Proposition for Jill, Part 1

(by, 08 April 2003)

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Proposition for Jill
Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1   (Part 1)

   As I exhaled the last drag off my Marlboro, I glanced up at the clock in
the kitchen and realized that it was almost 10:00pm.  It seemed like only a
few minutes had passed since I had kissed the kids goodnight at 8:30.  I
crushed out the spent but in the ashtray, careful not to ignite any of the
other 10 buts similarly crushed in the heavy glass receptacle.  I felt a sense
of relief because I knew I was finally ready to present my case tomorrow.  I
tipped my coffee mug just far enough to see that it was bone dry and I debated
heading to the kitchen for a refill.  Just then, from the living room of I
heard a familiar "Jimmy".  My wife always called me Jimmy whenever she wanted
sex and I was ever so thankful that she wanted it virtually every night.
"Jimmy, I've had a long day too and you've been ignoring me all night long.  I
think I need some smoky kisses."

   "Well come on over darling.  I am just the man who can take care of your
needs." I replied quickly.

   Previously, my back had been turned away from the living room.  Now, I
turned my chair completely around, just in time to see my gorgeous wife
standing on the other side of the living room, firing up one of her Salem
100's.  All she wore was a totally see-through little pink, baby doll,
nightie.  It was held together in the front by a single little ribbon tie at
the neck.  Then, it cascaded freely over her voluptuous curves to about
mid-ass.  The 4" heeled, pink slippers that she wore made her long and lovely
legs seem even longer.  I could clearly see her neatly trimmed black pubic
patch, so it was obvious she wasn't wearing any panties.  Once her cigarette
was lit, she began to walk towards me with quick little baby steps (Because
that's all she could manage in the high-heeled slippers).  God she looked so
sexy.  The exaggerated little steps that she took caused her droopy E cup
boobs to bounce fluidly and in perfect unison against her chest.

   When she finally reached me, without saying a word, she stuck the 100 mm
cigarette between her lips and reached down to my waist, untying the sash that
held my silk robe together.  She sucked on the dangling cigarette and
completely spread my robe open as she exhaled.  She didn't seem particularly
concerned that she had just exhaled a dense stream of cigarette smoke directly
into my face.  These last 2 minutes had caused my previously limp cock to
harden to about 6 of its ultimate 8 and a 1/2 inches.

   Jill looked down at my manhood and wined, "Jimmy, you're not ready for me
yet."  She didn't wait for my reply.  I slouched back slightly into the dining
room chair while she deftly lifted her legs over mine, perching her soft, but
still firm, ass directly on my lap.  She took at least a 5 second, cheek
hollowing drag on her Salem, her ample chest rising only inches from mine as
she inhaled deeply.  She paused a couple seconds then took another strong, 3
second drag.  As soon as she completed her inhale, she threw her arms around
my neck and our lips met in an extremely passionate French kiss.  We shared
our tongues and all of the delicious, mentholated, cigarette smoke for at
least 2 minutes and, throughout the kiss, she slowly and subtly thrust her
hips forward, pushing her already moist pussy into the base of my rapidly
hardening sex organ.  I reached up with both hands and cupped her heavy,
drooping breasts.  Their sheer size overwhelmed even my relatively large
hands.  I alternated between squeezing them and gently tugging at her lust
hardened nipples.

   Once the smoke that swirled around our heads had cleared, we separated our
lips to prepare for another drag and kiss.  "Ooooohhhh baby, you know just the
right way to play with my tits.  It gets me so hot." She cooed while looking
into my eyes.

   I replied "Baby, you were hot before you even got here.  I can't believe
how wet and juicy you are."

   "Yeah, I know."  She kind of giggled as she reached her right hand down
between us and grabbed my throbbing cock, giving it a powerful squeeze.  "And
I think you're finally ready for me big boy."  She added.  Still holding my
cock in her right hand, she brought the cigarette that was in her left hand to
her mouth and repeated the powerful double pump that she had just performed
only minutes earlier.  This time however, she didn't rub her pussy against my
cock, she lifted her ass off of my lap and buried my cock deep into her
slippery cunt.  Our second smoky kiss seemed even more passionate than the
first.  I slouched back into the chair a little further to improve my
penetration and my wife slowly rotated her ass in a circular motion, no doubt
enjoying the feeling of having her pussy fully stuffed with cock.

   A few minutes later, the smoke once again spent, she executed a third,
awesome double pump.  Jill's two plus pack-a-day habit, easily gave her the
stamina to handle this intense smoking.  Then, she carelessly stroked the hots
into the ashtray, oblivious to the fact that smoke was still rising from the
spent cylinder.  As soon as we locked lips again, she resumed the slow,
circular motion of her hips and I renewed my fondling of her boobs .  Despite
the fact that she never increased the speed or intensity of her hip motions,
by the way that she quietly moaned and the feel of her pussy muscles
contracting onto my hardon, I was pretty sure that she had worked herself
through a mild orgasm.

   We relaxed and kissed for a couple more minutes and then she stood,
releasing my cock from the grips of her wet pussy and she backed slightly away
from me.  Then she looked into my eyes while she gently pushed my legs apart
with her knees.  "Can I interest you in a smoke my dear?"  She asked
seductively.  I knew enough to agree, so she fired up one of my Marlboro's for
me.  Then, she lit another Salem 100 for herself.

   "Now lay back and enjoy your smoke darling."  I did as I was told and she
knelt between my legs resting her delectable ass on the backs of her legs.
She let the cigarette just dangle between her luscious lips.  Then, she sucked
hard on the little white tipped cylinder and slowly inhaled the smoke deep
into her lungs.  Almost instantly, smoke billowed out of her nose and her
slightly parted lips while she slowly stroked my cock with both of her
delicate hands.  Our eyes were still connected and I could only marvel at how
beautiful she looked at that moment.  I took a long drag on my own cigarette
and held my inhale for as long as I could.  She smiled slightly and then hit
her cigarette again as she continued her seductive dangle.  Then, she knelt up
high enough so that she could caress my hard dick with her heavy hooters.  She
finally removed the cigarette from her lips just long enough to flick the inch
long ash into the ashtray and then she placed it back between her lips.

   "Jimmy, I just love the feel of my hard nipples brushing against your
beautiful cock."  She said as she talked around the cigarette.  With each word
that she spoke, tiny wisps of smoke seeped out of her mouth in a never-ending

   She finally reached her hands up and squeezed her tits together, completely
engulfing my cock between her velvety pillows.  She began to slowly bounce her
body, pistoning my cock, giving me a most delightful titty fuck.  This was my
favorite thing and she knew it.  I just leaned back, smoked my cigarette and
enjoyed the view.  As the smoke swirled around her head from the half smoked
cigarette that still dangled between her lips, my wife had the most erotic,
yet intensely hungry look on her face.  She took one last monster drag on her
Salem and then paused to lay it in the ashtray.  Before she exhaled, she
wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock and proceeded to suck me with her
expert technique that I had grown to love so much.  She was now breathing
rapidly through her nose and it seemed to take at least 10 panting breaths
before the smoke finally cleared from her smoke saturated lungs.  I had a
decision to make.  I was at the point where she could have easily sucked me
off, but I wanted to satisfy her the same way that she was satisfying me.  I
gently lifted her head, forcing her to release my cock from her lips and said,
"Jill darling.  As much as I'm enjoying this, my cock is not where it wants to
be."  With that, she stood and smiled knowingly.  Then, I stood and we grabbed
our packs of smokes and headed toward the bedroom.  We paused long enough in
the living room to drop our garments to the floor and then we continued,
totally naked, up the stairs and back to our waterbed.

   Jill hit the bed first and landed on her back.  Her body was flowing and
floating around from the waves that she had just made.  I mounted her and
immediately began fucking her fast and deep.  She squealed with delight and I
held myself up with my outstretched arms so that I could watch her pancaked
tits bobble in a delightful wavelike motion as I pumped her.  Neither one of
us had to do that much work, we let the waves dictate the rhythm.  Jill rested
her long legs on my shoulders, making it easier for me to drive my cock ever
deeper into her hot little pussy.  Within minutes, her frantic panting
interspersed with quiet little shrieks indicated that she was cumming hard and
frequently.  I was just about ready to blow my load when she asked between
breaths, "Jimmy, have you cum yet?"

   "No darling, but I'm really close."

   "Oh good baby, I want to be on top when you finish."  She panted out her

   We changed positions and she mounted me in a fully upright sitting
position, with her feet nestled under my armpits.  Before she began to bounce
on my prick, she grabbed another Salem and lit it, sucking a long drag deep
into her lungs.  She exhaled most of the smoke in a huge plume and then placed
the long white cigarette between her lips.  She was panting rapidly and with
each short breath she sucked in just as much fresh smoke as she exhaled.  She
balanced herself by placing her hands against my chest and then she began to
fuck down hard on my throbbing erection, banging her pubes hard into mine with
each powerful downstroke.  She seemed totally oblivious to the dense cloud of
smoke that swirled around her head.  Her luscious tits literally danced around
her chest with the energetic humping she was applying to my throbbing cock.  I
reached up and captured her shaking melons and began to fondle them roughly,
intensifying the waves of pleasure that began to wrack her body.  She
instinctively pulled the cigarette from her mouth and flicked the ash in the
general direction of the ashtray on the nightstand.  Then she returned it to
her lips and began moaning and gasping in ecstasy again.  This time I couldn't
hold out any longer and finally gushed forth just as an extremely intense
orgasm wracked her body.

   A few moments later she gently lifted her spent body off of my shrinking
cock and after she snuffed out her smoke, we cuddled in each other's arms for
maybe the next ten minutes.  Once we had regained sufficient energy, we
separated and each lit fresh cigarettes to enjoy our customary post-sex smoke.
We smoked in silence and then after we extinguished the buts, we left the bed
and headed toward separate bathrooms.  We washed up and brushed our teeth and
met back in bed maybe five minutes later.  Still naked, Jill cuddled against
my chest as I lay down on my back.  She then whispered to me, "You know Jim, I
don't know what I love more, smoking or you."

   I replied, "How about smoking and me."

   "Yea that's it baby.  I love you so much.  I'm really happy that you
introduced me to this dirty, disgusting and totally delightful little habit."

   "Believe me Jill darling, the pleasure has been mutual."  I whispered back.
Within minutes of her last comment, Jill was sleeping softly in my arms.  At
that moment, I was still wide awake.  So, I lit one more Marlboro and thought
back to the days when I first fell in love with my sexy bride.  It all started
on a cold downtown Chicago night in March six years ago.  The year was 1995...

Chapter 2   (Part 1)

   Having just taken a small sip from my Jack on the rocks, I estimated the
drink had maybe 3 more sips left in it.  So, I tapped a Marlboro out of my
pack, figuring that I would enjoy one last cigarette before I braved the snow
and cold, which I knew awaited me on this stormy night.  It had been a long
and tedious day.  From 8:00am until dinner was served at 7:00pm, I had been
holed up in meetings with my largest client's management team as they debated
new product introduction strategies.  My presence was in an advisory role, in
case they needed a legal point of view.  (I'm an attorney for a large Chicago
law firm that specializes in corporate law)  The fact that there was no
smoking in the meetings made them even more painful and I had only managed to
sneak in 4 cigarettes during the course of the day.  So now, as I sat in the
lounge at the Hilton, I was extremely thankful that my all day meetings had
finally come to an end and I could replenish my nicotine levels.  Two days
earlier, on Saturday, my friends had thrown me a surprise 30th birthday party
and, as is customary for those occasions, I abused my body and partied late
into the night.  Now, two days later, I was still recovering and it was
painfully obvious that I was not getting any younger.  The Jack Daniels was
helping with the recovery process, but I knew I had a 20 minute ride through 3
inches of snow ahead of me, so I was just about ready to call it a day.

   The flame barely touched the tip of my cigarette and I sucked hard on the
filter and inhaled that first drag deeply.  Seconds later I had just concluded
the second half of a long double pump when a striking brunette seated herself
on the empty barstool next to me.  She was wearing a dark gray business suit
with a buttoned jacket, so the only thing that I could accurately deduce about
her was that she was tall, maybe 5'9" and not heavy.  Her face seemed very
pretty, but her makeup was subtle and the glasses she wore helped hide her
true beauty.  I guessed that she was maybe 23 or 24, but it was only a guess.
I hadn't even started my exhale when she said, "God this has been such a
grueling day.  Are these client meetings always so excruciating?"  By the way
that she asked her question, it almost seemed as if she knew me.  I exhaled a
thin stream of smoke toward the ceiling and she continued.  "You know I don't
think I had a chance to introduce myself earlier today, I'm Jill Munoz."  She
said as she turned slightly and held out her hand.  As I shook her hand
warmly, I glanced at her nametag and noticed that she had been meeting with
Donrico Construction Company.

   "Jim Young."  I replied.  "I'm very glad to meet you Jill and I must
confess that the reason we didn't meet earlier is that we were in different
meetings.  I was in the H.C. Cosmetics meeting."

   Now that we were properly introduced, it was appropriate that we turn our
stools slightly so that we could talk face to face and the faint blush on her
face betrayed her embarrassment.  "Oh God, most of the people that are in here
right now were in my meeting, so I just assumed you were part of my group."

   Trying to put her at ease I said reassuringly, "Hey it's alright.  A
perfectly logical deduction (I cringed.  I had just let my lawyer personality
poke through).  Let me buy you a drink.  Then we can compare notes from our
mutually excruciating meetings."

   Thankfully, she accepted my offer and we started talking.  She was so easy
to talk to and by the end of our second drink we were yacking away as if we
had known each other all our lives.  Come to think of it, we actually came
pretty close to knowing each other all our lives.  She too was an attorney
that worked for a much smaller corporate law firm.  However, she had only
passed the bar 8 months earlier and had been with her firm for only 6 months.
Ironically, Jill lived in a high rise by the lake, only 2 blocks from my high
rise.  But the irony didn't stop there.  We both grew up in Peoria and
actually attended the same high school.  Although we weren't in school
together (I found out she was 26, so our paths came real close to crossing),
we knew 3 or 4 families in common and we reminisced about the same teachers
that we had had.  Come to find out, our parents only lived about a half mile
from each other!  And, Jill had a 28 year old sister named Heather, but I
didn't know her either, as she had gone to the local Catholic all-girls
school.  She also told me that her real name was Gillian, that her dad was
second generation Venezuelan and her mom was from England.  They had met when
he was in the Air Force and stationed in England during the mid-sixties.

   Right from the start, she didn't seem to mind my smoking, so I freely
smoked 4 more Marlboro's and now I was happy that I had bought a fresh pack
just before the dinner break.  Our third drink took us past 11:00 and we
decided it was finally time to brave the elements.  We exchanged phone numbers
and she seemed genuinely excited when I asked her for a date on Saturday
night.  Reluctantly, we put on our coats and grabbed our briefcases and headed
toward the exit.  We took one look out the revolving door and saw that 3
inches of snow had now turned into at least 8 inches.  I looked at her and
said, "You know Jill, there's no reason we have to deal with this snow right
now.  Let's grab a room and a bottle and continue this lovely evening."  I was
surprised when she enthusiastically agreed.

   Twenty minutes later, our lips were locked in a passionate kiss.  I began
to feel that exquisite tingling feeling that you get when you're about to have
sex for the first time with someone that you really like and that you think
you might want to be romantically attached to.  Ten minutes later, we were
frantically undressing each other and when I had relieved Jill of her blouse,
I had to pause for a moment to assess her beauty.  Her torso was slender, not
an ounce of fat.  Her arms weren't largely muscled, but they were firm.  Her
waist wasn't an inch over 25, which was impressive for a 5'9" girl.  The last
pleasant surprise were her breasts.  Now I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a
boob man.  Some guys are ass men, some are leg men.  I'm a boob man.  The
bigger the better.  I am what I am and for my tastes, Jill's pair were
magnificent.  Her tits literally overflowed the cups of the demi-bra that she
was stuffed into.  Within seconds I regained my composure and she
instinctively turned her back to me and I, just as instinctively, popped the
hooks on the overworked little garment.  Finally free of their constraints,
her lovely large jugs sagged just enough so that she'd flunk the pencil test,
but not much more.  They had a nice, naturally sloped shape and were topped
off by large reddish nipples.  In her aroused state, Jill's nipples had puffed
out to at least 3/4" in length and they were as thick as a Tootsie Roll.  From
behind her back, my hands reached up to pay homage to her fabulous tits.  They
were so nice and full and firm, yet heavy to the touch.  My mind wandered for
a second and I thought, "Another cup size or two bigger and a few more years
of trying to fight the inescapable force of gravity and these boobs will be
perfect drooping hangers."  You know it's funny how boob men think.  No matter
how spectacular the tits that are in your hands at the moment are, real boob
men can always manage to envision improvements.

   The next thing to go was her skirt and panties.  Her legs were so long and
slender and her ass was nice and rounded, although it was actually a little
small for my liking.  From the waist down she was gorgeous, but she would have
looked even better with 5 more pounds on her slender frame.  Then it was her
turn to strip me.  First the shirt and she complimented me on my fat free,
6'2", 190 pound frame.  Then she dropped my pants to the floor and giggled
when my cock sprung free from the trousers, "Oooohhh, I like a guy that
doesn't where underwear when they're with me."  I made a mental note of her

   45 minutes later we were just winding down from the best sex that I had had
in many months.  Jill rested her head on my left shoulder as she snuggled
against my body.  I loved the feel of her soft tits mashed against my ribcage.
I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed my Marlboro's and fired one up,
double pumping the first drags like I always do when it's either been a long
time since my last smoke, or if I've just had great sex.  In this case, it was
both.  Jill gazed at me as I silently smoked and said, "A lot of my smoker
friends say that a cigarette after sex is very nice."

   "Jill darling, I got to tell you, it is always the best cigarette of any
day.  Would you like to try one?"  I asked sincerely.

   "No.  But thank you."  Her reply didn't betray any opinion of the issue of
smoking or not, so, I accepted her answer without a second thought.

   A little later we dozed off in each other's arms and I slept like a baby.
The next morning I woke up at my usual 6:30 and looked over at Jill.  She was
still sleeping soundly so I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on with the
sound muted.  In the glow of light from the screen I could see her more
clearly and she looked just as beautiful as she had the night before.  I
clicked on the weather channel and learned that last night's 8 inches of snow
had now grown to 12" and it was still snowing!  I lit a Marlboro and silently
smoked it as I continued to stare at the screen.  By the time I finished
smoking my cigarette, Jill had still not even moved, so I got out of bed and
went to the bathroom where I washed my face and gargled with the complimentary
little bottle of mouthwash.

   When I crawled back into the bed, the bouncing and shaking began to wake
Jill up.  I put my arms around her and began to gently kiss her.  This
completed the job of waking her up and within a minute she was
enthusiastically kissing me back.  During the next half hour we made love like
a couple of horny teenagers and after we wound down, I lit a cigarette and
Jill looked at the clock which now said 7:30.

   "Oh my God, we have to get going.  We're both going to be so late."  She
said in a panic as she bolted upright into a sitting position.

   "Relax."  I said.  "Look at the TV.  We've been hit by a bona-fide late
winter blizzard.  A foot of snow has already fallen and more is on the way.
We could hurry, but what's the point.  Nobody else is going to make it into
the office on time."

   "Really?"  She asked.  Now the tone of her voice indicated enthusiasm.  "I
guess we'll just have to make the best of a bad situation."  She said
mischievously as she pounced over my prone body.

   We played with each other for maybe half an hour, then we ordered a room
service breakfast.  When we finished eating we showered together and that led
to another fabulous round of enthusiastic fucking.  I smoked freely throughout
the whole morning and was ecstatic that my habit didn't seem to bother Jill in
the least.  We finally checked out around 11:00 and we didn't get to our
respective offices until after noon.

   Because of the weather, all meetings had been cancelled and the office was
dead.  I couldn't get Jill off of my mind and I ended up calling her office
around 4:00.  She was still at her office and we talked easily for maybe 20
minutes and then out of the clear blue I said, "I don't want to wait until
Saturday to see you.  How about having dinner with me on Thursday?"  Thank God
she agreed quickly.

   Our Thursday date went off splendidly.  I picked her up at her small,
efficiency apartment and while I waited for her to grab her hat and purse, I
noticed a snapshot stuck to her fridge with a magnet.  It was a picture of a
handsome, tall, slender man of maybe 60, flanked by Jill on one side and a
gorgeous 5'7" blond on the other.  On Jill's left was a much shorter, maybe
5'3" middle aged blond women.  Jill and the other girl wore skimpy little
string bikinis and it appeared that the blond was slightly more well endowed
than Jill in the boob department.  The shorter older women was not fat, but
let's just say she was middle-aged plump, but her tits were absolutely
enormous as they stretched out the top of her modest 1 piece suit.  I asked
Jill about the picture and she said it was taken this past December in Cancun
where she, her sister and her parents had taken a family vacation.  Then Jill
added, "Get a load of my sister, Heather, can you believe she just had her
second kid about 6 months before this picture was taken?  We're very close
but, unfortunately, she and her husband Scott, live in Peoria.  Even though
Peoria's not that far away, with my schedule, I've only gotten down to see
them 3 or 4 times this past year.  But, it was such a treat to spend a week
with them in Cancun."

   I stared a little more closely at the picture and quite frankly, it was
hard to believe that she had given birth so recently.  Another thing that I
noticed was that her left hand was wrapped around her father's waist and in
her free right hand she held a cigarette.  I commented to Jill, "God damn she
looks good for having just given birth, but it looks like she's smoking?"

   "Yea, she's smoked since she was maybe 18, and I always give her shit about
that, but her smoking doesn't bother her husband, even though he doesn't
smoke.  She says it helps control her appetite and she believes she never
would have lost all the weight she gained when she was pregnant if it wasn't
for her smoking habit, so she'll probably never quit."  After examining the
picture, I now understood where Jill had gotten her exotic good looks.  She
got her height, face, hair and slender figure from her dad and her amazing
boobs from her mother.  Her sister got the same except for her hair, which was
dirty blond, like her mother's.  And, I failed to realize the significance of
Jill's comment on her sister's smoking habit until months later.  After that,
we hurried out of the apartment to get to the game on time.

   The game was great.  The Bulls won as was usual in those Michael Jordan
days and I discovered that Jill was an even bigger Bulls fan than I was.  We
ended up back at my place and as soon as she finished the Cappuccino coffee
that she had bought on our way through the building lobby and I had finished
my Marlboro, we were back between the sheets.  Only one hitch occurred that
night, but it was extremely minor.  When she dropped my pants to the floor,
she discovered that I was wearing briefs and she said, "Oh I'm so
disappointed.  You're wearing undies and now I'm going to have to work harder
to get at your beautiful cock."  Once again, I took note and from that day on,
I stopped wearing underwear.  In fact, I've grown so used to hanging freely, I
don't even like to wear swim trunks that have a lining.

   To make a long story a little shorter, within three weeks we went from 2
dates a week to seeing each other almost every day.  We had become such good
friends and the sex was always outstanding.  I got along great with her
friends and she fit right in with mine.  So, after 2 months of almost constant
dating, we had fallen deeply in love and I took the big step and asked Jill to
move in with me.  She only hesitated for about 1/2 a second before throwing
her arms around my neck and enthusiastically agreeing with my offer.  Jill was
leasing her fully furnished efficiency apartment on a month by month basis, so
within a week she had moved out with her minimal belongings and into my place.
Not surprising, our decorating tastes were not exactly identical.  But I
didn't mind Jill applying the women's touch to the place.  I took this as an
opportunity to get rid of some junky pieces left over from my college days so
I encouraged her.  This gave her a sense of transforming my place into "Our"
place and was one of the smartest things I had done.  It really smoothed over
the transition and made it more fun for both of us.

Chapter 3  (Part 1)

   It was now the middle of June and Jill and I had been living together for
about a month.  We were still pretty much getting along famously.  Our sex
life couldn't have been better and I never regretted for a moment asking her
to live with me.  Things were going great with both of our jobs and we were
very happy most of the time.  Like any couples though, I quickly discovered
new things about Jill that you can't learn while dating.  Some, like the fact
that she was addicted to coffee (a drink I had never developed a taste for), I
could have cared less about.  Others bothered me.  I'm sure there were
numerous things about me that bothered her, but the only one I knew of for
certain was that she didn't like the fact that I smoked.  There were 3 things
about Jill that bugged me.  The first was every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
mornings she set her alarm 1/2 hour early and got up to do aerobics to a
collection of maybe 10 video tapes that she had.  The only reason this
bothered me was that I usually wake up horny and I felt that a major benefit
to living together would be having sex first thing in the morning.  The other
2 mornings of the workweek, we usually found time for a delightful little
quickie and I missed this on her exercise days.  A couple times I tried to
make the best of the situation.  I got out of bed when I heard the video go on
and walked into the living room to enjoy the show.  Sometimes Jill would wear
a thong back leotard to do her aerobics, but on both of these particular days
she was exercising in the nude.  Let me tell you, the sight of Jill bouncing
around the living room, totally naked except for her tennis shoes would make
any warm blooded man rock hard.  Anyway, each of these mornings I lit up a
cigarette while viewing the performance and both times Jill said something
like, "Damn Jim, I'm trying to stay in good shape and you're wrecking my air."
I got the message and stopped watching.

   The second thing that bugged me was that almost every time we went out,
within an hour or two she would start complaining about her bra.  I heard all
the little bitches, "The straps are cutting into my shoulders", "The cups are
too tight", "My boobs are sweaty", "My back is killing me", "The underwires
are  pinching me", "My boobs are itchy".  It seemed like a never-ending
stream.  Ironically, Jill almost never wore bras when we were home.  On at
least a dozen occasions, I complimented her on the way she looked and told her
that I liked her braless, but as soon as we had some place to go, the bra went
back on and 2 hours later, the bitching would begin.  Since I'm a guy, there
was no way I could relate to how she felt, so I usually just listened and
tried to appear sympathetic.  But, depending on my mood, sometimes her
complaining just annoyed me.  Once I did a real stupid thing and thought I
could solve her problem.  I suggested that since she really had to squish her
tits to get them into her D cup bras, why didn't she just wear DD cup bras.
She snapped back, "Don't you think I've thought of that?  I've tried DD cups
and I float in them.  They are even more uncomfortable than the D cups."  I
decided to say no more.

   Now I could live with two of my gripes about Jill, the morning exercise
thing and the painful bras, but the third gripe was the potential deal
breaker.  Within a week of moving in, she started to make comments about my
smoking.  Little things like "Baby, have you ever thought about quitting?" or
"Could you crack your window while smoking in the car?"  These quickly
intensified into, "Jim, why don't you just quit?" and "How could you do that
to yourself?"  Sometimes she would enter the room and do a fake cough.
Usually I just ignored her, but once in awhile I'd defend myself saying, "I
love smoking and I have no intention of quitting." Or "You shouldn't have an
opinion about something that you've never tried and  don't understand."  That
one would usually piss her off, but not to the point where we would ever
actually fight about it.  My smoking, and her complaining about it, was just
an annoying barrier between us.  However, I could foresee a day when it might
actually split us apart.  I certainly didn't want that to happen, but
something would have to be done about it, and fairly soon.

   On Thursday morning I got into work around 8:00 and there was a note on my
PC screen to see the Senior Partner.  This was not that unusual as these
things happened maybe once a week, especially if I was working on a large
contract or negotiation that required the input of other people in the firm.
I knocked on Charlie's door and he motioned me to have a seat while he
finished his phone call.  When he hung up he said, "Jim, I have good news for
you.  The other partners and I have been very impressed with your work and the
client base that you've managed to build and we've decided to promote you to
Junior Partner.  I was very pleasantly surprised as no one before me had ever
made junior partner before the age of 35.  This meant a very sizeable raise
and a company car and I thanked him most graciously.

   I rushed out of his office and immediately called Jill.  She was thrilled.
She had been working in her own practice long enough to recognize that this
was a big deal.  "We have to celebrate tonight."  She said.

   "I couldn't agree more.  I'll make the reservations for 8:00.  Do you think
you can get home early enough?"  She said no problem and for the rest of the
day, I looked forward to what I hoped would be a special evening.  I made
reservations at a small, romantic little Italian restaurant that we had been
to once before.  It was a place that I knew Jill would like.

   I got home around 7:30 and Jill was in the bathroom finishing up her
makeup.  A few minutes later the bathroom door sprung open and Jill emerged
wearing an extremely sexy black knit mini-dress that hugged her ample curves
and ended well above mid-thigh.  It had a broad, low-cut neckline that rose up
to little sleeves at her shoulders and she was showing an almost indecent
amount of  cleavage.  With each step that she took, the fleshy upper portions
of her breasts shook ever so invitingly.  4 inch black pumps finished the
ensemble (I had never seen her wear anything higher than 2 inches before.) and
she looked so sexy that I wondered if I would even be able to eat my meal.
This was easily the most daring outfit that Jill had ever worn.  Up to this
time, she always dressed nicely, but rather conservatively.  This didn't
bother me because I knew what she was like in bed and I also knew what she
looked like underneath her prim and proper attire.

   She gave me a great big congratulatory hug and then spun around to let me
look over her outfit.  "You like?"  She questioned coyly.

   "Absolutely."  I quickly replied.

"Well I snuck out at lunch and bought this dress just for tonight.  I also got
one of those new Miracle Bra's.  Do you think it's a bit much?"  She
questioned, although she already knew what my answer would be.

"Oh no baby.  You are going to be the sexiest women in the restaurant and I'm
just glad that you'll be with me."  She giggled a little and smiled at my
response and then we left for dinner.

The Proposition  (Part 1)

   That night I felt on top of the world.  In fact, my mood was definitely
frisky, maybe even bordering on cocky.  At any rate, the promotion left me
feeling powerful and confident.  We had been at the restaurant for about a 1/2
hour and had just finished our 1st drink.  The waiter appeared and we ordered
both our food and another round.  As soon as the waiter left our table Jill
leaned a little over the table and said, "You know Jim, even though this bra
is called a "Miracle Bra" it has to be the most uncomfortable thing I've ever
worn.  The band around my chest is so tight I can hardly breath."

   "Then just take it off."  I replied sternly.

   "What?  I've just spent $25 on this thing and now you want me to take it
off.  I thought you liked it?"  She questioned back.

   "Yea, I do like it.  You look sexy as hell in it, but you'd a whole lot
sexier without it on and I don't really want to listen to you complain about
the pain.  This is supposed to be a night of celebration."  I said as I looked
directly into her eyes and saw the perplexed expression on her face.

   "You're not serious are you?  You don't really want me to go braless in
public do you?"

   "As a matter of fact, I'm totally serious.  I would actually appreciate the
fact that you're braless, especially if it means that you won't be complaining
about the pain all night long."  I replied in a defiant voice as I lit a

   "Well I can't do that.  I need the support and besides, if I were braless,
I'd look like a tramp."  She argued.

   "You know what Jill?  I think both those arguments are baseless.  First,
for some reason you never seem to need support at home, only when we're out.
Second, if you're worried about looking like a tramp, look at what you're
wearing now.  A thigh high mini-dress, 4 inch fuck me pumps and a low cut
dress with your tits pushed up to the point where they look like they're going
to pop out."  I could see that this last comment was getting her pissed, but I
continued, "Look, you don't look like a tramp now.  You look classy.  Sexy,
but more classy.  Now if you lose the bra, you're still going to look classy,
but you'll look even sexier.  You know what I think?"  I didn't wait for her
to answer.  "I think you don't have the guts to go braless in public."

   She argued back, "That's ridiculous.  I certainly have the guts.  It's
really a question of modesty."

   "Modesty my ass.  How is it more modest to have your tits popping out of
the top of that dress versus not wearing a bra?  Nope, I still say you don't
have the guts."  I dared her right back.

   She had a defiant, almost angry look on her face as she grabbed her purse
and said, "Excuse me.  I'll be back shortly."

   I smiled as I watched her ass wiggle a little farther away from me with
each exaggerated step that she took.  I sat back to leisurely smoke my
cigarette.  I had just taken the last drag off my Marlboro when I noticed Jill
leaving the ladies room.  She walked back to the table with her arms crossed
across her tits, denying me the pleasure of watching her boobs bobble and
bounce beneath her dress.  Upon returning to her seat, she uncrossed her arms
and proudly announced to me, "See, no bra.  I told you it had nothing to do
with guts."

   Just as I had imagined, for my tastes she did look much sexier without the
bra on.  Where once there was artificially pushed up flesh, there was now a
nice deep valley visible between her unrestrained tits.  Her nipples had
hardened to the point where they formed small, but noticeable, bumps at the
apex of her breasts.  The tightness of the dress now hugged her curves around
the sides and beneath each free hanging globe, actually accentuating her shape
and creating a view of her cleavage that was much more interesting.  I laughed
as I lit another smoke.  "Guts you say, then why did you do the super market
cover up on the way back to the table?"

   "And just what is the "Super Market Cover Up" Jim?"  The pissed off tone
had returned to her voice.

   I replied matter of factly, "The super market cover up is when a braless
women is doing her grocery shopping.  She'll walk through most of the store
without paying any attention to her unbra'd boobs.  Then, when she turns into
the frozen food aisle, the cooler temperature causes her nipples to naturally
stiffen and the women suddenly feels the need to cross her arms or hold her
forearms up against her breasts, trying to either cover her erect nipples or
warm them up.  Since the frozen aisle is usually one of the last aisles in the
store, the girl will usually still be trying to cover her nipples by the time
she gets to the checkout.  When I used to work as a cashier in a Dominick's
store during college, it was all I could do to keep from laughing my ass off
every time I saw this and believe me, I saw it a lot."

   "So now you're laughing at me."  She said in a hurt little voice.

   "No, no Jill, I'm sorry.  The point I was trying to make is that the super
market cover up is so obvious, it's comical.  That's all.  Listen, you proved
me wrong and I'm proud of you.  It's just that if you're not going to wear a
bra, then do it with enough confidence to show the world that you know you
look good and, more importantly, you feel good and you don't give a damn what
anyone else thinks."

   "All right Jim, I accept your apology and I must admit that I feel a whole
lot more comfortable without that silly Miracle bra on."

   "Well Jill, this makes me happy.  Now while you were in the bathroom I made
a decision."

   "And what was your decision?"  She asked nervously.

   "Well, I decided that if you really had the guts to take off the bra, and
you proved to me that you do, then from now on, I don't expect you to ever
wear bras again when you're with me."  Her eyes bugged wide open in amazement
at the bold statement that I had just made.  She said nothing as I took
another deep drag on my Marlboro.

   Finally, she volunteered a tentative response.  Her voice was a little less
confident as she was, no doubt, still shocked by my boldness.  "Well Jim, I
doubt if I will even consider your request, but I'm curious, what reasons do
you have for even asking me to do this?"

   Now my cockiness came through in spades, "Well first Jill, it's not a
request.  And I actually have 4 very valid reasons for expecting you to do

   "Oh these I've got to hear."  She now replied with almost a playful tone to
her voice.

   "Yes you do need to hear them dear.  Here they are in order of importance,
Number 1, I'm tired of listening to you bitch and complain about your bras
whenever you wear them.  Number 2, Bras obviously make you uncomfortable and,
since I love you, it pains me when you're uncomfortable.  Number 3, I hate
bras, not just on you, but in general.  Number 4, You owe me."

   Jill laughed, almost as if she thought we were playing a game, then she
said, "OK, I understand number 1, and I promise I'll stop my bitching.  But,
Number 2's a stretch.  I mean you've never seemed all that concerned about my
pain in the past."

   I replied quickly, "That's because I couldn't relate to it.  I mean I've
never experienced what you feel, so how can I be sympathetic.  On the other
hand, why would I be supportive of an activity that I knew was going to cause
you discomfort?"

   "OK, I'll give you number 2, but it's still a stretch."  She continued.
"Now tell me, why do you hate bras?"

   Before answering her question, I paused to take a last hit off my
cigarette, just for effect.  "First off, I cannot think of any outfit that a
good looking women can wear that looks better with a bra on.  You know that
I'm a boob man and every real boob man that I've ever met prefers the free
look versus the caged in look.  Secondly, the multi-billion dollar bra
industry has perpetuated a myth that women look sexier in bras.  Nobody ever
asked us men and aren't we the ones you're supposed to be looking sexy for?
Lastly bras are deceiving.  I think you're the first women I ever met whose
boobs looked bigger after you removed your bra."  I chuckled and said, "That's
why I fell in love with you."  She didn't really appreciate my humor, so I
continued, "Most women wear padded or stuffed bras which only serves to
deceive and frustrate us boob men."

   "Whoa."  She said.  "I guess you've really thought this whole thing
through.  But tell me, didn't you think the bra I wore tonight looked very

   "Absolutely." I quickly replied.  "But, as I've already said you look
better now that it's off and besides, I already knew what was underneath it.
But, you'll have to admit that the "Miracle Bra" is completely decieving."

   "How so?"  She asked.

   "Well, it's completely designed to artificially push your boobs up and out.
For a small breasted woman it would give the impression of nice tits where
none existed."  I answered.

   "Well what if I was wearing a see-through blouse?"  She asked attempting to
change the direction of her defense.

   "Look Jill, here's my opinion for what it's worth.  The very fact that a
women wears a sheer blouse means that at least on some conscious or
subconscious level she wants to draw attention to her boobs.  Now if she wears
a bra with the blouse, she's not actually drawing attention to her tits, she's
drawing attention to her bra.  So, she's not accomplishing her objective.
Look, you know those fashion magazines that you get like Cosmo and Vogue,
regardless of the fashion, how many of the models are wearing bras?  None

   Jill had to agree with me because I was right, yet the way that she shook
her head, betrayed the fact that she was disappointed in the logic of my
argument.  "So my point is, if you wear a see-through blouse and you want to
draw attention to your boobs, then do it the right way and show your boobs."

   "So are you saying that you want me to parade around in public in
see-through blouses with my tits totally visible?"  I could see that she was
trying to play the jealousy card.

   My answer was already on the tip of my tongue, but I decided to pause for
effect.  "See-through blouses aren't appropriate everywhere, but depending on
where we are and who we're with, I have no problem at all with you proudly
displaying your tits.  They're gorgeous.  They're one of your best physical
assets, so why shouldn't you be able to display them as you see fit?  And, why
should I have a problem with it?"

   Having failed with the jealousy approach, Jill apparently had no ready
rebuttal to my arguments, so she moved on.  "What about number 4?  How is it
that I owe you?"

   "Jill, do you remember the night we first met?  You seemed pleased when you
discovered I wasn't wearing any underwear.  Then, a couple nights later, you
appeared to be disappointed when I was wearing briefs.  Well from that point
on, I realized that you liked it when I went commando, so I stopped wearing
underwear altogether, simply because I knew you liked me that way.  Well
you've known that I like it when you're braless for almost as long.  I've told
you that hundreds of times when we're home.  So now I've given in to your
wishes and you should give in to mine.  Fair is fair right?"

   "I'm going to have to think about all this."  She said as she paused to
take a long sip from her Manhattan.  Just then our food arrived and I figured
this conversation was over, at least for now.  Once the waiter had left our
table and we had begun to enjoy our meal, Jill looked up at me and said, "Look
Jim, I'll make you a deal.  I'll go braless for you if you give up smoking for

   I looked away from her for a second and swallowed the bite I was chewing,
then I replied, "Jill, that's not a fair deal.  You're asking me to give up
something I love so that you can give up something you hate.  The only thing I
can think of that you love as much as I love smoking, is your coffee."

   "Oh God, I can't give up my coffee.  I'd go nuts.  I'd never be able to
make it through my day."  She shrieked.

   "Well now you can begin to relate to how I feel about my cigarettes."  I
said sincerely.

   She thought for a moment, "Ok, I think your smoking is worse for you than
my 7 or 8 cups of coffee a day, but that much coffee isn't good for me either,
so if you'll quit smoking, I guess I'll quit my coffee.  That way it's fair
and we'll both be going through the same painful process."

   "Jill, that's admirable, except that it's still not fair."  I replied.

   "Not fair!  What's not fair about it?"  She questioned incredulously.

   I answered, "Darling, I fully agree with you in spirit, but if we expect
each other to go through difficult quitting processes together, then they have
to be the same processes.  You can't relate to my smoking and I can't relate
to your coffee."

   "So what are you saying?  Are you going to start drinking coffee? And, do
you want me to start smoking?" She questioned with an astonished look on her

   "Jill, as bazaar as that may seem, it is the only really fair and mutual
thing to do.  Wouldn't you agree?"

   The lawyer in her wouldn't allow her to dispute the truth to my logic.
"Well yes Jim, but I hate smoking and I promised myself when my grandfather
died of lung cancer from smoking 8 years ago, that I would never start
smoking.  But, I still want you to quit."

   "Jill, I appreciate your conviction and I'm sorry about your grandfather
but let me ask you this, How old was he when he died?"

   "I think he was 82." She replied.

   "And how many years do you think he smoked?"

   "I think my dad once said that he smoked for 65 years."

   "Ok, now think about that.  He obviously started when he was a child.
Research has shown that the later in life a person starts smoking, the later
in life the negative effects kick in.  So if you started smoking now, you'd
have to smoke until you are 86 to experience what you're grandfather
experienced.  Don't you think by then they will have found a cure for cancer?"
I continued, "Here's my proposition, I'll start drinking coffee and for the
next 2 weeks, I'll drink 8 cups a day.  You start smoking and for the next 2
weeks, you smoke a pack and a half a day.  That way, we'll have identical
habits.  Everything will be fair and after the 2 week period, we'll help each
other quit both nasty habits.  Does that sound fair?"

   She thought for a second, "Yes Jim, it sounds perfectly fair.  But I'm not
going to wreck my health just to quit drinking coffee and help you quit
smoking cigarettes."

   "Jill, I'm not asking you to wreck your health.  I've smoked for 12 years
and my health's not wrecked.  Heather's smoked for 10 years and her health is
not wrecked.  Nobody ever died from 2 weeks of smoking and besides, you're the
one who's not happy with the status quo.  If we're able to pull this off,
we'll be healthier and ultimately happier, knowing that we accomplished this

   Jill paused, took a deep breath and muttered a barely audible "OK."

   "What my dear?"  I honestly wasn't sure if I had heard her correctly.

   "OK, OK.  I said OK and I mean it.  I can do this for 2 weeks if it means
we come out of it healthier and more in love, but when and how do we start?"

   "Let's see, tomorrow's Friday.  Tomorrow night why don't we go to that
little coffee shop on the corner that you like after work.  You can introduce
me to whatever flavor of coffee you think I should start with and I'll bring
some cigarettes for you.  I'll teach you some of the basic techniques of
smoking and you can practice, then on Saturday, we'll officially kick the 2
weeks off.  How does that sound?"

   I was surprised at how quickly she replied.  "I guess it sounds good to me.
This way I won't have to think about it too long and after 2 weeks the whole
ordeal will be over.  So, I'll be ready to start tomorrow night."

   Leaning across the table, I kissed her gently on the lips.  Then I said
softly, "God I'm glad I've fallen in love with a beautiful lawyer.  You're the
first girl I've ever found that actually understands my logic."

   She replied, "And I'm glad I've fallen in love with a lawyer, even if your
logic bugs me sometimes."

   I gave her another little kiss and then I reminded her of our earlier
conversation, "Jill, I know we've been talking about coffee and smoking, but I
still don't want to you to wear bras when we're together."

   She sighed again and gazed towards the ceiling, "Alright.  Alright already.
I agree to that too.  Just don't go back there.  We've already beaten that
topic to death and besides, I don't know if I can stand much more of your damn

Chapter 4  (Part 1)

   Friday afternoon, Jill called me at work and said that she was running a
little late.  I said, "That's Ok, when you get home, why don't you just park
your car and don't bother going up to the apartment.  I'll already be waiting
for you at the coffee shop."

   Jill agreed and said she'd meet me around 6:30.  I left the office promptly
at 5:00, which left me enough time to go to Walgreens, get changed and still
make it to the coffee shop by 6:15.  The coffee shop was not as crowded as
usual at this time of day, probably because it was a gorgeous 82 degree day
outside and the temperature inside the store was almost as warm.  I found an
open booth in the smoking section and lit a Marlboro, patiently waiting for
Jill.  She walked through the door at precisely 6:30.  She was still wearing
her calf length, gray skirt with a matching jacket buttoned below her boobs.
The jacket concealed her high collared white cotton blouse.  She appeared to
be warm and slightly out of breath.  She looked around and as soon as she
spotted me, she hurried to my table.

   "Hi honey, I hope you haven't been waiting long?"  She asked as she leaned
over and gave me a quick kiss.

   "No baby, I'm just glad you're here.  I was getting a little lonely."  I
said.  Then I added, "Are we ready to start?"

   Smiling at me she said, "Oh wait a minute.  I need to go the ladies room."

   With that, she popped up, grabbed her purse and started to leave the table.
I called to her, "Pick us up our first 2 cups of coffee on the way back."  She
shook her head yes and hurried away from the table.  She was only in the
ladies room for maybe a minute and when she entered the line for the service
counter, I noticed that her jacket was no longer buttoned.

   A few minutes later Jill returned to the table with 2 cups of coffee in her
hands.  I rose to let her slip into the booth and then I slid in next to her
on her left side.

   "What gourmet flavors of coffee did you get for us?"  I asked.

   Jill responded enthusiastically, "I got myself a dark French roast, but I
got you a regular grind.  I figured it would be easier for you to get used to
regular flavored coffee, before I exposed you to the subtle nuances of the
more exotic blends.  But before we start drinking our coffee, I want to show
you something."  She opened her purse slightly, allowing me to glimpse inside
it.  "See, one bra in purse.  Does that make you happy my dear?"

   "You know it does Jill, but more importantly, how does it make you feel?" I
questioned back.

   "Well, I'll be honest, running here from the parking garage in this heat
made my boobs real sweaty and taking that bra off was really a nice relief." I
glanced down at the front of her blouse and focused in on the cream colored
skin of her right boob which peeked through the gaps between her buttons.  She
continued, "And, did you notice that I didn't do the super market cover up?"

   "I did Jill and I'm so proud of you."  I replied sincerely.  "Now look
around.  See, there is nobody staring at you.  You can do this.  It's really
no big deal."

   "I know baby.  It's just going to take me some time, you know, to get used
to it, but I will.  I promise."

   "God I love you."  I said reassuringly.

   Jill squeezed my hand and then changed the subject.  "Are you looking
forward to your first taste of coffee?"

   "Not really."  I replied honestly.  "Are you looking forward to smoking
your first cigarette?"

   "No I'm not."  And then she paused and changed her mind.  "Well I sort of
am.  I mean, all day long I had a hard time focusing on my work.  I kept
noticing all the women in the office smoking and I wondered whether they were
really enjoying themselves."

   "Did it look like they were enjoying themselves?"  I probed.

   "You know it did.  I also noticed that they all seemed to have different
styles.  Some smoked fast and some slow.  I also noticed some girls took
longer puffs than others and the girls that took the longer puffs seemed to
get more pleasure out of, you know, the act of smoking."

   "That's because they probably did.  My experience is that you don't get the
full benefits of smoking unless you do it right.  The girls that took the
longer drags with the deeper inhales were getting more benefits for their

   "Benefits?  What possible benefits do you get out of smoking?"  Jill
questioned back.

   I paused to carefully craft my answer.  "Well for one thing, if you're
feeling all hyped up and stressed out, smoking will relax you.  If you're
feeling down and tired, smoking a leisurely cigarette will perk you up.
Another thing is smoking excites your senses.  After you acquire the taste, it
tastes good.  It smells good too and most smokers enjoy watching the smoke
stream out of their nose and mouth while they exhale, so there's a very real
visual benefit too."

   Now it was my turn to change the subject.  "Ok let me try this coffee you
got me."

   "Alright Jim.  Now be careful.  It's hot.  Take a real small little sip and
just roll the liquid across your tongue."  She said with anxious enthusiasm.
I did as I was told and she laughed at the scrunched up look on my face in
response to this first sip.

   "God that tastes so bitter."  I whined.

   "Oh you'll get used to it.  I bet you actually will like the taste in no
time.  Then we can have some fun when I can get you to try some of the
heavenly flavors that they have here."

   "Ok Jill, I've survived my first sip of coffee.  Are you ready to learn to

   "Yea baby.  I guess I am.  But, first let me get my jacket off.  It's so
hot in here."  I stared at Jill as she struggled with removing her jacket in
the tight booth.  She roughly knocked her unprotected nipples into the table
edge a couple of times and they responded predictably.  But, once her jacket
was off, she ignored the little bumps pressing hard against her blouse.  Once
she was comfortable, I produced the bag of items that I had picked up at

   "My darling, I've bought you some gifts.  First a pack of Marlboro Light
100's.  I figured the longer cigarette looked more feminine than my King size.
And the lighter cigarette will be easier to start with.  I also bought you a
carrying case with a snap closure.  Most women smokers use these to keep their
cigarettes from rolling around in their purses.  And, lastly, I bought you
your very own lighter."  It was a cheap disposable, but it was purple with a
block "N" on it.  I assumed Jill would like it, knowing that she was a
Northwestern grad.

   Jill said, "Go Wildcats."  Then she thanked me.  I proceeded to show her
how to tap the pack before opening it, how to extract the first couple
cigarettes, how to light the cigarette and how to hold it.  I had her practice
dragging on an unlit cigarette and how to flick off the ashes.  She was
particularly interested in why you tap the top of the pack before opening it.

   "Tapping the pack against your palm packs the tobacco a little more tightly
into each cigarette which makes it burn a little slower and makes the smoke
taste smoother."  I explained.  Finally, I was ready to have her light her
first cigarette.  She glanced around to see if anyone was watching her and
then she nervously fired up the lighter.  I warned her to not try inhaling,
just draw the smoke into her mouth and exhale it a few seconds later.  She
actually had a smile on her face as she tested her dragging technique for the
first few times.  Then she giggled a little and I asked, "What's so funny

   Jill replied as she blew a plume of smoke toward the ceiling, "I don't
know.  It's just that I feel like I'm being so bad.  I can't believe I'm
actually smoking a cigarette.  It's almost as if I expect my mother to come
walking through that door, yell at me and then ground me for 2 weeks like she
did to Heather when she first caught her smoking."

"Look around Jill."  I said while chuckling.  "Half the people in here are
smoking.  They aren't doing anything bad and nobody's going to punish them.
You're doing great.  Just enjoy the freedom of being able to do what you want
to do.  By the way, you haven't actually started smoking.  You have to inhale
for it to be considered smoking."

   "I know.  When do I get to do that?"  She asked.

   "Maybe in 15 minutes, with your next cigarette."  I replied.

   We were about 1/2 done with the coffee and Jill had taken maybe 10 small,
non-inhaling puffs from her cigarette when she asked, "How much of a cigarette
are you supposed to smoke?"

   "Well Jill, smoking is just like gourmet coffee drinking.  It's not a cheap
habit.  I mean, each cigarette only costs about 15 cents, but after a pack and
a half a day, it adds up pretty quickly.  So, just like you'd never waste a
half a cup of Café Mocha, you don't want to waste half a cigarette.  I try to
smoke each cigarette until the burning end, which smokers call the "Hots", are
about 1/2 an inch above the filter.  The other thing is that the last half of
a cigarette is actually the best.  It becomes easier to take drags as the hots
get closer to the filter and you'll notice the flavor improves dramatically."

   "Well, ok that makes sense."  She said, taking my words at face value.

   Ten minutes later we were done with our first cups of coffee and, I must
confess, the coffee didn't taste too bad.  My attention was actually much more
focused on Jill.  Even though she wasn't inhaling, it was genuinely exciting
to watch her take those first puffs on a cigarette.  I got up to get our next
rounds of coffee and when I returned to the table Jill was holding an unlit
cigarette in her hands and I noticed that she had unbuttoned the top 2 buttons
on her blouse.  Before I was even seated she said, "Ok Jimmy, I'm ready to
learn how to inhale."

   "You're sure now?  I asked.  "This is a big step."

   "Yea.  I'm sure.  It was fun puffing on the cigarette and the taste wasn't
nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  So I'm ready."

   I thought for a second and said, "Jill, here's how I want you to start.  I
want you to light the cigarette the same as before and don't try to inhale the
first puff.  Then I want you to take a small drag and hold it in your mouth,
then breath in deeply through your nose.  After you do that, open your mouth
and exhale the way that you did with your first cigarette.  This is the
easiest way to learn to inhale because a lot of air mixes with the smoke and
it doesn't overwhelm your lungs before they are ready for it.  But, you may
still feel an urge to cough so go ahead, it's perfectly normal.  After the
urge goes away, you'll be ready for another puff.  Before you light the
cigarette, let me demonstrate."  I lit one of my Marlboro's and showed her the
exact technique.  "Now you try it."  Jill lit the cigarette and blew the first
puff out quickly.  She paused for a second and then sucked a small drag of
smoke into her mouth.  She held the smoke in for a second and then breathed
cautiously through her nose, then exhaled a little before giving in to a
couple mild hacks.  "That's great girl.  You did it.  You actually inhaled
your first puff.  How did it feel?"

   "Well, I didn't feel the urge to cough until I started to exhale.  The
inhaling was easy, although I felt a sort of burning sensation in my throat."

   "Perfectly natural.  By the time you're done with this cigarette, it will
go away.  Do you feel lightheaded?"

   "No, should I?"

   "No not really.  It's just a reaction some first time smokers feel.
Sometimes you also feel it when you smoke a stronger cigarette than you're
used to for the first time.  Like me, if I inhale a filterless cigarette, like
a Pall Mall, I'll feel lightheaded for a second.  It's no big deal really, it
just takes your body a moment to get used to the increased nicotine."

   Jill executed about 10 nice nose inhales, taking at least 30 second
intervals between each drag, before extinguishing the cigarette.  The
intensity of her drags did not really increase, but she commented on how her
exhales seemed a little thicker with her last couple puffs.  I reminded her
that the last few drags on a cigarette were the best and she said she got a
kick out of watching the smoke flow from her mouth.  While she smoked, I
glanced down at the front of her blouse and noticed that her nipples had
stiffened, despite the temperature of the shop.  My cock had also stiffened a
little, as I was surprised at how turned I got just from watching Jill inhale
her first cigarette.  Once she finished, I reached over and gave her a big
hug, congratulating her on her accomplishment.  She said that she was proud of
me too for drinking my coffee at the same pace as her and not complaining
about the taste.

   We sipped our coffee for maybe 10 minutes and I discussed the technique of
mouth inhales.  I lit a Marlboro and demonstrated.  She remembered that mouth
inhales were what all the women at her office did almost exclusively.  I told
her that this simple technique was very important to master because almost all
other smoking techniques were based off of it.  She stared intently as I
inhaled each drag off of my cigarette and I smoked using nothing but simple
mouth inhales, followed by full exhales.  I didn't want her to try to copy
some technique that she wasn't ready for.  When I snuffed out my but, she
nonchalantly reached up and unbuttoned another button on her blouse, then
grabbed the two flaps and fanned herself saying, "God, it's so damn hot in
here.  I wish they'd turn up the air or something.  Ok Jim, I think I'm ready
to try mouth inhaling."

   "Well go right ahead darling.  Just remember, not as much air mixes with
the smoke this way, so take it easy for the first couple drags."  As she lit
her cigarette, I thought one more button and the view will become very
interesting, 2 more buttons and she'll almost be falling out of her shirt.
Jill lit her cigarette and surprised me by actually inhaling a little of the
first drag.  She exhaled a faint plume and then she sucked in a deeper drag,
parted her lips slightly and breathed in.  She exhaled a second later with no
apparent side affects.  "How'd that feel?"  I asked.

   "No problem.  The smoke feels warm and kind of nice inside.  This really
doesn't seem to be a big deal."

   "That's great darling.  You're taking to this much more easily than I
thought you would."  As I said those words I reminded myself to take it slow.
I had gotten her this far and I didn't want to blow it.

   "Must be all that second hand smoke that I've been exposed to all these
months."  She replied sarcastically.

   "Maybe so baby.  Good thing huh?"  I agreed.

   She smoked the rest of that cigarette like a champ, getting in probably 12
drags while taking the hots almost all the way to the filter.  I could tell by
watching her exhale that she really enjoyed the visual aspects of smoking.
She liked watching the smoke stream out of her mouth and float away.  When she
finally finished her smoke, she said, "You know I do feel a little light
headed, but I don't think it's from smoking.  I'm starved.  It's 8:30 and I
haven't had a thing to eat since 11:30 this morning.  Let's go across the
street to Mickey's and get a burger."  I agreed immediately, since I was a
little tired of just drinking coffee.

   Jill carried her jacket over her shoulder as we headed across the street to
Mickey's Pub.  Mickey's was a typical Chicago style bar.  It was long and
narrow with maybe 20 stools along the old oaken bar.  There were about 15
small, but high tables that you could sit at on stools.  We were lucky enough
to grab the last available table as the bar was just filling up with the
normal Friday night crowd.  The "Normal" crowd meant a range of everything
from 50 year old men in business suits to college coeds in short shorts and
halter tops.  The first thing that we noticed was that it was just as hot in
Mickey's as it had been at the coffee shop.  The waitress got to us quickly
and Jill surprised me by ordering a beer.  Up until that point she had only
drunk wine and mixed drinks when we had gone out.  I ordered the same for
myself and after the waitress left us, I said to Jill, "I didn't know you
liked beer."

   She laughed and said, "Only when I'm hot and thirsty and at the moment, I'm
both."  When our beers arrived, I fired up a Marlboro and without me saying a
word, Jill did the same.  With each puff, her drags got a little stronger and
her inhales a little deeper, but she still always exhaled immediately after
she finished inhaling.  The only thing that I said as she smoked her 4th
cigarette was, "Jill, you almost look like you're having fun smoking that

   Her reply thrilled me, "Well darling, if I have to do this for the next 2
weeks, I may as well enjoy it."  That first beer went down fast and easy.  We
ordered our food when we ordered our second beers, but the beers arrived long
before the food.

   It was while we were drinking our second beer that Jill smoked her 5th
cigarette.  She was looking very natural and comfortable as she held the lit
cigarette between her fingers.  The bar was now getting real full with almost
as many people standing as sitting.  I decided that it was lesson time.  I
told her, "Look around at all the smokers.  Notice how when they inhale, they
almost always hold the inhale in for at least 4 or 5 seconds before exhaling.
This is only a style thing."  I said, then continued, "But it is such a
universally practiced technique that it marks the difference between a
beginner or part time smoker and a seasoned veteran smoker."  I suggested that
from now on, until it became second nature, Jill should practice first holding
her inhale for 3 seconds, and then working her way up to the 5 second level by
the end of the cigarette.  She wasn't actually able to get up to the five
second level until the last 2 drags of the cigarette and I was pleased by her
persistence because she finally achieved the 5 second mark precisely when she
was smoking the strongest part of the cigarette.

   After she snuffed out her cigarette and finished exhaling Jill made an
astute observation, "You know Jim, there's only one problem with holding the
inhales for a count of five."

   "What's that my love?"  I asked.

   "Well the problem is that I enjoy watching the smoke from my exhales and
when I hold the inhales for a long time, there's not much smoke in the
exhale."  She replied.

   I thought about this for a second and replied, "That's one of the problems
with lighter cigarettes and it's a big reason why I smoke the fuller flavor
Marlboro's.  Notice that my exhales are nice and dense, even after I hold in
the inhale.  The other thing is, it's also a function of the strength of the
drag.  In a couple days, I'll teach you how to take more efficient drags.
Then, after you've practiced on the lighter cigarettes for a few more days,
we'll get you some better cigarettes that will improve your exhales."

   "Oh good.  I'll look forward to that."  She said with genuine enthusiasm.

   Our burgers finally arrived along with our 3rd round of beers and we
devoured them.  There's just something excellent about a big greasy bar burger
on a hot night chased down by cold beers.

   When we were done eating, I instinctively reached into my shirt pocket for
a smoke, but Jill stopped me asking, "I have to go to the ladies room.  Can
you wait for me?"

   Of course I said "Yes" and watched her wind her way through all the patrons
to the other end of the bar, where the restrooms were.  By the time she
returned, our 4th round of beers had been delivered.  We each lit our
cigarettes and Jill tried to concentrate on holding her inhales for 5 seconds
but we were both starting to feel the effects of beers.  We were also having a
great time.  We bounced in and out of conversations with people sitting or
standing around us and Jill the smoker, seemed to fit right in.  Next it was
my turn to hit the bathroom and when I got back to the table, I noticed the
4th button was now undone on her shirt.  I didn't say anything, because I
certainly didn't want her to re-fasten it in case it had just popped
accidentally.  Sitting across from her I was easily able to gaze into her
blouse.  The deep valley between her tits was completely visible and depending
on her posture, the upper half and inner sides of her boobs were pretty much
exposed.  Midway through our fifth beer, she leaned over for me to light her
6th cigarette and in the process, she answered my question about the
accidental unbuttoning.

   With her cigarette properly lit, Jill continued to lean over the table on
her elbows.  Her forearms squeezed her boobs together, enhancing the cleavage
show.  When receiving my light, she had leaned over a little further and the
sight of her tits resting comfortably on the table made my dick twitch.  After
her cigarette was lit, she leaned back into her chair and started to blow her
exhales downward, riveting my attention to her cleavage.  When she wasn't
sucking on the cigarette, she held it directly in the line of sight from my
eyes to her chest.  I thought, "The little tart, she's using the cigarette to
flirt with me."  The little games that she was playing were driving me nuts
and God I loved it.  I suddenly realized that I had to get her out of the bar
so that I could fuck her NOW.

   Even though we both had a couple sips left in our beers, as soon as she
snuffed out her cigarette, I leaned over and said, "Let's get out of here.  I
want to make a woman out of you."

   She laughed at me and said, "Ok big boy, I hope you're man enough."  And
with that, we stood and began to leave.  It took us at least 5 minutes to
fight our way through the crowd to get to the door.  Once we were finally
outside, Jill said, "God, I'm so glad I'm finally out of there.  You wouldn't
believe how many hands tried to grope me and how many elbows I caught in my

   I put my hand around her waist and chuckled, "Who are you trying to kid.  I
can tell that you enjoyed every minute of it by how hard your nipples are."

   She laughed back, "All right.  I admit it.  You're right.  I did get a kick
out of it."

   We quickly covered the 2 blocks back to our building and I took every
opportunity to enjoy the sight of Jill's big tits bouncing heavily with every
step that she took.

   Once we were in the building lobby, we had to wait maybe 60 seconds for an
elevator.  Just before the door opened, a small, 50ish, older woman joined us.
We stepped into the elevator and Jill and I leaned against the left side wall,
while she leaned against the right side.  The woman immediately began eyeing
Jill closely.  We had just passed the 8th floor  when she said, "You know
honey, I think a few buttons on your blouse have popped open."

   Jill smiled a devilish smile at her and said, "You know, I think you're

   Jill never made any effort to re-button her blouse and I just looked at the
woman, smiled and shrugged my shoulders as if to say, "What am I supposed to
do about it."  She exited at the 14th floor with a disgusted frown on her face
and as soon as the doors closed behind her, Jill and I burst out laughing.  We
continued to laugh all the way up to our floor, which was the 22nd .  The
elevator came to a stop and Jill quickly asked me to hit the door shut button,
then she said, "Wouldn't that old lady like to see me now."

   Before the doors finally opened, Jill had pulled the tails of the blouse
out of her skirt and unbuttoned the final 3 buttons that held it shut.  We
left the elevator arm in arm and by the time we had walked to our door, both
of Jill's beautiful tits were totally exposed.  There were no witnesses to
Jill's little exhibitionist act, but the fact that there might have been made
it all the more fun.

   As soon as we stepped into the apartment we frantically began to shed all
our cloths, leaving them in a heap in the living room.  We raced back to the
bed and fucked each other like a couple horny teenagers whose parents would be
coming home in a half hour.  Based on the volume of Jill's screams, I would
say that she had more than a few intense orgasms.  Even though I eventually
cooled off her hot cunt with a strong blast of semen, my balls weren't totally
drained because I had to pee like there was no tomorrow.  So after we were
done, we cuddled for maybe a minute and then I excused myself to go drain my

   When I crawled back into bed, Jill said, "You know what I want to do now?"

   "What baby?"  I asked back.

   "I want to see what smoking after sex feels like."  She informed me.

   Before I could reply, she bounced out of bed and on the way to the living
room she popped into the bathroom to take her own piss.  I sat up against the
headboard to wait for her return.  Maybe a minute after I heard the toilet
flush, Jill reappeared, holding our cigarette packs, a lighter and an ashtray.
I spread my legs wide and said, "Why don't you lean against me while we smoke
our cigarettes."

   She sat between my legs and leaned back against my chest and we both lit up
at the same time.  I took a big drag on my Marlboro and was careful to blow my
exhale away from her head.  Jill took a couple fairly weak drags and after
holding her inhales for maybe 4 seconds, exhaled predictably weak streams of
smoke toward the ceiling.  I took another drag and placed my cigarette in the
ashtray so that I could fondle both of her divine boobs while she smoked.  She
more or less ignored my hands and then said after her third drag, "Jim, can
you teach me how to take better drags right now.  My exhales are just too weak
and I don't like that."

   I said, "Ok baby.  If you think you're ready, let's go.  Here's the deal,
pretend you're trying to drink a really thick milkshake through a straw.  You
know how your cheeks get sucked together, or hallowed out?"

   "Yea." She replied just before taking another weak drag.

   "Ok, you don't need to suck longer on your cigarette, just suck hard enough
so that your cheeks hallow out like when you're sucking the straw.  Then just
do your normal mouth inhale."  I said as I continued to massage her exquisite
titties in both hands.

   Jill proceeded to take a nice cheek hallowing drag, breathed in the smoke
and had to exhale after only about 2 seconds.  "Whoa.  God I could really feel
more smoke going into my lungs."  I noticed that a little smoke continued to
flow out of her mouth as she spoke, even though she had already exhaled.

   I reassured her, "Yea, isn't it great.  Trust me, keep practicing and
you'll get used to this in no time.  It's so much more fun to smoke when you
can see yourself exhaling a nice thick stream of smoke."  She glanced at me
over her shoulder and noticed the dense smoke that poured out of my mouth as I
spoke.  Then, I crushed out my but in the ashtray.

   This whole scene was getting me excited all over again and Jill began to
notice.  She began to subtly rub her lower back across my rapidly stiffening
cock, but she didn't say anything until she had practiced 5 more cheek
hallowing drags, holding the last inhale a full 4 seconds.  As soon as she had
crushed out her cigarette, she leaned back in to me and said, "God Jim, I
can't believe how excited you've gotten by my smoking."

   I replied, "Jill, I'll be honest with you.  The sight of a beautiful woman
smoking has always turned me on.  I have a major smoking fetish.  I'm not
exactly proud of it, but it's just who I am.  And, before yesterday, I never
thought I would ever see you smoke, so this moment is very special for me."

   "Oh you're so sweet."  She said as she rolled around in front of me and
planted her lips against mine.  Within a couple minutes, she was riding my
cock again and I was in heaven.  We fell asleep in each others arms, finally
drawing to a close one of the best nights of my life.

Chapter 5  (Part 1)

   On Saturday morning, I woke up around 10:00 and the beautiful Jill, lying
naked in my bed, was still sound asleep.  I got up and wandered out to the
kitchen, made some orange juice, started up the 8 cup coffee maker and glanced
at the paper for a couple minutes while I waited for the coffee to brew.  Once
the coffee was done, I filled up 2 big mugs and on my way back to the bedroom,
I grabbed our cloths from the night before, which were still in a heap on the
living room floor.  I put the mugs of coffee down on the nightstand, glanced
over at the, still sleeping, Jill and decided it was time for her to wake up.
I wasn't exactly quiet as I separated the cloths into their respective laundry
hampers and still Jill didn't stir.  I carefully got back into bed and sat up
against the headboard.  I turned on the TV with my remote and fired up a
Marlboro.  After a couple drags, Jill finally rolled over.  With a great deal
of effort, she opened her eyes just as I was sucking down my third drag.  She
mumbled, "God, how can you be smoking so early?  I feel like shit, my mouth
tastes Godawful and I can hardly breath right now."

   I exhaled away from her face, turned off the TV, put my cigarette in the
ashtray and grabbed her fresh mug of coffee.  Then, I turned to face her,
"Jill baby.  Whenever I feel like that, a cigarette is the best thing to more
or less make me feel normal again.  And look, I have a surprise for you."

   Her tone changed instantly, "Oh you're so sweet.  That coffee smells so

   "And it tastes so good too, especially with a cigarette."  I advised.

   She kind of looked at me like I was crazy and then she sighed and struggled
to sit up next to me.  "Ok fine.  Hand me my cigarettes, but first hand me the
coffee.  You better be right on this one."  She said.

   I handed her the mug and she took a small sip, then smiled as she savored
the taste.  Then, she put the mug down and I fired up my lighter and lit her
cigarette.  She sucked in a small drag and didn't hold her inhale for very
long.  Then, she put the mug down and took a much nicer cheek hallowing drag
on her cigarette, inhaled deeply and then she actually did her first ever,
talking exhale.  "You know this is a nice combination, but it still tastes
like somebody crapped in my mouth."

   "Oh shut up and smoke your cigarette and drink your coffee.  The bad taste
will be gone before you know it."  I scolded.

   For the next couple minutes we smoked our cigarettes and drank our coffee
in silence.  When she was about to the middle of her cigarette, I said, "Is
the bad taste gone yet?"

   She finished taking another sip of her coffee and inhaling another drag
before she answered.  "Yea, you were right.  This is a great combination to
wake up to in the morning.  And, look at you.  You're all hard you horny
little bastard.  I can't believe that my smoking turns you on so much."  She
said as she kind of brushed her knee across my stiff cock.

   "Look who's talking."  I replied.  "Your nipples are all puffed up and
looking so suckable.  I think smoking turns you on too."

   The tone of her voice changed dramatically.  "Well what are you waiting for
big boy.  Start sucking."

   "You'll have to wait baby.  I'm not done with my cigarette."  I answered.

   "Well hurry.  My boobs are aching for some attention."

   I didn't need any more prodding.  I executed a rapid double pump on my
cigarette and snuffed the hots out in the ashtray.  Then, before I had even
finished exhaling, I slouched down and captured her delicious left teet
between my lips.  "Ooooommmmm that's so nice."  Jill cooed.

   While I continued to pay homage to her magnificent breast, I slipped my
right hand down to her pussy and quickly discovered that it was already nice
and slippery.  Jill took maybe four more drags on her cigarette and even
though I couldn't actually see her smoking, I could hear her inhaling deeply
and I could feel her chest rising against my cheeks.  God this was so erotic,
part of me wanted to fuck her on the spot, the other part of me never wanted
this sexy smoking to end.  By the time she reached over to snuff out her
cigarette, I was exploring the inner depths of her cunt with my two middle
fingers and if she had been lactating, I would have already had a complete

   Jill was moaning quietly, her breathing was shallow and rapid.  I knew she
was really getting into this heavy foreplay.  A few moments later she broke
the silence moaning, "Come here baby.  I need a kiss."

   I easily crawled over her right leg and as I slid my chest across her
velvety pillows, aiming my lips directly for hers, my rock hard cock easily
penetrated her puffy pussy lips and slid into the deep recesses of her well
lubed cunt.  She gasped, but only for a moment and then my lips locked onto
hers.  God she tasted great.  Our tongues danced together while I slowly
rotated my hips.  Jill was now breathing hard.  I could tell that she was
almost ready to be pounded.  I kissed her for a few more seconds and then I
lifted my head up and balanced myself on my arms.

   Jill begged, "Oh fuck me now Jimmy.  Fuck me soooooo hard baby."

   I did as she commanded and banged her slowly at first and then as the
orgasm building inside her got closer, I pumped her faster and deeper.  She's
kind of a silent screamer type.  In other words, her face looks like she's
screaming, and her mouth is open like she's screaming, but the only sounds
that come out are erotic little squeaks.  I alternated the speed of my fucking
so that I lasted a little longer and she was able to work her way all the way
through her climax and then I shot my load.  We collapsed in each others arms
and cuddled and kissed for maybe 10 minutes.  Then we fired up another round
of cigarettes and finished our coffees.  It was at least a half hour later
before we stepped into the shower, but as we were heading to the bathroom,
Jill said, "I wish I could wake me up like this every morning."

   The rest of the morning we were busy straightening and cleaning up the
apartment.  We worked in the nude, which was very enjoyable.  By lunch I was
done with my third cup of coffee and Jill was done with her 4th cigarette.  By
now she was taking really nice cheek hallowing drags and while she usually
didn't inhale very deeply, she was holding her inhales for an average of 4
seconds.  I was amazed at how easily she had taken to smoking.  Her negative
opinions of the habit and all of her off the cuff comments about my smoking
had simply evaporated.  I was cautiously optimistic, but I knew we still had 2
full weeks before anything was settled.  Still I thought, "If nothing else,
these next two weeks will be great."

   After lunch, we decided to do our weekly grocery shop.  Jill wore baggy gym
shorts and a tube top, which she covered with a loose fitting crop top.  I
asked her if she was comfortable and she answered, "Very."

   The Jewel store was crowded with lots of Saturday shopping professionals,
but we were managing to find most everything on our list.  We rounded the end
of aisle number 7 when we spotted the cigarette counter.  I asked Jill how
many she still had left in her pack and she said, "Only 5."

   I then asked her, "Do you want another pack of Marlboro Light 100's or do
you want to try a different brand?"

   Jill asked back, "I don't know.  How much does a pack of cigarettes cost

   "A single pack is about $4.00 and a carton of 10 packs is about $30."  I
answered matter-of-factly.

   Jill replied, "God, I never knew cigarettes were that expensive."

   I added, "Yea they are.  That's why you never want to waste one.  If you're
ever in a situation where you don't have the time to smoke a whole cigarette,
it's better to just not smoke.  Personally, it just annoys me when a smoker
lights up, takes a couple puffs and then snuffs the cigarette out.  It's just
so damn wasteful."

   Jill said, "Yea, I agree and I can't see the logic in buying a pack at a
time.  We might as well get cartons, don't you think?"

   "Yep.  That's the best deal."  I concurred.

   "Oh look.  There are cartons of Capri Menthols.  I think that's what my
sister smokes.  I want to try a carton of those.  What do you think?"  She

   "Well Jill, personally I don't like menthol, but lots of women do.  The
Capri's are 120's which means they are about an inch longer than your Marlboro
Light 100's.  The extra length makes the woman that smokes them look very
elegant."  I replied.

   "Really?"  She asked back.

   "Oh yea.  But here's another thing, I think they are full flavor, which
means they're going to be stronger than your Marlboro Lights.  However, the
menthol will give them a cooling, refreshing taste, so you can probably handle

   "Will I get more smoke when I puff them?"  She asked.

   "I think so, but just to be on the safe side, you should still do your
cheek hallowing drags to get the full effect.  Eventually, you'll get used to
them and won't notice the difference in the inhale, but you should definitely
notice a difference in the exhale."  I answered.

   "Good.  She said.  I want to try a carton of those."  And with that, she
took the initiative and asked the clerk for a carton of Marlboro Reds and a
carton of Capri Menthol 120's.  I was so proud of her.

   On the way home from the store, Jill wanted to try one of her new Capri's
but I talked her out of it.  I said, "Keep practicing on your Marlboro's and
finish one style of cigarette before you start another.  Smoke your last 5
Marlboro Lights this afternoon and when we go out to dinner, you can switch to
the Capri's."

   That evening we decided to walk to dinner again only this time we went to a
romantic little Italian restaurant about 3 blocks from our building.  Jill
wore a pretty little spaghetti strap summer dress.  The background color of
the material was beige and big colorful flower designs were interspersed all
over the dress.  The best thing that I liked about the dress was that the top
was held together in both the front and the back by laces which began at the
waist and ended at the low cut neckline.  This was the second time that Jill
was wearing the dress.  The first time was about a week ago and Jill had worn
a skin tone colored strapless bra which I thought looked goofy, but I didn't
have the nerve to tell her that.  Tonight she was braless, but she had the
front ties pulled so tight that there was less than an inch gap in the front,
allowing me almost no opportunity to catch a glimpse of cleavage.  Still the
dress was interesting because she had pulled the straps so tightly that a
noticeable amount of her upper breasts were spilling out from above the
neckline.  Also, since the top half of the dress was unlined, I could clearly
see the dark outline of her left nipple pressing into the light cotton.
Unfortunately, her right nipple was covered by a strategically placed flower.

   During the walk to the restaurant, Jill smoked her last Marlboro Light.  We
were seated in the smoking section after about a 10 minute wait and Jill
immediately reached into her purse for her first pack of Capri Menthol.  "What
do you think, should I try one?  She asked me.

   I detected a little nervousness in her voice.  "Yea, go right ahead baby.
But, remember, these are menthols, so you'll have to get used to that taste
and don't try any big inhales for the first few cigarettes, these are a little
stronger and you'll probably have to get your lungs sort of in shape, before
you try any deep inhales."  I cautioned as she studied the long, thin
cigarette perched between her fingers.

   I fired up my lighter and touched it to the end of her cigarette.  Jill
sucked just hard enough to get the cigarette lit and then slowly inhaled her
first mild drag.  A couple seconds later, she exhaled a long thin stream of
smoke toward the ceiling and said, "Oooohhh, I like the tingly taste of the
menthol and the smoke doesn't really seem any more dense than with the

   I cautioned her again about working into these new cigarettes slowly and
the next few drags that she took were weak, followed by shallow inhales.  We
began to talk about work stuff and when she was a little past the half way
mark on the cigarette, she must not have been paying attention to her dragging
because she suddenly took a rather strong, cheek hallowing drag and inhaled
quickly.  Jill's coughing reflex instantly kicked in and she had a 3 second
spell.  As soon as she regained her control, she looked at me and said, "God
these really are a lot stronger."  She took a shallow breath and then exhaled
the last remnants of smoke that remained in her lungs.

   I reassured her, "I told you they were, but you probably didn't even see
the neat thing that just happened."

   "What was that?"  She asked just before she took another cautious, weak

   "Well Jill, do you realize that with just one strong drag, you inhaled
enough smoke to not only cough it out for 3 or 4 seconds, but even after that,
there was still enough smoke left in your lungs for you to take a breath and
exhale another thin stream.  It was awesome."  I said with sincerity.

   She thought for a few seconds, "You're right.  God it will be nice when I
get used to these cigarettes, my exhales should be fun to look at."

   A few minutes later, our food was delivered and we had a really nice
conversation while we ate our meal and drank some really excellent red wine.
A half-hour later, our dishes were cleared and our after dinner coffee was
served.  Jill and I both reached for fresh cigarettes.  She leaned towards me
on her elbows while I lit her smoke and after I lit my own, I leaned towards
her on my elbows.  I began to think of how she had flirted with her cigarettes
last night and now she was subtly doing it again.  I gazed into her eyes and
slowly moved my hand to the knot that held the front of her dress closed.  I
slowly yanked on the string until the knot was totally undone, never once
breaking my gaze into her eyes.  She never moved her eyes either.  In fact she
made no moves whatsoever.  When my hand returned to my chin, she took a drag
on her cigarette that was as strong as the one that had made her cough before
dinner.  This time, she inhaled slowly and deeply, held it in for about 3
seconds and then exhaled a short but thick stream of smoke towards the table.
She took a shallow breath and then exhaled another stream of smoke.  Then,
still gazing into my eyes, she smiled her devilish, sexy smile and said, "Jim,
you are a nasty, dirty old man."

   I smiled back at her and replied, "And you love it.  Just think Jill, my
love, I'm totally your dirty old man."

   We ended up staying at the restaurant long enough to smoke another
cigarette and have a refill on our coffee.  For the next 10 minutes, Jill
absentmindedly fiddled with the strings on her dress and ultimately, she tied
little knots in each end, so that the front of her dress could only open up so
far before the top hole would catch on the knot.  We decided to walk a couple
more blocks to a sports bar to have a beer and catch a little of the Bulls

   When we began our walk the strings on the front of Jill's dress were still
about 6 inches long.  After our brisk walk, the sheer weight and bouncing of
Jill's tits had gradually pulled the front of the dress apart, using up all of
the excess string.  Where once there was a 1 inch gap, there was now a 3 inch
gap and the view was far more enticing.  The flower that had covered her right
nipple was now off to the side and I could see dark patches of nipple skin on
both her boobs.  The best part was that now, since her boobs had more room to
move about freely, her nipples had been agitated by the walk and now formed
two distinct little bumps pushing out from the front of her dress.

   The bar was crowded and the only two open seats in the place were at the
bar.  The bar area was much more brightly lit compared to the rest of the
place.  We were only in there for about 45 minutes; enough time to drink 2
beers and smoke 2 cigarettes.  Most of the time my eyes were focused on Jill
while she smoked.  I paid particular attention to how strong her drags were
and how long and deep her inhales were.  By the time she finished smoking her
6th Capri, both had noticeably improved and the looks on Jill's face indicated
that she was having no problems adjusting to the fuller flavor cigarettes and
was still enjoying her smoking.  When I wasn't paying attention to Jill, I
looked around at the other patrons.  I got a big kick out of all the guys that
were stealing glimpses of Jill, even guys that were there with dates.

   We left the bar around 11:00 and the rest of the night was a wonderful
repeat of the night before, except for the little incident on the elevator.
We had behaved ourselves this time.

   On Sunday morning, Jill woke up first, got out of bed and went to the
kitchen to brew up the coffee.  I didn't wake up until I heard her call out my
name from the kitchen.  "Jimmy.  Wake up you sleepy head.  It's time to start
the day."

   I rolled over into the middle of the bed and was able to focus on the
doorway, just as Jill entered the room.  She was totally nude.  An unlit
cigarette was perched between her lips.  She held a tray with two big mugs of
coffee on it.  I cursed under my breath at the fact that the tray and the mugs
partially obstructed my view of her gently bouncing tits.  She bent over to
place the tray on the nightstand and for a brief moment, her beautiful breasts
dangled freely and ever so invitingly in mid-air.  Pretending to still be real
sleepy, I sat up against the headboard and said, "God Jill, I think I could
have slept straight through until tomorrow."

   She replied, "I know lover.  That's why I've brought you a fresh mug of
coffee and your cigarettes."

   While standing next to the bed in all her naked glory, she paused to light
her cigarette.  After taking a nice cheek hallowing drag, she inhaled fairly
deeply and then, while still holding in her inhale, she bent over to hand me a
mug.  "This is a new flavor of coffee.  It's Amaretto Roast.  It's one of my
favorites.  I hope you like it."  She said.

   I grabbed the mug from her hand and smelled the strong aroma.  "It smells
delicious."  I said and I actually meant it.

   While I took my first tiny sip of coffee, Jill handed me one of my
cigarettes and placed the large glass ashtray next to my right leg.  After
that, she sat next to me with her legs together and brought her knees up to
her chin all in one motion, squishing her boobs against her thighs.  She took
a sip from her coffee and rested the cup back on the nightstand, then, she
wrapped her arms around her knees and took a nice drag off of her cigarette.
I said, "Hey, what about me?  Can I get a light?"

   "Oh, I'm sorry babe.  Here let me grab the lighter."  She apologized as she
reached over to get the lighter off the nightstand.  Then, she twisted around
to more or less face me.  Then, she brought the lighter to the tip of my
cigarette.  I took a nice big drag and as I exhaled, I noticed that her
luscious left tit was now exposed and nestled comfortably against her left
thigh.  I had an overwhelming urge to reach up and grab her succulent mammary.
Instead, I fought the temptation and gently caressed her back while we both

   When my cigarette was almost gone and she was about half done with hers I
said, "You know Jill, I just love watching your back expand and contract with
every inhale that you take."  That was my way to subtly reinforce the depths
of her inhales even though I really wasn't paying much attention to her back.
I was much more preoccupied with the voluptuous breast that was only inches
from my right hand.  I noticed her next inhale was a little bit deeper and she
held it a little longer.

   Finally Jill replied.  "Jim, isn't there anything about smoking that you
don't find sexy?"

   I answered as I took one last drag off of my own cigarette and snuffed it
out in the ashtray, "Let me think."  I took a sip from my mug to pause for
effect.  "Nope.  Can't think of anything."

   Jill never actually replied to my statement.  Instead, she took three more
nice drags in quick succession, only pausing long enough between drags to
exhale increasingly dense streams of smoke toward the ceiling.  I watched as
she snuffed out her but in the ashtray and then she grabbed the ashtray and
twisted to her right to place in on the nightstand.  When she resumed her
position, with her arms wrapped around her knees, she glanced down at my rigid
fuck pole, tenting out the sheet and said, "God, you are one horny and
perverted guy."

   I roughly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back across my chest.
She turned her head, bringing her lips only inches from mine.  "Got any
complaints?"  I whispered.

   She whispered back, "None whatsoever."  Our lips then met and we kissed
each other passionately. She cradled her head against my left bicep as I
reached my arm across her chest and captured her drooping right boob in my
large and hungry hand.  My right arm was perfectly positioned to reach between
her legs and explore her delectable pussy and her left hand was free, allowing
her easy access to my throbbing cock.  I found her love channel already wet
and slippery.  I knew she was ready for a good fucking, but this position was
so comfortable and I had such perfect access to her private parts, we ended up
necking and fondling each other for at least five minutes.  By the time we
finally broke off our kiss, we were both panting with pent up lust.  I rolled
out from under her and she rolled over onto her stomach.  I knelt behind her
and gently spread her legs.  Then I reached down to her tight waste and pulled
her up to her knees.  She raised up the rest of her body and knelt before me
on all fours.  I gently guided my cock through her waiting pussy lips and when
I was certain I had sufficiently penetrated into her juicy cunt, I began to
slowly bang away on her soft ass.  She began to moan quietly at first, but, as
the intensity of my pumping increased ever so slowly, her moaning became
progressively louder.  I bent over her and with some concentration, I was able
to capture her wildly swinging breasts.  I increased the speed and depth of my
fucking motion and Jill began to do her silent screaming.  I knew she was
getting real close, but so was I.  I reluctantly let go of her shaking hangers
and knelt back upright.  Then I grabbed her womanly hips and forcibly banged
her pubes back into my cock with each thrust.  She got her first orgasm before
I got mine.  In fact, I think she came a couple times before I erupted and
when I finally did, it was one of those totally intense, rapid, ball draining
eruptions that literally sapped my strength almost instantly.

   I simply could no longer pound my spent cock into her any more, but I
didn't pull out.  I just kind of wiggled my hips into her ass and Jill's
breathing calmed quickly, but I detected tiny little spasms cursing through
her body as she wound down.  Finally, her arms collapsed.  I slipped my
dripping limp cock out of her pussy and then her knees collapsed.  I crawled
over next to her and gently began kissing her.  For at least 5 minutes, she
didn't even try to move her spent body.  She just laid there on her stomach
while our tongues played together.  Eventually we rolled over and sat up
against the headboard to enjoy another cigarette and finish our coffee.  We
talked for a couple minutes and then Jill changed the subject.  "You know Jim,
when you combine a little smoking with a little coffee and a lot of sex, well,
it's a very nice way to start the day."

   I wholeheartedly agreed with her, then I asked her, "Jill darling, are you
up to smoking your pack and a half today?

   She replied confidently, "Sure.  It will be easy.  I'll just light up
whenever you do and by the time the day is over, that should equal a pack and
a half."

   After we showered, we ate a nice breakfast and then got dressed.  I threw
on a pair of khaki shorts and a button down cotton shirt, Jill just put on her
favorite denim mini-skirt, one that she had worn a thousand times and never
ceased to look great in.  Jill stayed topless while we farted around the
apartment for the next couple of hours.  During that time we each smoked maybe
6 cigarettes and Jill finished her first pack of Capri's.  By now it was
obvious that Jill wasn't going to have any difficulties switching up to the
fuller flavor cigarettes.

   Around 2:00 the sun was high in the sky and it was probably 85 degrees out.
Even on our balcony on the 22nd floor, there was very little wind, which was
rare for Chicago.  Jill suggested that we go window shopping along Michigan
Avenue and, since we weren't doing much of anything anyway, I instantly
agreed.  She said, "Wait for me at the door, I have to go put a top on."

   Not 30 seconds later she met me at the door and was wearing another
favorite piece of clothing.  It was a white wrap around blouse made out of tee
shirt style knit cotton.  As a result of multiple wearing and washing cycles,
the material was thin and a little faded.  It was opaque enough to conceal the
color of her dark nipples but thin enough so that you could easily make out
the enticing little bumps.  The front flaps of material crossed under each
boob, ending in an extra long tie piece.  Jill always wrapped each tie around
her back once and then tied the ends together, just under her boobs.  This
left her belly and lower back exposed.  She had always had a white bra on
every time she had worn this top in the past and the straps and outlines of
the cups were always fairly visible.  But, as I watched her walk down the hall
towards me, the top instantly looked a lot better on her without the bra.  Her
boobs were free to bounce and jiggle at will and she was showing a nice amount
of cleavage in the process.

   It was a 2 mile walk to the shopping district and when we finally got
there, we popped into a little café and enjoyed a nice Cappuccino and a couple
cigarettes.  We had only been shopping for maybe a half hour when the sky
started to darken up.  I asked Jill if she thought we should head back.  Jill
had already bought a pair of shoes, but was still looking for a swimsuit and a
work blouse, so she said, "I don't think it's going to rain for at least an
hour, so let's keep shopping."

   Well she was wrong.  We had ducked into Marshall Fields and Jill quickly
found both her blouse and a really sexy, Brazilian cut string bikini.  We
probably weren't in the store more than 30 minutes, but when we left it had
already started to sprinkle.  We began to walk more quickly toward our
building, but with the packages, we couldn't run.  By the time we were half
way home, it began to really pour.  There was absolutely no place for us to
duck into for cover.  We ran a little, then walked fast a little, then ran
some more, but it was no use.  We got totally soaked.  Thank God, Jill's stuff
was in plastic bags and none of her purchases got ruined.  When we were a
block away from our building, Jill stopped to catch her breath and I ran
ahead.  Once I made it under the awning that protected our front door, I
turned to watch and wait for Jill.  A couple minutes later, she came walking
up the driveway with a bag in her hand.  The thirty seconds that it took her
to join me gave me pure visual pleasure.  Her wrap around top had become
absolutely see-through.  Her nipples were totally rock hard from the chilling
rain water and her boobs bounced against both her chest and each other like
two basketballs connected by rope.

   When she was finally under the awning with me, she looked down at her chest
and said, "let's just stay out here and have a smoke.  I don't really want to
walk through the building looking like this.  Maybe we can dry off a little."
We smoked a leisurely cigarette, but she didn't dry off at all in the 100%
humidity that we were in.  We eventually rode the elevator to our floor with
Jill clutching a bag across her chest to hide her almost naked tits from the 2
other couples that rode the elevator up with us.

   Once safely in our apartment, we began to strip off our soaked cloths and
Jill said, "I guess I should have worn a bra this afternoon."

I replied calmly, "Why babe?  I thought you looked great."

   She answered, "Well, I was so embarrassed and self conscious when we got
into the elevator."

   I thought for a second and said, "I can't see why you needed to be
embarrassed.  We were both simply soaked from the rain.  Where's the big deal
in that?"

   "You know, for some reason I'm not surprised that you would say something
like that."  She replied sarcastically.

   I just laughed and we continued to dry off.  We put on bathrobes to warm up
and then, we laid around and smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes.  By 6:00, the sun was
back out, our robes were off and I barbecued some burgers on our balcony while
Jill watched from her patio chair.  It was nice living on the 22nd floor where
we could romp around in the nude and not have to be concerned with whether
anybody was watching us.

   By 8:00 the sun was beginning to set and we just sat on the balcony and
gazed out over the city while we enjoyed our after dinner coffee and
cigarettes.  We weren't really talking about anything in particular when out
of the clear blue Jill said, "You know I'm not looking forward to going to
work tomorrow.  We've had such a wonderful weekend, I wish it would never

   I agreed and then she continued, "You know what I'm really dreading?"

   "No what?" I replied.

   She answered.  "I just not looking forward to being tortured by one of my
bras all day long."

   "Well why don't you just go braless at work?  I mean you'll be wearing a
jacket over your blouse all day long, won't you?"  I asked back.  

   Jill thought for a second.  "Maybe not.  Sometimes it gets pretty warm in
my office in the afternoon and I take the jacket off.  Besides, we have a
pretty specific dress code at work.  So, I really don't have a choice."

   I let the issue drop and changed the subject.  "You know, speaking of
tomorrow, are you going to smoke at work?"

   She answered me quickly, which indicated that she had already thought this
through.  "No.  I've decided that it would be silly to have to go through the
awkward process of explaining why I started and then 2 weeks later, having to
explain why I've quit."

   "Makes sense."  I replied.  "But tell me, how do you plan on getting in
your full pack and a half?"

   She paused and we both lit fresh cigarettes.  Then she replied, "I figure
I'll have time to smoke maybe 3 cigarettes in the morning before I leave for
work.  Then, I'll smoke another on the way to work.  I'll smoke 3 during
lunch, then 2 on the way home.  Let's see, that's 9.  That means all I'll have
to do is smoke a pack before bed.  It'll be tough, but I think I can do it."

   "I thought you always go to lunch with Bev and Gwen."  I reminded her.

   "I'll just beg off and tell them that I'm going shopping or something." She

   "For two whole weeks?"  I asked skeptically.

   "Like I said, it won't be easy.  But, I'll figure it out.  Don't worry.
I'm not going to break our deal." She said with confidence.

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