Sarah's Winstons, Part 6

(by, 29 August 2008)

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Sarah's Winstons
by slimv

***** SIX *****

The next day was phenomenal as far as honeymoons are concerned.  We got up
early and after making love, we took a shower and combed the beach for
shells.  The worst thing was that I had a constant erection and Sarah knew
it.  Pouring out my heart to her had boosted her self-esteem ten-fold.  She
was carrying around too much weight to look good in anything but a one-piece
bathing suit, but she knew she looked good to me, especially when she was
smoking her Winstons.

We did some sight seeing later in the day.  I could see it in her eyes, she
knew the only sight I really cared about  was seeing her with a cigarette.
I'd never seen her with so much self confidence.  It looked great on her and
I loved it.

Sarah was ready to make love when we got back to the room, but I was hesitant
to mount her.

"What's wrong," she asked?

"Nothing's wrong.  I was just thinking I'd like to try something a little
different first."

"Like what?" she asked as she took a cigarette from her pack and teased me
with it before placing it between her lips.

Sarah and I had never talked about oral sex before.  She'd never done it to
me and I'd never done it to her.  It's like I said earlier.  We were both
very naive when it came to sex.

"Its just an idea.  You don't have to do it if you don't want to."

"You got to tell me first."  She grinned playfully and blew smoke in my face.

I blushed hard.  "Okay.  Don't get mad, but I want to make love to you with
my mouth and I want you to smoke while I do it."

Sarah squealed.  "Really?"


"What should I do?  Should I lay down."

"I don't know.  Just get comfortable and I'll figure out the rest.  Maybe you
should sit on a pillow.  That might help me get in closer."

I dangled my legs off the edge of the bed while Sarah dangled the Winston
from her lips.

She moaned as soon as my tongue pushed its way past the fleshy folds of her
vagina.  "Oh Michael!  It feels wonderful.  Don't stop!"

I mumbled into her vagina.  "Are you smoking?"

"Yes!  It feels so good.  Don't stop."

I didn't stop because I was enjoying it too.  I don't know why, because its
not like it really feels good or tastes good when you're the one licking, but
I was just so excited knowing she was smoking while I was doing it for her.
I heard her lighter click two more times before she finally drilled her hips
into my face with her orgasm.  But I still didn't stop, even though she
begged me too.

"Stop it.  It tickles now!"

I paid her no mind and continued to lick.  And then I heard the lighter

"Keep going!" she screamed.

I did.

I came up for air when her hips stopped their thrusting.  My jaw felt like it
was ten inches long.  I wasn't sore, but my mouth was really tired.

She still had a cigarette hanging from her lip as she pulled me to her

"Oh my precious baby.  You made me feel so good.  I never knew anything could
feel that good."

She went on and on about how good I'd make her feel and how the smoking had
actually enhanced her orgasm.

"I held the smoke in my lungs while I was having it," she said.  "You know,
the orgasm."

She smoked two more cigarettes while my jaw recovered.  As she smoked, she
mashed my face to her breasts.  I felt her chest rise and fall as she inhaled
and exhaled.

"Smoking after sex is great but that was like a hundred times better," she
said as she put out her cigarette.

"You really liked it?"

"I loved it but next time we need to cover up the mirror so I don't have to
see myself smoking like that.  It felt great but in the mirror it looked like
I was being disrespectful to you."

"So you'd do it again?"

"Are you kidding?  I want to try to smoke the next time we have regular sex.
Would that be okay, cause its not like I have to do it, because making love
to you is good enough by itself."

"That's so cool that you want to do it like that too. I wonder if it would be
easier for you to smoke if you were on top or on the bottom?"

She shrugged her shoulders and giggled.  "I don't know.  I guess I'll have to
try it both ways."

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