a very smoky room dot com, Part 7

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Seven: Camille's biggest fan

Juliet went downstairs the next morning and noticed that Mindy had already
left. It was safe to do it again, she thought to herself, and she repeated
last night's performance.

Juliet would do the same thing several times over the next week or so. It was
strange. She was madly in love with her best friend, but she wasn't sure if
she preferred it when she was home alone masturbating in her room or hanging
out with Mindy when she was home. She found herself going into the smoky side
of the house a lot more to hang out with Mindy. She loved watching her smoke,
and found herself making excuses for going into Mindy's room just to watch
her smoke, like saying she needed help studying for a test. 

If Mindy was becoming suspicious, she never let on. Actually it kind of
reminded Juliet of the start of their friendship. Mindy was a year older and
in seventh grade when she met Juliet who was then in the sixth grade. For the
first year, it was not a relationship of equals as Juliet seemed to follow
Mindy around like a puppy dog waiting for the occasional word of praise and
pat on the head. Later it became a more equal relationship. If anything,
Mindy had been more of the sidekick in high school  as Juliet became more
confident in herself. Falling in love with Mindy made Juliet feel more and
more like the annoying sidekick she had once been as she made every
opportunity possible to hang out with Mindy. Her love was changing the
dynamics of the relationship, she thought to herself one day. Maybe she
should tell Mindy how she really felt about her. Maybe she should tell her
she was now a closet smoker.

As for her smoking, the first week she only smoked when she masturbated while
she watched the Camille videos. She was adamant about that. She would not
become a habitual smoker who smoked because she was addicted. She admitted to
herself after a couple of days that she really enjoyed smoking, not only the
way it made her feel, but also she was starting to enjoy the menthol taste of
her Newports. She had bought another pack when the first one was empty but
she still figured she was in control of her smoking.

On the tenth day after her first cigarette, she woke up late and realized she
was would have to hurry if she wanted to make it to school on time. She had
stayed up too late the night before masturbating and smoking while watching
the new Camille Asian video and she wouldn't have time for her morning ritual
of smoking while watching a video. 

She quickly got in her car and headed for campus. After driving a couple of
blocks, she felt edgy. She knew she needed something. Was she feeling this
way because she had missed her morning masturbation session? Sure, she was
horny and really wanted to play with herself, but maybe it was more than
that. Maybe if she smoked a cigarette, she'd feel better. She stopped by the
store and picked up a pack of cigarettes. She was breaking the rule she had
made as she smoked a cigarette in her car for the first time. 

After a few days, Juliet noticed she was breaking the rule more and more
often. She not only smoked when she watched the Camille videos, she smoked on
the way to school and on the way back. Another cigarette or two when Mindy
wasn't around and Juliet noticed she was up to a pack a day. She bought her
first carton soon after that.

As for her feelings for Mindy, they were still very strong. She was her
biggest fan and had bought a year membership to the site. She was glad that
it included three free movies and she downloaded the movies and noticed she
was almost caught up with her Camille collection. She even downloaded a
couple of the specialty movies like the Cork and More ones to get the odd
Camille scene she might be missing. She got annoyed when she got to the
scenes with the other models. "Who wants to see that old bitch?" Juliet said
as she lit up another Newport and noticed there was a scene coming up on the
Cork video with a new model Linda. "I mean, she must be like 25 years old or
something." All of the models were pretty, but none of them had the spunk,
the personality of Camille, her Mindy, she said to herself. 

"Am I a lesbian?" Juliet asked herself. She only had the hots for one girl
and that was Mindy. Maybe she just needed to get laid. She had had a
boyfriend, John,  for most of her senior year and had lost her virginity to
him right before spring break. Things just didn't work out, and they broke up
a month before she had left for college. She hadn't dated since then and she
thought that maybe finding a boyfriend would make her forget all about Mindy.

One Saturday, Mindy had decided to spend the entire day at home which was
strange since she was always out and about rarely spending a whole lot of
time at home. Juliet knew she couldn't watch videos while Mindy was around.
What if she walked in on her? She couldn't smoke either. She had thought
about telling Mindy that she was now a smoker, but that would be too awkward.
Mindy was too busy with her life and really hadn't suspected that Juliet was
a smoker. She was still very apologetic when she ended up smoking around
Juliet and she respected the smoking/non-smoking divide of the sliding glass
door. And Juliet had been really careful doing all the things she had to do
to avoid being caught.

By the late afternoon, Juliet was getting impatient waiting for an
opportunity to smoke a cigarette and watch one of her videos. Why doesn't
Mindy just go somewhere, anywhere today? Finally, Juliet knew she had to go
somewhere before she went crazy. She might not be able to watch a video
today, but she had to have a cigarette. She got in her car and realized that
she had left her cigarettes in her hiding place in the back of her closet. It
would be quicker and easier just running to the convenience store and she
went to the store and bought her usual brand Newport 100's.

She opened it quickly and smoked a cig on her way to the bar across from
campus. She went inside and ordered a drink. She had been to this bar before
and she knew she wouldn't get carded. She sat in the far corner where she
could smoke and drink in semi-privacy. She had met a few people since she
started college, but they were just acquaintances, since she spent most of
her free time in her room visiting her favorite website. 

She lit up a cigarette and noticed there was a blond guy a couple of tables
down staring at her. He's kinda cute though, she said to herself. He was very
doable, she thought. Maybe he'll stop staring and come over here and
introduce himself. But she noticed he wasn't smoking and didn't look like he
was a smoker. She more than anyone was conscious of the fact that most
non-smokers preferred being with other non-smokers. Still, he did seem to be
interested in her even though she was smoking like a chimney. 

He finally got the nerve to get up and come over to her table after she
crushed out her cigarette.

"Hey, I noticed you were sitting alone, you mind if I join you?"

"No, I was kinda hoping you'd ask," said Juliet flirtatiously. She knew him
from somewhere she thought to herself but couldn`t figure out where she knew
him from. She recognized that voice.

They sat there for a moment just gazing into each others eyes somewhat
awkwardly when Juliet finally asked, "Hey, you mind if I smoke?"

"No, go right ahead." said the guy.

"Would you like one?" asked Juliet politely.

"No, thanks. I don't smoke. But I don't mind if you smoke. Go right ahead."

Juliet lit her cigarette and noticed the guy was watching her smoke closely. 

She exhaled a thick plume of smoke and the guy finally said, "I'm sorry. I
didn't even introduce myself. My name is Darren."

Juliet's heart skipped a beat and she found herself coughing a little bit. Oh
my God, she thought to herself. It's him. She knew she had recognized that
voice from somewhere. He didn't look like she thought he would look like. She
imagined some old man with a potbelly and a balding gray head, not the blond
athletic looking hunk that now sat in front of her. 

Juliet knew that he knew hearing his name startled her and she knew what she
was about to say would surely be a shock to him. "My name is Juliet," she
said and added, "But all my friends call me Jules."

His mouth dropped open. After a few minutes he regained his composure and
started talking about the weather. Obviously she knew he knew who she was and
he knew she knew who he was. And they both knew what the other knew. 

Juliet reached over and touched his hand. "Look," she said, "we both know a
lot about each other already, so let's just be honest and say what's on our
mind, okay?"

"Okay," said Darren and he smiled at her, "You're more beautiful than
Camille, or I guess she goes by Mindy in real life, ever described. You're
more beautiful than I imagined you would be."

"You're kinda cute, too," said Juliet as she ran her fingers through his
blond locks of hair, "I was expecting some old fat bald guy to be Darren."

"You don't work for the tobacco companies, do you?" Juliet added quickly.
Even though she now had a smoking fetish and was a smoker, part of her was
still suspicious about a conspiracy. 

Darren laughed. "You know I've been asked that before. I sometimes wish they
would sponsor me. Or at least give me some free samples. You know how much
money I spend on cigarettes a week? Especially Camille, she smokes one or two
from each pack and then takes them all home with her every night. She must
have quite a stash at home."

Juliet laughed as she crushed out her cigarette and said, "She does have a
nice cache of cigarettes. Enough to last through any emergency."

She lit up another one and said, "So, you don't smoke, yet you think smoking
is sexy. I don't get it."

"I actually don't like smoking personally. Sometimes I wonder what it is that
turns me on about smoking. I don't try to analyze it too much, though. But I
know if smoking didn't turn me on so much, I would probably be as
anti-smoking as you are. Or were I guess I should say. So, tell me how you
started smoking."

"Why don't I tell you when you're filming your next video. I can make it
right now if you want." said Juliet.

"Hmm. Unfortunately, my cameraman Bill is out of town and won't be back until

"I might change my mind by then. You know how to operate a camera, don't

"Of course," replied Darren.

"Then let's go!"

She took his hand and led him outside the bar...

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