A Mother And Her Twins, Part 4

(by kalithanatos, 26 October 2008)

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A Mother and Her Twins


Kate arrived at Ellie's house, and was invited in like she was expected. Beth
watched her go in with a feeling of relief. Her daughter and Ellie had become
good friends over the last few months, so Ellie must just have popped round
for a chat. Feeling better about the situation, Beth approached Ellie's door,
gave the customary double-knock, popped her head around the door and
announced, "Hi Ellie, it's only me..." just before her jaw dropped. Her
sixteen-year old daughter was mid-exhale on a freshly-lit cigarette, and her
eyes bulged as she seen her mother standing in the door-frame.


The fear in Kate's eyes showed, and she all but threw the cigarette into the
ashtray, as if that would disguise the fact she was still exhaling the smoke.

Then, quite unexpectedly, Kate burst into tears and ran past her mother out
of the door.

Beth turned and watched in disbelief as her daughter headed for home. She was
torn between chasing after her and asking Ellie what the hell was going on,
when Ellie made up her mind for her.

"You better come inside," she prompted, which Beth did. "Take a seat," Ellie
offered, and Beth, still in a daze, sat down.

"I suppose an explanation is in order," Ellie said.

"Yes, I suppose one is," Beth replied.

"Okay, let's start at the beginning. This is a long story, so you might want
to take your coat off. I'll get us some drinks as well. Scotch okay for you?"
Ellie asked.

"Yes, that would be fine." 

"First up, please don't be angry at Kate." Ellie started. "She may come
across as a super-confident young woman, but inside she is as conflicted as
anyone I have ever met."

Beth flinched at this. She had no idea her oldest daughter was anything but
confident in anything she had ever done.

Ellie continued, "I didn't actually start Kate smoking, but I don't think I
did enough to discourage her, especially at the start. You see, Kate's
friends are all leaders, the type of girls who get respect from all the other
girls at school. A few of them had started smoking, and Kate felt the need to
fit in. However, when she tried smoking, she found at first that she couldn't
do it without coughing, then once she learned not to cough, that she didn't
actually like it. That's when she came to me."

Beth looked up questioningly. "How long ago was this?"

"Here, let me refill your glass," Ellie said, doing so. "This would have been
about two months ago, at your house. I went outside for a cigarette, and Kate
followed me. She started asking me questions about when I had started
smoking, did I like it, etc. I got curious and asked her straight out if she
was smoking. She then surprised me by saying `Yes, but I can't do it right!
Will you help me?!' I asked her what she meant, and she told me all her
friends were smoking and she was expected to do the same, but was now being
teased because she couldn't do it right! I said `Kate, peer pressure is no
reason to start smoking' and she said `I know that, I'm not stupid. I just
want to do it to prove I can. I don't want to smoke every day or anything, I
just want to be able to smoke in front of my friends so that they will stop
teasing me. If you can show me how, it would be most appreciated.'" 

"But if that was two months ago," Beth said, "what was she doing over here
tonight? Surely she would have been able to prove her point to her friends by

"Yes, this is where things get a little complicated," Ellie said. "Another
drink?" she said, indicating to Beth's glass. Beth nodded in agreement, now
starting to feel a little drunk. It was a public holiday tomorrow and they
were both off work, so a few drinks were not going to hurt her.

"I agreed to help Kate on one condition: that she would give up as soon as
she had made her point," Ellie continued. "I suggested she should smoke 20
cigarettes with me, and I would provide her with tips on how to make it both
real and enjoyable, so that she didn't scrunch her face up on every drag like
she had been doing. She could then go out with her friends, smoke a couple of
times in front of them, prove a point, and then stop. She agreed to this, so
I bought a packet of menthol cigarettes for her, as these are easier to smoke
than the full-flavour Marlboro Reds she had been smoking up to this point. I
also suggested she come over to my house a couple of evenings a week to
practice. At first, it was hard-going. Kate coughed so hard at the start, I
was hoping she would just give up then and there, but she persevered and
after about 5 cigarettes she had stopped coughing. I then showed her how to
inhale and exhale with more conviction, starting with baby-sized puffs right
through until she was smoking like a pro. After that, it was all about
elegance; you know, nostril exhales, French inhales, smoke rings etc. until
she was confident enough to smoke in public with her friends. She was so
happy that day, she ran home from school straight here and screamed `I did
it!!!' She was so proud, especially that she had finally pleased Anya."

Beth's head was spinning from all this information coming so quickly that she
almost missed the last thing Ellie had said. She looked at Ellie directly and
said, "Who's Anya?"

Ellie looked more flustered now than \when she had explained how she taught
her best friend's daughter how to smoke. "Oh, you don't know, do you?"

"Know what?" Beth asked, now a little bit scared.

Seeing the fear in her friends eyes, Ellie weighed up her options and
reckoned one more shock wouldn't kill Beth. "Kate's a lesbian," she said

"WHAT? Are you sure?" Beth enquired, now not sure if she was dreaming or not.
Everything was getting very blurry, due to a combination of both shock and

"Yes, I'm sure," said Ellie. "Remember, I'm a bisexual and know all about
these things."

"My God, have you slept with my daughter??" Beth screamed, putting 2 + 2
together and getting 5.

Realising her mistake in not explaining the situation fully, Ellie furiously

"No, no, no, no...it's not like that!" she explained, speaking very quickly.
"Kate recognised in me a kindred spirit, I suppose, someone that she could
confide in. As far as I know, no one else in the world knows she's gay, not
even Anne. Kate has known for a while that she only likes girls, but until I
came along, has not found anyone to confide in. I suppose she feels that you
have been through enough recently, and Anne seems so anti- everything that
there seemed like there was no one else to talk to."

Beth had sat through this latest in silence, but by now the tears had started
to come, and they wouldn't stop.

"Am I really that bad a mother that I didn't notice that Kate was smoking AND
gay. How could I be so blind?" Ellie went over to comfort Beth, and put her
arms around her, much like that fateful day six months before.

"God no, Beth - you're a great mother. You have everything going for you: two
daughters who love you very much, a great job, and you're a stunning looking
woman. You never knew about Kate because she is very good at masking her
feelings. In time, I'm sure she would have come to you," Ellie said, stroking
Beth's hair. 

Beth's tears were now uncontrollable, and Ellie let her cry. Beth put her
head on Ellie's lap and allowed her friend to continue to stroke her hair.
Ellie passed some tissues to Beth, and then reached over for her cigarettes.
It had been a while since she had smoked, and with the stress of the
conversation, she had not looked forward to a cigarette so  much in months.
As she lit up, she audibly purred with contentment. She continued to smoke
like that for the next few minutes, enjoying every puff, while continuing to
stroke Beth's hair and face. By this time, Beth had calmed down a little bit
and was content to just lie with her head on Ellie's lap, looking up at her.

Ellie decided to chain straight into another cigarette after enjoying the
previous one so much. As she lit up, Beth looked into Ellie's eyes and saw
how much her friend was enjoying smoking. Before she could stop herself, she
asked, "Ellie, may I have a puff?"

Ellie looked down inquisitively, saw the look of peace in Beth's eyes, and
decided now was not the time to deny her. Slowly, she lowered her cigarette
towards Beth's waiting lips and watched as her friend's mouth formed a
perfect "O" before receiving the filter. Beth wrapped her lips around the
proffered tip, took a medium-sized drag and allowed Ellie to pull the
cigarette away. She inhaled as deeply as she dared, and probably due to her
relaxed state, felt no urge to gag or faint. She allowed the smoke to work
its magic and felt extremely satisfied as she exhaled towards her friend's
face. Ellie allowed the expelled smoke to enter her mouth, enjoying the
sensual nature of the act, and exhaled away from Beth's face. However, her
next act was to surprise both of them. Ellie inhaled deeply from the
half-smoked cigarette and, while still holding the smoke within her lungs,
leaned toward Beth's waiting and willing mouth. Beth performed a similar move
towards Ellie's mouth and before they knew it, they were kissing ever so
gently, the smoke being passed back and forth between their mouths until it
was dissipated, at which point Beth said, "More," and Ellie manoeuvred the
cigarette towards Beth's mouth again. Beth drew on the cigarette for four
seconds before inhaling deeply, yet again with no ill effects. This time
their lips met passionately, and as the smoke was passed into Ellie's lungs,
suddenly she felt Beth's hand on her breast, gently starting to stroke the
underside of her left tit. The touch was electrifying, and Ellie, knowing
that Beth had only been with two men in her entire life, regained her
composure enough to ask, "Are you sure?"

Beth paused for a second, and then nodded her head in the affirmative. "I
want this. I NEED this."

Ellie didn't know if she meant the kissing, the companionship, the smoke or
the sex which she now believed would inevitably follow, but she was enjoying
herself too much to think about it. She took a monster inhale of her
cigarette, using up the last quarter in one drag, and this time when she was
exhaling into Beth's totalling willing mouth, she simultaneously reached down
through the top of Beth's skirt and touched her friend's cunt. Beth, not
expecting this, accidentally snap-inhaled all the smoke into her lungs as
deep as it could go. The combination of Ellie touching her most private of
privates while the nicotine coursed it's way through her body caused her to
climax almost instantly, something she had not done since Jim had left her.

Ellie smiled as Beth gasped in pleasure, and decided she wasn't finished.
Ellie slid down the sofa while Beth turned herself upright, at the same time
removing Beth's skirt and knickers. She looked up at Beth and said gently but
firmly, "Why don't you light me a cigarette and I'll give you the most
intense time of your life?" Beth, sensing what was about to happen, reached
over for her friend's cigarettes and somehow managed to light one. She
inhaled, yet again feeling no ill effects, only pleasure, and passed the
cigarette to Ellie. Ellie said, "Relax, you're going to enjoy this," and went
down on Beth, taking drags of the cigarette every 30 seconds or so as she ate
Beth's cunt out with her mouth, until there was only one drag left of the
cigarette. At this point, Ellie passed the cigarette back to Beth and said,
"Finish it," which Beth did with her largest inhale yet. She held the smoke
in her lungs, and at the same time, Ellie went to work furiously on Beth's
clitoris with her tongue, causing Beth's whole body to convulse with

"God, oh God, oh fuck, oh FUCK!" Beth screamed as she came, exhaling the
smoke through her nose and mouth. Her whole body was quivering with pleasure,
the most she had felt with any human being in her whole life. Ellie smiled,
knowing the feelings she had caused in her friend, and reached for her
cigarettes. As she lit up, Beth at last stopped shaking and now had a look of
contentment on her face. As she sat there, she commented, "I hear it's nice
to smoke after sex..." at which point Ellie handed her cigarette to Beth and
lit another one for herself. They smoked in silence for a while, both women
enjoying each and every inhale and exhale before simultaneously stubbing
their respective cigarettes out in the ashtray.

As their hands touched over the ashtray, Beth took Ellie's within her grasp
and brought her over beside her on the sofa.

"Thank you," she said. "For everything. I don't know what this all means at
the moment, as my head is all scrambled, but this has been one of the best
nights of my life. I'm a little wasted right now, but I can assure you this
was not a mistake. Please don't feel you coerced me into any of this; I knew
what I was doing every step of the way, and could have stopped it at any
time. This is the first time I have ever been with a woman, and I'm not sure
how I'll process that, but I do know that is the most satisfying sex I have
ever had. I don't know how you feel about all this, Ellie, but from my point
of view, I would not be averse to this happening again."

Ellie let her friend finish her speech before responding, "Beth, you don't
know how long I've wanted to do that to you. I've had feelings for you since
the first day we met, but I respected that you were in a relationship with a
man and assumed that was the way you swung. I have come to value our
friendship more than anything in the world, but at the same time I realised
it could go no further, as you simply were not into women. To me, you are the
most beautiful person I have ever met, and the fact that you preferred my
friendship to my body is the biggest turn-on imaginable. If you decide not to
take this further, we'll always have this night, but let me assure you that
if this was to go any further, it would be a dream come true for me."

"Let's just see how it goes," Beth smiled. "I think I need to go home and
have a heart-to-heart with one of my girls before I can think of anything

"Fair enough," Ellie responded, lighting a cigarette, "but as I said, go easy
on her. She is young and confused and putting pressure on her won't help."

"After what we've just done, I think it would be rather hypocritical of me to
judge her," Beth responded. "Oh shit, I'm nervous about this. If only I had
something to calm my nerves," she smiled mischievously, glancing at Ellie's
cigarettes. "You wouldn't mind if I had one of those, would you...?"

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