Sarah's Winstons, Part 9

(by, 29 August 2008)

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Sarah's Winstons
by slimv

****** NINE ******

I practiced smoking with my mom in the basement for the next three months.
During that time, I was taking cigarettes to work so I could practice during
the day.  My co-workers were surprised when they saw me with cigarettes.  I
told them I had smoked in college and had started back.  I asked them not to
tell Sarah.  They promised they wouldn't.

Sarah found out she was pregnant in October.  Everyone was thrilled,
especially her father, as he was getting worse.  By this time I was smoking
two packs a day.  I felt I was addicted and had crossed the point of no
return, but I didn't feel the time was right.  Seeing her father in such a
bad way had deflated my urge to spring the news.

The pregnancy didn't slow Sarah's smoking.  Her mom had smoked when she had
been pregnant with her and my mom had smoked when she had been pregnant with
me.  If anything, she enjoyed smoking during sex better while she was
pregnant, because her hormones had spiked.

Sarah's father passed away a week after Thanksgiving.  It had been expected,
so we weren't shocked, but it was still sad.  We gave up our apartment and
moved in with Mrs. Jacobs.  Billy, Sarah's younger brother, was away at
college, and it just seemed like she needed people around her, even though
she tried to talk us out of it.  We also knew Sarah would need some help with
the baby after she gave birth.

Life in the Jacobs house was interesting for me because I had a thing for
mothers and daughters smoking together.  I wasn't disappointed because Mrs.
Jacobs smoked almost as much as her daughter.  

Mrs. Jacobs was in on my smoking project from the beginning and was very
supportive.  Sometimes my mom would come over at night when Sarah was working
at the store.  The three of us would smoke and talk together in the kitchen.
It was a rush for me because they were the first important smokers of my
childhood.  We talked about it often.  They understood how excited I was to
be smoking in front of them.

By the time March rolled around, Sarah was in her eight month.  We were
talking about when I should break the news to Sarah about my smoking when Mom
blew my mind.  She told us that she and Dad had started smoking during sex.
She actually thanked me for giving them the idea.  The thought of my parents
smoking while having sex was pretty mind numbing, but it wasn't as big as the
bomb shell Mrs. Jacobs dropped on us after that.  She blurted out that she
was smoking during sex too.

Mrs. Jacobs confessed that she was romantically involved with one of Billy's
friends from high school.  His name was Derrick Hyde.  I knew him well.  He
was only three years younger than me.  Derrick was 18 and Mrs. Jacobs was 47,
the same age as my mom.

Making matters even stranger was that Mr. Jacobs had known about his wife's
relationship with Derrick and approved.

"Derrick and I never had sex while Jack was still alive," said Mrs. Jacobs.
"I never would have disrespected him like that.  But it was Jack that
suggested Derrick and I get together.  I thought the cancer had gotten to his
brain when he told me that.  

"I was having a cigarette and giving him a hand-job after dinner like I
usually do and he started moving his head around under that ugly old oxygen
mask of his.  I just thought he wanted a drag from my cigarette but when I
got the mask off he started talking about Derrick and how he was always
looking at me.  I told him he was crazy but he kept on talking.

"Jack said he was sorry for not being able to do his duties as my husband
over the last several years and he said he'd rest a lot easier if he knew I
was getting some good strong loving after he was gone.  At first I didn't
want to hear about it.  I asked him what I would do with an 18 year old boy
when I was used to taking care of a 77 year old man.  He just smiled and said
I'd think of something, and then he died with me still holding on to his

I was flabbergasted that all this had taken place under my nose.  Apparently
Derrick Hyde made his house calls while I Sarah and I were both at work.  Now
I knew why Mrs. Jacobs had tried to talk Sarah and I out of moving in with

"We haven't told Sarah and Billy yet but we did talk to his parents," said
Mrs. Jacobs.  "They don't believe in premarital sex so they want us to get
married right away."  She smiled at my mom and took hold of her hand.
"Doesn't it just beat all when you got all that smoke in your lungs when the
orgasm hits?"

"I didn't know Derrick smokes," I said.

"He doesn't," said Mrs.  Jacobs, "but I think he wants to start.  He's just
too shy to tell me, kind of like you were with Sarah when the two of you
started dating.  You're going to laugh, but he stills call me Mrs. Jacobs
like you do."

My mother laughed.  "And pretty soon you're going to be Mrs. Hyde.  Oh
Barbara, I'm so happy for you."

That's when the door opened and Sarah walked in.  We all had cigarettes in
our hands.  She had left work early because she was feeling sick.  Her water
broke as she was staring at me.

My dad came over as we were getting in the car and we all went to the
hospital.  Sarah spent the next six hours in labor with her mother by her
side.  I was in the room when she gave birth to our daughter, Elizabeth.

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