a very smoky room dot com, Part 11

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Eleven: Camille and Juliet's friendship deepens...

Mindy lit up another cigarette as she got ready for her date with Bill. Not
just her date, Bill had set up her best friend, Juliet with someone and
didn't tell her who. She just hoped it was a non-smoker. Any non-smoker would
do, except for Darren. She knew Bill wouldn't be stupid enough to do that,
would he? So she was nervous because she was going out with Bill, the
cameraman at the smoking fetish website she worked for, plus there was the
unknown date for Juliet. When she asked Juliet if she wanted to go on this
double date, Juliet said she was already dating someone. Mindy was curious
about who this mystery man Juliet had spent the night with might be.

"Well, just do it for me. I want you to meet my boyfriend Bill and he's
bringing a friend along."

"Okay,"  said Juliet with little enthusiasm. Mindy could tell she would
rather go out with whoever she had spent the night with. 
Juliet was upstairs getting ready when Mindy heard the doorbell ring. She
answered the door, saw it was Bill and gave him a passionate kiss. 

"Hey, gorgeous. Is Juliet ready- the limo is waiting," said Bill.

"Limo?" asked Mindy and her heart started pounding. She only knew of one
person who rented limos all the time and that was...

Darren got out of the car, lifted his sunglasses and went to the door.

"Are you fuckin' crazy? You set Juliet up with Darren?" Mindy asked in shock.

"Trust me," said Bill, "Tonight will be a memorable night."

Mindy just stood there with a scowl on her face. What was Bill trying to
prove?  And weren't they trying to keep Darren from finding out they were
dating anyway. Maybe she could discretely tell Darren to use a different
name. If Juliet found out her date was tonight, she would no doubt be pissed. 

"Hey, Camille. Or I guess I should call you Mindy now since you're dating my
best friend." said Darren, "Is Jules ready?"

Mindy was taken aback by the revelation that Darren knew that she was dating
Bill, but that wasn't her foremost consideration right now. She saw Juliet
was coming down the stairs. She wanted to gage Juliet's reaction to meeting
Darren. Imagine that- the Queen of Anti-Smokers meets the King of Smoking
Fetish Website Owners, thought Mindy. This should be good. Juliet didn't look
too happy to be going on this date. She saw Juliet look towards the door.
Juliet looked at Darren and got a big smile on her face as she started
running towards him. She gave him a long fiery kiss.

"What the fuck?" said Mindy confused. When they finally finished kissing, she
said, "What's going on? You know Darren?"

"Well," said Juliet her face turning red, "I kinda spent the night with him
last night."

Mindy knew there had to be a good story behind all of this, but decided she'd
find out soon enough.

"Hey, we got reservations so let's get go. The limo is waiting," said Darren
with the sense of urgency Mindy always expected from him.

They got into the limo and Mindy thought about how much she needed a smoke
right then.

"Hey, does anyone mind if I smoke?" said Juliet pulling a pack of Newport
100's out of her purse.

"Oh my God, you smoke, Jules?" said Mindy shocked. By now, she was wondering
what other surprises the night would hold for her.

Juliet lit one up quickly, double pumped and said, "Oh my God, I've been
waiting for this all day." She took a couple more hits off her cig and
remembered Mindy had asked a question. "Yeah, it's kinda a long story, I'll
tell you later."

"It's no doubt a good one," said Mindy as she pulled one out for herself and
lit it.

They got to the restaurant and the maitre d' asked if they wanted smoking or

"Smoking," said Juliet quickly.

"Oh my God," said Mindy, "Weren't you like the president of the Anti-Smoking
club at our high school or something? The patrols you had around the school.
The underage buying stings with the police. That fuckin' speech you made at
Touchdowns Sports Bar. You realize we can never sit in the smoking section
anywhere back home because, thanks to you, there are no smoking sections in
our hometown."

"Yeah," said Juliet, "I guess I was the Nazi anti-smoking bitch or whatever
it is they call me on the forums." She lit up a Newport and they all ordered
their food and talked for a long time. After the meal the girls lit up
another cigarette and Darren started talking about his plans.

"You know, Camille, I know you've been getting restless and think I don't
appreciate you. Maybe I haven't been as appreciative as I should be. I've
been fortunate to have you as a model and I've decided to change the whole
way business is done. I want to have www.averysmokingroom.com set up as a
partnership with the four of us as equal co-owners. I'll be the producer and
director, I do a damn good job, I think. Bill will be the cameraman and
editor. You know I've always appreciated your work, Bill. You Mindy, of
course, are Camille the smoking supermodel who guys just cannot get enough
of. I mean if I released a Camille video every day, I'd still have guys
bitching in the forum about having to wait 24 hours for your next video."

"What about me?" asked Juliet somewhat hurt that she seemed to be left out of
the plans.

"You, my dear," said Darren, "Are the linchpin to this whole operation. You
will make this whole thing work. After you do your thing, this website will
be the biggest one on the web." 

  Darren went over the plan and everyone loved it. The next day, he would
have his lawyer draw up the contract turning www.averysmokyroom.com into a

They got back to the house and Mindy asked the guys if they were coming in.

Darren and Bill looked at each other and finally Bill spoke up and said, "No,
we're sure you girls have some catching up to do."

Mindy and Juliet sat on the couch and started laughing.

Juliet took out her pack of Newports and lit up.

"Oh my God, you're not smoking in the non-smoking side of the house are you!"
Mindy said with sarcasm.

"I've been smoking in my room for over a month," said Juliet as she took
another drag.

"I never even suspected," said Mindy lighting one for herself, "So tell me
how did you start smoking?"

"Camille Solo X," said Juliet as she took another drag.

Mindy got closer to Juliet when she heard that.

"So I guess I kinda got you started. I taught you how to smoke," said Mindy.

"Yep. You were a good teacher," said Juliet showing off some of the tricks
that Mindy had showed her on the video.

"Did you like the video?" asked Mindy noticing that their lips were getting
closer and closer as they spoke.

"Yeah, I liked it a lot. But at the end of the video, you said maybe next
time, I could play with yours and you could play with mine." she said as she
gave her best friend the first kiss they'd ever shared together.

Mindy kissed her back. I've wanted this for so long, thought Mindy to
herself. They started giving each other smoky kisses and then decided they
were both way overdressed as they started ripping each other's clothes off.
They dispensed with any notion of having foreplay and got right down to
serious business as they both stuck each others fingers in the other's
vagina. Just like in the video, they both climaxed at about the same time and
they blew smoke in each other's mouth as they shared a post-orgasmic kiss. 

"Damn, that was good," said Juliet as she lit another Newport.

"I love you, Jules," said Mindy.

"I love you too, Min," her friend replied and they kissed each other again
before they started round two. There would be several more rounds before they
finally collapsed from exhaustion in Juliet's bed.

The next morning, they woke up, gave each other a kiss and did it again. They
giggled afterwards. Perhaps they needed to just get it out of their system.
They both loved their boyfriends and they knew their destiny was as best
friends, and now partners in a business. Juliet and Mindy were no longer
madly in love with each other, but they knew what they shared that night
would make them even better best friends. 

After breakfast, Juliet realized that she had a job to do.The video that she
had made with Darren a few days ago would be shelved, for now. It was time
for her to put her part of the plan into action. She got on her computer and
registered the domain name stopthefetish.com. Juliet was pretty good at
website design, and even though her boyfriend Darren had recommended the web
design company he used, Juliet had decided to make  it herself. It didn't
have to look professional, it just had to look good, she said to herself.

Later on that day, Bill came over and filmed the video which would be shown
on the front of page of her site www.stopthefetish.com. 

"Hello, my name is Juliet, the webmaster of stopthefetish.com. As many of you
know, my friend Camille is a model at averysmokyroom.com the largest smoking
fetish website on the Internet. What you probably don't know is that the
smoking fetish industry is a scheme set up by Big Tobacco to get young people
hooked on the deadly habit of smoking. Every day, I tell myself that I want
to rid the world of the evils of cigarette smoking. And I won't stop until
the tobacco plant is eradicated from the face of the earth. But that's a long
term goal. My immediate goal is to get smoking fetish sites banned off the
Internet. And I won't stop until they are all shut down..."

She continued on for another five minutes and closed with, "So it is with
great sadness that I see my friend being used by Big Tobacco in their plan to
get another generation of American kids hooked on smoking. Won't you help me
stop the plague of smoking fetish websites from the world wide web? Thank you
and may God bless America."

"Cut!" said Darren and the four of them started laughing.

"I need a cigarette," said Juliet as she reached for her purse and pulled a
Newport out of her pack.

"You were pretty good, Jules," commented Mindy.

"Thanks," said Juliet exhaling a long cone, "Now we just have to wait for the

It didn't take long for a reaction. Within an hour, the first posts starting
appearing, first on www.averysmokyroom.com and then gradually other websites.
If Juliet had been disliked before, she now became the object of hate among
the smoking fetish community. Within a week, a doctored copy of her
`stopthefetish.com' video showing her smoking a cigarette was put on youtube.
Everyone in the community laughed about it and then someone finally made the
comment- "Hey, even though it is a fake, she still looks hot in the video. I
think Camille should  force the issue, she should make Juliet smoke." No one
was sure who first made the suggestion, but within a week, it had become
almost an urban legend among the smoking fetish community. It was the topic
of discussion on every smoking forum and messageboard across the Internet.
Camille has to make that bitch Juliet smoke was the general consensus,
whether Juliet likes it or not. Another website even released a video of  a
Camille look-alike forcing a Juliet look-alike to smoke a cigarette. The
video sold well, but was critically panned. People didn't want to see someone
who looked like Camille forcing someone who looked like Juliet to smoke. They
wanted the real thing. Even the smoking story archive was affected as dozens
of stories were submitted all with the same theme- somehow Juliet would be
forced to smoke her first cigarette by Camille.

The outside world even became aware of Juliet's website as she got an e-mail
from a U.S. Senator saying he wanted to have hearings on the Big
Tobacco/Smoking Fetish scam. This worried Juliet as she knew she couldn't lie
under oath. She might have to spill the beans if they actually went through
with it. She was relieved when  the Senator e-mailed her back and said that
there were a lot of important things going on this session, so he'd get back
to her next year.

"Imagine that," said Juliet lighting a Newport, "Someone in Congress who
decides to actually deal with the problems  this country faces instead of
going on another witch hunt."

Right when the whole "Camille forces Juliet to smoke" thing was reaching its
peak, Mindy told Juliet to check out the message board on their website. The
guys had some new models they were filming that day, so they weren't there.
By this time, they had pretty much moved into the girls house full time with
Bill moving in with Mindy and Darren moving into Juliet's room.

They read the posts on the message board and laughed. By now, the topic
wasn't whether she should force the issue, but how and with what brand.

"I think she should bitch slap her until she smokes a nice Virginia Slims
120. Juliet would look really good with a nice slender cig between her
fingers," suggested one user.

"Naw, I think it's gotta be a Newport 100 cuz those are Camille's favorites."

"Camel straights would get her hooked really quick"

"How about a cigar?" suggested someone else.

They all jumped on the cigar guy, of course. 

"Poor cigar guys. They're like the Rodney Dangerfields of the smoking fetish
community," said Mindy..

"You ever smoke a cigar?" asked Juliet with curiosity.

"No. How about you?" asked Mindy.

"No. We should make a cigar video sometime. If we don't like it, we could
always put it out and we could find something else fun to do with the cigar."

They both laughed a little and finally Mindy said, "Well, I think the people
have spoken. I must force you to smoke a cigarette."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Juliet, "How about tomorrow morning?"

Mindy thought for a moment, "No, I think tomorrow afternoon is better."

"Then tomorrow afternoon it is !" said Juliet and gave her friend a quick

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