Teen Wedding, Part 1

(by slimv20001@yahoo.com, 09 April 2001)

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Teen Wedding
Part 1

Connie and Robert Johnson were products of deeply religious families.  They
were taught that sex before marriage was a sin.  Robert was 29 years old when
he asked Connie's parents for their permission to marry their daughter who was
only 14 at the time.  Connie gave birth to their only child two years later.
It wasn't uncommon for 14 year olds to marry within their Dothan, Alabama
congregation.  Needless to say, they weren't surprised when their 14-year son
asked their permission to marry a member of their congregation.  But they were
surprised in his choice of a bride.

The Johnson's knew Margie Wilcox well.  She was Connie's mother's best friend.
She was also 52 years old.  Like the Johnson's, she married young but to a
much older man.  Her husband Luke died two years ago at the age of 72 and they
never had children.

Despite her deep religious convictions, Margie Wilcox was a chain smoker.
Some people said it wasn't her fault.  It was widely rumored that her husband
Luke encouraged her to start.  Luke Wilcox was wealthy and eccentric.  He had
been a top executive at the Phillip Morris Company before he retired and was a
millionaire several times over due to his investments in the company.  Oddly
enough, Luke didn't smoke.  

Some people said that Luke paid her to smoke.  Regardless of how or why she
started, Margie's addiction was legendary.  By the time she was 15, she smoked
her way up to two packs a day.  Two years after she graduated from high school
she worked her habit up to four packs a day.  Before Luke died, he used to
joke about his wife's smoking.  If you believed him, she even smoked while
they made love.  When the price of cigarettes surpassed $30.00 a carton, Luke
complained that he might have to take out a second mortgage to pay for his
wife's habit.  

Of course Margie wasn't the only smoker in their congregation.  Connie smoked
too and so did her mother.  But the three of them were certainly in the
minority.  Smoking had always been a controversial issue in their church.  She
remembered having to hide her habit from Robert's mother until after they were

Connie was 16 and pregnant the first time she joined her mother and Margie in
the parking lot after church for a smoke.  She remembered how her mother in
law glared at her as Robert lit her Marlboro.  She felt awkward, but she also
felt like an adult.

After talking to Tommy, Connie called Margie and invited her to dinner the
next day.  Then she called her mother and told her the news and asked if she
had known about this.

"I promised Tommy and Margie that I'd keep it a secret until they told you,"
said her mother.

"How long has this been going on Mom?"

"Almost a year.  I've chaperoned them at my house for at least that long."

"Mother how could you?"

"Margie's my best friend and Tommy's my grandson.  I don't care about the age
difference.  They're both wonderful people and I think they're good for each

"What about sex?  Do you think they've had sex yet?"

"Of course not," scolded Betsy Hatch.

Connie told her mother about inviting Margie to dinner and invited her to come

When Margie and Connie's mom came to dinner the next night, Robert Johnson
felt as if he'd died and gone to heaven.  His wife didn't know this, but he
had a thing for women smokers.  And now his three favorite female smokers were
in his house and he was breathing their second hand smoke.

Robert loved Connie, but he'd be a liar if he said he'd never lusted after her
mother and Margie Wilcox.  How many times had he beaten off when he was
younger, fantasizing about these two women blowing smoke in his face?  And now
his son Tommy would have the opportunity to experience Margie Wilcox and her
cigarettes first hand.  He was almost jealous, but he was also excited.  He
jacked off in the bathroom after Tommy told them about Margie.

At 52, Margie Wilcox was still a beautiful woman.  Her shoulder length salt &
pepper hair contributed to her age, but her age looked good on her.  She was
an extremely short woman standing only 4 foot 11, and her breasts though saggy
now, were huge.  She was the epitome of a classy southern lady.  Her rich
southern accent was the product of seven generations of Alabama ancestors, and
was deeply accentuated by decades of heavy smoking.

Margie Wilcox was a chain smoker, but she was the most feminine smoker Robert
Johnson had ever studied.  Her small delicate hand was never without a
smoldering Virginia Slim for more than five minutes unless she was in church.
Connie and her mom were no slumps either when it came to smoking like ladies,
but their teacher must have been Margie.

As Connie smoked her Marlboro and carried on a conversation, she couldn't help
but feel awkward about the situation.  She loved Margie Wilcox like a favorite
aunt, but she had a difficult time thinking of her as a future daughter

Connie was religious, but she wasn't a prude.  As she watched Margie's huge
breasts expand with smoke, she knew why her son was attracted to her.  Margie
was a lady's lady.  She looked so prim, proper and conservative in her freshly
pressed gray dress, but she also looked as if she knew her way around the
bedroom.  It scared her to think about this beautiful and experienced older
woman teaching her innocent 14-year-old boy to become a man.

Tommy's body was tall and athletic, but he was still a little boy and he
needed his mother, not a lover who was a chain-smoking senior citizen, though
she posed her words more eloquently than her thoughts.

Margie Wilcox exhaled a huge plume of gray smoke and as she considered the
answer to Connie's question.

"I understand your concerns" she began.  "I'll be the first to admit that
Tommy is still in need of motherly influence.  As a matter of fact, that's one
of things I'm attracted to.  As you know, Luke and I didn't have children.  I
know Tommy is your son, but if you allow him to marry me, I'll promise you
that I'll treat him as if he were my son, outside the bedroom of course.  I
know I could never replace you and replacing you isn't my intention.  You'll
always be his mother.  But I'd mother him too, it's in my instinct."

"I don't know," said Connie.  "Its just that Tommy's only 14 and marriage is
such a big step when the husband and wife are the same age.  I have to tell
you that I have a problem with the age gap and experience issues."

"I think the age gap and experience issues work to my advantage," challenged
Margie.  "Needless to say, when Luke died, he left me with a considerable
estate.  I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I have a lot of money in the
bank, and that will come in handy.  Besides, I'm a responsible adult.  You
know I'll take care of him."

"I know this makes me sound like a hypocrite, but what about your smoking?  At
14, Tommy is very impressionable and you smoke so much.  Do you think that
will be a good influence on him?"

"Oh for crying out loud," interrupted Dorthy.  "You've been smoking since you
were 12, and neither Robert or Tommy ever took up the habit.  What makes you
think Tommy will want to start when he marries Margie"?

"Mom, I didn't start smoking until I was 16!"

"You mean you didn't start smoking in public until you were 16.  But you
started a long time before that!" 

"Its OK Dorthy, I appreciate your support, but I want to answer Connie's
question.  As a matter of fact, I think Tommy should answer it too."  Margie
took a deep puff and trimmed her ash.  "Tommy, sweetheart, do you think you'll
want to start smoking once we're married."

"Of course not!" said Tommy indignantly.  "The coach would kick me off the
wrestling team if I ever started smoking."

Robert was excited by the conversation and he couldn't help from jumping in.
"You know Tommy, being a non-smoker and living with a smoker is a lot
different than dating one."

"I know that Dad."

"I don't think you do," said Robert Johnson firmly.  "I know you've been
around the house while your mother and grandmother are smoking, but you're not
married to them.  When you marry a woman that smokes, you also marry her
habit.  Nothing against Margie, because I think she's a wonderful woman, but
she does smoke a lot.  As a matter of fact, she's the only person, man or
woman I know of that smokes four packs a day.  And its not because she's a bad
person or any thing, but she's addicted to them."

Robert noticing his son scoffing, so he continued, not because he wanted to
drive home a point but because he really enjoyed talking about Margie's
smoking.  "You know a lot of marriages don't make it when one of the partners
smokes and the other doesn't.  And you know this isn't just about Margie's
smoking.  She's older than your mother and I.  Heck son, she's old enough to
your grandmother."   Robert's face turned red, he didn't mean to mention
Margie's age like that.

"Its OK Robert, I know you didn't mean it like you said it, but your right.
Listen to your father Tommy.  I am old enough to be your grandmother and I do
smoke too much.  But I've been smoking for a very long time.  There's no way
I'll ever be able to quit.  And if you marry me, you'll also be marrying my
habit- for better or worse."

"Its OK" said Tommy.  "I know that you and the cigarettes are a package deal
and if you marry me, I promise that I'll love you both."  Then he picked up
her lighter and lit her cigarette.  "I also promise you that I'll always light
your cigarettes.  And if you run out in the middle of the night, I'll ride my
bike to the store and buy you a pack.  I won't even care if it's raining out

Connie smiled and said, "Well if that isn't true love, then I don't know what
is.  I can't speak for Robert, but the two of you have my blessing."

"Welcome to the family," said Robert Johnson.

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