a very smoky room dot com, Part 6

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Six: Camille Solo X

"Today is the day," said Juliet. She knew what she planned on doing that
night, and was getting really nervous(and horny) thinking about it. Her
friend Mindy had already left for school as she had an early class, but
Juliet had a couple of hours before she had to head  to campus. She decided
to watch her favorite video, Camille Solo V, again.  She finished watching it
while playing with herself, of course, and got ready for school.

The school day dragged by and Juliet was getting a little bit nervous. For
most of the day, she thought she would chicken out and not go through with
it. The decision she was about to make was one which she had never imagined
she would ever even contemplate. She finally made it out of her last class
and she headed for the store for the one purchase which was sort of a
prerequisite for her to make her second purchase. Earlier in the day, she had
told herself that once she made that first purchase, she wouldn't back out of
the decision. She headed into the store. 

This, of course, wasn't the first time she had ever done this before. In her
bedroom back at her parents house there was a plaque on the wall which the
local police department store had given her after the 50th convenience store
bust they had made with her as the buyer. She had bought cigarettes enough
times to know exactly how to order them. Her friends at the police department
had coached her on how to sound like an adult and which brands would make the
clerk think she was probably an adult and which brands teens preferred. Of
course, she was now an adult, but for the first time, she was nervous buying
a pack of cigarettes, because this time she would be smoking them.

"A pack of Newport 100's in the box please. I`ll take a lighter too." She
thought for a moment. She could vaguely remember buying a pack of Newport
100's during one of the many sting operations she'd done. Why did she seem to
remember that time better than the countless others? She wasn't sure, but
didn't dwell on the significance of that memory for long.

The clerk looked at her face and asked for her ID. Satisfied, the clerk
handed her the pack, and Juliet headed for her car.

Juliet laughed when she got to the car. When she had been a minor buying
cigarettes for police sting operations, she seldom got carded, maybe two or
three times. Here she was buying her first pack as an adult, the first pack
she had bought which she actually planned on using as intended, and she was
carded. She remembered what she told herself earlier, once she made her first
purchase- there was no backing down on the second one. She put the pack of
cigarettes in her purse and headed home.

She opened the door and her friend Mindy said hello from the other room.  She
knew her friend had a video to shoot tonight, but she wanted to see her
before she left. She went into the kitchen and what she saw made her laugh.
Mindy was wearing a kimono and wore makeup which made her eyes look Asian. 

"What the..." Juliet started to say.

"Don't ask," interrupted Mindy, "You really don't want to know."

Juliet thought about the post she had read  on the message board earlier that
day. Looks like the rumors about the Camille "Asian video" were true. Her
friend did look hot as an Asian, Juliet thought to herself. She'd really look
sexy smoking a cig right now.

Juliet remembered why she had gone into the kitchen to see Mindy and said,
"Min, I just wanted to say I love you." as she gave her a big hug.

"I love you, too," replied her friend and they hugged for what seemed like
forever. For the first time since Juliet had known Mindy, the hug made goose
bumps appear on her skin. 

"I'm in love," Juliet thought to herself.

They looked into each  others eyes for a few seconds. Juliet felt like
kissing her and feeling her smoky lips pressed up against her own lips. Did
she feel the same way about her, Juliet asked herself.  It was hard to tell.
Maybe the things she had said on her video were simply for the audience and
not her true feelings.

Mindy said she had to go and they hugged again.

Juliet watched the car drive away and then quickly made her way upstairs to
her bedroom. She would be making her second big purchase of the day. She
pulled out her debit card and bought Camille Solo X. Maybe the website would
crash and the video wouldn't download and then she could back out of doing
this crazy idea. "No," she thought to herself, "I have to do this, at least
once in my life."

The movie downloaded quickly because of the super-fast connection speed. She
stared at the window which told her the download was complete for a few
minutes. In a few minutes, she would never be able to use her standard "I've
never even tried smoking a cigarette before," line again. She pulled off her
clothes, even her panties. She would watch this video naked.

She breathed deeply, pulled out the ashtray which she had gotten from Mindy's
side of the house and reached into her purse and pulled out the pack of
Newports and her lighter. She finally clicked the mouse button and opened the
video file.

After a few seconds of darkness she saw the caption "Camille Solo X" followed
by another second where it faded and then the caption announcing the first
scene appeared on the screen. It read "Scene 1: Teaching Juliet How to Smoke"

"Hey, Jules, how are you?" said her friend as she looked directly at the
camera. She was wearing the outfit that Juliet had bought her the last time
they had gone to the mall before Mindy left for college. Mindy said she loved
the outfit, but couldn't afford it since she was trying to save as much money
for school as possible. Juliet had secretly told the clerk to save it for
her, and she bought it the next day and gave it to Mindy when she saw her off
the day she left for college. Mindy had cried when she opened the package and
Juliet knew it had a lot of sentimental value to Mindy. She was sitting on
the now familiar black leather couch  with her pack of cigarettes on the
table besides the couch.

"So, you've decided to start smoking, Juliet," said her friend, "I don't have
to tell you of all people that it is a nasty, disgusting habit. It has its
rewards, though and you will soon find out exactly what I mean. Maybe we can
pick up a few more bad habits together along the way. I don't want you to
feel like I'm pressuring you, though. Are you sure you want to do this,

Juliet was hypnotized by the screen. It was like she had no control over what
was happening. Of course she knew she did, but she just couldn't stop. She
thought for a second and nodded. Yes, she wanted to do this...

"Good," said Camille as she reached for her pack of Newport 100's. "I hope
you have your pack of cigarettes handy because I have mine. Let me show you
how to pack them."

They both packed the cigarettes for a few seconds and then Camille said,
"That's good enough. Now open up the pack, take one out and sniff it. Good.
Now I want you to get used to the feel of holding a cigarette in your mouth
and in your hand for a few minutes. Suck on it for a few seconds and feel the
taste in your mouth. Mine feels minty, how about yours? I don't know what
brand you are smoking, but I think you would like Newports. They're really

"I'm smoking a Newport, too !" said Juliet dangling the unlit Newport from
her lips as if Camille was right in front of her. She was more than getting
into the video. The video was getting into her.

"Now we're going to practice for a few minutes without lighting up. This will
be sort of like a dry run."

Juliet practiced for a few minutes following her friends every move, her
every gesture. 

"Ready for the big moment, Jules?" asked Camille and she flicked her lighter.
Juliet followed suit and both flames touched the end of their respective
cigarettes at the same time. Juliet sucked on the filter a moment as she felt
the first smoke from her first cigarette enter her mouth. Juliet coughed a

Camille laughed for a second. "Don't worry. It gets better. We all cough when
we try our first cigarette. I have a feeling you'll be feeling much better by
the time you finish your cigarette," Camille said reassuringly. 

"Just take baby puffs, Jules. Don't worry about inhaling right away." 

Camille demonstrated what she was talking about and took a few small drags
off her cigarette blowing out the smoke right away without inhaling.

"I'm going to inhale my smoke, but you just keep on taking baby puffs of of
yours  for a few minutes and let me know when you are ready to start
inhaling. Just get used to the taste of smoke in your mouth."

Juliet did as she was instructed for a few minutes and then said she was
ready to start inhaling.

Her friend smiled and said, "I think you've had enough baby puffs, you're
ready to start inhaling now."

Camille continued, "Now watch me inhale closely a few times and then you try
it." she inhaled a few times slow and deliberate. "Now take the cigarette
into your mouth, suck on it like you've been doing. When you're done open
your mouth and breath in air sucking it into your chest."

Juliet tried to do what she said, but was not successful and coughed a

"It takes a little bit of practice to get it right. When you finally do it
right, you'll feel a tickly sensation at the back of your throat," said

Mindy took another drag off her cigarette and Juliet followed. This time she
knew she did it right as she felt it at the back of her throat as her friend
had promised. 

"Good," said Camille, "It looks like you've gotten the hang of smoking, so
let's finish our cigarettes. You're probably starting to get your first
nicotine buzz, doesn't it feel really good? Don't feel you have to keep up
with me. I'm a pro."

Juliet's head was staring to feel light, but she decided to take one drag for
every three that her friend took. Even at that pace, she still managed to
start feeling really dizzy. How could her friend take that many drags, she
thought to herself.

Camille finally crushed out her cigarette in her ashtray, and Juliet quickly
followed. The world was spinning around, but she managed to somewhat regain
her composure after a few seconds.

"Mmm. That was really good. I think I'm going to smoke another one. You're
still a new smoker so I think you should wait a few minutes before you smoke
another one. Why don't you watch me smoke this cigarette and if you feel like
you need to keep your hands busy doing something else, go ahead..."

Juliet didn't really need the invitation from her friend to start
masturbating. She had never had the urge to masturbate as much as she did in
that moment. Juliet watched her friend light  another cigarette and blow the
smoke towards her and masturbated with an intensity she had never had before.
As her friend crushed out the second cigarette of the video, Juliet started
to climax like she had never done before. She had the orgasm of all orgasm as
she was still feeling the lingering effects of the nicotine.

"Did you enjoy watching me smoke? I know I enjoyed my cigarette knowing that
you were watching me smoke it. I think you're ready for another one."

They both reached into their packs of Newports and pulled one out.

"You're a smoker now, Jules. But I'm going to teach you how to really enjoy
smoking, how to get the most enjoyment possible out of each cigarette,"
Camille said dangling the unlit cigarette from her lips. She lit up as did
Juliet a second later. Camille showed her how to hold the cigarette properly,
how to ash it, and different tricks. 

They both crushed out their cigarette and Camille said, "I'm going to smoke
another, but I think you've had enough for now. I'm sure you can find
something to do while I smoke this."

Juliet nodded  and reached down again. She played with herself again and then
they both smoked another cigarette before Camille got off the couch, took off
her pants, and laid down. 

"I'm not sure if this scene will be cut out. Darren says he'll film it, and
make the decision later. But I really want to do this, Jules. I'm going to
pretend to watch you smoke a cigarette while masturbating. I'm going to smoke
and masturbate, too. Darren says he doesn't do nudity even though I've tried
to talk him into it, so I'm going to have to reach into my panties and play
with myself. Feel free to take yours off. Oh, I forgot- you already took your
panties off."

They both lit up and started playing with themselves while dangling the
Newport from their lips, occasionally taking a drag off of it. They both
climaxed at nearly the same time and crushed out their cigarettes.

Camille sat back up on the couch and  teasingly said, "That was fun, Jules.
Maybe we can do this again. Next time maybe I can play with yours and you can
play with mine?"

That was the end of the video and Juliet got up for a moment and thought
about what had just happened. She looked into the ashtray and noticed the
four cigarettes she had smoked. That was four cigarettes more than she had
ever expected to ever smoke during her lifetime. Her good side was starting
to reemerge for a brief instance and she thought that maybe this should be a
one time deal, but she knew she would probably do it again. That was one of
the pleasurable experiences she had had her entire life. Had she enjoyed
smoking or did she just enjoy the whole thing as a sexual experience? The
cigarettes weren't as bad as she expected, but it was hard for her to think
about smoking objectively without thinking about the sexual aspects.

She went to the hall closet and got a can of air freshener and sprayed it
generously in the air across the room. She lit a scented candle and was
satisfied that the smell of smoke had subsided enough just in case Mindy
happened to come into her room. Mindy didn't often come upstairs so that was
unlikely anyway. She emptied the ashtray into the toilet and flushed. She put
the ashtray, her cigarettes, and the lighter into her desk drawer for the
next time. She knew there would definitely be a next time...

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