Callie enjoyed the post game activities but he
didn't feel that he could indulge her right now.  In fact, it had been some
time since Dave had felt that old familiar sense of genuine affection toward
his wife.  It wasn't a physical issue as Callie was in excellent physical
condition; the result of her five-day-a-week gym routine.  And although she
had just turned 35, Callie was often mistaken for someone in her
early-to-mid-twenties.  No, it wasn't that at all.

Dave knew exactly what was wrong but Callie was just now beginning to gain a
sense that there's was some sort of problem between them.  Dave stood up and
headed toward the bathroom as Callie said emptily after him, "Okay, if
that's all it is then I guess that's fine, honey."  "Nothing to worry
about, Cal," he halfheartedly reassured her.

Callie lay there running the past five years of their courtship and marriage
through her mind and struggled to gain some sort of understanding that would
put things in the proper perspective for her.  As she began to rerun the now
all-too-familiar tape in her head, she realized how much of her day she spent
in this horrid activity.  "Why were guys so lucky?" she thought to herself
when for the umpteenth time she thought it so unfair that it's almost always
the woman who carries the relationship.  Men just need regular blowjobs and
sex and maybe a six-pack of beer to satisfy them.  "Why the hell do we have
to be SO obsessed with THE RELATIONSHIP?" she said almost out loud, and then
immediately rewound the tape yet again to search for clues-  

Dave had always been a caring and attentive suitor and husband.  From the
time they had first met by chance at bookstore, Dave had literally swept her
off her feet.   They were both reaching for the same book when their hands
touched.  Callie noticed she hadn't recoiled like she would normally have
done as his gentle hand brushed against hers.  "My apologies," the tall,
nice looking man said as he smiled while staring directly into her eyes.
Callie blushed after blurting out "Oh, it's okay, you have soft hands,"
then felt even more embarrassed at how silly her response had sounded.
"I've embarrassed you," the handsome stranger commented as he smiled
widely and continued to stare.  "I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to bump
into your hand and I certainly didn't mean to make you blush.  Can I perhaps
offer to buy you a cup of coffee?"  Callie blushed again furiously and
looked down for a second as she heard herself say, "That sounds nice."
"Lame again, girl!  What is the MATTER with you?" she chided herself, "and
just what are doing answering `yes' to a total stranger not two weeks off
of the last relationship?" 

Dave had gently taken her elbow and pointed toward the Starbucks lounge
located inside of the bookstore as he gently guided her in that direction.
They must have set there for two hours talking nonstop.  Dave was the easiest
man she had ever talked with in her life. They had so much in common it made
her head swim.  From politics to religion to movies and books to health and
fitness, there didn't seem to be a major area where they strongly disagreed.
She found herself agreeing to have dinner with him that Friday evening after

Dave, she had learned, was a very successful, SINGLE commercial real estate
broker who had offices in three different locations in the city.  Callie had
been teaching kindergarten since she graduated from the university with a
degree in education.  She enjoyed her job immensely and especially enjoyed
working with small children in their first year of education but she was
finally ready to meet someone, settle down and start a family of her own.
But meeting the right guy had proved to be quite a challenge.  Already she
had this tingly feeling about Dave.  Could he actually be Mr. Right?

A whirlwind courtship followed that included meeting each other's families
and three-day getaways to Las Vegas, Niagara Falls and Key Largo.  After just
six months, Dave proposed to Callie on Christmas Eve.  They were married the
following summer in a small church in his hometown with their best friends
and family members in attendance.  

The next three and half years had flown by like a dream.  Callie was always
amazed at how "in touch" Dave was with his emotions and deepest feelings,
which he easily and readily shared with her.  They had really never even
argued let alone fought; at least, not until recently.

It was just about three months ago when Dave first snapped at her.  Dave had
been putting in a lot more hours than usual trying to get a fourth office on
its feet.  He had invested a considerable amount of money into its startup
but unlike the other three offices, this one was floundering in a major way.
Dave was particularly dissatisfied with the performance of the office
manager, whom Dave had hired against his better judgment.  Mike Allen was an
old friend who had actually given Dave his start in the real estate business.
But even then, Mike was beyond the top of his game as alcohol had begun
dominating his life and taking more and more of his time from the business he
had so successfully built.  Within two years, Dave had bought Mike out and
sent him away with the proverbial gold watch and best wishes.

Mike had come to Dave claiming to have gone six months without a drink and a
wonderful offer "too good to refuse" about opening a new office in the
yet-untapped southwest section of town.  Dave was skeptical and knew in his
heart of hearts that while the area and timing were right, Mike was not the
guy to run the office.  But he also felt he owed Mike and after a lot of soul
searching decided he could afford to spend whatever time it might take to
shadow-run the office himself if it came to that.  His debt to Mike would be
repaid and he would profit from the business garnered by an additional
location.  What Dave hadn't planned on-what Dave could never have
anticipated was how the presence of an attractive young secretary who was a
smoker, of all things, would utterly captivate his attention until he could
think of nothing else-

The Southside office was opened with a grand celebration that included
everyone from the other three offices, Dave, Callie, Mike and his family and
numerous other former and future potential clients.  The party would have
been a fabulous success but for two major concerns to Dave.  The first was
Mike who had taken a glass of champagne off of a silver serving tray "in
celebration" of the grand opening. When questioned by Dave as to whether or
not that was the wisest of choices, Mike remarked, "Lighten up, boss, I can
have one glass of champagne on a special occasion!"  Dave was more than a
little concerned but took heart in his contingency plan to watch Mike as
closely as he had to. The second concern related to Mike's new secretary,
uh, assistant, Cecily Radcliff.  

Cecily looked to be about 30 or so with shoulder length brunette hair that
was silkier than any shampoo commercial he had ever seen.  Her body was a
breathtaking size four with what appeared to be full "C" cup breasts and a
made-for-TV smile that looked like she had had her teeth redone with
porcelain veneers.  In a word, Cecily was gorgeous.  But not just beautiful,
Dave had noticed once she had caught his eye.  She was also personable,
bright and very well dressed.  Cecily wasn't "working the room"  but it
seemed as though the room was working her!  Dave was impressed by what almost
appeared to be a receiving line of admirers.  Cecily was charming and
gracious to each of them and as Dave moved closer to eavesdrop on her
conversations, he was smitten with her charm and wit.  Listening intently, he
fell into the queue and awaited his turn to meet the lovely and charming
Cecily Radcliff.

Dave was "next in line" as his office manager from the north end said his
farewells to Cecily.  Dave side-stepped toward her and extended his hand only
to hear her say, "Oh, I'm so sorry, but I just have to take a short break.
Perhaps we could chat after I come back inside?" she said smiling as she
picked up her black cardigan sweater and purse.  Dave had assumed she was
taking a potty break and was dumbfounded when he saw her walk outside, slip
on her sweater and reach into her purse for a cigarette.  For a microsecond,
Dave was furious.  "What the fuck?  A secretary in a front office who
smokes?  I thought I made it clear to each of my office managers that smokers
would NOT be hired."  Smokers wasted huge amounts of time going outside and
generally looked ten years older than their age.  But all of Dave's past
stereotypes evaporated as he watched Cecily remove a white filtered cigarette
from the pack in her purse.  He was immediately mesmerized as she brought it
to her wet, red lips and watched as the flame from her gold lighter brought
it to life.  

Dave had a teenage-like hard on that was out of control.  Fortunately he had
worn dark trousers that evening but he was still being careful about speaking
with anyone face to face.  Dave was standing near the huge picture window
that led out to the balcony watching with rapt attention as Cecily inhaled
deeply and exhaled large, thick plumes of smoke from her mouth and nose.
Dave turned away as Cecily took a last deep drag, holding in her lungs for
what seemed like an eternity then smoothly exhaling an immense cloud of spent

He involuntarily reached down to rub his engorged member just as Callie
approached from behind to place her hand on his neck.  "Hi, handsome!" she
said playfully. "Oh, hi, honey, how are you doing?"  Dave had completely
forgotten about his own beautiful wife for the first time since they had met
some five years before.  "What'chya lookin' at out there?" she teased.
Callie had never been jealous for a second and gave Dave wide latitude in
looking.  That was especially made easy since Dave rarely ever looked.
Callie took great satisfaction in knowing that she was Dave's "one and
only."  Yet, for some strange reason, she was briefly jealous of Cecily.
Callie had no reason why, yet the feeling persisted for the rest of the
evening.  Fortunately, it completely faded that evening after a lengthy,
passionate session of lovemaking with her wonderful husband.  But for Dave,
this was only the beginning of the most tempestuous period of his life.  A
period that would call into question every facet of his value system and
force him to come to grips with some very important issues-

A week had passed since the grand opening and Dave had every intention of
getting to the new office to go over a number of details with Mike but
something urgent had come up at every juncture.  Finally, Dave had an hour or
so to spend with Mike to work out some of the nuances that were already
plaguing him.

"Dave, good to see you, my friend! How are things?" Mike asked as he shook
hands with his former protégé.  "Going great, Mike.  How are things, here?"
Dave asked, already knowing the answers.

Mike led Dave back to his large window office that looked out to both the
front and back of the building.  Dave had no sooner sat down than his
attention was captivated by the sight of Cecily walking out to the backside
of the building to smoke a cigarette.  Mike began talking about recent sales
(or the lack thereof) and all of the numerous difficulties facing a new
office.  Dave was unable to focus on important concepts like `negative cash
flow' and the like.  Normally, Dave would have cut the conversation short
and stopped the negative comments.  In its place he would have provided some
positive feedback for how to improve the situation and given his office
manager a slap on the back and an "I know you'll do better next week" pep
talk.  But not today.  Dave heard nothing Mike was saying.  All of his
attention was focused on the lovely Cecily who was now drawing deeply on her
cigarette in order to quiet the screaming need for the last two hours
requirement for nicotine.  Cecily had taken one deep puff on her cigarette
and quickly taken another.  Dave did not know at that point that this was
called a "double pump" or an attempt to quickly replenish a depleted supply
of nicotine.  At this point, Dave didn't care.  All he knew was that Cecily
had to be the most beautiful creature ever created in the history of planet
Earth.  From head to toe, she was nothing less than a goddess of beauty.  And
she was a smoker.  Dave's head reeled as he tried to square this circle.

"So what do you think, Boss?" Mike asked as he finished his new proposal.
"Uh, what's that, Mike?" Dave asked absentmindedly as he attempted to
recover from his stupor.  "About buying the NesCor factory," he repeated.
"Weren't you paying attention?" he said almost rhetorically as he, too,
looked to notice Cecily finishing her cigarette outside his window.  "My
daughter catch your eye, Boss?" Mike asked unassumingly.  "Your daughter,
Mike?  You never told me you had a daughter.  Cecily is your girl?" Dave
asked now fully focused on whatever Mike had to say.

"Yes, she is.  I haven't seen much of her the last fifteen years.  Her
mother and I divorced before you and I ever met.  She had custody of Cecily
and they left town even before the divorce was final.  I was lucky to see her
a couple of weeks each summer and maybe around the Christmas holidays every
other year or so.  And before you lecture me about hiring someone who smokes,
I honestly didn't she'd taken up the habit until after I'd agreed to put
her out front."  "No, no problem, Mike.  I'm sure Cecily will do just
fine.  She's amazingly personable and well, if you don't mind my saying so,
a sensationally attractive young woman.  In fact, you might even want to
create a little area outside where she can sit comfortably under some shade
while she's taking a break," Dave said convincingly.

"Well, I have to say I'm surprised to hear that from you, Dave, knowing how
adamant you are against having employees who smoke working for you.  I'll
see what I can come up with and don't worry, it'll come out of my own
money."  "No, that's not necessary Mike.  Cecily isn't just one of our
employees but family, as well.  Take a draw from petty cash and put up
something nice where she can relax and enjoy herself."  "All right, Dave.
You're the boss!" Mike chuckled.  

"Funny thing is Cecily says she just started smoking a couple of years ago
when she was still married to her late husband, Nick Radcliff, who was killed
by a drunk driver last year.  I just figured it was something she took up to
help relieve the stress and all but I've never really asked her about it.
Hell, she's over 21 and it's really none of my business anyway, right?"
"Uh, yeah, right Mike.  I guess that sort of thing is personal but is a bit
unusual to start smoking beyond the teenage years don't you think?" Dave
asked more for his own benefit than actually looking for an answer.  

"Well, look Mike, I've got to get to the east side office.  You know what
needs to be done here.  Get me the details on NesCor and put together a
presentation for me.  I'll see you in my office in three days.  Agreed?"
"Yes, sir!  I'll have everything you need and if you don't mind, I'll
have Cec come along with me so you can not only meet her but see just how
professional and efficient an assistant she is."  Dave stirred deeply at the
thought of sitting near Cecily and wondered how she must smell, how it might
taste to kiss her after she had just smoked a cigarette.  All of the
prejudices he had so deeply held for so long against smokers seemed to be
evaporating before his eyes, replaced with a curiosity that was powerfully
compelling.  He didn't understand it fully yet, but he knew that something
very real and very exciting was happening to him.  

As he left the office to head to his car, Cecily opened the door and stood
there directly in front of him.  "Oh, excuse me, I'm SO sorry. I didn't
know anyone was there," Cecily said with a smile and a genuinely apologetic
look.  Dave was dumbstruck.  Never at a loss for words he was unable to say a
single word.  Standing almost face-to-face with Cecily, Dave now had the
answer to his question of what might she smell like after having just smoked
a cigarette. Struggling to regain control of his mind and body Dave was
utterly intoxicated by the heavenly scent of Cecily's perfume mingled with
the smell of cigarette smoke.  It was in her hair and clung to her body and
aroused him fully.  Finally, after what seemed like forever but what was in
reality less than three seconds Dave managed to say, "I'm very sorry. You
must be Mike's daughter, Cecily.  I'm David Koe.  Your father and I have
been friends for many years."  "Oh, so you're Mr. Koe!  It's a pleasure
to finally meet you. Daddy's told me so many nice things about you and I'd
like to personally thank you for giving him this opportunity.  It means a lot
to him and to me as well."

"I was glad to do it," Dave lied convincingly.  "Listen, your dad is
working up a presentation for me on Friday and I believe you'll be coming
along with him.  Perhaps we'll have a chance to get to know one another a
little better after the meeting."  "I'd like that very much, Mr. Koe,"
Cecily said sincerely.  "Me, too," Dave added, "but please call me Dave."
"All right. Thank you, Dave. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look
forward to the opportunity to chat with you on Friday!"  They each moved
aside of one another and Dave caught another glorious smell of Cecily's
smoke-laden perfume as he exited the building. "Oh, that smells so good,"
he told himself as he opened the door to his Audi TT.  "I'm losing control
and as Maxwell Smart used to say `loving it,'" he further added laughing
out loud.

As Dave got into the little sports scar, he revved up the engine and sped out
of the parking lot onto the street.  Dave had never felt so alive!  He gunned
the engine and headed for the parkway which while it was five miles longer to
the office, offered a series of turns he planned to take at a very high rate
of speed.  Dave resolved that while he didn't understand what in the hell
was going on, he was going to enjoy it fully.  Well, at least as fully as
being a happily married man would allow.  After all, what harm could there be
in simply admiring a beautiful young woman who smoked cigarettes?

Dave was restless the remainder of the day.  So restless, in fact that he
took the afternoon off and headed home.  He had decided that he was so horny
that a little afternoon delight was the only way he was going to relieve the
pressure that was building inside of him.

Callie had just woke up from a short nap, something she just never did during
the middle of the day.  But she had had a bit of headache and thought that
half and hour in bed might just help her kick it.  She was actually in
bathroom taking a pee when she heard the car door slam followed by the sound
of the front door opening.  "Dave, is that you honey?" she called.  "Yes,
indeed, Cal. It is I, home from work to make your day!" he answered back as
he headed toward their bedroom.  The toilet flushed as Dave was pulling off
his shirt and unbuckling his pants.  As they slid down his tan, muscled legs,
Callie appeared looking like she'd just been run over.

"Hi, honey. This is a pleasant but unexpected surprise.  What brings you
home in the middle of the afternoon?" she said pleasantly.  Dave's raging
erection went slack as the site of Callie in her bunny slippers wearing a
baggie shirt with her hair matted to the side of head hit him full force.
"Sorry, honey. I didn't know you were coming home or I'd have showered and
put on my makeup.  I know I look like hell. I had a headache and just had to
lay down for a few minutes.  I can be ready in a jiff!" she teased.  "Uh,
no, that's all right, Cal.  I'm suddenly not really in the mood.  It isn't
you," he lied trying to sound convincing but knowing it wasn't working.
Callie could tell and was clearly hurt and upset but didn't say a word.  She
just looked away from Dave and headed toward the kitchen to make herself a
cup of coffee.

Dave just couldn't find it within himself to say anything.  How could he
possibly explain coming home to have sex with his wife while imagining he was
making love to another woman--especially one who had just finished smoking a
cigarette?  Just that thought brought Dave back to life.  "Cal, I'm gonna
jump in the shower, okay?" he hollered out at her.  No response.  Just as
well, he reasoned.  Dave turned the water on and let it heat while he
finished undressing and heating up himself.

Five minutes later he exploded in a massive orgasm that left him gasping for
air.  He had envisioned a scenario in which he had invited Cecily to dinner
at one of the nicest restaurants in town near the water.  During dinner,
Cecily had gracefully taken a cigarette from its pack and reached for her
silver lighter.  (Dave still wasn't familiar with cigarette brands but he
made a mental note to find out what kind Cecily smoked.)  He then placed his
hand on hers saying, "Please, Cecily, let me."  Cecily thanked him telling
him what a gentleman he was as she tilted her head down to receive the flame
to her cigarette.  A soft circle of smoke enveloped her head as she took a
very long, deep inhale and held it for a few seconds, all the while staring
seductively at Dave.  Seeing the longing in his eye, Cecily slid around the
leather bench seat next to Dave and took an unbelievably deep inhale, never
taking her eyes from Dave's.  Having exhaled nearly of it, she leaned her
head toward Dave and offered him her large, soft lips which Dave probed
gingerly with his own, taking in the luxurious feel and the heavenly taste of
fresh tobacco smoke.  As he imagined pressing his tongue firmly against hers,
the image was more than he stand causing a violent explosion that sent his
seed flying across the stall.

Just as he had caught his breath, Callie opened the shower door and slid in
next to him.  She put her arms around him and whispered, "I'm sorry I
looked so bad, but I'm going to make it up to you.  I love when you come
home early and surprise me so let me surprise you."  Callie reached for
Dave's now flaccid member which caused him to flinch slightly from its
recent use.  "What's wrong, honey?" Callie asked looking puzzled.  "Uh, I
dunno," he stammered.  "I mean, well, I sort of just `took care things'
myself a minute ago.  I didn't think you were interested," he said trying
to convince both her and himself that that was the truth.  

"Fine," was all she said.  She opened the shower door for Dave to exit and
then began soaping up.  Dave toweled off and dressed casually waiting for
Callie to finish showering.

Not another word was said until after dinner that evening when Callie sat
next to him on the sofa and said, "You wanna talk? I know something's
bothering you and you know you can tell me anything."  Dave knew he could
talk about almost anything but that there were limits and this situation was
definitely at a limit.  "I'm just tired, Callie.  And I'm worried about
Mike and the new office," he lamely offered.  "I can understand that but
that doesn't explain why you came home from early to make love with me then
ended up masturbating in the shower. Dave, what's really going on?" she
asked with genuine concern in her voice.  Dave managed to dodge the issue
with another weak explanation and Callie let it go without an argument but
Dave had been short with her in his answer, the first time he had ever done
so before.  It would not be the last.

The next two days passed with agonizing slowness and Dave barely slept
Thursday night. He was more nervous than he'd been working up his nerve to
ask Sharon Hadley to a school dance in the 7th grade.  He simply could not
get the image of Cecily smoking out of his mind.  Her long, slender fingers
and red, well-manicured nails holding the long, slender cigarette sent him
into orbit.  Her full lips and perfect heart-shaped face taking the cigarette
into her mouth followed by an inhale that seemed to sort of hollow out her
cheeks. If that wasn't enough, this was followed by a marvelous looking
exhale of thick, rich smoke.  At about 3am, Dave finally drifted off to sleep
only to awoken by the sound of the alarm clock screaming in his ear.

Mike and Cecily were due at 11 o'clock and it was now five `til.  Precisely
at 11, Dave's own assistant, Nancy, announced that Mr. Allen and Ms.
Radcliff had arrived.  Dave will himself calm as Mike entered first shaking
his hand and turning to introduce Cecily.  "Dave, meet my daughter, Cecily.
Honey, this is Dave Koe, my old friend turned boss.  Not that the two are
mutually exclusive, mind you!" he roared.  Cecily smiled politely and
extended her hand saying, "Yes, I believe we've met.  Mr. Koe, it's nice
to see you again."  Dave took her outstretched hand and against his better
judgment, raised it in order to kiss it; or more accurately, to smell it.
"It's a pleasure to see you again, Cecily, and as I said before, please
call me Dave. So come in and sit down so we can get started."

The next hour flew by as Mike and Cecily took turns going over reports,
zoning laws, financial statements and a host of other legal documentation.
"Nice work, Mike.  And you, too, Cecily.  Okay, I think we can move ahead
with the sale as I've got a buyer who's a perfect fit for this property.
Now how about letting me treat you two to lunch?" Dave offered eagerly.

Cecily waited for her dad's cue which came in the form of regrets. "Sorry,
boss, I've got another appointment with a new client at 12:30 so I'm gonna
have to pass on lunch."  Dave was crestfallen but didn't miss a beat.
"Well, that's fine, Mike. Business before pleasure, I definitely understand
that."  "Hell, Dave, I'm busy but Cecily isn't. Why don't the two of you
go out for a bite and get to know each other?" Mike offered
enthusiastically.  The last syllable out of Mike's mouth hadn't finished as
Dave looked at Cecily and smiled saying, "Well, then it's settled. Where
shall we go, Cecily?  Your choice."

"Oh, well, first of all, thank you very much for the invitation, Dave. Now
as to where to go I haven't lived here all that long since I came back to
town so I'll defer to your better judgment if that's okay?" she said
deferentially.  "How about Portafino's?  Do you like Italian?" Dave asked.
"Love it!" Cecily responded.  "Great. Then it's settled. Mike, thanks
again and I'll have your daughter home by two!" Dave said as Mike was on
his way out.  "Cecily, shall we?" Dave said offering an arm.  "Oh, Dave,
I'm very sorry but I really need a minute to use the ladies room and well,
honestly, I need a cigarette if you can wait another ten minutes for me?"

The thought of watching Cecily smoke "up close and personal" was
intoxicating.  At that instant it hit him how great it would be to have her
smoke in his car.  He wouldn't be able to actually look at her directly but
the possibility was too good to let pass. "Well, listen, why don't you go
ahead and use the ladies room but there's no need to wait for a smoke.
You're more than welcome to have a cigarette in the car on the way."  "All
right, thank you, Dave. That's very kind of you.  I'll be right back," she
said as she picked up her purse and headed down the hall.

Dave opened the car door for Cecily as she thanked him and slid in.  Dave
went around to his side and let himself in.  Buckling himself in, he closed
the door and pushed in the lighter-something he had never done before.  In
fact, he almost had left it out as an option on the car but had forgotten
about it until the car arrived.  At the same time, he let down the top as the
weather was just perfect.  

Dave's erection had become completely full-blown just since sitting down.
Now watching Cecily reach into her black leather purse for her pack of
cigarettes and anticipating the site of her smoking right next to him was
nearly enough to set off an explosion.  Dave tried to nonchalantly see what
brand she smoked and noted she produced a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol
Lights.  He wouldn't forget that, he noted to himself as the lighter popped
out.  He had just finished backing up and had shifted into first but hadn't
put the car in motion.  This gave him the chance to remove the lighter for
her and offer it to her.  "Thank you," she said as she bent slightly to
touch the end of her long, white-filtered cigarette and watch it come to
life.  She inhaled very deeply, not having smoked in over an hour and a half.
The smoke immediately swirled around the interior of his car and out into the
surrounding area. "Is this bothering you, Dave?" she asked as she took
another huge lungful. "No, not at all," said honestly.  "In fact, well,
I'm not quite sure how to say this so I'll just it.  You're a very sexy
woman and even more so when you're smoking."

Realizing what he had just said, Dave blushed slightly and tried to cover up
his obvious enthusiasm for his newfound fetish.  "I'm sorry. That must have
sounded a bit strange.  I hope you don't think it was perverted or
something," Dave added trying to conceal his embarrassment.  "Perverted?
That's an odd choice of words for a compliment.  Should I take it as such?"
Cecily said rather coyly.  "Uh, no, not at all, Cecily.  I just meant that
well, smoking is sort of anathema these days and I just wanted you to know I
don't mind at all.  At least, not with you."  "It's okay, really,"
Cecily said lightly taking another large drag.  "You sort of sound like my
late husband," she added.  "How so?" Dave inquired genuinely interested.
"It's a long and not-so-interesting story but he's the reason I smoke
today," Cecily confided.  "I'm not sure I understand and I've obviously
hit upon something personal.  Perhaps it would be best if I just kept my
mouth shut for awhile before I get used to the feel of having my foot in
it!" Dave joked half seriously.  "Don't be silly!" Cecily laughed out
loud.  "No, it's personal, but not that big a deal.  He just really thought
that women who smoked were so much more attractive than those who didn't.
He mentioned it a number of times until I eventually agreed to try it just
once on his birthday.  Once led to twice which led to a third and fourth and
voile, I'm now smoking a pack or more a day with no one to `admire' me,"
she said as bravely as she could, trying to hide the hurt of her loss which
shone brightly through.

Dave was surprised but both encouraged and emboldened by her frank admission.
"Well, I guess then I'd have to agree with you that he and I do share
something in common.  It's just that this is all new to me and well, prior
to you, I'd never realized how beautiful a woman who smokes really is."
"If you feel a little weird about it, don't be uncomfortable with me. I'm
probably one of a very small handful of women who even know that there are a
lot of guys out there who feel the same way you do!  Feel free to watch or
ask questions.  Remember, I'm the one who's smoking and I'll just say that
I can't ever imagine quitting, as I simply LOVE smoking!  MY big concern is
now that I'm a smoker, I'll never be able to find anyone who'll put up
with it again, let alone enjoy it with me!"

Cecily smoked three more cigarettes at lunch for not only her own
satisfaction but for Dave's enjoyment, as well.  Dave was fascinated by the
simple graceful way she held her cigarette with her long fingers extended and
her wrist slightly bent away from the side of her face.  Cecily would take
long, deep inhales and hold them in her lungs for several seconds before
exhaling super thick streams of beautiful smoke.  Dave couldn't have
imagined a more perfect lunch with a more perfect partner until it was time
to leave.  Just then he realized that the only way today's lunch could have
been even more enjoyable was if he was sitting here with his own beautiful
wife, Callie, watching HER smoke.

Remembering what a bust going home early had recently been, Dave made sure to
call home and let Callie know he'd be coming home early today again.  This
time, when Dave came in the front door, he was met by his beautiful,
seductive wife who was wearing a white silk robe and nightie, her hair just
done and her makeup perfectly applied.  They made love just like it had been
the first time.  Callie was so happy that Dave had wanted her and Dave was
glad that Cal had been there for him.  But as soon as it was "over" the
same old thoughts began to plague Dave anew.  As Callie snuggled up beside
him, he felt himself recoil as an unusual feeling weld up inside of him.  He
was angry.  Angry and resentful.  Angry with himself for feeling the way he
did, knowing what asking Callie to smoke would mean yet resentful that he
felt he couldn't bring it up.

He knew that his feelings were irrational and without cause.  Callie was
everything any man could ever want. Young, attractive, fit, and an
intelligent and thoughtful wife who knew his thought.  Someone who loved him
unconditionally in spite of all of his faults. But damn it, this was
something he wanted more than anything he had ever wanted in his life.  Both
he and Callie had long ago agreed that they could talk to each other about
anything and that the marriage was an open contract subject to renegotiation
at any time.  

It just seemed so unfair and so unreasonable to make this a deal-breaker
issue.  Callie loved her fitness routine and she adored working out.  The gym
had been a part of her life long before she had ever met Dave.  And yet, it
seemed unfair not to able to at least bring the subject up.  As Callie's
hand made its way down his stomach to areas below, he flinched noticeably and
said, "Not now, Cal.  Once is enough."  Feeling immediately guilty he
quickly added, "I mean, for tonight, honey.  I just don't feel up to a
second go-round right now, okay?"  Callie fought back tears as her previous
fears came cascading back along with this most recent denial.  From what she
knew, most women weren't interested in making love twice in one night but
that didn't matter.  It was what she wanted and what she needed and Dave was
simply being selfish.  It just didn't make sense.  None of it was making
sense as she moved to her side of the bed and eventually fell asleep with an
ache in her heart that hurt to the very core of her being.

A number of weeks went by with no real change in spite of a couple of
relatively happy or "normal" periods uninterrupted by "the problem."
Callie still hadn't gotten her arms around just what was eating away at
their relationship, but she was beginning to put the puzzle together.  At
least she thought she was figuring it out.  Her intuition had always been
good in the past and she had no reason to doubt it now.  Yet still she just
wasn't sure what was going on.

During that same period of time, Dave was making every excuse possible to
drop in on Mike and the new office in order to spend time with Cecily.  On a
late Wednesday afternoon, Dave stopped by with the specific intention of
inviting Cecily to dinner with him on Saturday night.  He knew that Callie
would be out of the house with a class she was taking at the local community
college and that he would 3-4 hours to spend with Cecily.  He had no idea,
however, whether she would even entertain the idea of going on a date with a
married man.  But Dave was determined to find out-

"Mike, how we doin' buddy?  I'm really impressed with the way you're
running things here.  I have to say I had my doubts when I thought you'd
started drinking again, but you're on track to be the number one performer
this year.  Congratulations!"  "Thanks, Dave.  I've worked my ass off to
make this happen and it hasn't been for you.  It's been for me and I have
to say for Cec, as well.  It's amazing what ends a dad will go to make his
daughter proud of him!" Mike beamed.  

He and Dave talked shop for half an hour after which he sauntered out into
the foyer to talk with Cecily.  Fortunately for him, she had just stepped
outside into the nicely covered area put up by her dad to have a cigarette.
Dave was enthralled watching her.  Cecily was dressed in a sleeveless
burgundy knit top and short black skirt.  As always, her nails and makeup
were perfect.  A gold necklace and earrings completed an already stunning
look.  Cecily looked inside as she was about halfway through her cigarette
and saw Dave staring at her.  She "double pumped" for his benefit taking in
a huge first inhale followed by a second before letting out a monstrous
exhale of dark, rich smoke.  Cecily smiled brightly at him as she took the
last hit from her Virginia Slim Menthol Light and exhaled it through her

As she came back inside she purposely came to within a couple of inches of
Dave's face and said, "Hi.  Did you enjoy the show?"  Dave could smell, no
he could TASTE the delicious aroma of tobacco on her breath.  More than he
could imagine, he wanted to pull her close to himself and kiss her deeply.
Tongues exploring and intertwined, tasting the taste of a cigarette for the
first time.  "Very much so, Cecily.  You're simply amazing."  "I'm
glad," she said.  "I love having someone watch me smoke who admires my
shall we say `considerable talents'?"  

"So what brings you our way on such on a nice day?" she asked turning past
Dave toward her desk.  "Well, I'll just come to the point rather than
trying to make up some ridiculous line.  Will you have dinner with me
Saturday?" he asked feeling as dumb he had since high school.  "I'd love
to.  And while I have no idea whether or not you have any sort of ulterior
motive, I have to remind you that you're a married man and that our `date'
can't be anything more than dinner and a `show'.  Agreed?"  "Agreed,"
Dave said readily, grateful not only for her mature understanding of his new
fetish and attending needs but for the fact that she could/would never allow
him to hurt Callie.

Saturday was the longest month of the year for Dave.  As Callie left for her
class, Dave hurriedly showered, shaved and dressed.  In no time he was headed
toward Cecily's apartment.  He parked the Audi askew, ran upstairs and rang
the doorbell, almost out of breath.  "Come in," he heard Cecily call in a
sultry voice.  He opened the door to see Cecily sitting directly across from
him wearing nothing but her black, silk, floor length nightgown.  "Wow,"
was all Dave could say as he closed the door behind him.  "Come in, Dave,"
she said mysteriously.

For the next two hours, Cecily put on a personal smoking show for Dave that
started with her showing him several web sites that catered to his new fetish
and ended with her pleasuring herself as she chain-smoked her tenth
cigarette.  Dave had now seen it all.  There was no more seeing to be done.
He had to have his own wife doing it the same way that Cecily was.  And yet
reality kept pulling him back to earth.  "Cecily is a fantasy.  Callie is
reality.  Cecily loves to smoke.  Callie hasn't ever even tried it and
probably would say `no' even if I asked," repeated to himself.  And then
an old saying came to him from out of nowhere saying, "Hey, asshole, nothing
ventured, nothing gained."  It was then he determined that somehow he would
turn Callie into as avid a smoker as Cecily-

Two more weeks passed before Dave was actually able to broach the subject
with Callie who had by now, begun to fear the worst.

The Proposition

It had been about two months since Dave first saw Cecily smoking outside the
new office and the last two weeks had been the most tumultuous of his life.
He had decided that would not only bring up his fetish with Callie but that
he would do whatever it took to encourage to try smoking and then, hopefully,
actually become a smoker herself.

Dave had spent Thursday afternoon with Mike going over some troubling details
in his accounting records.  The profits he was recording just didn't add up
to the numbers on the office's spreadsheets.  Dave was very concerned,
especially since he'd begun to trust Mike again.  If it hadn't been for the
distraction caused by Cecily sitting just outside her dad's office window,
Dave could have done a much better audit.  As it was, he left off telling
Mike that if there were discrepancies in the books, he'd need to take
corrective action by Monday.  But his obsession with Cecily-no, with
smoking, with Callie smoking was consuming.  Then and there he made up his
mind that he would take Cal to the finest restaurant in town Friday evening
and finally discuss this with her.

"Dave, is that you, honey?" Callie called as she heard the door open. "Hi,
Cal!" Dave called out to her.  "How was your day, sweetheart?" she asked
with genuine interest. "Frustrating-in a lot of ways."  "How so?" she
asked.  "Listen, honey, there's a lot going on right now and some of it
involves Mike and some of it involves us.  I'd like us to go to dinner
tomorrow and talk things over.  I've been a real shit lately and I'd like
to discuss something that's really been bothering me."  "Well, sure,"
Callie said pensively.  "Is it something I'm doing that's the problem?"
she questioned Dave.  "No, in fact, it's just the opposite but I'll
explain it all tomorrow.  Just give me until then, okay, sweetie?" he asked
touching her shoulder and kissing her forehead. "All right. I've waited for
two months to find out what's wrong.  I guess another 24 hours won't

Dave made reservations at the Van Arsdayle Country Club where he had been a
member for the past three years.  The food better than anyplace in the city
but the atmosphere and ambiance were unmatched.  He had bribed the maitre d'
who had agreed to set them up with the best table in the house.  It was,
unfortunately, in the non-smoking section-something Dave was determined to

Dave pulled out his best suit for the occasion and Callie had gone shopping
for a new dress.  It was a fabulous red number that hugged her figure in the
most flattering way.  The split in the leg went from mid-calf all the way to
her upper thigh.  The front and back were both cut low.  Very low.  So low,
in fact, that the areolas at the top of breasts could be seen.  "Very
unusual," Dave thought to himself.  "But very nice."

Not much was said as the got into Dave's Lexus at 6:40 for the 15 minute
drive to Van Arsdayle's.  The valet opened Callie's door and helped her out
of the car then immediately stepped behind to take the keys from Dave.  As
the car sped off, Dave led Callie into the lobby of the restaurant.

"Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Koe!  It's so good to see you again," said
Stefan, the maitre d'.  "Good evening, Stefan," Dave said.  "How have you
been?"  "Very good, sir, but I must inform you that we have a slight
problem with your reservations tonight."  "What sort of problem?" Dave
demanded.  He had already `tipped' Stefan $50 to get the table he wanted.
What sort of `problem' was he talking about?  Or was this bastard looking
to extort another $50 out of him.  "Excuse me, sweetheart," Dave said as he
stepped toward Stefan.  "I don't know what the hell you're doing but I'll
be damned if you're getting another dime out of me and we'd better get the
table you and I agreed on. So what `exactly' is this problem?" Dave

"Mr. Koe, your table has been taken by the Governor and Mr. VanArsdayle.  He
sends his personal regrets and says that dinner is on him tonight," Stefan
explained.  "The governor?" Dave snorted.  "Fine. Then I want the next
best table you've got," Dave demanded.  "Yes, sir," Stefan said

When they arrived at their table, Dave asked, "Is this some sort of joke?
This is the smoking section.  I specifically requested a table in
non-smoking.  What the hell are you doing?"  Before Dave could cause any
further disturbance, Callie stepped in and said, "Stefan, this table is just
fine.  We'll take it. Thank you very much."  "Thank you, madam" he
offered bowing at the waist and backing away gracefully.  Dave began to
object further when Callie said, "Dave, this table is fine.  Let's just sit
down and have dinner.  Please." It appeared that Callie was nearly in tears
so Dave immediately backed down and apologized.  "I'm sorry, honey, I just
wanted tonight to be perfect and I know you don't like the smell of smoke."
"Dave, it's okay.  You said we need to talk and we can do that just fine
right here.  So what is it we need to talk about?" Callie asked.

"Let's go ahead and order a bottle of our favorite champagne first, okay,
honey," Dave offered, trying to `grease the skids' as it were.  "Umm,
okay, that sounds nice but you know what champagne does to me, right?"
Callie teased.  "I hope so!" Dave responded cheerfully hoping the champagne
would open her to `new possibilities.'

The champagne arrived and the waiter poured a half glass for each of them
after Dave had tasted a small amount to offer his approval.  The couple
touched glasses and took a very healthy first `sip.'  Dave recharged their
glasses then after looking down and sighing said, "Cal, honey, we need to
talk."  "You mentioned that already, Dave.  That's why were here.  Why
don't you just tell me what's on your mind?"  Just as Dave was ready to
launch into a lengthy dissertation about his new love for attractive women
who smoke, the waiter returned to take their orders.  Dave ordered steak and
lobster for both of them quickly dismissing the waiter and the long delay.

"Honey," Dave began.  "I'm not quite sure how to say this so I'm just
going to say it," he continued.  "Over the last couple of months I've
discovered something about myself that I never knew before; something that
has really just turned my world upside down.  And what makes it so hard for
me is that I know that it's not something that's going to be easy for you
to understand.  But we've always been totally open with one another and I'm
hoping, God, I've even been praying that you'll understand."  "What is it
Dave?  Just tell me, please," Callie pleaded, her eyes filled with sadness.

Dave looked down then said, "Cal, I've had the hardest time making love
with you because I've developed-I mean I've discovered, oh, I don't know
but I have this newfound interest that I want, no NEED so much that it's all
I can think about."  As Dave searched for words to continue Callie
interrupted him saying, "Dave, I've think I've heard enough," Callie
interrupted.  "Honey, no wait, let me finish.  I need to explain this.
It's very important to me," he pleaded.  "Dave, darling, there's no need
to explain.  I understand-more than you can know," she said as she removed
a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol Lights and a lighter from her purse.

Dave's heart almost stopped beating.  "Callie, what?  How?  What's going
on?"  Callie took a cigarette from the pack and asked Dave if he would mind
lighting it for her.  Dave's trembling hand picked up the store-bought
lighter and flicked the wheel to life.  Callie accepted it and inhaled nearly
as deeply as did Cecily.  She held it briefly inside her then exhaled a
modest plume of smoke.  "Cal, what in the HELL is going on?" Dave demanded
in a surprised but exuberant tone of voice.

"It's a bit of long story, honey, but I'll explain it all to you if you
don't mind just sitting and listening.  Oh, and as I understand it, watching
me smoke my cigarette," she teased.  Callie inhaled again, not quite as
deeply but still, the sight of his gorgeous wife smoking was beyond
explanation.  All Dave could do was sit, look and listen.  Callie began by
saying, "Not long after the first time you and Cecily had lunch together, I
ran into to her at the new office when I was taking some paperwork to Mike
you'd asked me to deliver.  We hit if off immediately and agreed to have
lunch sometime.  Well, you can imagine my reaction when she asked if I'd
mind sitting in the smoking section.  I nearly had a hissy fit making excuses
for why I couldn't sit there.  Cecily was gracious enough to sit with me in
the non-smoking section but I could see that it was difficult for her."
Callie took another longer, deeper drag from her Virginia Slim and held it
just a bit longer, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke that made Dave want to
take his wife right then and there on the restaurant table.

"After an hour or so, I could almost sense Cecily's discomfort and the
subject of smoking came up.  I agreed to sit outside and chat with her for a
while longer because she asked me a rather unusual question that involved
you.  Once we sat down outside and Cecily was free to have a cigarette, she
asked me point blank if I knew how my husband felt about women who smoked.  I
really had no idea what she was talking about and just assumed it was a
concern about her future employment knowing how opposed you to having people
who smoke work for you.  So I simply reassured her that as unfair as it
seemed, you seemed to be satisfied with her work and that it shouldn't be an
issue.  Cecily smiled and told me that that wasn't quite all there was to
her question and proceeded to explain the lunch you'd had together.  She
told me about her own late husband's interest in smoking and how and why
she'd agreed to `try it' for him.  She further explained how enthralled
you were with her smoking and that in spite of what seemed to be a mutual
attraction, you kept talking about how much you loved your wife and how
beautiful she was but how much you wished she smoked."

"I have to admit that at first I was completely put off and disgusted by the
whole thing but the longer I listened, the more everything began to fall into
place.  I knew you hadn't cheated on me, hadn't fallen in love with someone
else, but that something had changed. By the time she and I talked, I was at
my wits end because you just wouldn't open up and tell me what was bothering
you.  I was both relieved to know you still loved only me and intrigued by
the thought that I could make things better by making an effort to fulfill
your newest fantasy."

"So how long have you been smoking?  When did you start?" Dave asked
anxiously.  "Shhh.  Let me finish, okay?" Callie ordered.  "Let me finish
my story and my cigarette!  Please."  Callie took two more very deep drags
from her cigarette and reached for another as Dave sat in awe of what he was
witnessing before his very eyes.

"It took me a couple of days to decide what to do next and I also needed to
feel fairly sure that this was the only issue before I took as drastic a step
as trying smoking only to find it wasn't the real issue.  That weekend you
were out of town, I asked Cecily to come over on Saturday and spend the
afternoon with me.  After a lot of small talk and general chit-chat, I told
her I just had to know more about what was going on with you and what I could
do to `win you back.'"

Cecily told me how difficult it had been for her husband to reveal his `big
secret' to her nearly a year before he died.  She, too, had wrestled with
such a major lifestyle issue but decided that she would learn to smoke just
enough to `turn him on' now and then.  What she didn't anticipate was just
how quickly she learned to enjoy smoking and how fast it took control of her.
"Funny," she told me.  "In just a few weeks time I'd gone from taking one
or two puffs and hating the taste and the effect to actually enjoying about
the first half of the cigarette.  I found myself `playing' with one more
and more often and the more I smoked, the more I enjoyed it.  Within two
months, I had started to feel the first `nags' of a nicotine addiction but
was more than happy to satisfy it with yet another cigarette.  But that was
just the side benefit.  The primary reward came in the way my husband was
absolutely fawning over me!  He was so romantic, so attentive, so wonderful!
He had always loved me and been good to me but once I started smoking, it
seemed as though he nearly worshiped me.  Our sex life was unimaginably good
and a week never went by that he didn't take me to dinner or out dancing.
Gifts, which I never asked for or expected, became as regular as clockwork.
In a word, life was amazing!"

"I was so happy for her and at the same time, so very sad knowing that she
had lost someone so loving and caring after she had made such a big decision
to make him happy.  But Cecily reassured me that while losing her husband had
initially ripped out her very soul, she never regretted smoking.  In fact,
she told me, she said she rarely tells anyone how much she absolutely enjoys
it since virtually all of society considers a smoker to be a pariah."

"Cal, I'd never think that way," Dave started to say.  "Shhh, honey, I'm
not done yet.  You're still just listening, okay?" Callie chided him as she
lit another cigarette.  "I was struck with how much we had in common at that
point and how afraid I was not to have anything more in common with her.
Like losing my husband.  Either through a loss of interest in me, through
divorce or God forbid, something worse."  Callie's eyes moistened as she
spoke, attesting to her sincerity.  

"So I asked Cec if she would help me learn to smoke.  She was very hesitant
at first.  She told me, `Callie, you know this isn't like starting a new
hobby?  Smoking is very addictive and chances are you will actually enjoy it
and become a smoker with all of its attendant social negatives.'  I assured
her that I had thought this over long and hard and that I was not only
willing, but eager to take the risk.  If there was a chance of getting Dave
back, MY Dave, then I'd gladly try anything."

"So, can I say something now?" Dave said trying to appear to eager.  His
head was swirling and his heart was hammering out of his chest.  "Sure,
honey, your turn.  I'll finish my cigarette and listen to you now," she
said brightly.  

"First of all, let me reassure you that there never has been anyone else.
You're all I ever wanted and all I want now.  I never anticipated anything
like this happening to me.  It just did.  I hated myself for it but I knew it
was not only real but something very important to me.  So rest assured you
are the only woman I have ever loved or ever will love."  It was now
Callie's heart that was beating so fast and hard she scarcely contain her
emotions.  Her decision was the right one and she had her husband back.  And
she was learning that she, too, was beginning to look forward to each
cigarette she smoked.  She had just smoked two in a row but Dave's words
created such a high that she felt she would go ahead and have a third even if
it caused her to get a little dizzy as her first few cigarettes had.
Reaching for her pack, Dave quickly lit her cigarette again and took her free
hand in his.

"Cal, honey, no one knows the future so I can't promise nothing will ever
happen to me but I can promise you that I will love you and dote on you for
the rest of my life.  You've made me happier than I could ever have
imagined."  Dave looked down briefly then stared into Callie's eyes as he
added, "Well, with one exception."  "What's that honey?" Callie asking
exhaling a huge stream of thick smoke.  "I've imagined what it would be
like to kiss you after you've been smoking at least ten thousand times.  May
I please find out now?"  Callie slid next to him and pressed her lips to
Dave's.  He could both feel and taste the sensation of the smoke on her
breath.  It was every bit as wonderful as he'd ever imagined.  As her lips
closed with his and their tongues touched, Dave was delighted beyond his
wildest dreams.  He and his wife kissed for a full minute only to be
interrupted by the silent sound of their waiter standing politely away from
the table waiting for them to finish their romantic embrace.

As Dave was paying the check he commented how fortunate it was that his
original reservation had been taken by the Governor and his party.
"Fortunate?" Callie said sarcastically.  "Do you really think we ended up
in the smoking section by accident?  I stopped by earlier today and bribed
Stefan to make the change.  Between the two of us I think he's pocketed at
least a Ben Franklin!"  

Both of them laughed as they walked out of the restaurant into the cool night
air. Dave wrapped Callie's jacket around her shoulders as she reached into
her purse for another cigarette, her fifth of the evening.  Dave lit it for
her after which she turned to him for yet another delicious smoky kiss.
After seating Callie in the Audi, Dave did not open the convertible's top
but instead let the smoke from Callie's cigarette fill the interior of the
vehicle.  Her smoke was like an elixir to him and he wanted its mark to be
everywhere that touched his life.  Their car, their home and his office.
Dave would ensure that everywhere Callie went would be smoker-friendly.  At
that, his mind turned to their bedroom and the thought of making love to his
wife as she smoked for the first time brought him to a totally new level of

Callie finished her cigarette a few minutes before they pulled into the
driveway.  She had never felt so loved or close to her husband.  And even
though she had smoked more that evening that she had in any one single day so
far, she was definitely ready for another cigarette.  But she knew she could
wait another fifteen minutes in order to put on a real show for her beloved

As the garage door closed behind them, Dave put the car in park turning off
the ignition.  He went around to Callie's door and opened it for her, taking
her hand and helping her out then pulled her close to him and kissed her
deeply.  This simply could not be happening to him. It was TOO good to be
true.  And yet it was true as witnessed by the actual taste of cigarette
smoke that saturated Callie's tongue and mouth.  

Dave led Callie straight to their sizeable bedroom with its king-sized sleigh
bed in the center of the room.  "Get naked, handsome," Callie smiled
wickedly. "I'll be right back," she added as she disappeared into her
walk-in closet.  In a moment, Dave was laying on the bed, silk sheets turned
down and in the buff.  Callie entered the bedroom a few seconds later,
dimming the lights just enough to cast her in a soft glow.  She was wearing a
long, white silk nightgown with matching robe, white thigh-high stockings and
3 ˝ inch heels.  She had touched up her makeup, darkening her red lips a wet
lipstick.  In a word, Callie was stunning.  But Dave's attention was fixed
on the long, slender cylinder held between her extended first two fingers.
She walked past the bed and turned on the CD player and selected "Sail On"
by the Commodores.  As Lionel Ritchie's velvety voice sang "good times
never felt so good" Callie lit her cigarette and swayed seductively as Dave
watched.  The combination of the soft sway of her lithe body and full breasts
together with her deft use of her sexiest smoking technique was more than
Dave could passively deal with.  "Come here, honey.  Right now!  I want you
so bad I can't stand this another minute."  Callie took a deliberately long
drag as she slid toward Dave and held it until he held her, then exhaled as
they kissed passionately.  Dave's right hand reached instinctively for
Callie's breast and he squeezed hard cupping and massaging it, rolling her
nipple between his fingers.  Callie moaned with ecstasy and placed her
cigarette in her mouth, letting it dangle as she slid out of her robe.  She
inhaled without using her hands and then exhaled fully through her nose.

Dave was as hard as he had ever been as the smell of smoke filled their
bedroom.  Callie removed her cigarette, taking another long, deep inhale as
Dave kissed her passionately and slid her underneath him.  He gently then
firmly massaged the center of Callie's passion rolling it back and forth as
she began to whimper with utter pleasure.  Her hand slid down to take Dave's
swollen member in it fully as she rolled him over on his back.  Just before
taking Dave deeply into her soft, moist mouth, Callie inhaled deeply and
exhaled directly onto Dave's engorged shaft. The sensation of the warm smoke
followed by his wife's soft lips was incredible!  He ran his hand through
her silky hair and softly guided her head up and down as she both smoked her
cigarette and his pole.  Ready to explode, Dave turned Callie over and drove
himself into her with abandon.  Callie shrieked with the pleasure of pain
from the rough sex she loved but rarely got lately.  She screamed with
delight as Dave hammered her incessantly until both of them finished in a
massive, mutual series of shudders.

"Oh, my God," Callie said.  "That was unbelievable, honey."  Dave was too
exhausted to even grunt.  He just held her close to him and snuggled the way
she enjoyed.  An `after sex' cigarette led to a second, almost as furious
round of lovemaking followed by the best night's sleep either of them had
had in weeks.

As Dave awoke, he feared briefly that it had all been just a wonderful dream
when the smell of fresh cigarette smoke and coffee wafted into the bedroom.
Callie was downstairs making breakfast and finishing a cigarette as Dave
entered the kitchen.  She smiled brightly at him and said, "Good morning.
Come here, I've got a surprise for you!"  Dave moved obediently to embrace
his wife who had just taken a monstrously big inhale and kissed him long and
hard as she exhaled through her nose and mouth.  Dave reached over and turned
off the stove as he laid Callie down on the countertop and continued where
they had left off the night before.  Breakfast followed with coffee for both
and two more cigarettes for Callie who relished the attention she was getting
from Dave as she smoked very seductively.

The next few weeks were not so easy for Callie as she struggled with the
internal mental battle of wanting to continue her fitness routine and her old
friendships.  Dave had pushed her to tell everyone they knew as soon as
possible but Callie was still embarrassed at having started smoking.  In
fact, she still denied that she was actually a smoker but rather that she
sometimes smoked in order to please her husband.  But there was no denying
that she now needed every cigarette she smoked to calm her body's demand for
regular doses of nicotine.  For nearly a month, Callie hid this battle from
Dave and avoided the subject with her old friends and family members.  But
shortly after that, Callie realized there was no more denying it.  She WAS a
smoker and she really loved smoking!  Each morning as she awoke, her first
thought was of lighting a cigarette, which she did while still relaxing in
her warm bed.  Her days now centered around the next cigarette until her last
one just before falling asleep.

The following weekend, Callie took Dave back to the country club for dinner.
Sitting at the same table in the smoking section, Callie explained the
struggle she had been going through in transitioning from non-smoker to
smoker at age 35, but that she now actually considered herself a smoker who
was ready to politely but firmly inform everyone she knew of the newest
change in her life.  As Dave lit a cigarette for Callie, she let him know
that just the day prior, she had smoked two packs of cigarettes in one day
for the first time. Her last `smoking revelation' of the evening was just
how much she enjoyed every one of her cigarettes every day and how glad she
was that she had found something so enjoyable and `pleasurable.'

Dave understood exactly what she meant by `pleasurable' and told her again
how beautiful she looked and how happy he was that his wife was now a smoker.  

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