Star Trek For The Smoke Fetishist

(by smokesingdance, 11 March 2007)

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Star Trek For the Smoke Fetishist

I was the sole pilot of a shuttlecraft exploring previously uncharted worlds
when my shuttle was struck by a large meteor which knocked out crucial
navigation systems.  Fortunately I managed to find a nearby class M planet on
which I could make a crash landing.  The planet seemed to be occupied by
humans with technology roughly equivalent to that of late 20th century Earth.

This meant that they would see my shuttlecraft land on their planet so I
hoped that the inhabitants would not be hostile and that they would send
someone to rescue me.  I couldn’t believe my luck when shortly after I
crash-landed I was greeted by a kind gentleman who was clearly in authority
along with three stunningly attractive young girls each puffing furiously on
a cigarette.

The girls were dressed in extremely revealing clothing with their dark
underwear, erect nipples and a wet patch in their genital area clearly
showing through the see-thru clothing they were wearing.  One was a petite
brunette who looked about 12 and was apparently wearing as little as she
could legally get away with: waist high see thru shorts and a miniscule see
through bikini top.  The second was a petite blonde who looked even younger
wearing a kinky pale blue see-thru shell suit, with rather large tits for her
tender size.  The third was a slightly taller blonde in sexy see-thru
dungarees.  They seemed to be going out of their way to advertise that they
were extremely horny as they puffed furiously on their cigarettes, giving me
sweet, sexy smiles.

The gentleman smiled, shook my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Chief Governor Misell.
Welcome to our planet.”  He then scanned me with a device from his pocket and
after he completed the scan he looked absolutely delighted and went on to
say, “Wow, I don’t believe it.  Your DNA is compatible with ours.  You can
save our population.”  

 “What do you mean?” I replied.

“Our planet was struck down by an epidemic a few years ago.  The plague
produced no visible results but it left our entire adult population
infertile.  Only children who hadn’t yet reached puberty were immune.  When
we realised this we had to encourage our children to become sexually active
at a young age.  Teenage parenthood used to be frowned upon on our world but
after the plague we had to actively encourage it in a desperate attempt to
save our race.

“But while pre-pubescent girls were barely affected, all our boys have
suffered a severely reduced sex drive and fertility.  Most aren’t interested
in sex and the majority of those that are have a low sperm count and
viability.  We can no longer maintain our population. But now that you’ve
arrived here, our population can survive.  We just need you to impregnate all
our girls and you can start with my daughters.  I never thought I’d be a
grandfather.  You’re our salvation.”

“How old are they?” I asked.

“Sarah’s 15, Nicola’s 14 and Becky’s 12”, he replied, as he pointed to each
of the girls in turn (who were now on their second cigarette).  “Only girls
who reached puberty after the epidemic are fertile.  They’re the ones we need
you to impregnate.” The girls then took another huge drag on their
cigarettes.  “Hey sexy, we’re three hot horny young chicks. We’re hot as fuck
and just want you to fuck us.  We all want to have sex with you - we’ve never
done it before and we really want to.  We’re up for group sex, we’re up for
anything.  Your wish is our command.”  I smiled and nodded to indicate a
euphoric “yes”.

They then lit their third cigarette in less than 10 minutes and escorted me
to their home. When we got there they all got on the bed and started
undressing and pleasuring themselves. 

“Who do you want to shag first?” Sarah asked.  

“First smoke a full strength super king to the filter.”  They then grabbed
and lit their fags as fast as they could and I watched in awe as three horny
young girls powered through their fourth cigarettes since I met them, as fast
as they could, each desperate to be the first to have me to stick my penis
inside their fanny.

Becky, the cute little 10 year old blonde finished first and started coughing
and spluttering before showing how ecstatic she was at winning the contest to
be the first girl to have my dick up her cunt.  Still, she wasted no time in
lighting up her next cigarette.

She threw her arms round me, sensually felt me while holding her cigarette,
pressed her clit against me, kissed me really passionately and blew smoke
from her tar filled little lungs into my mouth.  Her mouth smelled and tasted
very strongly of tobacco and the thought of her lungs darkening with tar was
a huge turn on.  She rubbed her clit up and down and screamed, “Ooohh God,
your willy’s so hard.”

She returned her cigarette to her mouth and started unzipping and unbuttoning
my uniform slacks so I reciprocated by rolling up her T-shirt and tickling
her erect nipples as she took another deep, cheek hollowing drag, holding it
in and slowly puffing out thick smoke rings.  She reached into my boxer
shorts and gave my erect willy a tickle while I slid her kinky tracksuit
bottoms down and tickled her fanny through her now soaking wet knickers.

With smoke billowing from her mouth and nose she started screaming,
“Ooorrggasmm ooorggggaaaassmmm ooorggggaaaaasssssmmm...  Come on get your
penis inside me.  My fanny can’t wait.”  She pulled her now extremely wet
knickers down slightly and sensually guided my penis into her wet vagina.  As
she slid it in her fanny throbbed so hard that I had the most intense orgasm
of my entire life and for the first time in my life a girl had an orgasm
while my dick was inside her clit.

Nicola and Sarah had vigorously participated in our encounter, stroking my
other erogenous zones but were upset at missing out on the real thing, but I
assured them that I’d be staying and that they’d each have plenty of sexual
encounters with me.  And indeed they did.  The above scenario was repeated
several times that day as I lived out my ultimate dream ,sticking my dick
into the cunts of three stunningly attractive young girls who each smoked
more than 3 packs a day.

After I had enjoyed a round of mad passionate sex with each of Misell’s three
young chain smoking daughters he then told me, “Now you’ll have to impregnate
the rest of our fertile girls.  Girls who smoke are the ones who are open to
sexual relations and the more they smoke the badder they want it and the less
choosy they are about whom they’ll go with.  It quickly became tradition
after the plague for young girls to take up smoking to indicate that they’re
sexually available and it’s become so ingrained into schoolgirl culture that
we’re stuck with it even though they all know how bad it is for their health
and fertility.

“Non-smoking girls aren’t interested in sex so don’t approach them for it
because that’s a taboo.  Those who smoke less than one pack a day are very
particular about whom they’ll have sex with and probably won’t be interested
in you, but you can ask them if you want.  Those who smoke more are less
fussy and might be up for it if you rub them the right way.  If a girl smokes
one cigarette after the other it means she’s so desperate for sex that she’ll
do it with anyone and will be over the moon if you ask her for it.  

“If you come across a young girl smoking it’s perfectly OK to ask her how
much she smokes, meaning ‘How badly do you want sex?’  If she’s up for it
she’ll say, ‘At least 3 packs a day, or more.’  Otherwise she’ll politely
turn you down by saying, ‘Just half a pack a day. Sorry.’”

This seemed too good to be true.  I was to seek out young girls who
chain-smoked and approach them for sex.  I told Misell that I’d love to stay
and shag all the chain smoking young chicks on his planet but that the
Enterprise would come looking for me and want to take me away.  He then
assured me that he had the necessary technology to ensure that the Enterprise
would not be able to find me, but asked that I only went with virgins so that
I didn’t spread any STDs.

The vast majority of girls I approached were indeed absolutely ecstatic when
I asked them for sex.  They couldn’t get enough of me and I spent my entire
life travelling around the planet living out my ultimate sexual fantasy,
shagging chain smoking young teens, up to a dozen times each day.

After a few weeks many of the girls I’d fucked found themselves to be
pregnant and the rulers of the planet were absolutely delighted.  They begged
me to stay as more and more young girls would soon be reaching puberty and I
was the only hope of saving their population.  In keeping with the planet’s
tradition I made it my policy to have sex with the girls as soon as they
managed to finish four packs of full strength super kings in one day.

Once word spread that I had arrived and was open for sex with any reasonably
attractive girl who had smoked more than four packs in a day, more and more
young girls on the planet became keen to take up smoking. Furthermore, they
were reaching four packs a day at an increasingly young.

All the girls I had impregnated continued to chain smoke throughout their
pregnancies.  Consequently many had miscarriages and stillbirths and many
babies were born premature and did not survive, and those that did survive
were often handicapped and suffered abnormal development.  For their
population’s sake I only had sex with girls who were fertile and not already
pregnant but whenever a girl lost her baby or gave birth she would quickly
come back to me for more sex.

Meanwhile the Enterprise had tracked me to what they saw to be an automated
system programmed to read people’s minds and create their ultimate fantasy.
But the device had a barrier that prevented anyone who knew its purpose from
getting near it.  But although the crew couldn’t reach me, they were able to
see that I was happy and that I felt like I belonged there even though none
of it was real.  So they gave me up for lost and I spent the rest of my life
living out my ultimate sexual fantasy, unaware that none of it was real.

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