A Mother And Her Twins, Part 8

(by kalithanatos, 26 October 2008)

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A Mother and Her Twins


Over the next week, both Beth and Ellie's and Anya and Kate's relationships
developed at an exponential rate. Ellie and Kate were taking turns staying at
each others houses, and Anya would frequent the Robbins house as often as she
could, partly because she was allowed to smoke here (Anya's parents knew she
smoked, of course, but preferred she didn't do it in the house due them
having just had a newborn little girl), and partly because she was falling in
love with Kate.

Anne continued her fascination with all things smoke related, and spent much
of her time in smoking related chat rooms on the internet.  She had increased
her consumption gradually to around 40 cigarettes a day, about double that of
her sister and 2  times what her mother smoked. In fact, Beth was starting
to get concerned Anne was smoking too much, and even bought her a carton of
Marlboro Lights since she felt the Marlboro Reds were too strong for her.
Anne was grateful for her mother's concern about her health, but she found
the Lights were not giving her the satisfying kick she got from the Reds, and
all this experiment achieved was increasing Anne's consumption to between 50
and 60 cigarettes per day (she smoked the entire carton in just over 2 days).
Anne switched back to the Reds, but did not decrease how much she smoked, and
asked her mother if this was going to be a problem.

"Well, dear, I don't like the chances you are taking with your health," Beth
said as she lit a cigarette for both herself and Anne, "but I encouraged you
to start, so I can't very well complain that you are enjoying it so much, can

"I suppose not, mum. Thanks for all your support. Maybe in time I will smoke
less, but for the moment smoking is giving me so much pleasure that it's all
I think about." Anne emphasised this by taking another monster drag, holding
the smoke inside her lungs for 10 seconds before exhaling a tiny amount of
smoke towards her mother with a big grin on her face.

Beth could see how much Anne was enjoying smoking, and decided not to press
the matter. After all, it was her daughter's body, and it was up to her what
she did with it. If cigarettes gave her pleasure, then that was enough for
Beth. It seemed Anne might even be taking an interest in boys at last. She
had told Beth the other night she had met a boy named Gio on one of her chat
rooms and was arranging to meet him the following weekend. This news
delighted Beth. For the longest time it seemed Anne would never meet anyone
due to the fact she never socialised beyond school, so for her to finally go
on a date was a good thing. Beth had even agreed to act as chaperone on
Anne's date (you could never be too careful with people you meet online,
according to all reports), and Gio agreed to this.

At the restaurant that weekend Gio charmed and impressed both Anne and Beth,
lighting their cigarettes for them (he did not smoke himself) and even
pulling their chairs out whenever one of them went to the toilet. When it was
time to order food, Beth suddenly remembered she had a previous engagement (a
small white lie) and left them to it. As she said goodbye to Anne, she
whispered in her ear, "The house is free tonight. Gio seems nice. I trust
him. Feel free to take him back home. You have my number if you need me."

Anne said, "Thanks, mum - you're the best!" and waved as her mother left the

"What was that all about?" asked Gio.

"Oh, nothing. Say, after our food, do you want to come back to mine?"

"Sure, if that's okay with you that would be lovely."

Anne ate her food as quickly as manners would allow (although she constantly
had a lit cigarette in the ashtray; she found she loved to smoke between
mouthfuls of food) and asked for the bill instead of dessert. Gio paid, as he
felt he should, and they took a taxi back to Anne's.

Once there, Anne immediately lit up a cigarette (it had been 25 minutes since
her last one, and she was almost frantic), when Gio asked her if she had ever
tried a cigar. Anne said she hadn't yet got round to it, although she was
sure she would at some point, when Gio produced a pack from his coat pocket.
"Would you like to try one of these?"

Anne, who felt she would smoke anything put in front of her, said "Yes
please, may I?"

Gio smiled, extracted 2 cigars and waited for Anne to finish her cigarette.
Anne enquired, "Why 2 cigars? I thought you didn't smoke, Gio."

"I don't smoke cigarettes, Anne, but I do love a good cigar occasionally," he
explained, "There's nothing like the thick smoke of a cigar rolling around
inside your mouth after a good meal."

Anne accepted the cigar from Gio, who leaned over to light her up as he had
been doing all night. 

He had met Anne on one of her smoking chat rooms, as he was getting
frustrated with all the girls out there who were not willing to smoke due to
the negative press smoking was getting. For him, there was nothing more sexy
than a girl who smoked - not because she was addicted and felt compelled, but
because she loved smoking and looked forward to lighting up each and every
time. Anne had told him her story of how she had been smoking for a little
under two weeks, and was already up to 60 a day. He loved to hear how she had
developed a little cough in the morning and how she would alleviate that
cough by smoking one of her full-flavoured cigarettes even before she had
brushed her teeth. When she explained how she could hardly get through two
hours at school without rushing out to chain smoke two or three cigarettes on
her 10 minute break it turned him on, and he loved to hear that when she got
home from school she would light up while checking to see if he was online,
just so that she could tell him she was smoking for him. Gio was desperate to
meet this perfect girl, so when he took the plunge and asked her for a date
and she accepted it was all he could do stop from cheering out loud.

Now here she was accepting a light from him on her first ever cigar. Gio
watched as Anne pulled the smoke into her mouth and inhaled deeply. Shit,
thought Gio, I never warned she shouldn't inhale cigar smoke To his amazement
there was no sign of any discomfort on Anne's part. She exhaled the smoke
with a satisfied look on her face. 

"Mmm, that was nice," she said, still exhaling 5 seconds later, "the taste is
so different from cigarettes."

"Well, that's because I forgot to warn you not to inhale," said Gio
sheepishly. "Cigars are more about the taste of the smoke in your mouth than
inhaling it into your lungs, like this." Gio brought a mouthful of smoke into
his mouth and let it drift out slowly.

Anne mimicked what Gio was doing, but got no satisfaction from not having the
smoke in her lungs, and decided she would smoke the remainder of the cigar
her way. Gio stared at her in disbelief as Anne inhaled great quantities of
smoke into her eager lungs before playfully exhaling the remainder of the
smoke away from Gio. After she finished her cigar, she immediately reached
for her cigarettes and lit up, pleased to be smoking something familiar.

"What did you think?" asked Gio, only halfway through his cigar.

"It was a nice change," replied Anne, "but I think I'll stick to my
cigarettes. I may have one occasionally with you, though. That is, if you
want to see me again?" Anne asked with trepidation.

"I would LOVE to see you again, Anne. Everything about you is a turn-on to
me." Gio plucked up his courage. "Anne, may I kiss you?"

"I thought you would never ask," replied Anne, who never got to finish her
freshly-lit cigarette.

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