Paula has a new car!!!

(by anonymous10, 20 June 2001)

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Paula has a new car!!! 

At 167mph and sweeping majestically into the overtaking lane the big Aston
Martin Vanquish brake lights unexpectedly blazed red, In the Aston's hurtling
path were a straggle of slower moving cars all heading towards Durham on the
M1 motorway. With obvious annoyance the driver of the Aston Martin reduced the
big car's massive speed down to the tedious 70-mph of its lesser brethren.
Rock steady, the predatory super-car stalked behind the slower cars poised for
them to move out of its imperious way. 

Then oddly and quite bizarrely, the craftsman built super-car presented
uncertain tempos in its hitherto steady gait as it navigated erratically in
the fast lane. A 30 something driver of a sporting BMW looked inquiring in his
rear view mirror at the cars curious actions. "Fucking drunken bastard"
muttered the young man moving his BMW over to make more room for the itinerant
Aston about to overtake him.  "What the fucks going on!" He complained as the
supercar slowly passed him slightly weaving. He looked across to the source of
his annoyance to see the operator of the Aston. The deeply tinted windows of
the Aston Martin made it difficult to clearly see the driver but nonetheless
the man saw enough to release a curse of amazement.  "The stupid bitch is
lighting up a cigarette!!" He cried shaking his head with disbelief. He had
barely made out but a brief image of a slightly built woman concentrating on
getting her cigarette fired up much to the detriment of the Aston Martin's
otherwise unwavering stability.

Then the woman's cigarette was obviously lit because the Aston Martin abruptly
recovered its composure and the rear end of the big car dipped down as the
female reapplied acceleration. "She's a rookie smoker" announced the man to no
one in particular as he watched the gleaming Aston Martin surge on forwards
oblivious to the 70mph speed limit. The muscle car continued its acceleration
until the "rookie smoking" female driver decided to hold her Aston's speed to
120 mph 

Intrigued and now with an compelling desire to properly look at the woman in
the Aston Martin the BMW driver shifted down a gear and pressed his
accelerator to the floor. Moving his car out into the overtaking lane
accelerating hard the BMW went in pursuit of the powerful English supercar. As
the BMW peaked out at 137mph the Aston Martin was being surely caught-up, the
man smiled in anticipation of looking at this "rookie smoking" but obviously
"executive" class woman driver again. To his horror and dismay, he noticed
that he and his BMW were no longer catching up on the squat rear end of the
silver Aston. Instead, the silver car in front of him was extending its
distance from him. The woman driver had obviously seen him give chase and was
now having fun with him. "Damn you bitch!" The man muttered as he eased off
his BMW. "Rich old hag!". 

The disappointed BMW man was nearly right. The speeding luxury car did
contained only one female occupant and true, she was smoking. But she wasn't a
"rookie smoker" but a "rookie driver". She wasn't rich and certainly she
wasn't old.  

Dark and very pretty the heavy lashed green eyes of the young Aston Martin
driver looked timorously over her steering wheel surveying the mildly
congested motorway traffic she was driving through. Tentatively holding the
leather clad steering wheel with cautious awareness the girl was,
nevertheless, thrilling in the hot asphalt of the M1 motorway hurtling beneath
her still accelerating automobile. As her car's speedometer needle swept past
155 mph the animated young driver languidly lifted her delicate left hand from
the wheel to place her just lit cigarette to her covetous laughing lips. 

Sensuously she drew deeply on her cigarette loving the rich flow of smoke
flooding into her mouth. Lazily, she removed her smouldering Marlborough
leaving a creamy ball hanging in her partly open mouth returning her small
hand back to the gently quivering steering wheel. Her soft eyes narrowed
pleasurably as she inhaled the warm acrid smoke. The speedometer needle was
now steady on 170mph. Pleasure mutated into elation when the girl felt her
smoke swirl deeply into her lungs. Checking in the interior view mirror for
the pursuing BMW, the girl trimmed her speed by 15mph as she contentedly
released a torrential silvery blue cloud of rich Virginia tobacco smoke
through her mouth and nostrils. Her smoky exhale lushly permeated into her
car's sumptuous and air-conditioned interior. Deftly she twitched the steering
wheel to move the powerful Aston Martin in front of the now rapidly receding
vehicles, including the BMW that had given her initial worries, considering to
it being a police car in its effort to chase her.  

A petite but mischievous smile crossed the lips of the dark eyed girl as she
thought of the events earlier that day. Paula was the name of the smoking
driver of the Aston Martin and she was exultant. Still smiling gratifyingly in
her audacity, Paula drew deeply on her Marlborough cigarette and the burning
tobacco glowed brightly. With smoke discharging dreamily from her moist red
lips Paula felt euphoric in the way only a twelve years old girl could be.
Like the euphoria shown by many little girls to a surprise gift pony, Paula
was euphoric. But so much more satisfying to Paula than that proverbial pony.
This was Paula's ultimate joy: a wonderful new realm of discovery. Naughty
twelve-year-old Paula was now living and existing in exclusive grown-up
territory and she was really, really revelling in it.

Slowing the big car all the way down to 90 mph the twelve-years-old adjusted
the air conditioning then reinstated her cigarette to her lips. She left it
there in her rapturously smiling little mouth as her hand moved to nudge the
indicator wand signalling her intention to turn off the motorway. Paula felt
really proud of how quickly she had picked up driving. After all, it was only
maybe 4 hours ago she had driven for the very first time - after blackmailing
her mum to give her the keys for her step-father's Aston Martin. 

Slowing down further, she turned the wheel and as the Aston Martin moved over
into the exit lane. Her cigarette jutted jauntily as it glowed from her fresh
intake of smoke. The precocious twelve-year old girl halted the car at the
junction. Thoughtfully she watched her reflection in the tinted windscreen
showing two faint wisps of smoke flowing gently from her nostrils changing in
opacity to become smoky rivers drifting languorously over her pubescent
breasts. Feeling fraudulently mature the young girl looked both ways for
traffic and for a space or gap to hurl her gleaming car into. 

To the small girl's consternation, a police car was hurrying along in her
intended direction travelling from left to right. With fear and plummeting
heart, the child driver was momentarily paralysed. Galvanising herself Paula
knew she needed to move. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Gotta get out of here!"  She told
herself. Paula's lips tightened in panic, gripping her cigarette tightly. The
girl turned the imperious Aston Martin to the left and pressed her little foot
firmly on the accelerator. Like a mythical beast the big Aston Martin
shuddered. Its huge tires spinning and scrabbling: trying to transmit awesome
power to the road from its mighty 6 litre V12 engine as it tried to obey its
12-year-old mistress. Black rubber smoke belched out from the tortured tires
obscuring the rear wheels. In harmony, the young nostrils and mouth of the
hyped out child driver poured and vented her hot exhaled cigarette smoke.
Quickly the child smoker eased her foot off the accelerator. This action
restored traction and the child smoker re-applied power and the 500-bhp car
brutally propelled itself and its juvenile driver towards Newcastle. Two long
black lines of rubber marked the road as a legacy of the dainty youngster's
visit to this junction. . 

Intensely fuelled by her anxious daring the young girl applied her self-taught
motoring skill with sustained bursts of high speed driving. She swiftly caught
and overtook slower moving traffic on the winding A road, exploring her Aston
Martin's breathtaking power. The under aged driver exploited her car's
performance just as she exploited her glowing cigarette taking pull after pull
of nicotine saturated smoke. Only after despatching 20 or so cars did the
anxious dark haired female child check for police pursuit.  The young driver
breathed a smoke-laden sigh of relief as she noted the absence of flashing
blue lights in her Aston Martin's rear view mirror. She slowed the car down to
a whispering 90mph then took a last and deep illicit inhale from her nearly
finished cigarette before putting it out in the walnut faced ashtray.
Overwhelming glee from being so perverse and illegal washed over her and she
started to chortle. Her smoky exhale pulsed wildly to her adolescent giggling. 

Less than two miles further down the road, adrenaline was still coursing round
her body. For little Paula was on a high surpassing any she had ever had
before in her short life. Her speed now down to around 85-mph appeared very
slows to the excited young smoker. "God!" She needed another buzz, and so
again she floored the accelerator and surrendered willingly to the relentless
surge of acceleration. At around 130 mph and just for a moment the 12-year-old
child eased off the accelerator, but this was only so that she could light up
another cigarette to ease her rapidly increasing and overpowering excitement.
The car weaved awkwardly like it did earlier on the M1 as she fumbled with her
cigarette packet. She managed to extract one even though she almost bounced
her Aston off a car she was overtaking through her "in-car-smoking"
inexperience.  Clumsily she attempted to light it with the dash lighter
furiously hoping her amateur single-handed driving was adequate to stay on the

When smoke started curling off her fresh cigarette she cried "Success!".
Greedily Paula cheeks hollowed as she dragged hard on her white cigarette
tasting the acrid smoke abundantly filling her desperate mouth. Ravenously and
forcefully she inhaled drawing the rich smoke right down to the very bottom of
her lungs. Her lungs felt deliciously full and contentment washed over her.
The warm nicotine steeped smoke asserting its calming balm to every pore in
her girlish body. Correcting her Aston Martin from its imprecise motion Paula
satisfyingly leaned back into the hand stitched leather seats and let a
seemingly endless gush of slow diffused smoke wash slowly over the dashboard.
Masking the red speedometer needle that was rock steady on 153 mph. Her smoky
exhale swirled endlessly clawing its way into the Aston's air-conditioned
cabin. Oh how she was enjoying doing this and being a grown-up. 

She took another languid drag on her cigarette. Her soft 12 year old eyes
creased with merriment as she thought of how she came to be 120 miles from
home, illicitly smoking and certainly, unlawfully, driving a hand built Aston
Martin car that most grown-ups would give their eye teeth just to sit in. 

"Thank God for cheating mom's", she thought, as she exhaled a tranquil warm
flood of cascading smoke over her holding hand flattening the lazy spiralling
smoke drifting vertically off her elegantly held cigarette. Paula started
happily remembering her life-changing discovery yesterday. 

Her mom had seriously signed away her parental authority over her, and "Wow!"
Hadn't her mom said Paula could have or do anything?  It was great that she
had caught her mom screwing with that guy and cheating on Peter. Peter was
Paula's stepfather.  "Mom was so scared" Paula murmured with pulsating wisps
of smoke spitting out with her words. She smiled as she recalled how in
control she had felt when her mom sobbed plaintively, beseeching and begging
her not to tell Peter about her lover. 

Paula slowed down the purring Aston Martin as she approached a built up area.
She raised her smouldering cigarette to her lips again dragging deeply as she
tried to work out where she was. She saw a sign reading Chester-le-Street and
underneath 16 miles. Her adolescent lips pursed as she inhaled another large
expanse of warm smoke. She purposefully held onto this lungful of dense smoke
while as she concentrated negotiating her powerful Aston round a complex (to
her) staggered road junction. Then with a mature sigh, Paula gently and slowly
dissipated her wafting smoke through both her nose and mouth and she continued
to recall yesterday. 

Later on when her mom had composed herself she had tried to win Paula round by
going out and buying her a carton of cigarettes. Of course Paula's mom had for
some weeks suspected Paula was smoking. Paula chuckled smokily at this memory.
She remembered how she had sworn at her mom, calling her a "fucking two-faced
slut" and how her mom had actually ignored her foul language but earnestly
promising that she could smoke any time she wanted. But no smoking in front of

Peter, her stepfather was really freaked out by smoking full stop. 

Little Paula took another sensuous drag from her cigarette while she indicated
her intention to turn into and towards Chester-le-Street town centre. She
manipulated the Aston's awesome power to overtake a swiftly moving Mercedes SL
600, which was slowing her down. Paula contemplatively practised producing
misty smoke rings while she exploited her car and her thoughts drifted back to

Her mom hadn't smoked since before Peter, 10 years ago.  Paula laughed as she
recalled how she had in front of her mom, opened a packet from the carton and
lit it up right in front of her then exhaled her smoke right into mom's face. 

"Shit!" Uttered Paula in the middle of and spoiling a particularly good smoke
ring. She'd just realised that she was heading for Chester-le-Street's one way
road system. "Oh well" she said taking an anxious pull on her cigarette. Paula
knew she was now really risking getting caught as a "very" under age driver
going through a slow built up area where she would be often stationary because
of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings etc. She turned the Aston Martin's
Technics sound system on and adjusted the tone controls and carried on
driving, smoking and remembering.

"You take this and smoke it mom". This is what she had actually said to her
mom. She remembered how her mom looked positively uncomfortable but had
gingerly and with obvious reluctance, taken the lit cigarette from her
daughter's hand. She hadn't wanted to smoke it properly but Paula had made
her. Her mom's body rapidly absorbed and accommodated the smoke and although
quite dizzy, Paula's mom knew she was once again committed to, and worse, with
her daughter's corrupt designs, now needed nicotine. Paula had lit another
cigarette for herself and when her mom had finished her Marlborough, made her
mom light up another. Paula took mindless pleasure watching her mother
gratefully and furiously devours her second cigarette

Paula's happy reverie was interrupted, as she was dimly aware of lights
turning red. Eyes wide open; she saw the traffic in front of her going through
amber, as she was about to go through red. She panics kicked the brake pedal
and the antilock system chattered in making Paula's small foot pulse. Pushing
hard against the steering wheel to prevent herself from hurting herself the
big car slewed to an untidy halt. Feeling her heart pounding the young girl
lifted her cigarette and took a huge expanse of calming smoke into her little

Her heart dropped like a stone when she saw the parked police bike and froze
when she saw the police officer.  The police-biker had seen the 6 litre Aston
Martin tearing down the road. He saw the car pile on its brakes nearly going
through the red lights. Now it was stationary waiting for the lights to turn.
He stared at the big luxury super car sitting askew, not properly in its lane.
Through it's deeply tinted windscreen the Aston Martin driver was looking
agitated as if doubtful where to go. Slightly suspicious, the 32-year-old
policeman strode over to the quietly running 200mph Aston Martin Vanquish. He
tapped on the tinted driver's side window and signalled it down. The window
silently scrolled down barely 2inches. The police biker peered through the
crack and could see a dismayed young girl looking back at him. "Jeez!" He
exclaimed, his mind in turmoil trying to rationalise the image of a pubescent
child behind the wheel of this status car. Scintillated with the debauchedness
of the situation he felt aroused as right in front of his very eyes, the child
nervously places her shaking cigarette to her lips and takes a hard but
troubled pull on it. Captivated, he observed the girl allowing a curtain of
smoke to hang in her partially open mouth, then have her smoke flood up and
dragged into her nostrils in a wonderful display of French. He noticed the
tears of distress welled in Paula's soft child eyes "I'm sorry if I was bad
sir" she sobbed softly through her exhale. He couldn't believe his eyes. How
in hell could a kid girl be at the wheel and controlling a fucking 200-mph
motor that never in a million Sundays could afford to own? Smoking too, damns
it! "Just how fucking young are you?" Asked the shell-shocked law-enforcer
watching Paula drawing deeply again on her cigarette. At that moment
screeching tires and a massive metallic crunching drowned out Paula's smoke
laden reply. 

The police biker looked with horror at the carnage unfolding before him. The
articulated truck shooting red lights ploughed into three automobiles spinning
one over. In the ensuing silence the wail of injured car occupants sliced
through the air. "Get the fuck outer this" snapped the dumfounded policeman
"Go home!" He shouted to the Marlborough smoking child behind the wheel of the
stationary Aston Martin and he ran over to the accident. 

Almost disbelieving her ears Paula exhaled a delighted tornado of blue smoke
through her open window as she pushed the shift lever into gear and the big
car sleekly squatted on its rear wheels as it powered away through the crash
wreckage and in the opposite direction from her home. 

The pretty 12-year-old couldn't believe her luck. Her mom had warned her when
she had demanded the car keys from her, that the police would catch her.
Because she couldn't drive and she looked exactly her age. I.e. only twelve
years old.  Paula had been curt with her mom. She told her that she was taking
"Peter's fucking car" and if she people saw her smoking "The bastards would
think I was grown up!" At this point her mom had started to cry again. She
started pleading that Peter would go berserk at anyone smoking in his beloved
Aston Martin. Paula remembered how she felt slightly sorry for her mom at that
point and offered her mom a cigarette, which her mom took and frantically
smoked. Her worried mom then earnestly explained to Paula, through her own
clouds of smoke, how she didn't want to have her little darling Paula kill
herself in that car. And how Peter didn't even let her drive it. It was too

Paula compromising then told her mom that just driving Peter's Aston was all
she wanted to do and how her mom needn't worry - she wouldn't smoke in his
precious car. Paula's mom then tried to have Paula take drive her own car, a
small Nissan estate. Paula had laughed derisively and informed her mom that
she wanted a real car and not a toy. 

The Aston Martin now caught up in heavy traffic burbled along imposingly.
Paula deep in her reverie absently reached for another cigarette and lit it
with her own Bic lighter. "This is really, really delicious" thought Paula
knowing her lungs were adapting and needing the concoction she was breathing
in deeply. She had been warned about the addiction effect from her worried
mother when they had left home this morning in answer to Paula's promise of
not smoking in Peter's car. "This is so cool" the child lazily murmured, her
smoke thickly punctuating and accenting her words. 

Exactly the same words were spoken only four hours earlier, but with her mom
in the passenger seat. Because Paula was adamant taking the Aston Martin her
mother had implored her daughter to be allowed to come with her so at least
she could instruct her on how to drive for her own safety. 

Paula recollected how buoyant she felt as her mom reluctantly and with
foreboding passed her the keys. She had nearly wee'd herself in exhilaration
when the big car slowly moved out of the garage under her very own guidance.
She ecstatically screeched when she pressed her foot down on the accelerator
and unleashed the brutal acceleration of the Aston, which pushed both her mom
and Paula deep into the leather seats. 

They travelled about 60 miles and under her mom's unwilling tuition Paula
slowly mastered rudimentary road sense. She ceased mounting kerbs negotiating
corners and she learned to use the rear view mirror. She knew that her mom was
appalled at this unreal situation of allowing a child to unlawfully drive but
nonetheless was grudgingly surprised at Paula's quickness in learning.
However, Paula could feel a feeling of a need that she couldn't put her finger
on. It was like a hunger and she was becoming short tempered with her mom.
When her mom then started to go on about getting back home and so Paula had
petulantly turned the powerful Aston Martin round and headed for home.

Waiting at yet another set of traffic lights, Paula practised producing smoke
rings. She wanted to do all the grown-up things properly, and now her smoky
breath was feeling as natural to her as chewing gum did previously. She
pleasingly knew that her talking exhales were as proficient as any
sophisticated smoker she had observed. As the lights turned green the powerful
car lurched forwards and Paula cursed vividly. "I've gotta fucking get better
than this". She feathered the brakes to adjust her speed and gently re-applied
the power. Her Aston Martin smoothly accelerated away and Paula had to quickly
move over to avoid running into the back of a slower car. "Tosser!" Paula
shouted and sounded her horn angrily to the slow car's driver and laughed when
she saw the middle aged woman driver gesticulate her apologies to her.
Indicating to turn off the road into a side road Paula smoothly slowed her car
to a halt preparing to turn when oncoming traffic had gone past. Feeling
elated, Paula knew that her illegal and underage driving was improving by
leaps and bounds. Taking another languid haul of smoke from her cigarette and
Paula felt really cultivated and worldly. A motorist in a Vectra seeing
Paula's Aston Martin waiting to turn across the road flashed his lights to
signal her through. Paula manoeuvred her car in front of the courteous Vectra
owner and mouthed a smoke interlaced "Thank you" to the man. She laughed
childishly as she saw the Vectra-mans jaw drop in disbelief at seeing a
pre-teen girl driving a car costing more than his own home. 

About 20 miles from home Paula was getting a little tired of her mom begging
her to return home and put Peter's car back in the garage. Paula was enjoying
herself so much, mastering driving on the public highway. She was so taken
with experiencing being grown-up. But her strange hunger that was causing her
to be short with her mom was becoming more intense. Suddenly she knew that
they were craving's. She needed a cigarette. At her realisation she now wanted
to be a proper adult and try smoking whilst driving. She asked her mom to
light a cigarette up for her. When her mom started to get hysterical about how
no one smokes in Peter's car Paula flipped. Slamming her little foot on the
brake bringing the heavy car sliding to a halt Paula had turned to her mom and
told her to "fucking get out!". Her mom eventually got out after pleading with
her to think of the dire consequences of driving totally on her own. Tearfully
closing the door Paula's mum started to plead with her daughter again. She
ceased trying and with a hollow defeated feeling watched her rebellious
offspring light up a cigarette, defiling her husband, Peter's car with smoke.
Paula took a frenzied nicotine replenishing drag Started to exhale then
without looking at her mother and in mid exhale, smokily said "I'll be home
later! And accelerated away with squealing tires manoeuvring the big Aston
Martin into the busy traffic.  Paula's mom was a troubled woman as she watched
her little daughter drive into the distance. Paula's mom felt sick. She lit up
a cigarette as she contemplated how she was going to get home. She prayed to
any god that would listen, to prevent her little girl from hurting herself or

The music gently throbbing from its 13 speakers the powerful Aston Martin
engine note dropped as Paula adeptly changed gear as it glided through the
busy town of Chester-le-Street. Cigarette warmly smouldering between her
fingers Paula manoeuvred the big Aston in the narrow streets teaming with
tourist and locals. The young girl pressed down her door window the same time
as taking in more smoke. Paula abruptly felt sophisticated and all grown up as
she observed kids similar in age to herself messing around on the verge,
playing on skateboards and generally fooling around. If only they knew what
real fun is, smiled Paula to herself as she dreamily exhaled, teasing her
smoke towards her open window. The track changed on the CD and the chords of
Westlife beat out. 

A young acne faced boy of around sixteen astride his bicycle looked
interestedly at the slowly moving Aston Martin Vanquish. As his eyes wandered
over from the 200-mph car to its driver his jaw visibly dropped. The sight of
this unashamed pre-teen girl lavishly exhaling smoke as she mouthed the words
of the West life song playing in the Aston was unreal. The fact that she was
actually driving the Aston Martin totally freaked him out. He and his bicycle
all but fell over as the teenager tried to absorb this astonishing sight. 

Noticing the teenager's shock, Paula with a mischievous smile, stopped the
Aston Martin causing all the traffic behind her to stop also. Placing her
cigarette in her lips then beckoned the boy over with her hand as her
cigarette glowed. The astounded teenager came over. Putting his head through
the open window he smelled the opulent leather aroma from the executive
interior mixed with the child driver's smoke. "What's up?" Said the spotty
faced youth captivated by this corrupt little girl. Paula continued to make
her cigarette glow as she drew in deeply then solely for the acne boys
benefit, french inhaled with delicious abandon only inches from his face -
then she said with her smoke strewing every syllable "Hey I like yer lil bike
lil boy!" Swamping the boy with her exhaled smoke. Disdainfully she flicked
her cigarette butt at him as she floored her Aston Martin making its tires
squeal as the 12 year old girl sped off leaving the shocked but bemused boy.
Second's later Paula had to slow down again as she caught up with the traffic

"Jeez" Paula sighed as she lit up another cigarette "This is sooo Coooool".
The young girl felt so relaxed and comfortable in her borrowed Aston Martin.
Holding a lungful of smoke for around a half a minute she then murmured
smokily "Gawd I wish I could drive forever!". Paula knowing full well that
this was not an option. She knew that home was the place she had to stay until
she was old enough to drive legally and driving her mom's husband's car was
after all, an experience she was going to repeat. 

Driving gently along the busy street at barely 20mph. Paula noticed
pedestrians were looking at her with obvious astonishment. Paula knew even
though she had a little make-up on, no way did she look old enough to even buy
the cigarettes she was smoking never mind driving her car. But she knew also,
that these people, like the boy earlier, would simply think that they were
just seeing things. 

Looking at the time Paula knew she was supposed to be back home as Peter. her
stepfather would be arriving shortly.  Thoughtfully Paula reached for her
cigarette packet and with one hand still guiding the Aston Martin, placed the
open end of her packet to her lips. With deft lip manipulation Paula withdrew
a fresh cigarette and then tossed the half-full packet onto the dash and
retrieved her lighter. Single handily driving the car with growing expertise,
her other hand flicked her lighter into life. Paula dipped her unlit cigarette
into the pool of flame and her cheeks hollowed as she drew in fresh smoke as
the car phone started ringing. Paula answered it in its hands free mode.
"Paula!" It was her mothers frantic voice "where the hell are you?" Paula
paused while she removed her cigarette from her mouth. Snap inhaling, Paula
then replied "I'm about 90 miles away in Chester-le-Street" as she said the
last two words her smoke was coming in dense staccato bursts. "Oh Jesus
darling!" Her mother wailed "Peter will need his car ... What am I gonna say?"
A predacious smile crossed Paula's little face as she took another drag on her
cigarette.  "Tell him to use your fuckin car if he's in that much of a hurry".
A loaded silence followed from her mother then in a resigned a defeated tone
she replied, "OK darling I'll think of something to tell Peter. But please,
please be careful Paula, you know you aren't old enough to smoke never mind
drive ....." Hysteria set in "Oh God why did I allow you to do this to me. For
fucks sake Paula you just turned twelve..." Then in a tired voice "OK.. How
long will you be?" "Dunno" said Paula "Maybe a couple of hours!" Then Paula
remembered "Oh yes mum I need more cigarettes for when I get back I just
smoked more than a packet an a half already" Paula switched the phone off. 

She slowed the car down at the next junction and pulled over. Thoughtfully she
gazed at the slow twisting spiral of blue smoke drifting from her fingers and
thought with some wonder that somehow she had smoked more than 30 cigarettes
since she started driving her Aston Martin now nearly five hours earlier.
There's fuckin gonna be more days like today. She grinned happily at this
thought while her smoke gently drifted from her nostrils adding its smell
permanently to the fabric of her car's interior 

 She took another deep drag then executed a beautiful french inhale, and
blissfully feeling the smoke saturating her nicotine loving lungs for the
hundredth time today. Looking quickly for a space in the fast moving traffic
and exhaling a seemingly endless plume of smoke she turned the big car round
and pressed her young foot firmly on the accelerator. Her Aston Martin
squatted at the rear as its big tires dug into the Tarmac and then it hurtled
off in the direction of its little driver's home. A plume of cigarette smoke
venting from the driver's window was snatched away by the slipstream. The
Aston Martin quickly diminished in size and within seconds it became a speck
on the horizon......... 

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