An Affair to Remember - Nicole

(by anonymous, 22 November 1998)

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An Affair to Remember


It was a quiet night outside as I drove home from work.  As was usual
during the winter months, I was getting home long after it had turned
dark.  The night was dark, cold and unforgiving as most winter nights
around my house had been lately.  I hoped Nicole, my wife would have a
nice dinner ready when I got home, but being late I figured it would be
cold leftovers by myself in the kitchen again.  Times between us had not
been going good lately.  Nicole and I had been arguing a lot lately. 
She and I had drifted apart recently since I had got on my current

We had had a classic story of two young lovers who had found each other
during college and had gotten married.  I remember it as clearly as if
it was yesterday.  My friend Jeannie was going to a party and had told
me to come a long.  When we got to the apartment it was crowded with
people.  I noticed Nicole almost immediately. She had long flowing red
hair and beautiful big brown eyes.  She wore dark eyeliner that drew you
into her eyes and would not let you go.  Her make-up was perfect, her
nails painted a bright red, and her lips to match.

She wore a short black flared skirt and a white cotton tee shirt that
hugged her curves.  Underneath the thin fabric her breasts were
magnificent.  They were perky and large, you could see her erect nipples
as they tried to push through the push up bra she wore underneath.  Her
beauty was unmatched, and without question she was the most beautiful
girl in the room that night.   She was one of the roommates hosting the
party.  As we entered the room I noticed her immediately.  She was
standing in the kitchen smoking a Salem Light 100.  As I stood there and
watch her inhale, I felt a strong stirring in my pants.  A unique
feeling of lust came over me as I stood there and watched her exhale
thinking I would have to have her tonight.

As I pull into the driveway, I notice that the lights in the house are
out again.   She often did this when I returned home late as a sign that
she was mad at me and I would not be welcomed home with open arms.  She
just couldn't  understand the project I had been on these past few
months, and felt that I was intruding into her space and her time.
Sometimes I would wish we could go back to the party at her apartment. 
Where we had talked for hours in the kitchen, ignoring everyone else.  I
was intrigued by her.  She drank beer after beer from the bottle and
smoked as the night when on.  She had finished off a six pack and half a
pack of the Salem Lights as we chatted in the corner.  She could tell
that it was turning me on.  I knew this by the way she looked at me
everytime she licked the top of her long-neck and lit another
cigarette.   She would roll her tongue on the inside of the bottle,
teasing me intentionally.  She would take a drag off her cigarette and
exhale so casually to the side that it was almost erotic in nature.  She
had this look in her eye that she new I was fantasizing about making
love to her.  As she inhaled you could almost see the joy she had from
the sheer pleasure she received from knowing that she had total and
complete control over my needs.  

When I got to the door the house was dark on the inside.  This was
different.  Normally, she would at least leave a hall light on for me,
so I could see to get my key in the door.  I really had done it this
time.  I knew I shouldn't have stayed late to finish up the drawing.  It
would have waited until Monday.  I was under a deadline though.  I
needed to get it done.  Did she not understand that the reason I worked
so hard everyday was so she wouldn't have too.  I would have done
anything to be with her, but the work had to get done.  

What had I become?  I was the one who had changed, not her.  Granted we
had both gotten older, she had given up smoking and drinking for lowfat
and aerobics, and I everything I enjoyed for work.  I had become the one
who had taken our relationship off course with my constant attention to
my job, not her.  Had she grown tired of waiting?  I wondered where she
was.  Had she gone to bed at 8:30 on a Friday night.  This was generally
our night to be together.  Our night to make love. 

No smell of aroma from the kitchen.  I must be on my own tonight.  Where
could she be?  As I turn on the  lights to the kitchen, I find a note on
the counter.  'Longhorns 9:00PM , sit at the bar - Nicole'.  This wasn't
like her.  I had not known her to do anything this for a long time. 
Ever since she had quit smoking and drinking, she didn't like going to
bars.  She said it made her crave having a cigarette and a drink.  Not
that I would have minded, since she knew how much it turned me on to
watch her smoke in public.  She had known this from the first time we
had met.  She had figured it out by the growing bulge in my pants as we
got drunker in the kitchen.  I had been shocked when she leaned up
against me, put her had against my jeans feeling my growing cock and
whispered into my ear, "Is this for little o' me?", in her best southern
accent.  I replied, "yes."     She whispered back, "Did I give you this
from the tonguing I was doing to the beer bottle, or from the smoking?" 
I replied "Both", as she rubbed my cock through my tight jeans.  She
said, " Do feel nervous someone might see me rubbing your rock hard
cock, here at this party."  "No", was all I could reply.

As I pulled into the Longhorn parking lot, I didn't see Nicole's red
Camery anywhere.  I wondered where she could be.  Maybe she had decided
that I was to late again, and that she had gone home.  No 8:55 pm, I
wasn't late.  Maybe she had met another guy at the bar and had gone home
with him?  She was a beautiful young woman.  I had seen other guys
looking at her when we went out in public.  Maybe she had been waiting
for a long period of time, I hadn't showed, someone else had bought her
a drink, and one thing led to another.  She could be feeling some other
guys cock right now, sucking him deep into her mouth, or getting pounded
from behind.  My wife, would she do that?  She did at the party.  Her
boyfriend was there as we had talked in the kitchen.  He had
periodically come in to check on her, but had pretty much ignored her
throughout the night.  She was the one to make the first move.  She had
touched me first.  She had told me to meet her in the back bedroom in
five minutes.    

As I entered Longhorns' it was like any other Friday night.  It was
crowded, the dinner crowd and the bar crowd filled the bar causing it to
be loud and smoky.  I couldn't see her as I entered.  It took a few
minutes for my eyes to get adjusted to the light of the room.  The TV's
were on ESPN showing some baseball game that nobody really cared about. 
There were about fifty people milling about drinking, smoking, talking
and laughing, but no Nicole.  I found a place at the bar and ordered at
Molson Canadian.  It was the only bar in town that served my favorite
lager.  I figured after a long hard day at work I deserved to get a
little drunk.  It had been so long since I had become just plain
shitfaced, and didn't give a damn about anything accept just getting
home in one piece.  I was pretty drunk that night I had met Nicole.  I
remember knocking on her door in the back of the apartment.  You could
barely hear it over the noise of all the people and the music.  It is
amazing that people can get so load when they are drunk.  The drunker
they get the louder they get.  Nicole answered the door and let me in
quickly, locking it behind us.    She asked, "Did anyone see you?",
almost paranoid that Rob, her boyfriend, had seen me enter the room with
her.  I responded, "No, I think everyone is too drunk too notice we are
gone, and I saw Rob playing quarters in the other room."   

As I finished my third beer, I looked down at my watch and noticed that
it was already 9:35 pm.  I wonder if she will show, I wonder if she had
and I just wasn't there.  Where could she be, who was she with?  I had
fucked up.  I was not given her the time to make it work.  I would, I
could do better, if she would me another chance….We were taking a real
chance.  Nicole's boyfriend and most of her friends were in the other
room as she backed me up towards the wall and brought her lips up to
mine.  I could take the sweet menthol taste on her breath and across her
lips.  It tasted like candy.  Our tongues met and danced across one
another as she place her hand on my already swelling member.  She began
to stroke me through my pants as I felt the cum begin to build inside of
me.  I placed my hands on her breasts and began to rub.  She let out a
soft moan.  Her nipples were hard and very responsive.  

My mind came back to me as the bartender asked me if I wanted another
Molson. That would make four.  Should I have it, I asked myself?  The
answer came to me as I saw Nicole walk into Longhhorns.  Something about
her looked different.  I was reminded of the first night I met her, and
I didn't know why.  She saw me out of the corner of her eye, but paid no
attention.  I got up to give her my stool, but she proceeded to the
other side of the bar where she sat down.  She looked radiant tonight. 
She had on a tight black dress, that hugged her luscious curves very
well.  Her beautiful red hair was made up just the way I liked it.  Her
make-up looked as though it had taken hours to put on.  Her lips were
bright red, and her eyes were extremely dark from heavy eyeliner that
seem to draw me in.  She had on a set of black 2 inch heels, and a black
stockings that hinted of a garter belt underneath.  I could see her
necklace fall between the clefts of her breasts, which meant that she
had her favorite black push up bra on, underneath the tight fabric that
showed off her wonderful curves.  

As she sat down she removed a pack of Virginia Slims menthol luxury
lights 120's and placed the box on the bar.    My mind began to race
with questions of what was going to come next.  As the bartender came
over to her, she ordered a Pina Colada and removed the cellophane off
the package of cigarettes.  Nicole drew out a cigarette and place her
lips around it without taking her eyes off of the bartender.  She didn't
even acknowledge I was there.  As she lit it, she took  a long drag on
her cigarette and slowly exhaled the smoke into the air, casually
looking my way.  I could tell there was something different about her. 
Something wicked and erotic, I just hoped it was for me.

As she drew on the cigarette a second time, I could feel my insides
start to swell.  She was intentionally trying to get me worked up into a
frenzy. as she took a long drag on the cigarette and exhaled Nicole knew
she had full control of her man. I was mesmerized by the image of her
lips, slightly pouting, slowly exhaling that smoke.  I was now in full
erection inside my pants.  Nicole got her drink and lean over showing
her cleavage as she took the straw slowly into her mouth and sucked as
hard as she could.  All I could envision was her doing that to the tip
of my already hard cock.  She looked up at me and removed the cherry
from the side of the glass.  She took it and rolled it between her ruby
red lips and against her tongue with one hand as she held the cigarette
poised upward between two fingers of her other hand.   She bit.  I began
to get up to cross the room towards her, but she looked directly into my
eyes and shook her head side to side saying that was not what she
wanted.  I sat down and a broad smile came across her face telling me
she had me where she wanted me. 

We continued this game for another half an hour until she had had three
drinks and half the pack of cigarettes.  She knew that she had me just
where she wanted me and was in control of every move.  She wanted to be
in control of the situation, she liked being in control of the
situation…. From the first time I had met her she had been in
control….She had backed me against her bedroom door she placed her hand
on my belt and released it allowing my aching cock to be released form
its boundaries.  She commented on how she would enjoy tasting it inside
her mouth with other people on the other side of the door.  As she
lowered herself to her knees, she whispered, "I want you to cum harder
than ever before."  She took the tip of my cock inside her mouth and
began slowly teasing it with the tip of her tongue.  She then licked up
and down the sides of my rock hard member making sure it was covered
well with her saliva.  As she began to suck my cock down into her
throat, she placed her hand on my balls and began to stroke them
gently.  I could feel the cum building inside of me as I began to boil. 
As she rode my cock with her throat, she took her middle finger and
placed it at the entrance to my ass and gently pushed inward.  This
caused me to erupt into her mouth like I had never done before.  Nicole
drank down every last drop, before standing and looking me straight in
the eye and saying, "If that isn't reason to call me then I don't know
what is."

I now sat opposite her in a bar of men that were desperately trying to
take her home to make love to her.  As people approached, I could see
her tell them that she was waiting for her friend, and hopefully she
wouldn't be alone much longer.   I wanted her bad now, I had to have
her.  As she was finishing up her third drink, I could tell she was
getting drunk.  She was smiling with the drunk smile I had only seen
years before.  As the bartender came by I told him to buy her a drink
and put it on my tab.  

As she received her drink, she removed another Virginia Slims menthol
luxury lights 120 from the package and placed it between her lips.  She
lit it and looked at me as she exhaled and said thank you and invited me
over.  It was the first recognition I had received from her in almost
fifteen minutes.  I grabbed my drink and proceeded over to the empty
stool next to her.  As I sat she looked at me and I could tell the
drinking and smoking and the sexy clothes she was wearing were making
her as horny as I had become from just watching her.  She asked my name
and I told her.  She introduced herself as Kathleen, but I could call
her Kate.  We began to make small talk as she continued to turn me on as
only she knew how to do.  She would play with the straw in her drink and
she would hold the long white cigarette between her fingers and allow me
to me to get the perfect view of her as she exhaled.

As we talked, she placed her hand on my knee and leaned over to me and
whispered, "I am not wearing any panties, only a garter belt and
stockings.", and then proceeded to rub me under the bar.  I was so
exited, it took everything not to cum right there in the bar.  She
whispered to me, "Bring your chair closer, I want you to feel my garters
underneath my dress."  I moved closer to feel her dress, when she placed
her hand on my zipper and began to lower it.  As we sat there for the
next twenty minutes, Nicole put her hand inside my pants and rubbed my
cock with one hand as she smoked elegantly with the other.  When she
finished one cigarette, she would put it out and get another, and asked
me to light it for her.  She never missed a stroke.  

The bar was beginning to empty out now and I could tell she wanted to
get going.  She zipped up my pants and told me to pay our checks.  As I
was doing this she lit a fresh cigarette put her pack of Virginia Slims
in her purse and proceeded towards the door.  Once outside, she told me
I had to drive her home.  I knew she had a lot to drink that night, but
I didn't think she had gotten drunk, but said, "OK." 

I opened her door for her as she got in, brushing my still hard cock
with her hand as she sat down.  As I was getting in she had cracked the
window to allow the smoke to exit, as we drove home.   Nicole leaned
over and placed a warm menthol kiss on my lips and said seductively,
"Take me home so you can fuck me."  I was bursting with energy, because
she had not talked like this since college.  I backed away and began the
ten mile trip home.

Nicole put her cigarette out the window as we entered the highway.  She
then leaned over and began to undo my pants as I was driving.  She freed
my cock and began to lick all over it with her ruby red lips.  She began
to moan from the anticipation of receiving my cum all over her.  As she
started to suck me, she placed her other hand between her legs and
started to play with herself.  Watching her hand between her gorgeous
garter clad thighs was to much for me caused me to cum into her awaiting
mouth.  Once she had licked the last drops clean from her mouth, she
looked over at me and said, "Watch me".

Nicole slipped her dress up over her hips reveling her sweet shaved
pussy.  It was perfectly framed by the black garter belt that she wore. 
My mind immediately raced as I saw she had no panties on.  I cold tell
that she was wet by the way that her pussy glistened in the light.  She
began to touch herself as I watched, and asked me, "Is this what you
want?"  I was barely able to respond "Yes."  She took her finger and
began to circle around the opening of her pussy and then began to slide
it into herself.  I was amazed at how easily she was able to slip it in,
I could tell she was extremely horny from how wet she was.  With her
other hand she began to rub her breast through the dress.  I could see
that her nipples were already hard from the anticipation of cumming. 
She pumped her finger for a few more strokes before removing it and
placing it on the tip of lips.  Saying only to, "Suck it."  I placed her
wet finger in my mouth and sucked the sweet honey taste off of it as she
probed my mouth.  While I was sucking on her finger, she took her other
hand and placed it on her clit and began playing with herself.  I could
tell that she really wanted to cum now.  Her motion became more
feverous  and she began to rotate her hips.  Nicole removed her finger
from my mouth and placed it back inside her hot wet pussy.  I could tell
that she was about to cum.  As she began to orgasm she let out a low
moan.  Her finger was gripped by the tightening of her pussy.  
Nicole's' hips bucked once slowly as she gently rubbed clit.  When she
finished cumming she looked at me and asked, "Did you enjoy watching me
masturbate for you?"  Softly I responded, "Yes," as she allowed me to
lick the cum off of her fingers.

We were getting close to home now, as Nicole reached down to her bag and
removed her lipstick.  She reapplied it to make her lips ruby red once
again.  Upon putting the lipstick back she removed her cigarettes from
her purse. She removed a Virginia Slim and told me, "Get me a light." 
As I lit the cigarette, I could tell the pleasure she was receiving from
it and from watching me with a extremely hard cock between my legs.  She
leaned over and asked me, "Do I turn you on when I do this?"  As she
rubbed my cock through my pants, I replied "Very much indeed."   Her
response was, "Good, because tonight I am going to make every fantasy of
your come true."  I looked over at her as she drew on the cigarette, and
watch her exhale, and thought to myself, what a beauty what was she
going to do next.

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