The Anniversary

(by anonymous21, 16 June 2007)

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The Anniversary

As Linda prepared to walk up the steps to the second floor of her home, with
a laundry basket full of cloths tucked under her arm, she passed the birthday
cakes her daughter baked to celebrate both her 62nd birthday, as well as her
granddaughters 14th birthday.  She smiled as she looked down at the worn
carpeting and thought back over how many trips up and down the stairs she had
made, in the home that she was raised in and which she and her husband Tom
inherited after her mother and father passed away.  Each trip seemed to be
harder and slower then the last. After reaching the top, she set the laundry
basket down, sat on the edge of her bed and lit up a fresh Newport cigarette.
Those that knew Linda, knew she enjoyed smoking.

As she sat and enjoyed the cigarette, she got out a piece of paper and began
to write down some numbers.  After a few moments she circled the number
90,520.  Based on her calculations she had made 90,520 trips up the stairs
and 90,520 trips down the stairs in her 62 years.  No wonder she was so
tired, she thought to herself.  A few moments later she took the final drag
from her cigarette, consuming it right down to the filter, as was her custom.
As she dropped the filter in the nearly overflowing ashtray on her night
stand, she started writing down some more numbers: 4, 14, 7, 52, 62.  The
numbers in her calculation soon became too large for her to work on paper, so
she went back downstairs and grabbed the calculator off the desk.  She began
to punch in the numbers and hit the enter button.  She looked at the result
in disbelief, so she re-entered the numbers but again got the same answer.
According to her calculations, she had smoked over 1 million cigarettes,
since she started when she was 13 years old!  Her calculation was based on
smoking an average of 4 cigarettes an hour, for about 14 hrs a day, over the
49 years she smoked.  Even if she only averaged 3 cigarettes / hour, which
she knew was low based on smoking twice that many, up until just recently
when her doctor urged her to cut back, she would have smoked over 750, 000

Linda lit a fresh cigarette and after taking a long deep inhale, let the
cigarette dangle from her lips as she began to fold the clothes.  As she
folded, she took frequent hands-free inhales and let the smoke escape through
her nose and her lips. She glanced at the clock and realized her 38 year old
daughter Sandy and her husband, Paul, along with their daughter Kelly, would
be arriving in about an hour to celebrate the birthdays.  After she finished
folding the clothes and putting them away, she went downstairs to finish
wrapping Kelly's gifts.  After wrapping the jeans and CD, Linda wrapped a
carton of  Virginia Slim 120 Menthols, which she picked up after Sandy had
told her that Kelly began smoking a couple of weeks earlier and that was her
brand. It was a family tradition for each member to buy the birthday person a
carton of cigarettes

Knowing that both Sandy and Paul, and now Kelly, were all smokers, Linda went
around and made sure the ashtrays were emptied. After checking on the dinner
which was in the oven, she made the coffee and while it brewed, she set the
table.   She had just lit up a cigarette and was about to pour a cup of
coffee when the door bell rang.  She opened the door and greeted Sandy, Paul,
and Kelly.  Paul was a handsome gentleman with a mustache, a full head of
hair that was just being to grey, a weathered face from years of working
outside, and a deep raspy voice.  He wore jeans and a flannel shirt.  Sandy
was tall and thin and wore her beautiful long blond hair pulled back in a
pony tail.  Other then a few small wrinkles, she still had the same nearly
perfect complexion which, combined with her large firm breasts, had won her
several pageants when she was younger.  Kelly could best be described as a
younger version of Sandy: tall, thin and beautiful. Like her mom, she had
already won several local pageants.  The tight knit blouse she wore
emphasized her rapidly developing breasts

After setting down several boxes, each wrapped in brightly colored wrapping
paper, Sandy and Kelly wasted no time lighting up cigarettes as Paul went
back out to the car to get some additional gifts.  Sandy smoked More
Menthol's while Kelly smoked VS Menthols. After watching Kelly take a cheek
hallowing drag on the VS120 and then surprisingly inhale, Linda asked her how
long she had been smoking.  After exhaling, Kelly laughed as she said,
"Openly, about 2 weeks, in private about 3 months. Why?" Sandy quickly
interrupted, saying, "a good three months".

"Yeah, maybe a little longer then 3 months," Kelly laughed.

"Mom, she is already smoking more then a pack a day on the weekends when she
is not in school and when she is not in a pageant. It took me a good year
until I smoking that much," Sandy replied.

"Your memory is about as bad at your daughters, Sandy.  I was buying your
cigarettes and remember you coming to me not even four months after you
started smoking, asking for another pack of cigarettes part of the way
through the day, after the pack I gave you in the morning was gone."  Linda
then complemented Kelly on how beautiful she looked as she smoked.  Kelly
grinned, and thanked her Grandma.

"You and Mom look really good smoking too. I am glad to continue the family

Linda replied, "Yes, we do like to smoke, in fact earlier today I estimated I
had smoked nearly a million cigarettes in my lifetime".  Both Sandy and Kelly
looked shocked when they heard the number and Sandy questioned her mom on how
she calculated that number.  When Linda went back through the calculations,
Sandy had to agree and suggested they make tonight's party a celebration of
not only the birthdays, but also of Linda's milestone.

As Paul brought another armful of packages in, the three women followed him
into the living room. Linda and Kelly both took a final drag from their
cigarettes and put them out.  Sandy put hers out also, but immediately pulled
a fresh one from her pack and lit up again. After inhaling deeply, she told
Paul about Linda's million cigarette milestone and their plan to celebrate.
Paul, who had also lit up after sitting down, agreed it was truly a great
milestone.  As Paul watched Sandy draw hard on her More Menthol, he laughed.

"The way you're smoking tonight honey, you're on your way to breaking Linda's
million cigarette milestone before the night is through".  Everyone laughed,
but it was a fact that Sandy smoked nearly constantly.  Linda went into the
kitchen to finish up the dinner preparations and Sandy followed her.  Kelly
sorted out the gifts into two piles, one for her and one for her grand mother
and then sat back and watched the TV news with her father.  Back in the
kitchen, Linda commented on how much Kelly looked like her mom.  Sandy got a
look of concern on her face.

"I just hope her smoking does not diminish her chances of winning the
pageants, which she really loves to compete in."  Linda looked confused.

"Why would it? It never kept you from winning."  Sandy took a final drag from
her More and then did a talking exhale as she explained smoking was more
widely accepted when she was growing up and many of the contestants smoked.
Sandy then explained none of the other girls Kelly competed against last week
smoked,  "And when one of the other parents saw Kelly smoking outside, they
told me and then spoke with the judges.  Ironically, Kelly finished fourth,
although several parents said they thought she would be the winner."  (Note:
More about Kelly, the smoking model can be read in "Kelly - Smoking Hot

Dinner was almost ready, so Sandy lit up and quickly smoked a final cigarette
before dinner.  As soon as she ate the last bit of her food, Sandy again lit
up, followed shortly by Linda, Kelly and Paul.  By the time the family left
the table and headed back into the living room, the air in the dinning room
was thick with smoke. Sandy grabbed an ashtray off one of the end tables and
sat on the floor near the gifts, along with Kelly, while Paul and Linda sat
in some chairs.  Sandy handed Linda her gifts and she opened them one by one.
As Kelly watched her grand mother smoke, between opening gifts, she thought
about how she had smoked one million cigarettes.  Other then a few wrinkles,
Kelly had to admit her grand mother looked very good and was in great health
for a 62 year old woman who had smoked nearly 50 of those years.  Kelly only
hoped she looked that good at 62.  Kelly knew for a fact that her own mom
smoked more then her grand mother and also knew her mom had developed an
occasional cough, but from outward appearances she appeared to be much
younger then she was.

As Kelly began to unwrap her gifts and after opening a few larger boxes,
which turned out to clothes from her parents, she unwrapped the first of
three cartons of cigarettes.  This one was from her Mom.  As she unwrapped
it, she realized just how lucky she was to have parents and grand parents
that smoked and could understand how truly enjoyable it was to smoke.  Other
then seeing her mom, dad, and grand parents unwrap cartons of cigarettes
during their birthdays, and being told it was a tradition, she never asked
how it started, so she decided to ask.  Her grandmother explained it was
started by her husband, a few years after they were married. They were just
starting out and money was tight.  Her husband joked with her that he was
only going to be able to afford one small gift for her birthday and asked
what she wanted.  She knew he was joking, so she told him she wanted a carton
of cigarettes. On her birthday her husband gave her a single carton of
cigarettes and told her that was all he could afford. Of course he had other
things for her, but that was how the tradition started.

Sandy and her family returned to her mom's house  to  celebrate Kelly and
Linda's birthday's for each of the next 25 more years, until Linda died half
way through her 87 year, after being shot by an over zealous anti-smoking
protester, as she came out of the corner store with her weekly purchase of 2
carton's of cigarettes. Ironically, even though the shooter was identified,
he was never convicted of the crime, due to corruption in the legal system as
the courts and police both received large donations from the pharmaceutical
companies that were making millions of dollars in profits from their nicotine
replacement products. Kelly, along with her 14 year old daughter, Tristan,
capitalized on the fact cigarette smokers had become all but extinct, by
forming a very popular subscription web site where members could watch them
smoke and interact with them live to make special requests. Sandy joined her
daughter and grand daughter occasionally, before eventually retiring.  The
site also offered a large number of video's for sale. While some of these
focused on a specific smoking style such as double and triple pumps, talking
exhales, smoke rings, etc., most of  the video's were of an adult nature and
featured Kelly and her amazing body and her well hung husband Craig.  Tristan
shared the same natural smoking talents, great body and beautiful face as her
mother, and grand mother but what made her unique was her bi-sexual
preference. On her 18th birthday, Tristan made the first of several bi videos
with her girl friend Samantha (Sam).  Although Kelly's videos continued to
sell very well, it was Tristan's videos that quickly became the best sellers.
With combined income from modeling, video sales and online subscriptions
averaging over $25,000 a month, Kelly and Craig, along with their daughter
Tristan and her partner Sam, lived happily for many many years. 

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