Sarah's Winstons, Part 4

(by, 29 August 2008)

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Sarah's Winstons
by slimv

****** FOUR *******

After graduating, I moved back home and took an entry level management job at
a plastics factory outside town.

Sarah was still working at the convenience store with Mr. Rawlings.  When she
wasn't working, she was doing something for our church, like raising money or
teaching Sunday school to the young kids.  Religion was very important to
her.  It was important to me too and I officially joined our church as an
adult member the week after I graduated.

I had two weeks before my job started, so I spent a lot of time with Sarah
and Mr. Rawlings at the store.  Mr. Rawlings didn't pay me, but I still
helped out.  Those two weeks at the store was the most time I'd spent with
Sarah since before I left for college.  I knew she smoked a lot, but it
didn't sink in until I saw her in action around the store.

I remember thinking when I was younger that Mr. Rawlings had a cigarette
glued to his lips because I never saw him without one in his mouth.  I rarely
saw him hold it between his fingers like my parents.  He just held it between
his lips all day.  The first thing I noticed was that Sarah was smoking the
same way.  She and Mr. Rawlings looked and sounded like locomotives as they
puffed and wheezed around the store.  It was very unfeminine, especially
compared to the sorority girls I'd left behind.  But I was aroused

Its also safe to say that Sarah had put on a little weight while I was in
school.  Some of it had gone to her massive bosom, but the rest of of it had
settled in her middle.  She was only 20 years old, but I swear she looked and
acted closer to forty.  I loved her though and she loved me.

At least twice a day, on the days I was at the store, I'd see an underage boy
or a girl come in and try to buy cigarettes.  Sarah would get up from our
card game with a half smoked Winston dangling from her lip and cheerfully
ring up the kid's purchase of gum and Cokes.  Before hitting the total button
on the register, she'd always ask if there was anything else.  

I was in the store one day when a future Zeta girl walked in to buy a can of
Diet Coke and a pack of gum.  Sarah began ringing up the girl's purchase and
asked if there would be anything else.

"Oh yeah," said the fresh faced future Zeta.  "I need a pack of Virginia
Slims Menthol Lights for my mother."  

Although Sarah was only three years older, she stared down the fresh faced
teen from behind her authoritative Winston hanging at the corner of her
mouth.  It bobbed up and down between her lips and smoke streamed from her
nostrils as harshly told the girl that she needed to be 16 to buy cigarettes.
Sarah told her that she would have to show her driver's license.  The girl
turned red faced and fled the store without completing her purchase.

Sarah shook her head and returned to the card game muttering something about
stupid kids and smoking.  Old Mr. Rawlings agreed with her from behind his
Camel.  He wasn't a fan of underage smokers either.  Of course if you had a
note from your parents then you were a paying customer as far as he was

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