a very smoky room dot com, Part 4

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Four: The hottest smoker on the www !!!

Juliet stared at the picture on the website. There was a big picture of her
best friend, Mindy exhaling a huge plume of smoke. Underneath the picture was
the caption: "Featuring the talents of Camille, the hottest smoker on the

This ought to be good, Juliet thought to herself. 

"Nice picture," said Juliet with sarcasm.

"Thanks," said her friend Mindy, "Darren originally put a picture of me
dangling an unlit cigarette on the front page, but I told him that was stupid
and he changed it. Darren will do anything to make me happy. I'm like his
cash cow. He probably makes twice as much as I do from these videos. Hmm,
maybe I should renegotiate again, what do you think?"

Juliet didn't say anything, just kind of shook her head. 

Mindy continued, "I actually bought a membership to this site. I'm sure I
could have asked Darren and he would have given me a free membership. I
wanted to see what our customers see, with their eyes, and fifty dollars is
nothing to me anymore. So I pay the $50 monthly fee. It's a fun site. I even
troll on their message board sometimes and write things like `Camille is a
bitch !' just to have them all defend me. These guys all love me and they
haven't even seen me naked. They would probably all give their left nut to
fuck me if they could."

Mindy clicked the icon next to one of the thumbnails announcing that it was a
clip from her newest video Camille Solo XIV. 

A window popped up on the computer monitor and Juliet watched the video of
Mindy smoking. She lit up the cigarette-a Virginia Slim. She would take drags
off it from time to time and talk about smoking. Mindy watched it for a few

"This is really stupid !" said Juliet, "People pay money to watch you smoke?
How stupid is that."

"It pays the bills, and then some," said Mindy thoughtfully.

"Well, it's still stupid," said Juliet, "I'm going to bed."

"Good night then," said Mindy.

Juliet thought for a moment. Mindy was her best friend and she had told her
that she wouldn't condemn her for what she did. She didn't understand this
whole smoking fetish thing, but she couldn't let that get in the way of their
friendship. "Hey, Min," added Juliet, "I don't agree with what you do but I
wouldn't want it to come between our friendship."

Her friend got up and gave Juliet a hug. They knew this would be one of those
things they just would never agree on and would never discuss. They had too
many other things in common. Besides, thought Juliet, even though I don't
agree with what she does, it has made my life better, too.

Juliet opened the sliding glass door and returned to her side of the house,
noticing that her clothes and hair smelled like smoke. She quickly took a
shower, changed into her night gown and got into her bed. 

Juliet thought a little about how her friend made a living as the wheels in
her head turned...

Surely, it wasn't that simple. Guys just didn't get off on watching her
friend smoke. There was more to it than that. It had to be some sort of huge
scam by the tobacco companies. Somehow, this benefited them. Big Tobacco was
using the whole smoking fetish scam to benefit themselves, tricking poor
young girls into thinking smoking was sexy. She thought about Hollywood and
the way movies always glamorized smoking. They had gotten her poor naive best
friend, Mindy, involved in their little scam. They fucked with the wrong
person's best friend. Juliet would certainly get to the bottom of this...

Juliet woke up at around four in the morning. Today would be her first day of
college, but she decided to start  research on the tobacco company/smoking
fetish scam. She turned on her computer, waiting for it to boot and then
opened a web browser. She googled "smoking fetish." The first entry, of
course, was www.averysmokyroom.com with the description "Featuring the
talents of Camille, the hottest smoker on the WWW!!!" She clicked on the link
and once again saw the now familiar image of Mindy exhaling. She looked
around the front page for a link which would show her more, but only saw a
link to the membership section and one for a free tour. She took the free
tour and noticed that while there were other girls on this site, some of them
very pretty, it was obvious who was the star here. Her friend Mindy was
Camille  the smoking fetish superstar. Disgusted, she clicked the icon on her
browser to return to her homepage. A pop-up window appeared. "Interested in a
trial membership for 3 days for only three dollars?" it asked. Juliet thought
about it. The thought of giving Big Tobacco any of her money was something
which Juliet found repulsive, but she figured if she could get to the bottom
of this, these companies would be shelling out a lot more than three dollars.
She took out her debit card and became the newest member of

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