a very smoky room dot com, Part 12

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part 12: Forcing the Smoking Issue

Juliet opened the door to her house entering the non-smoking side of the
house. She took a sniff of the air and got a frown on her face.

"Camille! Camille! Have you been smoking in here?"

Camille entered the room and said, "Is there a problem?"

"You've been smoking on this side of the house, haven't you?" asked Juliet

"Maybe I have," said Camille in a nonchalant way.

"We've been through this before, Camille. This is my side of the house," said
Juliet pointing down, "And that is your side of the house," she added
pointing to the sliding glass door.

"You know what, Jules," said Camille, "I don't want to have a non-smoker as a
roommate anymore."

"What are you going to do- kick me out?" said Juliet defiantly.

"I didn't say I was going to kick you out. I just said I didn't want to have
a non-smoker as a roommate anymore," said Camille.

Very quickly, Camille grabbed Juliet's ponytail and dragged her by the hair.
She slammed her down onto the couch and got on top of her.

Juliet was in shock. What was happening, she thought to herself. She started
crying and screaming. Camille was very tall, but Juliet was just a petite
girl. Whatever Camille planned on doing, she had little hope of escape as
Camille had her pinned down.

"Shut up," said Camille as she slapped Juliet's face.

Juliet started crying harder and Camille slapped her face again, backhanding
her this time.

"I said shut the fuck up," yelled Camille.

"What are you going to do to me?"asked Juliet hoping she wouldn't get slapped
again, "Please don't hurt me."

"We're going to smoke a cigarette," said Camille.

"No!" screamed Juliet, "No, please don't make me smoke."

"Shut up," said Camille lighting a Newport from the pack which was on the
table, "Now smoke it!"

Camille forced the cigarette in between her fingers and Juliet threw it on
the ground.

"Bitch!" said Camille as she slapped her face again, "I guess we're going to
have to do this the hard way."

Camille double pumped and forced her mouth over Juliet's lips. Juliet just
sort of fought it trying to keep her mouth shut.

"Open your goddamned mouth or I'll fuckin' slap you again," warned Camille
and she double pumped again.

Juliet kept her mouth open because she was afraid not to and Camille gave her
a forced smoky kiss.

Juliet coughed and  hyperventilated  after all the smoke was out of her

"Please," pleaded Juliet, "Don't hurt me. I'll smoke it if you want me to.
Just don't hurt me." Tears were streaming down her face by this point.

"Okay," said Camille as she started to calm down. "Let's get a little bit
more comfortable," and she took off her blouse exposing her bare breasts. She
dangled the cigarette in her mouth as she took off Juliet's blouse and
admired her perky titties. 

"Okay now, Jules, you don't have to inhale right away, just take baby puffs,

Juliet nodded and the lesson was underway. 

Juliet took the last puff off the cigarette, inhaled deeply and crushed it in
the ashtray. She started crying again.

"It's okay, baby. I love you," said Camille reassuringly.

"I don't want to start smoking," said Juliet.

"But you like it, don't you?" asked Camille  giving her a passionate kiss.

"I do like it, but I hate smoking. I love smoking, though and..." said Juliet
sounding confused.

"Shhh," said Camille as she put a cigarette in Juliet's mouth and extended  a
flame. Camille moved her head down to Juliet's breast and put her nipple into
her mouth. Juliet took a drag off the Newport, got a weird smirk on her face
as she inhaled and started busting out laughing as she exhaled.

"Cut!" said Darren sounding pissed.

"It wasn't my fault this time!  She put her tongue on my nipple and was
tickling it," said Juliet taking a drag off the Newport.

"Did not!" said Mindy.

"Did too," said Juliet as she blew the exhaled smoke into Mindy's face.

"Did not!" said Mindy as she grabbed Juliet's titty.

"Girls, we're like trying to film a video here. Let's go!" said Darren. He
didn't mean to sound that terse but this was an important video. It was not
only his first video with nudity, it wasn't just his first hardcore video, it
was more than that. It was the video where Juliet the anti-smoking bitch
comes out of the closet. It was to become "Camille Forces the Smoking Issue"
which would become their biggest seller ever. The four of them Bill, Darren,
Mindy(Camille of course), and Juliet had worked hard on the script. 

"I think my tears were really convincing this time," said Juliet getting the
last word in as she usually did.

After a couple more hours, Darren was satisfied that he had enough footage
and said, "Okay girls, it's a wrap!"

Mindy and Juliet looked at each other with evil grins and got "upside down."
They started giving each other smoky cunnilingus.

"Umm, girls. This isn't in the script," said Darren calmly. 

The girls ignored him  and kept on going. Darren looked at Bill who just
shrugged his shoulders and kept filming. Apparently,  this video would have a
bonus scene...

The video "Camille Forces the Smoking Issue" was released less than a week
later and became the biggest smoking fetish video ever. The website even got
coverage from the local newspaper- one of the newest members of
www.averysmokyroom.com was the publisher of the newspaper. Darren was happy
because from that point on, he would never have to recruit models- they would
come to him. 

A few days later, the four of them- Darren, Bill, Juliet, and Mindy were at
the studio apartment filming a new movie when they heard a knock at the door.

"I've got it," said Darren sounding irritated.

He answered the door and saw this blond girl around nineteen at the door. She
was really attractive and would have gladly filmed her until a few weeks ago
when it was harder to get models.

"Hi," the girl said taking a drag off the cig and then coughing.

"Hello," said Darren noticing the girl wasn't really a smoker. If this wasn't
her first cigarette, she was definitely in single digits in terms of the
number she had smoked.

"I was wondering if I could make a video for you," the girl said.

"Umm, we're kind of booked right now," said Darren, "Maybe in a year or so,
we'll be in need of models."

"I'm not pretty enough, am I?" the girl asked sounding upset.

"No, no- you're very beautiful. It's just, well I can tell you really don't
smoke and I think it's a bad habit and you shouldn't start just to make a

"Maybe Juliet and Camille could teach me how to smoke," suggested the girl.

"No," said Darren, "I wouldn't feel right doing that. Look, smoking is a bad
habit and I think you should not start, okay. Anyway I gotta go. Bye," he
said handing the girl one of the anti-smoking pamphlets he had by the door
before he shut it.

A few minutes later there was another knock on the door.

"You get it this time," Darren said to Bill.

Bill opened the door and was surprised to see a couple of skinny blonds. They
were twins.

"Hi, I'm April," said one.

"And I'm Amy," said the other.

"And we want to do a video with Camille and Juliet," said April.

"We even smoke the same brand they do," said Amy proudly holding up a pack of
Newport 100's.

Bill shook his head and asked, "And how old are you girls?"

"Twenty!" replied the one who called herself April.

"Look, girls, we're already overbooked and besides- I know you're not twenty.
You can't be any older than twelve or thirteen." He noticed the girls had lit
up cigarettes and were accomplished smokers as they took huge drags.

"Fourteen," said Amy correcting him.

"Okay, so you're fourteen. Come back in four years and we'll  talk then about
making a video of you with Camille and Juliet," suggested Bill.

"Can't we just play with them without the cameras being on for a few
minutes?" suggested Amy, "I wanna play with Camille.

"And I want Juliet to play with me," said April taking another drag off her

Bill frowned. These girls were too persistent, but he had an idea.

"Don't I know your parents? I don't think they know you smoke. I'm going to
call them right now!" said Bill.

The girls  quickly ran off and Bill laughed. He was bluffing of course, but
they believed him enough to be scared.

"Who was that?" asked Mindy as she crushed out a cigarette and reached for
another one.

"Just a couple of fourteen year old girls who want you girls to eat their
pussies," said Bill.

Mindy and Juliet started laughing because they thought he was kidding.

"I'm serious," said Bill and the girls laughed even more.

Christmas was just around the corner and the girls  finished their final
exams. Their *final*  final exams as it would turn out as both girls simply
made too much money to bother with going to college anymore. They went back
to their hometown to visit their families to tell them they had both decided
to drop out. Juliet of course had something else to tell her family- that she
was now a smoker. Neither girl had told their families about how they had
made their money, somehow nobody had bothered to ask them what a "specialty
model" did. While Mindy had told her family right away, Juliet hadn't told
her family about college or smoking the first week. She wasn't sure when she
could tell them, and she had ended up being out of the house a lot finding
excuses to leave and go somewhere to smoke. After a week, she was tired of
having to leave somewhere to smoke and was looking for a good way to tell her
parents that she was now a smoker. Juliet came home from Christmas shopping
one day and her parents said they needed to talk to her.

"The Committee to Ban Smoking has asked  you to speak at Touchdowns tonight,"
said her mother.

"Why is that?" asked Juliet.  

"You didn't hear?" asked her father, "A coalition of bar and restaurant
owners started a petition to overturn last year's smoking ban and there's a
vote tomorrow."

"No I didn't hear that," said Juliet, "Tell them I'll speak tonight." Juliet

"If they thought last year's speech was good, wait until they hear the one
I'm going to give tonight," Juliet thought to herself.

Touchdown's was packed as people listened to the speakers on both sides give
the pros and cons of allowing smoking in bars and restaurants again. The last
speaker scheduled that night was Juliet just like it had been the year
before. The  Committee to Ban Smoking figured Juliet was their ace in the
hole. They were in for a big surprise, Juliet thought to herself as she went
to the front of the sports bar to a mix of  cheers from the anti-smoking
people and jeers from the pro-smoking people. 

Juliet took a deep breath before she began. She noticed a group of five girls
up front who she knew from high school. They were all smokers and Juliet had
busted most of them on smoking patrols she had made her senior year. Maybe
they were  there to  heckle her during her speech, Juliet thought. They  were
in for a surprise as well. Juliet was now one of them- a smoker. 

Juliet wasn't sure how to begin at first, but then she remembered her speech
from the previous year in which she used a lit cigarette in her hand as a
prop during the speech. She could use a cigarette right now, she thought.

"Before I begin, I think I'm going to smoke a cigarette," said Juliet as
there were more than a handful of gasps from the crowd. Juliet took her pack
of Newport 100's out of her purse and lit up. 

"One of our founding fathers, Patrick Henry once said, 'Give me liberty or
give me death,' before the Revolutionary War," said Juliet exhaling the
remaining smoke from her first drag.

"I never really thought much about what he meant until recently. I will die
someday. You will die someday. We will all die someday. Hopefully though,
liberty will never die because that's more important than any one of the
lives of the 300 plus million Americans in this country individually. Liberty
is a precious gift. Without freedom life isn't worth living. That's why
soldiers died in the Revolutionary War to give us freedom and many more have
died and continue to die today- so that we may preserve our freedoms. Those
of us here may never die in defense of freedom, but we will all someday of
some cause yet to be determined. It could be from one of the five known
carcinogens in chicken," Juliet said pointing to someone's plate piled high
with wings.

 "Maybe you will die from heart disease caused by eating too much red meat,"
Juliet said to some guy taking a bite off a hamburger. 

"And you," she said to a lady eating an oyster, "Have you ever heard of the
food poisoning one can get from eating an oyster? It's a pretty painful way
to die. I could even die from smoking or you could even die breathing in the
second hand smoke from my cigarette," said Juliet before pausing to double
pump her Newport. 

"So maybe we should ban any substance that could possibly cause death. That
might be a worthy cause. Maybe we can all live to be 100 years old.
Unfortunately, the object of the game of life isn't to make the game last as
long as we can, it's to enjoy whatever time we've been given on this earth. I
suppose the philosophy of doing anything to delay death by whatever means
necessary is sort of like the opposite of 'Give me liberty or give me death.'
A life in which the government told everyone what they can or cannot do might
be one which would be long lived, but how happy of a life would it  be. Life
is about making choices, some of which might be bad choices such as the one I
made to start smoking. Of course, I enjoy smoking and it's my choice not
yours and I not you  will have to live with the consequences."

Juliet went on for a few more minutes and the girls in the front who had
shown up to heckle Juliet instead were cheering her on. Gradually, the crowd
got behind Juliet and other people started following Juliet's lead and lit up
their own cigarette. It was a very smoky room as Juliet concluded the speech
by crushing out her fourth cigarette to the applause of almost everyone in
attendance. Juliet knew that the smoking ban would be repealed. In one small
town in the United States, freedom would finally triumph over government

Juliet got off the stage and looked at the girls she had known in high school
who sat in the front.

"These girls look really hot smoking," thought Juliet as she handed them a
business card for her website www.averysmokyroom.com.

Juliet got home and her parents gave her a lecture.

"It was Mindy who got you smoking, wasn't it?"  asked her dad. Juliet's
parents had always seen Mindy as a bad influence on Juliet.

"No it wasn't. I smoke because I enjoy it," said Juliet.

"You've always hated smoking, Juliet. I knew we shouldn't have let you move
in with Mindy," her mom said.

Juliet was starting to get sick of the conversation and had already decided
to spend the rest of the Christmas break in the hotel a couple of towns down
the road. Mindy was staying in the hotel penthouse and had been trying to get
Juliet to stay there as well. Finally Juliet got an idea...

"You're right. It was Mindy who got me started," Juliet said as she took a
piece of paper out of her purse and wrote down the URL for the  "Camille
Forces the Smoking Issue" opening scene trailer.

"See for yourself," Juliet said handing them the piece of paper before she
lit up a Newport and walked to her car.

Juliet got to the hotel penthouse and told Mindy she would be spending the
rest of Christmas break there.

"Hey, the girls you busted smoking your senior year called. They want to do a
video," said Mindy.

They looked at each other and laughed.  "Let's call the boys and have them
come down and do a shoot," suggested Juliet.

Mindy called the girls back and  when she got off the phone said, "Hey Jules,
I invited the girls over tonight. They want to practice for the video. Sort
of life a dress rehearsal."

"You mean like an un-dressed rehearsal," said Juliet laughing.

The five girls got there an hour later and they all went to the tobacco shop
down the road from the hotel to get some smokes for the night. They picked up
a wide assortment of brands puttting them on the averysmokyroom.com corporate

"Everything tonight is a tax deduction since we're using it to practice for
our video," said Mindy. They then went to the xxx toy store a few doors down
and bought an assortment of toys the seven girls would use that night.

The seven girls got back to the penthouse and had an all night smoky lesbian
orgy. Of course, the five girls who had once been busted by Juliet in high
school all took turns reenacting the opening scene of `Camille forces the
smoking issue' slapping Juliet around as they forced her to smoke. By
daybreak, all seven girls had  gotten off every other girl and they were all
thoroughly exhausted and slept all day. 

Bill and Darren got there later that day.

They took the seven girls out to dinner and Bill explained the idea for the
next video,  "I found this island in the Caribbean where we can film you
girls on a private beach."

All seven girls liked the idea and they left a few days later for the small
Caribbean island. The morning of the shoot, Darren, Juliet, and Mindy were
eating breakfast and going over the details of the shoot...

"How about `The Seven Dwarfs'?" suggested Darren.

Mindy took another drag off her Newport and said pointing to Juliet, "Darren,
maybe if we were all as short as pip-squeak here, that wouldn't be so bad,
unfortunately I'm like 5'10" so it's a really stupid title for a video."

"Seventh Heaven?" said Darren.

The girls groaned again.

"Seven deadly sins?" 

"That doesn't suck as bad," said Mindy trying to sound constructive.

Darren looked at his girlfriend Juliet as if  to get some support.

"Honey," said Juliet, "You know I love you and I think you're a great
director and everything, but video names aren't your strong suit."

"In other words, she's trying to tell you  that you suck at coming up with
video names and you should let the rest of us do it," said Mindy.

"Where's Bill?" asked Darren trying to change the subject.

"Dunno. Said he'd be back in an hour," said Mindy.

The three of them talked about the dialog and other aspects of the video when
they saw Bill open the door with a beautiful redhead behind him.

"Hey, guys," said Bill, "This is Tonya. She just turned eighteen today and
would like to celebrate by being in our video. I told her I'd have to check
with my partners first. So what do you think?"

Mindy and Juliet looked at each other and giggled.

"Oooh fresh pussy is always welcome at www.averysmokyroom.com," said Juliet
nodding her head in approval.

"I get to give the birthday girl her first orgasm as an adult, though," said

Darren didn't say anything at first as if he was in deep thought. Finally he
said, "Ate is Enough!"

"Eight is enough?" said Mindy, Juliet, and Bill almost in unison.

"No not eight. Ate as in A-T-E," said Darren spelling it out.

The girls stuck out their tongues and laughed. Darren had finally come out
with a video title they liked. 

And they made "Ate is Enough" a video about eight  girls giving each other
lesbian smoky cunnilingus on a Caribbean beach...


The man started stocking the latest shipment of cigarettes and smiled as he
thought about business. His store was by far the busiest one on the island.
He had named it 7-12 because he thought of it as one step above the other
guys. "And let those other guys try and sue me over the similar name,"  he
thought. He would put a curse on them if they tried...

It had been six months since he had opened the store on his native island. He
had prospered more than he ever had in the States. The man thought about the
girl again. The blond girl who had put it all in motion. She had meant him
harm, but in the end, it didn't matter. It had all worked out for the best.

A couple months before, he had felt guilty about the curse he had placed on
the girl and had decided to do something about it. He knew that the curse he
had placed on her was irrevocable, but after consulting the ancient texts, he
thought he had found a way around it. There was supposedly a spell which
could turn a curse into a blessing. He tried it, but wasn't sure if it would
work. The gods could work in mysterious ways, though.

The man smiled as he saw eight girls in bikinis pull up in a convertible.
They went inside and he saw they were all pretty. They also looked vaguely
familiar- a few of them looked kind of like some of his customers at his old
7-11 back in the states.

The man shook his head. "All these Americans white girls look alike,"  he
thought as he went back to stocking the cigarettes. The man was proud that he
stocked all the popular American brands which American tourists would ask for
on their vacation to the island.

The girls went up to the counter forming a single file line. The girls put
their drinks on the counter and the girl at the back of the line said, "I've
got it girls!"

"Wohoo!" said one of the girls and they all went back to the car after the
man scanned their drinks and other items. The girl who was paying said, "Give
me a carton of Newport 100's in the box please," as she dangled a cork
cigarette in her mouth.

The man started to get it and then she said, "Better make that two cartons,"
as she lifted her sunglasses.

The man looked her in the eye. "It was her!" the man thought to himself as
his heart started racing. The  blond girl from the Anti-Smoking club at that
high school in the States- the one who had busted him.

He handed her the two cartons and smiled. She smiled back at him and the man
wondered if she recognized him. 

"How are you doing today?" she asked him smiling.

"I am doing  good and you?" the man asked.

"Really good. Never been better. Life is good." she replied.

"Yes, life is very beautiful!" he answered giving the girl her change. 

The girl took a huge drag off her cigarette and said goodbye as the man got a
tear in his eye. The girl had become that which she had hated most- and loved
what she had become...

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