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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Adele lets everybody know

So many people had asked Adele about how she started smoking and why she now
smoked so many cigarettes that she decided to send out an email to all her

"Dear all," the email commenced.

"I first started smoking when I was 13.  You know, it was the usual thing,
some other girls at school were experimenting, and I just had to do it too.
Most of them didn't inhale then, just puffed at a cigarette and blew the smoke
straight out.  But straight away I realised that you didn't get addicted just
by smoking that way.  I knew that adult smokers did something different so
that they could enjoy it more.

"So I set out to learn how to inhale.  I had to enlist the help of my big
sister, who had left home to go and live with her boyfriend when she was 19.
She used to tell me that she needed to both smoke and have sex to survive and
claimed that one was related to the other.  So she seemed the best one to ask.
But she lived on the other side of town and did not come to visit my mother
very often, so I had to dream up excuses to go and see her.

"Anyway, the next time I went over to her place, she was more than happy to
teach me how to smoke properly.  I spent the whole afternoon there and in that
time I learned not only how to inhale, but also different ways to exhale and
how to hold a cigarette to look attractive.  Just watching her would have made
me want to smoke if I hadn't been that way inclined before.  She just made it
look so good and sexy.  I left her place knowing just how much I was going to
enjoy smoking.  The only problem I had was not knowing how I would actually
get the cigarettes to smoke.

"My sister bought me my first pack of smokes and sent me on my way, wishing me
good luck in my smoking career.

"Well, after I smoked that packet in just a few days, I was back to square
one.  My sister told me she had confessed to Mum that she had started smoking
when she was almost 15 and Mum had reluctantly let her continue.  But here was
I - only 13 and wanting to smoke.  Anyway, I decided to be up-front about it
and I just told Mum a few days later.

"Mum took it better than I thought she would.  She realised that I had talked
to my sister about it and so she had to admit that she had let my sister smoke
after some initial argument.  Mum had enough problems of her own at the time
and was anxious not to go through that process again with me.  So she said she
would buy me one pack a week and that was to be my limit as far as she was

"I figured that, if I had a pack of 20 smokes a week, I could have two each
school day and five each on Saturday and Sunday.  Having my own cigarettes was
better than bludging them from the other girls at school.  A lot of them had
difficulty in getting smokes themselves.  So I kind of felt independent for a

"But then, after a couple of months, 20 a week was no longer enough.  I knew
that one girl at school, Karen, had persuaded her mother to buy her a pack
every second day, which meant she was smoking ten a day - and that was on
school days - it was even more at the weekend.  My two per school day seemed
very small fry compared with Karen's.  So I used to do the rounds of the other
girls each week and usually I could manage to beg or buy another ten smokes or
so a week.  That took me up to 30 a week, which satisfied me for a while.

"After I had turned 14, Mum's emotional upheavals were continuing for various
reasons.  There were threats of her being made redundant at work, then one of
her best friends suddenly died, and finally a man she had been seeing dropped
her without any warning.  As a result, she increased her cigarette consumption
quite considerably to combat the stress she was suffering.  I was a little
brat at that age, so I said to her one day, 'You're smoking more lately, Mum,
but I'm still restricted to my one pack per week.  I think you ought to let me
more smoke more, too.  After all, I live here too and I have to put up with
all your moods and problems.'

"Rather than have a fight with me, she gave in and increased my limit from one
to two packs a week.  That made me feel a whole lot better, especially at the
weekend, because I could then budget on having ten each Saturday and Sunday,
which were my most social days.  I could hold my head up high among the
smoking fraternity of my school mates.  By this time, too, I was really
needing my cigarettes - I guess that was the start of my genuine addiction.

"I think I knew I was addicted the day of my sister's wedding.  The reception
was held in the church hall and nobody was allowed to smoke either inside the
hall or even in the grounds.  I found myself dying for a cigarette, but
couldn't smoke until I got in the car to go home.  I think that was the first
time I chain-smoked - I had five in a row to make up for the four hours I had
gone without.

"It was about then too that I started taking my smokes to school and having at
least one in the toilets at lunch time.  Of course, I wasn't the only one and
we used to have a cat-and-mouse game with the teachers who tried to catch us

"I was soon having my first smoke of the day before I got out of bed and was
beginning to feel edgy if I went more than an hour or so without a fag.  And
sometimes now Mum would also offer me one of hers when she was feeling really
stressed and wanted to have someone to share things with.  I never refused her
offers, even though she smoked a different brand from me.  That was when I
finally started smoking when I felt like one, rather than just having them
according to a timetable.

"At 15, I decided I needed to get a part-time job at the weekend, so I could
become a bit more independent.  If I had more ready cash, I figured it would
be easier to persuade some of the older guys to buy me more cigarettes.  I got
a job at the local supermarket, stacking shelves and learning to be a
check-out operator.  The work was boring, but it brought in the cash I needed.
And, as a bonus, I met up with Jake, who worked in one of the other stores
nearby.  We just happened to bump into each other when we were both on our
breaks at the back of the mall, having a quick smoke or two.

"We got on well with each other.  I thought he was a real spunk, quite
handsome and he told me that he was captivated by the way I smoked.  Within a
short time, he had asked me out on a date.  At 20, he was five years older
than me and he was quite happy to buy me more cigarettes than my mother would
get for me.  He just loved watching me smoke.

"I found that, when I added the two packs a week he bought me to the two I
already got from Mum, I was smoking at a very respectable rate for a
15-year-old.  On average, I was smoking about 10-12 cigarettes a day.  I don't
think that Mum was taking any notice of how much I smoked at that stage, as
she was busy going out with a lot of different men, many of who also smoked a

"That was a happy year, but the next one was even better, as I turned 16 and
realised that I was old enough to sleep with Jake quite legally.  Before then
I had only massaged his cock with my hand, but now I was able to massage it
with the inside of my vagina.  And it felt great!  My sister had been right -
smoking and sex are closely related.  It was hard to know which one was

"At first I didn't know what Mum would think about me and Jake having sex
together, but, as it turned out, she'd found a new steady boyfriend at about
the same time and so they were enjoying a good physical relationship as well.
She was in such a mellow state of mind when I started bringing Jake home on a
Saturday night, that she didn't seem to give it a second thought.

"For me, however, it meant that I was introduced to a new smoking experience -
the post-coital cigarette.  I took to sex with Jake like a duck to water.  He
was so gentle with me, but at the same time, masterful and he wanted to try so
many different positions.  And, on the nights that I couldn't sleep with Jake,
I lay in bed smoking, fondling my breasts and masturbating, as I imagined him
with his big dick inside me.  I was in a constant state of pleasure - how I
got any schoolwork I don't know, but somehow I managed to get through all my
assignments and exams OK.

"What I do know, however, was that with all the smokes that I was having with
Jake after sex or while masturbating, I couldn't get by with less than a full
pack per day - often more on the weekends, despite the time taken up by going
to school and working at the supermarket on the weekend.  Jake was a darling
and helped me out whenever I couldn't afford to buy enough smokes myself.  So
I suppose I was up to eight or nine packs a week.

"The next year was the my final year at school and Mum started to put pressure
on me to do well, so that I could get a good job after I left school.  By this
time, her boyfriend had moved in with us and they entered into a pact between
themselves to cut down on their smoking and eventually to quit.  I told her
not to expect me to do the same in my final year of school, considering how
much stress I was under to do well at school.  She agreed that it was an
important year for me and so she gave me some respite from her new
anti-smoking zeal.  But I sensed that she would mount a new attack on me to
quit as soon as the exams were over.

"So, what with the pressure over the exams and her being pretty moody while
she was quitting, I went the opposite way and smoked even more.  Jake was now
buying me a carton each week, and Mum reluctantly kept on honouring her
promise to buy me two packs a week.  So, one way or another, I was easily
getting through one and a half packs per day, whether it was a school day or
at the weekend.

"Mum was getting a bit suspicious about how much I smoked, so I bought another
ashtray and hid it under my bed.  When I smoked in my room, I stubbed one
cigarette out in the ashtray on my desk and then the next one in the ashtray
under the bed.  That way, when Mum came into my room to give me a cup of
coffee or to encourage me about my study, she would only see half the butts
that I had actually smoked.  As the room was always smoky anyway, I don't
think she ever tumbled to my little ruse.

"Well, it was a stressful year all round, but I passed my exams quite well and
got a job at the bank.  But I had to make some other changes to my lifestyle.
I didn't get on particularly well with my stepfather and both he and Mum were
going to give me a hard time about smoking.  And, of course, I wanted to see
more of Jake, now that school was behind me.  So the obvious solution was for
Jake and me to move in together, which we did.  We found a nice flat towards
the other end of town from Mum and her partner.

"There was a full two months between the time my school exams finished and
when I started my new job at the bank.  I took the opportunity to relax and
enjoy myself in that time, knowing that a full-time job would make more
changes to my way of life.  Without Mum to hassle me during the day and with
Jake encouraging me at night, not to mention socializing with my school
friends, I just smoked as much as I wanted to for those blissful two months.
There were quite a few days in that period when I topped the three-pack mark.
I thought I would never have it so good again.

"By now, Jake was 23 and he had been smoking for almost ten years.  As time
passed by, he had increased his cigarette consumption because he needed more
relief from the extra responsibility he was getting in his job.  With the two
of us living and sleeping together, it was natural that we would encourage
each other to keep up a high cigarette consumption.  After I had started at
the bank, lack of opportunity was the only thing holding me back.

"Not surprisingly, although not reaching the number I had during my
after-school break, I found myself getting through a good number and two
packets a day became normal.  And remember, I couldn't smoke at work except on
breaks.  So I smoked heavily in the car and at home to make up for it my
nicotine deficiency at work.  If we were having a quiet weekend at home, I
would often match Jake's smoking one-for-one and manage up to three packs in a

"After working at the bank for over a year, I decided that it was just not
worth the hassle of only being able to smoke on a few breaks each day.  That's
why I looked for my current job, where I can smoke as much as I like in the
company of others who also do the same thing.  We all encourage each other and
the boss is the one who sets the example.

"Within a few weeks of starting, I was able to match the smoking rate of the
other girls in the office and am now regularly doing three packs per day.

"I think that brings things up to date.

"Please let me know if any of you can beat my record!



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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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