A Mother And Her Twins, Part 7

(by kalithanatos, 26 October 2008)

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A Mother and Her Twins


Ellie did indeed come over that night, and the four women smoked up a storm,
chatting and laughing and having a merry old time. The twins called it a
night at around 3 am, while Beth and Ellie adjourned to the bedroom (with
their cigarettes of course!) and didn't fall asleep until after 6am; what
went on I'll leave to your imagination!

Anne took to smoking like the proverbial duck to water. After her first
tentative drags, she soon found inhaling to be quite easy, and when Ellie
turned up with a variety of menthol cigarettes, Anne made a point of trying
each and every one of them. She immediately took to the stronger brands,
finding the ones with less nicotine to taste "like air." She actually found
she preferred Ellie's full-flavoured cigarettes to the menthols almost
immediately, as these provided more of a "kick", which she loved. In fact,
that night the two committed smokers in the group found they were following
Anne's lead and lighting up with only a few minutes of extinguishing their
previous cigarettes.

The next morning, Anne was the first person to wake up, and immediately
thought about lighting her first cigarette of the day. She rushed downstairs,
wondering all the way if smoking would be as good as she remembered it the
previous evening, or if it was just the alcohol and the atmosphere that made
her think she was enjoying it as much as she believed she had. She made a
beeline for the cigarettes Ellie had left for her (as she would not stop
telling Ellie how much better hers were than the "weak menthols" her sister
and mother were smoking), and lit one up. She was delighted to find that the
head rush she had anticipated returned in all its glory, and triple-pumped to
celebrate. She smoked her first morning cigarette in record time and
immediately chained into another. By the time Kate woke up an hour later,
Anne had smoked six cigarettes, getting more pleasure from each successive
cigarette than the one before. Kate looked on in astonishment as her younger
sister, who was almost anti-smoking not 24 hours previously, devoured each
cigarette like it was her last.

"Mind if I join you?" Kate asked, reaching for her menthols.

"God, no!" exclaimed Anne, "I fucking love smoking. Why didn't you turn me on
to this before?"

"It looks like you're trying to make up for lost time," Kate said, motioning
towards the ashtray Anne had practically filled that morning. "If you keep
smoking at this rate, you'll be as addicted as me in no time!"

"I don't care," said Anne, "I'm going to smoke as often as I can for the rest
of my life. This is AMAZING!" she proclaimed, taking another enormous drag.

Beth and Ellie woke up a couple of hours later, looking a little worse for
wear. As they came into the living room, they saw Anne and Kate smoking and
chatting away in a manner they had not done in years. It looked like
cigarettes had brought everyone together in an unexpected way.

As Ellie and Beth sat down for breakfast (which the twins were kindly making
for them), both women simultaneously lit up and Beth motioned for Kate to
come over. 

"Kate, dear, why don't you invite Anya over for lunch today? I would love to
meet her."

Kate thought about this for a moment, then said, "Are you sure, mom? I don't
want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable."

Beth smiled, turned to Ellie, and gave her a long, smoky, tender kiss on the
lips. She turned back to a stunned Kate and said simply, "I wouldn't feel
uncomfortable at all, dear."

Kate smiled, grabbed the phone, and dialled Anya's number.

A few hours later, the five of them (including Anya) were at the dining table
having lunch and, of course, smoking. Anne asked Anya if she could try her
one of her Marlboro Reds, and was delighted to find these were even stronger
than Ellie's Richmond's. Anne decided that unless she found a stronger
cigarette, this would be her brand. She continued to set the pace, smoking
one cigarette after another until even Ellie struggled to keep up with her.
After lunch was concluded, Anya and Kate went out onto the porch for a chat.

"Your family is really cool, Kate, letting you smoke at home. Your sister
LOVES smoking! How long has she been doing it?"

"Would you believe she only started last night?" Kate responded.

"No way! She has taken to it unbelievably well. But she is not as sexy as you
when she smokes..." Anya added coyly.

Kate was flustered, and automatically reached for her cigarettes. As she lit
one up, she decided to take the plunge and put on a smoking show for Anya.
She performed a perfect French inhale, followed by a snap-inhale with a huge
volume of smoke, and then some fully-formed smoke rings. Anya sat transfixed
as Kate asked, "So, you find me sexy, do you, Anya?" Kate exhaled her smoke
straight at Anya's face, and watched as Anya opened her mouth to receive it

"My God, if your family wasn't here, Kate Robbins, I would fuck you so
hard..." Anya replied, and Kate was astonished to find her plan was working.
Anya had finally revealed her feelings toward her, and now she had to try to
figure out a way to take this to the next level...

As it turned out, this was easier than expected. Beth popped her head around
the patio door a few minutes later to ask if the two young women would like
to take a trip to the shops, and was pleasantly surprised to see Anya and
Kate in a passionate embrace, oblivious to all that was around them. It
seemed the moment had taken both of them and with their feelings known, had
grabbed each other and started kissing each other as hard as they could. Beth
quietly closed the patio door and returned to the house, motioning for Ellie
and Anne to be quiet and grab their cigarettes.

"It seems Kate might need some privacy," said Beth under her breath, "let's
give them a few hours."

As the three women left, Kate heard the front door close and broke off her
first ever kiss for a moment. She shouted, "Mom, are you going out?" and when
she heard no reply, felt another surge of excitement as she realised they had
the whole house to themselves.

"You said you wanted to fuck me," Kate ventured at Anya, "well, it looks like
you might get your chance."

With that, Anya took Kate's hand and the two girls made towards Kate's
bedroom. Once there, Anya practically ripped Kate's t-shirt from her back,
and was soon sucking Kate's nipples. Kate, for her part, had also managed to
unzip Anya's dress and remove her bra. For the very first time, she had a
naked girl in her room, and she knew she was moments away from losing her
virginity. Kate started to caress Anya's breasts just as Anya started to
slowly move her right hand down towards Kate's vagina, all the while using
her fingernails to stimulate the skin throughout Kate's body. Kate was now
dripping wet with anticipation, and the moment when Anya's fingers entered
her body she came as intensely as she ever had in her short life.

"I'm sorry," Kate said, thinking she had blown it.

"Don't be," Anya whispered, "there's plenty more where that came from," and
with that, started to stimulate Kate's clitoris with one hand while
finger-fucking her with the other. By now Kate's body was quivering in waves,
and she came four more times in the next few moments. Her body spent, she
flopped back on the bed, thinking she could take no more. The next thing she
knew, Anya had lit one of Kate's menthols and had started to work on her
clitoris with her pierced tongue. Anya had obviously had experience at this,
and started to use her tongue to provoke feelings in Kate she had never
experienced before.

"That's...fucking...amazing!" Kate explained, her breath coming in short
gasps. Anya continued to smoke and tongue Kate, until Kate could take no

she came in waves. It took a few minutes for her to calm down and stop
shaking, at which point Anya lit a cigarette each for both of them, and they
smoked in contented silence.

"Was that your first time?" Anya asked eventually.

"Yes," said Kate, "did it show?"

Anya smiled. "No, it wasn't that. I just wanted to know if losing your
virginity to me was special."

Kate said, "You've no idea. I've wanted that to happen since the moment I
first saw you. I can't believe we actually did it."

"I did notice you have been staring more at me lately," Anya said. "Is that
why you started smoking? To impress me?"

Kate was surprised she had been figured out so easily. "I guess it was," she

"Well, it worked. You finally got the girl!" Anya exclaimed. "And if you
think we're finished yet, you've got another thing coming..." she said,
turning to Kate and kissing her hard on the lips. Kate responded by moving
her hand to Anya's cunt and inserting her first two fingers into the waiting,
wet hole. Anya gasped in pleasure, lay back on the bed, lit a cigarette, and
let Kate go to town on her.

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