A Mother And Her Twins, Part 12

(by kalithanatos, 26 October 2008)

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A Mother and Her Twins


The three most recent guests of the Embassy Hotel made their way towards
their room in silence. Once inside, Ellie instructed Jim to take his trousers
off and sit in the chair. Ellie warned, "You can watch, but no touching."

"At least, not yet," Beth teased, as she lit another cigarette and began to
undress Ellie. Beth smoked the cigarette without removing it from her mouth
as she fondled Ellie's breasts, arousing the nipples until they were a deep
purple colour, before finally removing the cigarette and exhaling the smoke
deep into Ellie's waiting mouth. Jim now started to masturbate, trying his
best not to ejaculate too early, despite his whole body telling that he
needed to cum NOW.

By this point, the two women had arranged themselves into the `69' position
and were eating out each others pussies and tweaking each others breasts.
After about 10 minutes, the two women were screaming with pleasure and Jim
could take no more, the three of them coming at the same time. Jim watched as
the two ladies lit up a fresh cigarette each and smoked in silence, giving
him time to clean himself up and compose himself.

Thinking that the excitement was over, Jim started to put his clothes on when
Ellie startled him with the following: "Finished so soon, Jim? That's a pity.
We were just getting started..." and with that both woman beckoned Jim
towards the bed. As agreed in the bathroom earlier, tonight was to be a "no
limits" type of night. Beth had obviously slept with Jim many times before,
and although she still loved him, knew she would never be IN love with him
again. Ellie, for her part, loved cock and since she had been with Beth, had
remained strictly monogamous. Realising they trusted each other implicitly,
they agreed that fucking Jim would satisfy a need in both of them without
jeopardising their relationship. And so it was that as Jim lay on the bed as
instructed, both women lit a cigarette and started taking turns sucking his

Jim was not usually the type of guy who could perform again immediately after
coming, but tonight was an exception. As the two women took turns sucking his
cock while the other put on a super-sexy smoking show for him, Jim was able
to get hard again in record time. The women had different styles of oral sex
which drove Jim to the edges of ecstasy; Beth preferred to go fast and hard,
while Ellie preferred slow and deep. Finally, Jim could take it now more and
sprayed both of their faces with his cum. The two women reacted as if nothing
had happened, and continued to smoke and drink the cum straight from Jim's
cock until there was nothing left.

Since two women still wanted more they took a shower together and left Jim to
recuperate. Of course, this gave them time for some more sexy action, and
they brought each other to climax again under the hot steam of the shower.

As they dried off afterward, Beth asked Jim if he could "handle one more
small favour? Would you mind fucking me and me lesbian lover?"

"You can take turns," Ellie said.

"As long as you fuck Ellie in her cunt," Beth said.

"And you fuck Beth in her ass," Ellie said. "You never got to do that when
you two were married, did you Jim?"

Jim shook his head `no'.

"One more thing, Jim. Would you mind if we smoked while you fucked us?" Beth

Jim could not believe what he was hearing. Was this real? Was this a dream?
Every wish he had ever made was now coming true. Jim could not believe his

He started with Ellie and fucked her until both women finished a full
cigarette. When they were done, Ellie and Beth switched and Jim finally got
to fuck his ex-wife in the ass while she smoked, his number one fantasy. He
switched back to Ellie after their second cigarette was smoked, and fucked
her until both women had smoked yet another cigarette, until finally he was
fucking Beth and ready to come.

"Fuck me Jim!" Beth panted, as Jim rammed his cock into her ass faster and
faster. "Do it Jim, do it!" Ellie encouraged between puffs on her fourth
cigarette in 15 minutes.

"I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming," Beth screamed as she closed her
sphincter muscles around Jim's cock, making the hole tiny and sending waves
of pleasure throughout their heaving bodies.

"Here it comes!" he shouted as he shot his load deep inside Beth's ass.
Beth's whole body tensed up before the shockwaves started and she was feeling
the intense orgasm ripple throughout her slender frame. She finished her
cigarette at exactly the same time, taking the deepest inhale she had ever
taken and holding it until eventually there was no smoke left to exhale
before they both collapsed in a heap on the bed. Ellie finished her cigarette
not long after, and as she crushed it out she turned to Beth, spooned her,
and the three of them fell asleep in this position until morning.


The three of them woke up within moments of each other, the two women
immediately reaching for their cigarettes, as they did each and every
morning. Jim looked on and smiled, the events of the previous night coming
back to him. They ordered room service for breakfast and were all inwardly
pleased there was no awkwardness between them, as could so easily have been
the case.

After breakfast, Beth and Ellie lit a cigarette each and Beth started telling
Jim what had prompted their meeting up in the first place.

"Basically, Jim, the twins were worried how you would react when you found
out they have both started smoking."

"Really?" said Jim, "They both smoke? Even Anne?"

"Especially Anne," said Ellie. "Even I can't keep up with her!"

"How did this happen?" asked Jim. "How long have they been smoking?"

"Over seven months for Kate, and about two months for Anne, but that's not
important right now." Beth answered. "The main thing is - how do you feel
about it?"

"Well, it's not really up to me to dictate what they do or don't do with
their lives, is it?" Jim asked rhetorically. "As long as they have both
thought it through and are aware of the risks, I don't really mind. How can
I? I take it you both know of my fetish?"

"Well, Ellie was the one who figured that out," replied Beth, "I never had a
clue! Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"How would you have reacted? Honestly?" asked Jim.

"Probably not too well, if I think about it. But that was before Ellie
introduced me to the pleasures that cigarettes can bring." Beth smiled
reflectively and took another drag. "Oh, and there's some other news the
girls wished me to pass on. They both have partners. Anne is dating someone
named Gio, and Kate is going out with a girl called Anya."

"Good for them!" said Jim. The lack of reaction to the revelation Kate was
gay slightly perturbed Beth. "Did you know about Kate's sexuality, too?" she

"Oh yes, I've known for years. Father's intuition!" he said, tapping his nose
and winking. "It's no biggie. Neither is their smoking"

"Fair enough. So you won't mind the twins bringing their cigarettes over to
your house, then? They will be SO pleased!" Beth said. "Why don't you give
them a call and let them know?"

"Okay, I will!" said Jim cheerily, and did just that. As expected, the twins
were relieved. They had spent the whole previous day stressing, and for the
first time Kate had managed to match Anne cigarette for cigarette, and they
had smoked a carton of 100 cigarettes each, the most either of them had ever
smoked in a day. For Anne, this was almost normal, but Kate spent most of the
day light-headed, which did have the side-effect of helping her stress-level!

The twins put the phone on `speaker' and let their father explain that he did
not mind that his two daughters were now fully-fledged smokers, and that he
was pleased they had both found a partner. He even invited them all over the
following weekend and promised they would be allowed to smoke in his house.
"Daddy, you're the best!" the twins said simultaneously, "we love you!"

"No problems, girls, see you next weekend. Make sure Gio and Anya come along,
too!" he finished.

"Bye, dad!" the twins chimed in unison.

"Bye, girls!" Jim said, and ended the call.

"I'm glad that went well," said Ellie, "you really are the most loving family
I have ever met."

"Speaking of loving, would any of you two mind if we made this a semi-regular
thing?" asked Beth. "As much as Ellie is now the love of my life, and the sex
we have is incredible, I think we both still love some cock every now and
again. Do you agree, Ellie?"

"Absolutely, Beth. I get a craving for some cock action about once a month.
Does that work for you, Jim?"

Jim couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Seriously, you would both be up
for that? This is like all my dreams coming true at once!"

"Then it's settled," said Ellie, lighting a cigarette for first herself and
then Beth.

"I'll smoke to that!" said Beth.

The End

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