The Return of Dr. Blacklung, Part 1

(by, 06 August 2002)

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Return of Dr. Blacklung

Part 1

-They called all of Tammy's friends.  No one had seen her.  Linda's nerves
were shot and she lit up one cigarette after the other.  Neither of them
wanted to think about it, but they had too.  Peter dialed Mark Ferguson at
home.  He told Mark that he knew he was over reacting but he was scared out
of his mind.  Tammy was supposed to be in the front yard but she wasn't
there.  None of her friends had seen her.  It had been more than two hours
since she had gone outside to play.

Detective Ferguson was on their doorstep within a half hour.  He tried to
calm their fears.  It was probably nothing, but he would call his precinct.
An hour later the neighborhood was full of cops and concerned neighbors.
They scoured the nearby woods and went door to door.  Had any one seen any
thing suspicious- a stranger perhaps or maybe a car they hadn't seen before?

Detective Ferguson stayed with the Torrances until almost midnight.  The
phone had rung many times but it was never the call they were looking for.

"Do you think its him?" asked Linda.  "Do you think its Dr. Blacklung?" 

No one told her it wasn't.  Detective Ferguson looked on helplessly as Peter
tried in vain to console his sobbing wife.


        The Return of Dr. Blacklung

"My mother smoked Pall Malls.  Did I ever tell you that?" asked Dr.
Blacklung.  "She was a beautiful and saintly woman and I loved her dearly.
She contracted lung cancer when I was 14.  It was the most amazing thing I
ever witnessed.  My father was too poor to afford medical care, but he could
buy her cigarettes.  She smoked them until the end you know.  She knew they
were killing her but she couldn't quit.  I don't think she wanted too.  You
understand, don't you?  She's the reason I became a doctor."
- Ben Avery aka Dr. Blacklung

Linda Torrance lit a Pall Mall as her husband Peter talked on the phone to
Detective Mark Ferguson.  Several months ago, perhaps even last week, she
would have strained to make out their conversation.  She crushed out the Pall
Mall in the crystal ashtray that looked pretty nice when it was washed and
polished with Windex, but she couldn't remember the last time she had cleaned
it.  She should at least dump the ashes but to do so would risk starting a
fire, as the ashes were always hot.

She picked up her pack and shook another unfiltered cigarette from it's home
as Peter hung up the phone and sat down beside her.

"Any news?" she asked.  Her words were punctuated with thick gray smoke.

Peter shook his head and wrung his hands.  It had been nine months since
their daughter Tammy had been abducted.  She was nine years old today.  Linda
had bought a cake last night, even though she knew her daughter wouldn't be
there to blow out the candles.  She grimaced at the thought.  She wondered if
Tammy possessed the lung capacity required to blow out nine small wax

She put her hand on her husband's thigh and smiled at him through the cloud
of smoke that hung above their heads.  "It will be over soon.  You'll see.
We'll get a call from Detective Ferguson.  He'll tell us they found her and
then he'll bring her home."

"What if it's not Dr. Blacklung?" asked Peter.  "What if it's some other

Linda shook her head.  She wouldn't believe in any other possibility.  "Don't
talk like that," she said.  "It's him.  He has her.  And he'll let her go as
soon as she's ready."

"What makes you think our little girl can smoke 10 packs of unfiltered
cigarettes in a day?" asked Peter.  "For crying out loud Honey.  She's only 9
years old!"


Ben Avery, a.k.a. Dr. Blacklung shifted on the bed as he pushed the play
button on his remote control.  The corners of his thin lips turned up in a
smile as he watched the little girl in the plexi-glass cage crumple an empty
pack of Pall Malls and open a fresh pack.

He mentally complimented him self as the camera zoomed in on Tammy's face.
He didn't have zoom when he taught her mother how to smoke.  Even though she
was only 9 years old, the resemblance to her mother was uncanny.  He thought
of Linda Torrance and wondered how she was doing. 

His friend and colleague, Dr. Alan Snider hadn't seen Linda since the
abduction nine months ago.  A pulmonary specialist by trade and a smoke
fetishist by the grace of God, Snider had been his eyes and ears after he had
released her.  Her last examination had shown a substantial decrease in lung
capacity but no signs of cancer.

Avery pushed the comb over away from his eyes as he mentally calculated the
number of unfiltered Pall Malls he was responsible for pumping through her
lungs.  Because of him, she had smoked at least 200,000 cigarettes in less
than three years.  The thought of his protégé smoking so successfully aroused
him and he fingered his crotch.

Of course he couldn't think about Linda or Pall Malls without thinking about
his mother.  After all, she was the reason he dedicated him self to this
unique branch of cancer research.

Sarah Avery was 37 years old when she finally succumbed to the cancer that
had eaten her lungs- just three years older than Linda Torrance was now.
Unlike Linda, she had smoked for most of her life, starting when she was only
8 years old.  It wasn't a coincidence that he took Tammy at 8.  

Linda had been a warm-up for this.  She wasn't a part of his original plans.
He had made her for Alan.  Dr. Alan Snider, his best friend and colleague got
off on mother and daughter smoking teams.  Of course he'd be a liar if he
said he hadn't enjoyed every moment of working with Linda.  His heart sang
with jubilation when she accomplished the 10 pack goal he'd set for her.  He
was so proud of her.  His mother would have been proud too.  Oh how that
woman loved to smoke.

He couldn't think of his mother without thinking of the man who had fathered
him in the back of a van.  His father never appreciated his mother for the
beautiful smoker she had become.  It was her insatiable desire for sex that
had drawn him to her.

Sarah Avery was a smoking slut, nothing more than a human chimney with a cum
hole.  The sole purpose of her existence in this world was to smoke and fuck.
And Ben was just a byproduct of her lust for semen and tobacco.  But he loved
her any way, because she was his mother.

She never had time for him when she was well.  But things changed quickly
once the cancer set in.  Ben never blamed his father for turning his back on
her.  It wasn't in his nature to feel sympathy or concern.  Besides being
devoid of basic human qualities, his father was squeamish and cheap.

He was too cheap to pay for the cancer treatments that would have extended
his wife's miserable and pathetic life.  He was too squeamish to please her
in the manner in which she had grown accustomed.  Even though he knew better,
he suspected his wife's cancer could be sexually transmitted. 

Jack Avery left it to his son to see his wife through to the end.  He would
go to work and Ben would stay with his mother, feeding her, lighting her
cigarettes, changing her bedpan.  As the days progressed and her condition
worsened, Jack came home later and later.  Although they never discussed it,
Ben knew his father had found another slut and his mother knew it too.

She asked Ben about her once while he was lighting her Pall Mall.  All she
was to him was a name he had heard his father use on the telephone- Kathy.
His mother mouthed the name as if it helped her visualize what her husband's
new slut looked like.  Sara inhaled as deeply as she could without coughing.
She asked Ben if he loved her.  Of course he did.  He loved his mother.  He'd
do anything for her.

She gave him what was left of her burned down Pall Mall.  She asked him to
put it out in the ashtray and take off his clothes.  Young Ben did as his
mother told him.  He knew what she wanted and climbed into bed without being

Although he'd never done it, he had peeked into this room more times than he
could remember and began to do what he'd seen his father do so many times.
He took a Pall Mall from his mother's pack and gently placed it between her
lips and lit it lovingly.  Then he pulled him self on top of her, being
careful to keep his weight off her frail chest.

His mother smiled at him through her clenched cigarette as he penetrated her
vagina.  He wasn't as large as his father.  He didn't know how to use the
little he had but it was a penis all the same and beggars can't be choosers.

He came inside her before she had time to finish her first cigarette.  She
usually smoked three with his father.  But he was young.  He could learn.  He
could be taught.  Besides there were other ways he could satisfy her cunt
while she satisfied her lungs.  

Dr. Blacklung had been a real "Mother Fucker" as a child.  His mother had
been his first and last experience when it came to having sex with another
person.  She was the standard by which all were judged and as far he was
concerned, she could have no equal.

His bastard father had known about him and his mother all along.  But he
didn't care.  It was just one less thing for him to be concerned with.  As
long as his son was humping her, he could get it on with some one else.  As
long as his son was lighting her cigarettes, he could get it on with some one
else- while his wife laid in bed coughing up her tar-covered lungs.

Sarah Avery died with a cigarette in her hand and her son's small penis stuck
up her cunt.  He felt her spirit pass right before he came inside her.  But
he finished, telling him self she would have wanted it that way.


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