Amanda's First Smoke

(by Amanda Cook, 05 July 2007)

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Amanda's First Smoke
By Amanda Cook -
My boyfriend loves for me to smoke for him, I am in my mid 20's now, he is in
his early 30's, and a few times a week I'll smoke a cigarette, sometimes a
cigar, and once in a blue moon when we are feeling adventurous we will dabble
with some pot.
We have some great sex while smoking, no hiding or denying that. It took him
a long time to admit to me he had a smoking fetish (almost a full year), but
now that it is out in the open we both love taking part. We will look at
photos and videos on the next, he takes part in forums and chat rooms (not so
much me on the forum thing). Neither one of us are `smokers', we don't smoke
in public, or even at home in private (except during sex).
So the other day he asked me to tell him about the first time I smoked, and
some stories about me as a young girl, so I did, and he was going wild! I
told him about the first time I smoked a cigarette, how in High School the
cool girls used to sneak smokes, the first time I took a puff on a cigar, the
first time I got high on weed. He told me about this online smoking fetish
website he goes to called, and asked me to start writing
the stories down so they could be shared with others. I thought it was a
great (kinky) idea. 
My name is really Amanda, and my email is really, but
my last name is not "Cook", and that is about all the real life person info
you will ever get out of me, so please feel free to email, but I want to make
it clear that my boyfriend and I are not looking to meet anyone in real life,
etc, etc...
So anyhow, now that all of that is out of the way, here is the story about
the first time I smoked. It iss kind of exciting depending on how you look at
it. It might also be offensive to some people, so before reading this, please
understand that this was when I was very young (I was only 10 years old) and
look at it for what it is - young kids messing around...
It was just shy of my 11th birthday actually, and there was an older boy
named Kevin that lived down the street from me, he was 15 years old at the
time (maybe 14, but I am pretty sure 15 because the following summer he got a
car). Anyhow, we were the only two kids on our street, so I was constantly
following him around and wanting him to play with me, but with him being
older, he was thinking more about his bike, or setting up ramps to jump over,
building forts in the woods, etc.
It was the fort in the woods thing that gets this story going. I had secretly
followed him one Saturday afternoon into the woods, he was carrying a lot of
wood and after about 10 minutes in he got to a small fort he was building, it
was maybe 5' wide by 8' long, maybe 3' high or so, you couldn't stand up in
it, but it was pretty big for being a fort in the woods. The door was a small
hatch on the side you had to crawl in to.
I watched him from a distance for a long time. He was just finishing up a
wall side. It actually looked really good for being built by himself with the
scrap wood, hammers and nails. After about 20 minutes he left, I guessed he
was going back for some more wood or something, so I waited for him to get
out of sight and I snuck in to get a better look.
Crawling into the hatch wasn't too bad; I was very tiny and fit right in with
no problem. Inside was also nice; there was a beanbag chair, a scrap piece of
rug that covered almost the entire floor, and a lot of candles. It was almost
pitch black inside with the hatch closed and I was kind of bored, so as I
turned around to crawl out, the hatch swung open. It was Kevin.
"Amanda!" he was surprised, "What the fuck are you doing here?" he scolded...
"This is MY fort, you have to leave NOW!"
"I'm sorry Kevin" I was afraid he was mad and was trying to be as sweet as
could be, "It is a really nice fort... did you build it all yourself?" I
asked in return.
"Yes, now get out!" he demanded.
Something was bothering him, he was really upset and wanted me to leave
ASAP... "What is wrong? I just want to see it..." It was then I saw his eyes
glance to the left, behind me. I turned to look at what he was looking at and
there, in the corner, were a stack of porno magazines. Maybe 6 or 7 of them
in total.
Kevin was really worked up now "Aww Fuck... why did you have to come in
"Are those dirty magazines?"
"Duh... are you going to tell on me?" he was worried.
"No... not if you let me stay in here." I reached over for one and flipped it
open. While I began to struggle to view the photos in near total darkness, it
was about then that Kevin used a lighter to light the candles in the fort. As
the candles were lit the fort became easier to see in and I clear saw my
first photo. It was a shoot of two women going down on a guy. I had never
even seen a dick before that day, let alone a girl putting one in her mouth,
so I was in shock...
"Wow, this stuff is really dirty... what are they doing to that guy"
"They are sucking him off..." he replied, "Girls do that to guys they really
This stuff was really hot, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. That is when
Kevin asked me to make a deal with him.
"I don't want you to tell on me having those magazines" he said.
"Don't worry Kevin, I wont get you in trouble..."
"Well" he continued, "I am going to need you to do something bad so I'll have
something to hold against you, to guarantee you won't tell on me..."
"What do you mean? I am looking at the magazines too..." I replied. "I'll get
in just as much trouble as you-"
Kevin cut me off, "No, you just saw them here, they are not your magazines,
they are mine, I'll get grounded for sure... you need to do something bad now
"Like what?"
It was at that moment that Kevin convinced me to smoke a cigarette... he said
I didn't have to inhale it, but if I smoked one and he watched me, then he
knew I would never tell about his dirty magazines, because then he would be
able to tell my parents that I had smoked. I don't know why I agreed, but at
the time it sounded logical.
Kevin said he would be right back and he left. I spent the next 10 minutes
looking at the magazines, a couple were Playboy and I set them aside, even at
such a young age I was more interested in seeing the ones with the guys and
girls having sex and especially the blow jobs. I saw guys unloading `cum'
onto the girls faces, it was very hot for me only being ten years old and I
was very excited by it sexually, for the first time in my life.
Kevin returned and brought a pack of cigarettes with him, I didn't ask, but I
guess he had taken them from his Mom or something; they were Marlboro Light
100's.  He handed me the pack and I opened it, I took one and put it in my
mouth, I had never smoked before, and never been around smokers, I noticed
Kevin was staring at me, he couldn't take his eyes off of me, and he was
biting his lower lip with anticipation.
I leaned over towards one of the candles to light the cigarette. I had never
even considered smoking before, but I knew enough from seeing movies and
television what to do, and I also knew not to inhale it. As the cigarette got
closer to the candle Kevin stopped me, at first I was relieved because I
thought he was not going to make me go through with it but then I was also
disappointed because it was kind of exciting to have the cigarette, even
unlit, in my mouth...  but then he handed me the lighter and told me he
wanted me to light the cigarette with that instead of the candle.
I took the lighter and flicked it. A flame appeared at the end. I touched it
to the end of the cigarette and gently sucked on it, slowly and cautiously.
The end of the cigarette began to glow bright read and I felt my mouth fill
with the sweet but harsh smoke. I quickly put down the lighter, removed the
cigarette and blew a small but thick stream of smoke into the air above my
Kevin sat there watching me.
I continued to smoke... blowing it into the air "This is actually kind of
neat" I said, "It doesn't taste bad or anything..."
"Mmmhmmm..." Kevin replied... "You liked those magazines too?"
"Yes! I have never seen that before, it was my first time..."
"I love coming in here and looking at them!" Kevin took one and flipped
through it, he held it up showing me a photo of a guy holding his dick in his
hand, "Do you like this?" he asked.
I shook my head yes.
Kevin smiled, "Amanda... are making me hot, would you like to see my dick?"
I didn't know what to say or do, I had never thought of seeing it before
then, but now that he said it I wanted to, so I just nodded my head yes... He
asked me to hold the cigarette in my mouth and rub my boobs, so I did... I
didn't even question him, I just did it without saying a word as I watched
him unfasten his pants, his dick sprung out as he pulled his underpants down
was huge and hard, I was in awe...
"Wow!" I said as I blew some smoke into the air, "It is so hard... How do you
guys keep them in your pants?!"
Kevin snickered "It only gets hard when I am excited... like when I look at
these naked women, or now while you are smoking..."
He took his hand and began to squeeze and rub it... he asked me to keep
smoking and I did, sucking on the cigarette and blowing the smoke into the
air... then he asked me to try to inhale a little, I was afraid to at first,
but he talked me through it, having me only take a little tiny bit at a time,
I did that as well. I felt the urge to cough a couple of times, but was
careful to only take in a little and managed not to.
He began jerking his dick harder and faster as he watched me... I continued
smoking, he continued playing with himself and watching me...
Finally he asked me to pull up my shirt and let him see my boobs, I didn't
even give it a second though, I just did it... I didn't wear a bra and I
barely began to form little bumps, but I still lifted my shirt and let him
see them. I was in such amazement over watching him play with his dick that I
would have done anything he had asked in those moments, my first real sexual
He suddenly began to moan and quiver...
"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.
"I'm gonna cum... just keep smoking Amanda!"
Cum? Like the men in the magazines? Wow, I remember thinking how great this
was. I was going to see him cum right there in front of me... The quivering
got worse, he was shaking and moaning loudly. "Smoke!" he begged. I obeyed
and took a longer, harder drag, blowing a lot of smoke into the air.
Then, without warning, globs of his cum began to trickle out of the end of
his dick, it was wet and white, very creamy looking. Some of it shot out a
few inches onto the floor in front of me, the entire time he moaned and
looked at me, saying stuff like "smoke it, smoke it Amanda... yes..."
When it was over, he relaxed and laid back, he watched me as I spent the next
minute or so smoking the rest of the cigarette while he watched, and smiled.
I saw his dick get so small and shrivel up into him until it was almost not
even visible. He thanked me and told me that it was so very good. I thanked
him for letting me watch him.
After our little episode we both swore an oath to never speak of the moment
again. I never told on him about the magazines, and he never told on me about
the smoking.
I often thought about smoking again after that, because I got the taste in my
mouth, and inhaled a little and liked it for the most part, but it would be a
few years before I would try to smoke again.
If you want to hear more stories, please let me know. My boyfriend is eager
for me to write more.

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