a very smoky room dot com, Part 9

(by Dromedary Joe, 15 July 2008)

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a very smoky room dot com
by Dromedary Joe

Part Nine: Darren's personal smoking model...

Usually, Darren would ask them questions off camera to get the conversation
started in the video. He was in awe of Juliet though and didn't know the
right questions to ask as he started the video. It really didn't matter with
Juliet though. She was a talker. And she was a smoker. Darren would end up
filming two hours of Juliet that night, and she ended up finishing the pack
of Newport 100's  Darren had picked up on the way to the studio by the end of
the shoot. 

She started out by talking about how she had been the most anti-smoking
person in the world. Darren remembered she was only 18 and so he knew her
monologue would include a lot of hyperbolic phrases. It only accentuated her
youth and made her even more sexy. Darren did wonder if she considered him
more than just a producer. He was ten years older than her and he hoped that
wouldn't get in the way of a relationship he hoped would develop. He had
always had a personal rule never to get involved with the girls. It was
strictly a business relationship. Even Camille who he was closer to than any
of his other models never really talked off camera with him all that much
about anything other than business. He didn't even know where she lived-
where they lived, he thought to himself. But he was having an internal
conflict about Juliet. If there was one girl who he would break his rule for,
it would be Juliet.

She continued on with her story. Darren wasn't sure if it was the alcohol she
had had at the bar which was making her so talkative or if she was using this
as therapy for what was on her mind, all he knew was that he was getting more
and more aroused as she told him her story.

"So when I got here to go to college, I wondered how Camille made her money.
She told me after a week, and I couldn't believe that people would - like,
pay to see her smoke. I was sure that Darren- you were a tobacco company
executive. You know, like working for Phillip Morris or something and trying
to get people to start smoking, so I decided to investigate. I bought a
membership to the site."

She crushed out a cig and quickly lit up another one as she told her story.

Darren listened as she explained how she had bought a membership to the
website and downloaded one of the videos and she found that like many of his
other members had fallen for Camille. Darren looked at Juliet. It was obvious
that she was madly in love with her roommate, her best friend.  He had never
been sure whether it was possible for a girl to have the fetish. Camille
talked on her videos about having the fetish, but Darren was never really
sure if that was an act or for real. But with Juliet, there was no doubt in
his mind.  She understood too well. There were nuances that other models,
even Camille,  hadn't picked up about the fetish,  but Juliet was an expert
on smoking sexuality because she knew what she liked when she watched a girl
smoke.  And she said she had all of Camille's videos.

"So how did you start smoking?" he finally asked. He wasn't sure if he was
asking more for the people who might eventually buy this video or for
himself. All he knew is he was really turned on by her right then.

"Camille X," said Juliet after lighting yet another cig. "Once I knew what
the video was about, I had to have it, and I had to have her teach me how to

Darren smiled. He remembered when he had told Camille to make the video as if
she was looking at her best friend, not the camera, and teaching Juliet how
to smoke. It was his most successful video by far and the fetish community
had given him much praise for his unique presentation. It had had a huge
effect on so many people. It had had a huge effect on Juliet. She was now a
smoker because she had watched it.

She went on with her story. In some places, she actually repeated what she
had already said, but Darren didn't mind. He doubted anyone else who watched
this video would mind either. She was the hottest smoker he had ever seen.
Hell, he could turn this film into a silent movie, like one of the pre-talkie
era films and this would still become his best seller ever. But some of the
dialog in this movie was a gem. The way she talked about looking forward to
her friend going to a shoot so she could stay in her room and masturbate all
night while smoking and watching one of Camille's videos made him want to
pull down his pants and masturbate right then and there.

"Hey, is it okay if a masturbate right now?" Juliet asked.

Darren was taken aback by the question. He had never even dreamed of asking
her to do that, but here she was asking if it was okay. It was definitely
more than okay, thought Darren.

"Umm, sure," he said. He hadn't gotten into nudity yet, even though he had
considering adding it eventually, but he was surprised that Juliet was here
taking off her jeans and underwear.

She crushed out the cigarette she was smoking, put another one in her mouth,
laid down, and lit up. She moved her right hand down to her pussy and started
playing with herself. For the next hour, Darren was treated to an incredible
spectacle as Juliet masturbated almost non-stop barely pausing to light up
cigarettes or crush another one in the ash tray. After she was done, or most
likely drained of all of her energy,  she sat up and just breathed for a few
seconds. Was she okay?

Darren sat down beside her with the camera still running. She lit up the last
cigarette from her pack which she had opened up only a few hours before and
said she was fine.

"That felt so good," she said as she exhaled a thick plume of smoke.

"You were incredible, Jules," he told her using her nickname for the first

"Thanks," she said as she  touched his hand.

"Umm, Juliet. I want you to know that I'll let you help me edit this video if
you want. You said and did a lot of things on it that you might not want
everyone to know about. But honestly, I have always had a policy of not
getting involved with the girls I film. But I think you're special and I'd
probably make a lot of money if I put you in my films, but I'm actually more
interested in you, you know, as someone I'd like to be in a relationship

He had said it very awkwardly, but he knew that she knew he was sincere.
Juliet smiled and said, "Would you like a smoky kiss?"

Darren's heart started beating even faster. He had always been very good
about having the sexual fetish aspect of his life separate from the other
areas of his life. He typically didn't date a lot of smokers in the past and
had never told any of his previous girlfriends his big secret as much as he
had wanted to. He just never got the nerve to tell them. He had always
dreamed of having a smoky kiss, at least once in his lifetime.

"Sure," he said trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

She got into his lap and giggled. He put his arms around her waist and waited
for what he had always dreamed of happening. She took a huge drag and she
moved her lips slowly towards his. This was heaven, Darren thought to himself
as he tasted the sweet smell of his first smoky kiss.

She gave him smoky kiss after smoky kiss until the cigarette was down to the
filter. He wasn't used to the smoke and was starting to get a major nicotine

She paused to get another pack, pulling one out and said, "I'd love to be
your girlfriend," she paused to light up and added, "And I'll be your
personal smoking model. But first I want you to become addicted to me." She
blew more smoke in his mouth. After she finished smoking the cigarette, she
ripped his shirt off, yanked off his pants and underwear and made love to him
on the black leather couch with the camera still running...

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