A Mother And Her Twins, Part 9

(by kalithanatos, 26 October 2008)

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A Mother and Her Twins


It turned out that Gio was the perfect gentleman. Although he could probably
have encouraged Anne to make love with him, he instead excused himself an
hour later and promised that they would see each other again. True to his
word, he called the next day and arranged to go to the cinema with Anne that
night. When Gio asked which film Anne wanted to see, it delighted him when
she said, "Something short. I don't think I could go three hours without
smoking!" As it happened, they didn't see much of the film anyway, due them
kissing in the back-row. After the film ended, Anne practically hauled Gio
outside so that she could smoke, and they made their way back to the Robbins

When they got there, Gio asked Anne if she would like a cigar. Beth, Ellie
and Kate were all home, and as none of them had ever tried a cigar before so
Anne asked if they would all like to try one, too. Of course Gio didn't mind;
surrounded by four gorgeous smoking women was a dream come true. Soon,
everyone was puffing away on one of Gio's cigars. Kate enjoyed hers more than
the rest of them, and the next day bought a pack for her and Anya to enjoy.
After Kate introduced Anya to the delights of cigars, they decided they would
add a pack of five quality cigars to their weekly shopping.

Gio became a regular fixture to the house after that, and Anne was thrilled
to at last have some male company all to herself. After a month of dating,
they decided to sleep together, and Anne was delighted to find she loved sex.
Both she and Gio had been virgins until that point, but once they discovered
sex, it was all they could do not to have it three or four times a day. Gio
also encouraged Anne to smoke more, since it was a constant turn-on for him.
Only six weeks after starting to smoke, Anne found herself smoking 60-70 a
day on school days, and upwards of 90 a day at weekends. Beth had given up
trying to get Anne to cut back because she now always seemed to be out of
breath, but Anne didn't care; for her, the most important things in her life
were cigarettes and Gio, and they seemed to come as a package.

Kate and Anya were also having a lot of fun. For them, sex and smoking went
hand in hand, and cigarettes were smoked before, during, and after sex. Kate
found she loved having Anya's fingers deep inside her while she smoked, and
Anya loved it when Kate smoked and licked her out. Kate tended to smoke more
when Anya was around, although she still preferred her menthols to Anya's
Marlboro Reds, and averaged around 20-30 cigarettes per day.

Beth and Ellie's relationship was also going well. They enjoyed going out on
long walks and dining at fine restaurants (in the smoking section, of
course!) and even agreed to go on holiday together in a few months time. Beth
grew very comfortable with her new identity as a lesbian, and enjoyed going
to gay bars with Ellie and discussing which woman they would love to fuck.
Beth tapered off at around 20 cigarettes per day, rarely more unless she was

For all of them, there was only one more problem.

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