a very smoky room dot com, Part 5

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Five: Change of heart

Juliet got ready for her first day of college and went downstairs to eat
breakfast. Mindy came down a few minutes later and Juliet asked her if she
was going to college after all, in spite of her talk about dropping out the
night before.

"Yeah, I think I might go. It'll give me something to do during the day other
than just laying around the house."

Juliet frowned. Her friend used to be a good student who was focused on
getting good grades. Now all she cared about was that stupid website. Really
though, thought Juliet, who could blame her? She made a ton of money, why
even bother going to school?

Juliet went to her classes that day, but instead of thinking about the new
school, all she could think about was that website. The image of her friend
exhaling on the front page kept coming into her head. She would research this
website when she got home. Big Tobacco and this guy Darren were going down...

Juliet  got home, made herself a quick snack and headed for her room to do
the research. She had bought a trial membership early that morning and she
hadn't even signed in yet.  She went to the website, logged in for the first
time, and saw the splash screen. It was like a lot of other websites she had
been to. It had a chat room and a message board. There was a section for
movies and one for still images. There was a section where a member could
order a movie from the video store. She clicked on the video store link and
noted  that more than half the "solo videos" were of her friend Mindy.
"Camille" had made 14 solo videos. There were also other movies with titles
like `Corks',  `120's' and `Whites' and it took Juliet a moment to figure out
what those movies were about. You mean guys are picky about what kind of
cigarettes the girls smoked, she thought. That seemed kind of funny to

She went back to the membership page splash screen and saw a link for
"Camille's Corner." She clicked on the link and saw the page was dedicated to
her best friend.  The page had a section where members could send her fan
mail. There was a page where it listed all her interests, her favorites
things like her favorite food, lasagna and her favorite color, which was
blue. Juliet knew all those things except for two: her favorite brand which
the site said was Newport 100's and her 'biggest crush'. The website didn't
put who her biggest crush was instead it simply said, " ;) C'mon! You guys
all know who I have the hots for !!!"  She clicked on the movie section under
Camille's section and watched a few movies. Nothing special, she thought to
herself. Were guys really into watching her friend smoke?

"I could go downstairs into her room and watch her smoke for free," Juliet
said to herself laughing. 

Juliet left the website and did more research on the fetish itself. She found
out the domain name averysmokyroom.com was registered to some guy named
Darren Jones. He was probably a tobacco company executive, she thought to
herself as she googled "Darren Jones + Phillip Morris". No luck finding a
link so she tried his name with other tobacco companies, but couldn't find

Juliet decided she had done enough research for one day. Juliet was going to
be persistent, though. She had researched other things before and she never
found really good information when she was actively searching for it. Usually
she would stumble across what she was looking for. She would find what she
was looking for eventually. She was certain of that as she got out her books
and started studying. 

After her second day of school, Juliet was eager to get home and do more
research on the smoking fetish. She went back to the website and browsed
around a little bit more. She went into the chat room where everyone was
talking about her friend. She decided to be honest and got right to the

"Hi, I'm Camille's roommate, Juliet," she told the people in the chat room.

There was a pause as she knew people were typing a response to that. And then
she got her reply:

"Fuckin' troll," said some guy with the screen name SmokeyMikey.

 "Yeah everyone knows Camille's roommate is an anti-smoking bitch. Why would
she be here?" said 120sman.

"She hates smoking, but I bet she'd look good smoking, though," suggested

"Damn, I wish I could go into her room and give her smoky kisses. actually
I'd make her give me smoky kisses while Camille gave me a smoky blowjob,"
added 120sman.

Juliet laughed at the conversation as it continued without her. She didn't
type anything else and just followed what they were saying. When she first
entered the chat room, she thought the tobacco companies must have simply set
up bots to simulate a conversation, but after she saw the response to her
comments, she knew they had to be real people. So the tobacco companies were
paying people to sit in these chat rooms all day. They made a lot of money by
making people sick so she figured they could afford this kind of thing. How
did everyone know that she was anti-smoking, though, she wondered.

She then went to the message board to see what was being discussed there and
it wasn't a surprise that her friend  was the hot topic:

"This website has gone downhill. Way downhill- Darren promised us a new
Camille video in one week. It's been eight days  since then and it's nowhere
to be found." wrote dromedaryjoe impatiently.

 "Yeah, where is that new video, Darren? You've come out  with videos of
other girls since you promised us more Camille, where the fuck is Camille?"
replied some guy named corkluver.

"Guys! I've released three Camille videos in the past month plus she's been
in the latest More, 120's and Cork videos. I tape her every other day so
there's no shortage of Camille videos. Be patient !" came the reply from
Darren the webmaster

"Yeah, chill guys. Darren is the man. And if he ever gets her best friend
Juliet to do a video I will personally bow down and worship him." wrote the
final replier, some guy named closetsmkr.

"How in the hell does he know my name?" asked Juliet out loud. Then she
remembered that she had just typed her name in the chatroom. This guy
'closetsmkr' hadn't been  in the chat room though, and besides- that posting
was a couple of days ago. Mindy must have talked about her on one of her
videos. How else would they know her name? She was curious, but was getting
hungry so went downstairs to eat dinner. Her friend Mindy was already
finished with her dinner and was putting dishes in their top of the line
dishwasher when she said she had to go to work.

Juliet half thought about asking her about why she had brought her name up in
one of the videos. Juliet was a little embarrassed that she had gotten a
temporary membership to the website, though, and decided to save it for
another time. 

Mindy started walking out the door, when Juliet said, "Hey, wait a second,

Mindy had already put a cigarette in her mouth, but not lit  up when Juliet
called her name. She went back inside and said, "What's up?"

Juliet wasn't sure what to say, so she said the first smart ass thing she
could think of, "Give Darren a smoky kiss for me, okay?"

Mindy got a puzzled look on her face and left without a word. That would make
her think for a while. If nothing else, she'd wonder how in the hell Juliet
knew what a smoky kiss was.

Juliet finished her dinner and then did her homework for an hour. She knew it
would be a while before Mindy would be home. Darren would be making yet
another Camille video tonight, no doubt.

She went to her computer and browsed to Camille's now familiar website. She
entered her user name and password and headed for the chatroom. She only had
a little more than a day left before her temporary membership expired, why
was she wasting time in here. But she had to know something...

She asked the question she'd been wanting to ask for a couple of hours. In
what video did Camille talk about her friend Juliet? 

"Which one? Camille talks about Juliet a lot."

Juliet thought for a moment and then typed, "What is the *first* video that
she talks about Juliet?"

She got the same response from a few of the members. The video was Camille
Solo V. Someone then mentioned that the best part of the video wasn't in the
members area. 

"You have to buy the video," suggested another member.

Juliet frowned.  "This website is getting expensive," she said as she pulled
out her debit card.

It didn't take very long to download the video. Like everything else in the
house, their Internet connection was top of the line. Probably a T3, thought

She clicked on the open button once the window said the download was complete
and saw that the Divx player was opening up.

The guys in the chatroom said that the second scene was the one where Camille
talked about her. She decided to watch the first scene, anyway. It was
nothing special, just Camille smoking a Virginia Slim and talking about how
much she enjoyed smoking. Juliet wasn't sure, but she thought that maybe she
had seen a clip of it in the members area before. All these videos looked the
same, she thought as she noticed Mindy crush out the cigarette as the video
faded out and moved to the next scene.

Juliet's heart started pounding. This was it...

She watched her friend as she sat on the black leather couch which seemed to
be in almost all of these videos. There was a pack of Newport 100's on the
table next to the couch and Mindy, or Camille as she was known in the videos,
picked it up and packed it. She opened the pack, took the foil out and
reached into the pack for a cigarette. She pulled one out and dangled it
between her lips for what seemed like forever before she took the lighter and
lit up.

"So, tell me about your friend, the one back home who is going to be your
roommate next year," said a man's voice off camera.

"Well, my best friend is Juliet and she is the biggest anti-smoker in the
whole world. She pretty much single-handedly got smoking banned from public
places in our hometown. I do love her though and she's the best friend any
girl could hope for. I know she hates that I am a smoker, and she definitely
would not look very favorably on me making these videos, but, you know, I
make a lot of money doing these videos and hopefully she'll understand why
I'm doing them. We always dreamed of having a really nice apartment when we
were in college and making these movies helps me live the good life. I want
her to have the best experience at college without having to worry about
money or anything else. I really do love her." 

Camille had taken a few more drags off of the Newport and the voice
off-camera asked her a few more simple innocent questions.

"Well, Juliet is around 5'3". She's really petite, but she's got the cutest
ass and a nice perky set of hooters that I would die for. She's extremely
pretty with blond hair and really incredible blue eyes. I may be the star of
this website, but if she were on here, I would become just another girl."

"Do you think Juliet would ever be in one of these videos?"

Camille laughed as she crushed out her cig and pulled another one out of the
pack. "Let's put it this way, if you set up a shoot tomorrow with Hillary
Clinton and Juliet, I'd be more surprised if Juliet showed up than if Hillary
showed up."

She continued as she lit another cigarette, "It's too bad, though. She would
be the sexiest smoker ever, by far."

"Do you ever masturbate thinking about what Juliet would look like smoking?"

Camille laughed as she exhaled. She was turning red. 

"Actually, I have. She would be so incredibly sexy. I think I've masturbated
at least a dozen times imaging  how she'd look smoking a cigarette." 

She took a few more drags and then added, "I guess the thought that really
turns me on is that she would maybe watch me smoke and get turned on. You
know, she would watch one of my videos and start masturbating because she
thought I was sexy when I smoked."

Juliet's heart was racing now as she listened to the rest of the scene. She
moved the scroll bar back  to the beginning of the second scene and watched
it again. This time she focused on her friend's smoking. She kind of does
look sexy smoking, Juliet thought to herself.

The third time she watched that scene was what changed her life. Perhaps it
was the repetition of what her friend was saying or maybe it woke something
up inside her, but she noticed she was getting really horny. She reached down
and started massaging her crotch gently outside her panties. She went back to
the beginning of the scene and stared as her friend lit up the Newport. She
was hot, Juliet thought to herself. She reached inside her panties and worked
her finger into her vagina. It didn't take long before she started squealing
with delight as she reached climax just as her friend had exhaled the last
puff from her cigarette before crushing it in her ashtray. 

Juliet waited a few minutes and decided she was ready for another round. She
reached back down to her soaked panties and started it all over again as she
watched the scene over and over again. This time, it took a little bit longer
and Juliet was thoroughly exhausted when she let out one final moan and felt
another orgasm beginning. 

Juliet just sat there for a few minutes in a daze. Her breathing started to
slow down a little, but she was exhausted as she got into her bed. What had
just happened? Was that her that did that? The queen of all anti-smokers was
turned on by her best friend's smoking. She was exhausted though and quickly
went to sleep.

Juliet woke up the next morning and she saw that Mindy was already awake. She
looked at her friend as she had never looked at her before. "I'm not gay, am
I?" Juliet asked herself silently. 

"Hey, Jules," greeted Mindy.

"Hey, Min," replied Juliet as she poured the cereal into her bowl, "We
haven't spent any time together in a while and I was wondering if I could
ride up to campus with you today."

"Sure," said Mindy and then carefully adding, "But I usually smoke a few
cigarettes in my car on the way to school. Is that a problem?"

"No, it's alright I guess." Juliet was trying to sound a little upset, but in
reality, that was why she wanted to ride up to classes with her. She wanted
to see her smoke, not in a video, but in real life. She had seen her smoke in
real life countless times, but her whole perception about her best friend's
habit had changed after last night.

After they were ready for school, they got into Mindy's car and she drove

A couple minutes went by and Mindy hadn't lit up yet. Perhaps she was trying
to be considerate of her friend who hated smoking. If she only knew the truth
right now, Juliet thought to herself.

"Finally!" Juliet thought to herself as she saw Mindy reach for her purse,
open it up and pull out a pack of cigarettes. They were Newport 100's, box
just like in the video. She put one in her mouth and lit up.

"Sorry," said Mindy as she exhaled the smoke trying to blow it away from her
friend. Juliet smiled for a minute and watched as her friend took another
huge puff.

"So are these your regular brand?" asked Juliet with curiosity. The website
said it was her favorite brand.

Mindy thought for a moment and asked, "Why are you curious about what brand I
smoke all of a sudden?"

Perhaps Mindy knew she had visited her website. She had the technology,
surely she could monitor her web activity thought Juliet a little paranoid.
Juliet thought of the perfect answer and said, "I was curious because when I
went into your room the other night, I saw a bunch of different brands of
cigarettes on your coffee table."

Mindy laughed. "Oh, those are from my modeling job. Darren has me smoke
different cigarettes in the videos. Some guys like it when girls smoke a
certain kind or brand of cigarette. I'll open up a pack, smoke a few for the
video. The next scene, he'll hand me a different brand, and I'll smoke them,
and so on. By the end of the night, they'll be like five or six packs just
laying on the table, so I grab them all, put them in my purse and Darren
hasn't said anything about it, so I keep on doing it. I guess Newports are my
favs, though."

Juliet watched her take another drag and thought maybe she was staring so she
quickly looked away.

Mindy noticed her looking away and thought maybe it was the mention of her
job and said, "I'm sorry. I know you don't really want to talk about the
whole smoking video thing, so I'll try not to bring it up anymore."

They got to the campus and Mindy said, "Hey, I'm going to smoke another one,
and I'm sure you don't want to be in the car when I smoke it, so I'll see you
later, Jules."

"That's okay. I'll hang out with you a little bit longer. It's been a while
since we've hung out for any length of time, and I don't want a little bit of
smoke to get in the way of hanging out with you." replied Juliet.

"Alright then," said Mindy with a smile as she pulled another cig out of the

Mindy lit up her Newport and the car was starting to get a little smoky.
Juliet unconsciously took a deep breath and noticed her perception of
cigarette smoke was starting to change. Maybe it was simply the fact that the
smoke was coming from Mindy's cigarette or maybe it was something else. All
Juliet was sure of was that she had always been repelled by the smell of
smoke, but for the first time in her life, she was enjoying the smell of
smoke as her friend Mindy exhaled. Juliet started to feel horny as she
watched her friend smoke out of the corner of her eye. After Mindy crushed it
out, they both said goodbye and went to their first class. At least Mindy
headed for her first class, Juliet made a little detour for the restroom
where she quickly looked under each stall to make sure no one else was in
there and went into the one farthest from the door, pulled down her jeans,
peeled off her panties, and masturbated as she thought of the smell of the
smoke which had streamed out of Mindy's lips a few minutes earlier in the
car. She finished up, put her clothes back on, and washed her hands. Luckily,
no one had entered the restroom while she was in the stall so the moans and
groans went unheard by anyone else. She was late for her first class.

They met back at Mindy's car after their last classes and Juliet was glad to
see her friend light up again. Mindy said she had to work early that night-
Darren had an early shoot scheduled, so she would see her later. 

Juliet watched Mindy's Porsche pull away and quickly went up to her room. She
would watch Camille Solo V  several times that night. The video was an hour
long and while she occasionally moved it back to her favorite scene, the one
where she talked about their friendship and more, she did manage to make it
to the very end a few times. She had taken a break to eat dinner and she
found herself wandering into Mindy's side of the house. It smelled really
smoky there and she started getting even hornier as she smelled the smoke.
She went into Mindy's bedroom which was the smokiest room of all and pulled
out a cigarette from a nearby pack. She got in Mindy's bed and started
playing with herself as she dangled the unlit Newport in her mouth. It
smelled minty and she wondered if Mindy's breath was that minty. She wanted
to find out so badly in that moment. She finished playing with herself, put
the cigarette back in the pack and hoped the filter which was all wet would
dry out before Mindy eventually pulled it out of the pack. It had never
occurred to her that she could have smoked a cigarette. Part of her was still
adamantly opposed to smoking.

Was this just some sort of crush or was she in love with her best friend? She
had never even had a single lesbian thought until the previous day. She
didn't think about what was happening too much because it made her crazy just
thinking about how her feelings were changing for Mindy. By 10 pm that night
she had probably had more orgasms that day then she had probably had in the
average month. Hell, she'd had years were she'd played with herself less than
she had in that day she said to herself.

She went back to the website and decided to go into the chatroom. If she had
been disgusted by her fellow website members the day before, she now had a
common bond with them. They all had the hots for the same girl. Except, I can
see her smoke whenever I want to, thought Juliet. She decided to once again
try the honest approach in the chatroom and announced that she was Juliet and
she had actually changed her mind about smoking. She found Camille as hot as
the rest of them did. No one believed her, of course, and Juliet laughed as
she saw people type Juliet in the same sentence as `bitch', `cunt', and
`Nazi'- or all three at the same time. If they only knew the truth.

Juliet went back to the front page and noticed Camille Solo XV was now
available for immediate download. She took out her debit card again, paid the
forty dollars for this new video and watched it. "That was great!" she said
as she finished watching it, of course, taking care of business a couple of
times during the sixty minute video. Damn, this video watching was getting
expensive. She would buy one more video and that would be enough for her
collection, for now at least. 

Which video should she buy, though? She was sure they would all turn her on,
but she wanted to get input from the other members before she made her
choice. She went to the message board and posted a new thread. She was new to
the website and she loved it, she said. Which one of Camille's videos did
everyone think was the best one? Within an hour, there were a couple dozen
responses. It was almost unanimous: Camille Solo X was by far the best video
according to almost everyone.

Juliet clicked on the link for Camille Solo X and read the description:

"Camille reaches a new level of sensuality in this video. She opens the video
by talking to the camera as if she were teaching her best friend Juliet how
to smoke her first cigarette...

She read the rest of the description which ended with "... and Camille enjoys
her favorite brand Newport 100's throughout the video."

Juliet reread the first couple of sentences. 

It would all happen tomorrow night. Juliet would download the video and her
friend would teach her how to smoke her first cigarette...

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